A Census of Ireland
circa 1659

Irish Manuscripts Commission
Seamus Pender, editor

No Returns for Cavan, Galway, Mayo, Tryone and Wicklow
Cork County [incomplete, missing 4 baronies
Meath County [incomplete, missing 9 baronies


Antrim Armagh Donegal Down Fermanagh
Londonderry Monaghan Clare Cork Kerry
Limerick Tipperary Waterford Carlow Dublin
Kildare Kilkenny King's County Longford Louth
Meath Queen's County Westmeath Wexford Leitrim
Roscommon Sligo      


Ulster Munster Leinster Connacht

Population Totals

Province of Ulster


Barony of Antrim

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Adaire gent, John Boyd gent, Francis Shane gent, John Crawford gent, William Shaw gent.   Moylmey
Sr John Clotworthy Kt, Sr John Skeffington Bart., James Collvill Esqr.   Antrim
Teige O Hara, Esqr., Henry O Hara gent.   Kert

Principall Irish Names & Scotch [and] Their Numb.
Adire, 7; Armstrong, 5; McAlester, 6; Blair, 9; Boyd, 7; Browne, 6; McCormick, 6; Crawford, 7; McCullough, 6; Donnell, 7; Farguson, 6; Graham, 7; Hunter, 6; O Hara, 9; O Heveran, 5; Johnson, 8; McIlroy, 5; McKye, 11; McKinstry, 5; Kenedy, 6; Loggan, 5; Millar, 6; Mountgomery, 5; McMullen, 5; Moore, 7; O Neill &c, 6; Read, 9; Russell, 7; Taggard, 9; Wallace, 6.
Barony of Antrim: Eng., 620; Irish, 841; Totall of Eng. & Irish, 1461.

Barony of Glenarme

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Shawe gent. Carin-finock Carncastell
William Fenton gent Bellyhanckett Carncastell
James Shaw Esqr. and John Shaw Esqr. his sonn. Bellygelly Carncastell
John Donnoldson Esq. Glenarme Tegmacrewa
Randall Buthells gent. Demaines Tegmacrewa
James Donoldson, gent. Glenclives & Stradhill Tegmacrewa
William Stuartt gent., Allexander Hall, gent. Ridbay and ye places neir adioyning thereunto Lays
Neall og McAully, gent., Mortagh McAully, gent. Glendune Lays

Principall Irish Names & som Scotch [and] Their Numbs.
Agnew, 6; McAully, 42; McAlester, 6; Boyd, 14; McBritany, 9; McCurry, 4; Craford, 10; McCallin, 8; McDarragh, 7; & McDonald, 9; McGoune, 5; McGill, 37; Hunter, 8; McIver, 7; McKillop, 7; Loske, 12; Mountgomery, 10; O Mulvena, 8; O Mony &c., 9; O Murphy & O Murchy, 10; McVeagh, 8; Young, 10; Woodsy, 12.
The Number of People in the Barony of Glencarne according to the severall pages: Eng., 721; Irish, 753; Totall Eng. & Irish, 1464.
Note: Although this just refers to English in Glenarne Barony the column heading of the census refers to Eng. & Scotts.

Barony of Massareene

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Viscount Conway, George Rawden Esqr., William Close gent, Marina Roma gent., Hugh Smyth gent., Bryan Magee gent., Denis Magee gent., Oliver Taylor gent. Lisnegarvie Lisnegarvie
Ensigne Ralph Smyth, gent. Ballymacrosse Lisnegarvie
Henry Spencer Esq.   Magharemesk
Francis Courtney gent.   Aghagaleng
Edward Breers Mullacarton Maghragall
William Betts gent., Mathew Betts gent. Major Rawdens Tennants &c. Maghragall
John Fortescew Esqr. Townland of Glenavie Glenavie
Feulke Gwilliams gent. Achadallagin Glenavie
James Line gent. Ballynecoybegg Tullyrusk
Thomas Gilcrist gent., Christopher Clements gent. Ballydonothie Camline
Capt. Hercules Langford gent. Division of Kill Makevatt Masareene

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb.
McBride, 5; McCanne, 8; McCormick, 6; McConnell, 9; Donelson, 6; McGill &c, 7; McGee, 9; Hanon, 8; McKee, 7; O Neall &c, 5; Lynsie, 10; Lowry, 15; Magee, 8; Smyth, 14; Welsh, 8; Wilson (Scotch), 11; White, 9.
Barony: Masareene; Eng, 1007; Irish, 1358; Totall of Eng & Irish, 2365.

Barony of Toome

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Cormuck O Steille gent; Thomas Dobbin gent, Bryan O Teille, James Hamilton gent, William MaColloch gent, Leut. Coll. Walter Stuartt Esq. The Lyne of Mountereredy  
Doctr. Daniell O Sheill gent, Leut. Dalway Clements gent. Divsion of Fivagh  
Richard Bickerstaffe Esqr. Largie  
Cornelius Divelin gent. Graunge  
William Adaire Esqr. Ballymenagh  
Robert Colwill Esqr, William Houstan gent. Galgorme  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numbers.
Brownes not all Irish; 12; McBride, 9; McCullogh, 5; Cunningham, Query whither Irish, 6; Magrogan, 5; Lorenan, 7; Martin, 7; Mullan, 7; Millar, 7; O Quin, 6; Steill and O Steill, 8.
Bar. of Toome: Eng, 730; Irish, 778; Total of Eng. and Irish, 1508.

Barony of Belfast

Tituladoes Townland Parish
The Rt. Honorable The Marguess of Antrim, Peter Polewheele gent, John Appellwhite gent, Allexander McDonell gent, Donnell McDonnell gent, The Rit. Honnoble The Earle of Donnegall, Mathew Harrison gent, James South gent, Samuell Bluett gent, Gilbert Wye gent, John Begg gent, Richard Cannon gent, Capt. Francis Meeke Esqr, John Leathes gent, George Martin gent, Thomas Warring gent, Hugh Deake gent, John Ridgby gent, George McCartey gent, William Warreing gent, William Sutckley gent, John Clugston gent. Towne and Quartrs. of Belfast  
Richard Callcatt gent. West Quartr. of Carrickfergus  
Anthony Horsman gent. Ballylmey  
Richard Dob Esq. East Division of Carrickfergus  
Allexsander Dallway gent. Ballyhill  
Arthur Upton Esq. Divission of Castle Norton  
James McCollo Gent. Iland of Magree  
Richard Webster gent. Belidoun  
George Ogilvie gent. Mylone  
Thomas Walcott gent, Francis Daviss gent, William Lasley gent, Edward Renolds gent. Dunmurry and the Fall  
John Edmonston gent, Archbald Edmonston Esqr, Leut-Coll. James Wallis Esqr. Broad Iland Divission  
Thomas Ritkaby gent, Rich: Beers gent, John Waringe gent. Lambegge People  
Michaell Harrison Esqr. Magrileaue  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numbs.
Agnew, 9; Bell, 10; Burnes, 6; Browne, 12; Beggs, 8; McCalmont, 6; Campbell, 15; McCartney, 7; Christian, 7; McClealand, 7; McCreery, 7; McCullough, 10; Craige, 7; Cowan & McCowan, 12; Donell and McDonell, 10; Donelson, 6; Eccles, 7; Fulton, 8; McGee, 11; Graham, 6; Hill, 10; Kenedy, 12; Loggan, 6; Martin, 23; Moore, 10; Miller, 12; McNeely, 8; Read, 11; White, 8.
Barony: Belfast; Eng, 2027, Irish, 1825; Total of Eng and Irish, 3852.

Barony of Dunluce Carry and Kilconrie

Tituladoes Townlands Parish
Thomas Eggart gent. Ballytibert Dunluce
Robert Shrewbridge gent. Lissenduffe Dunluce
Robert Harvie gent. Toberdornan Ballywhillin
Arch;: McPhetrish gent. Carnglasse Ballywhillin
Arch: Stuartt gent. Ballantoy Billy
Robert Stewart gent, John Stewart gent. Tonn and demanes Bellemone
Alexander Stewart gent Drummnert Bellemone
Archbald Hutchone gent Scronokum Bellemone
James Commune gent, James Hammilton gent. Tallaghgore  
William McPhatricks gent. Lawghbeg Loghgecil
Donold McClay gent Diskerteavne Finboy
John Galland Esqr. Carteferte Finboy
Caven Steill gent Killegnen, Drumiter and, Domanene Roscharken
George Gordon Esqr. Part of Ballelagh Calfachterny
Daniell McGee gent. Ballyechin Calfachterny
Leut. Daniell McNeall gent. Ballycastle Ramoan
Brice Dunlape gent. Kircony Ramoan
Robert Kenedy gent. Torninrobert Armoy
James Boyd gent. Ballymore The Iland of Rathry
Alexander Johnston gent. Ballywilly The Iland of Rathry

Principall Irish Names & their Number.
McAlester, 30; McAula, 09; Bryan, 06; Browne, 16; O Boyle, 11; McBryd, 06; Black, 10; Boyd & O Boyd, 20; Conoghye, 19; McConnell, 16; McCormick, 27; McCollum, 13; McCampbell &c., 36; McCahan &c., 10; McCooke, 10; McCurdy, 34; O Conogher, 08; McCurry, 12; McKay or McCay, 37; McCaw, 09; McDonell &c., 10; McDowgall, 06; McGoune, 15; McGilaspie, 08; McGillon, 13; McGloughlen, 13; McHenry &c., 20; McIlchrist, 10; McIlimchell, 07; McGee, 08; McIlroill, 07; McIlan &c., 09; McKeghan, 15; Kelly, 13; Kenedy, 18; McKinlay, 13; Killpatrick, 08; Loggan, 10; O Lovertie, 07; Lin & Line, 07; Martin, 08; Murry, 08; Moore, 31; Murphy, 20; Millan & Mullin, 55; McMichell, 11; Mullegan, 07; Miller, 16; O Money, 08; M'Naughten, 10; McNeill, 49; & Steill, 12; Smyth & McSmyth, 27; Stuart & McStuart, 60; McTayler, 06; McTayer, 06.
The Number of People in the Baronyes of Dunluce Carey & Kilconway: Eng, 1138; Irish, 2940; Totall of Eng & Irish, 4078.

Town and County of Carrickfergus

Capt. Charles Twigg Esq, Richard Baker Ensigne gent, Capt. Leut. Harraway gent, Ensigne William Breerton gent, Coll. John Gorges Esqr, Capt. Leut. Beniamin Barrington gent, Ensigne Richard Elliott gent, John Davies Esqr, Hercules Davies, and Henry Davies gent his sonns, John Dalway gent, Roger Lydnon Esqr, John Murtin Esqr deceased, James Dobbin gent, Mathew Johnson gent, William Dobbin gent, John Orpin gent, Edmond Davies gent, Robert Welsh gent, John Byrt gent, John Bulworthy gent, James Sparke gent, John Harris gent, John Wadman gent, Anthony Hull gent, Bryan Smyth Esqr, Peter Taylor gent, Samuell Treherne gent, Rice Powell gent, John Tooley gentle, Thomas Dobbin gent, William Thomson gent, Thomas McClellan gent, Thomas O Kane gent, Soloman Faith gent, John Redworth gent, Michaell Kerr gent, John Whitehead gent, Robert Savidge gent, Richard Westbrooke gent, William Hill gent, Richard Edwards gent, charles Plukenet gent, Edward Graunt gent, Andrew Willoughby gent, Edmond Yeo gent, Theophylus Taylor gent, John Groce gent. Towne, County and parish of Carrikfergus
Michaell Savidge gent. Irish Quarter
John Preston gent. North Quarter
John Kune gent, Richard Johnson gent, Ralph Hillman gent decayed, Joseph Johnson gent. West Quarter
The Number of all the inhabants in the said towne is 962  

The Principal Irish Names [and] Their Numb.
Boyd, 5; Boale, 6; McCullagh, 8; Davies, 6; O Donnell, 4; Kune, 5; Loggan, 7; Magree, 6; Meane, 6; O Merran, 5; Martin 4; Smyth, 4; Savidge, 4.
The Number of People in the towne & Liberties of Carikfergus: Eng 0831; Irish, 480; Totall of Eng & Irish, 1311.


Ardmagh Burrough

Ardmagh Burrough
Thomas Chambers Esqr, Henry Fetherston, Thomas Sanders, Thomas Arrall, Owen Mathewes, James Gurry, Evid: Shelton, Henry Parkinson, Charles Chappell, _____ Ratsfore, Marke Middleton, Thomas Lawfore, Henry Lesquire, John King, and Samuell Theaker, gentlemen.

Ardmagh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Maxwell gent. Magravidd  
Francis Stafford gent. Moonooney  
Nicholas Severs gent. Trea and Balliaughy  
Nathaniell Sichsheuerall gent. Crewroe  
Samuell Powell Esqr. Drombee, Ballilmatramotra, Ballimatramitra, Tullencull Ardmagh Cassan
Edmond oge McVagh gent. Teriskean Ardmagh Cassan


Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McCarran, 6; O Carbry, 4; O Cromy, 5; O Donelly, 10; O Dally, 4; O Diuin & Diuen, 6; O Fenighan, (4); O Finaghan (3) 7; McGirr, 5; McGooregan, 7; McGeough, 4; O Hugh, 13; O Hagan & O Haggan, 6; McIlmurry, 4; Kenedy, 4; O Kenan and O Kennan, 7; O Kelly, 4; Martin, 4; O Mulkerane, 4; O Murry & O Morry, 6; O Rouerty, 7; McSherry, (4); O Sharry, (3) 7; McWard, 4.
Barony of Ardmagh: Eng. & Scotts, 450; Irish, 891; 1341 total.

Tarranney Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Rowley gent. Argonnell and Feduffe  
Will Culwell and George Speare gent. Cortynan  
Jo: Young gent. Tolyo Saran  
Thomas Ferberne gent. Upper Sandrades  
Robert Neisbett gent. Cnapagh  
Maur: Thompson gent. Argornett  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
O Bryne, 5; O Corr, (8); O Carr, (4) 12; O Donely, 8; O Gormely, 7; O Hugh, 32; O Hary, 5; McIlmorry, 9; McKee, 6; O Kenan, 6; O Lapan, 9; O Moone & O Mone, 5; O Mury & O Murry, 6; O Neile, 10; McQuoid & McQuod, 7; O Quine, 5; O Ronaghan, 5; O Toole, 6.
Barrony of Tarrany: Eng and Scotts, 108; Irish, 546; 0654 Totall.

Oryer Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
The Earle of Middlesex. Toby: Points and Henry St. John Esqrs., Francis Ruare, and Francis Richardson, gentlemen. Ballymoore Dunashye

Principle Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McCawell, (6); McAwle,(4) 10; O Donelly, 7; McDowell, 4; O Finan, 5; McGormly, 5; McGwill, 6; O Hanlen & O Hanlon, 13; McIlterny, 6; McIlcreve, 4; O Mulcreve, 5; O Murphy, 44; Magee, 5; McNally, 5; McParlan, 5; O Sheall, 6.
Barrony of Orryer: Eng and Scotts, 193; Irish, 694; 0887 Totall.

Upper Fewes

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Lt. Thomas Ball & Tho: Proctor gents. Clare & Cablane Creagan
Patrick Groumy O Coune gent. Tullyvallane & Culehannagh Creagan

Lower Fewes

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Earph Esqr. Moylurge Creagan
Hance Hamelton Esqr. and Francis Hamelton gent. Monalan Creagan
John Grundle gent. Ballynury Creagan
Peerce Joanes gent. Ballygrumbonagh Creagan
John Reemes gent. Dromen Creagan
William Hanny gent. Cordromon Pt. of Kilclinoy
Sr. George Achyson Barrtt. Carickleane Pt. of Kilclinoy

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number:
McArdell (4); McCardell (5) 9; McCane, 10; O Coune, 12; McDonnell, 9; O Gorman, 6; McGill, 5; McGrory, 8; O Heherty, 6; McIlroy 5; McIlvalluly, 6; McKeyne (4); McKeene, (15) 19; O Kelly, 6; O Kelloghane & O Kealloghane, 6; Murphy, 7; O Neile, 12; McParlan, 6; O Quine, 7; O Raaverty, 5; McShane, 12; McShery, 5; O Toner, 6; O Toole, 6.
Barrony of Upper & Lower Fewes: Eng & Scotts, 373; Irish, 858; 1231, totall.

O Neyland Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Richardson Esqr. Leggacurry Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
William Archer gent. Towlagurdin Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
Turlagh O Donely gent. Marlecowmoore Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
Mr. Amlett O Boyns gent. Mehann Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
Mr. Waldronn gent. Bragh Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
Captn. Hartt gent. Mahergrane Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
Mr. Bickerton gent. Clountilen Killmoore and Mullabreeke &c.
Walter Cope & Francis Chambers gent. Drumelly Loughall
John Ellish gent. Mallaghbane Loughall
Robert Greia gent. Killuney Loughall
Owne O Cullen gent. Deremagoine Killamon and Clankell


Tituladoes Townlands Parish
Sr. William Bromloe Knight, Fulke Martin Esqr., Will Draper, William Jones, Alexander Gill, Richard Bromloe, John Realy, John Burne, John Barnes, Cuth: Harrison & Wrighton Taylor and Lawrence Swarbricke gent.   Shankell
George Blacer Esqr, Richard Smith gentleman, Valentine Blacker Esqr., Miles Boulsfeld, Robert Lackworth, and William Stewart, gentlemen.   Shankell


Tituladoes Townlands Parish
William Lord Canfeild Barrtt.    
John Browne gent. College lands  
Mr. Swan gent. Lisbost  

The Principall Irish Names of Neyland Barony & ye underwritten towne [and] Their Number.
Makatye, 6; O Carr & O Corr, 6; O Connellane, 16; O Cullen, 10; McCann, 28; McCawell, 12; O Donely, (5); O Donelly, (8) 13; O Denelin, 8; O Duyne, 6; McDonell, 6; O Ferrall, 7; McGin & McGinne, 7; O Hanlon, 5; O Hugh, 11; MIlcrivy, 5; McKelly, 6; O Kenan, 7; O Keny & O Kenny, 5; O Kergan & O Kurgan, 7; O Lurkane, 5; O Mulan & O Mullan, 17; O Marly, 8; Makellcree, 7; O Neale, (5); O Neile, (14) 19; O Quine, 6; O Roverty, 8; McVagh, 6;

Barronies Pages Eng & Scotts Irish Totall
Ardmagh 07 450 891 1341
Tarranny 13 108 546 0654
Orryer 19 193 694 0887
Upper & Lower Fewes 26 373 858 1231
Oneyland &c. 37 1269 1366 2635
    2393 4355 6748


Tirugh Barrony

Tituladoes Townlands Parish
Thomas Lord Folliot of Ballishanon, Michall Houtsone gentleman and Charles Dunsterfield gent. Ballishannon Killbarron
John folliot Esqr. and Anthony Folliot gent. BallyMcAward Killbarron
Capt. Henry Brook Esqr. Donegall Towne Drumhome
Capt. Thomas Stewart Esqr. Magheryhy Drumhome
George Knox gent. Ballinagunnenagh Drumhome

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McAnulty (9), O Boyle (11), O Breenan (7), O Connelly (7), O Cassady (6), O Connor (9), O Cleery (9), O Cullen (8), O Donnell (11), McFlarty (9), O Gollogher (26), McGargill (7), McGowan (10), McGillmartyn (6), McGragh (14), McGrean (6), McKee (7), O Kelly (7), McAloone (6), O Murray (18), O Toolan (6), O Mealy (7)
Barrony of Tirhugh: Eng & Scotts, 244; Irish, 1474; 1718 totall.

The Barrony of Boylagh & Banagh

Tituladoes Townland Parish
The Ld. Viscount Stormont Bellieweel Killamarde
William Lawson gent. Killkighan Killamarde
Andrew Nesbit & James Nesbit gent.   Inver
Andrew Nisbit gent. Killingrodann Inver
Francis Haris gent. Inver Inver
William Cunynghame and George Cunynghame gent. Tamnitullen Inver
Charles Murry gent. Drumbegg Inver
Sir Robert Murray Knt. of Glenmir, Archibald Pearsane, John Greeg & James Crightone, gentlemen Castle Muray Killagtie
James Hamilton gent. Fentraugh Killebeggs
Allexr. Cunyngham & Andrew Cunyngham gents. Belliara Killebeggs
Andrew Nisbitt gent Largimore Killcarr
John Montray gent Glencolmikill Killcarr
Teage O Boyle gent. Mase Eishkiell, Templecron and Letter McAward
Torloagh O Boyle gent. Loghrass fiue Killkiell, Templecron and Letter McAward
Francis Gattery gent. Clogher Killkiell, Templecron and Letter McAward
Gory McAward gent. Corr Ye Capitall of Letter McAward

Principall Irish Names
McAtire (6), McAnulty (8), McAward (11), O Brislane (8), O Boyle (41), O Birne (9), O Cannan (8), O Conaghan & O Conighan (11), O Carney (10), McCollin (13), O Casady (9), O Connally (6), O Cuningham (5), Cuningham (4)(9), O Donell (20), O Dooghertye (14), McDeve (6), McGillaspick (8), O Gallogher (51), McGlaghlin (14), O Kenady (6), McKillker (7), O Kelly (9), McKee (8), O Kenny (6), O Mullghill (6), O Mullmoghery (6), O Murrey (11), McNelus & McNellus (9), Scott (10), O Shearing (11), McSwyne (7)
Barrony of Boylagh & Banagh: Eng & Scots, 285; Irish, 1556; 1841 totall.

Raphoe Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Galbraith Esq. Dowish Ray
Archibald Thomsone, John and Anthony his sonns, gents Galdinagh Ray
John Stewart Esqr and Robert Stewart gent Cowlglee Ray
Anthony Kenady Esqr Moncloynt Ray
James Stewart gent Mondowy Ray
John Stewart and Francis Stewart his sonn gent Drumoghell Ray
William Stewart Esqr Bellilane Ray
James Cuningham Esqr & John his sonn Esqr Belliaghan Ray
Willliam Lennox gent Ray Ray
James Calhoune Esqr Corky Ray
Thomas Dutton Esqr Corgarron Stranorlane
Conn O Donnell gent Bellkergan Stranorlane
Edward Torltone gent Drombo, Craigan & Caprietrame Stranorlane
James Lecky & Walter Colhoune gents Leck Leck
Charles Earle of Leitchfield Lord of ye mannor of Mongarlin Mongarlin Taghboine
Mathew Lindsay gentleman Maymore Taghboine
James Lindsay gent Drumenan Taghboine
William Noble gent Castle Taghboine
Thomas Bruce gent Ye Church Taghboine
William Cuninghame Esqr. Monfad Taghboine
William Cuninghame gent Plaister Taghboine
Robert Boyle gent Moyle Taghboine
Capt. John Nisbitt Esqr Tillidonnell Raphoe
Capt. Francis Hamilton gent Killmure Raphoe
George Buchanan gent Cullachybegg Raphoe
Archibald Spruell & John Spruell gents Boggagh & Stranorlaghan Raphoe
William Wigtone gent Raphoe towne Raphoe
John Kingsmill Esqr Belliarell Donoghmore
William Crafford gent Bellibune Donoghmore
William Younge gent Drumban Donoghmore
James Sime and John Sime his sonn gents Maghertireagh Donoghmore
Robert Hamilton gent Cloghfyn Donoghmore
William Squire Esqr Donoghmore Donoghmore
William Warran Esqr Castlefine town Donoghmore
John Hamilton Esqr Cavan Donoghmore
John Mountgomery gent Corshendunyman Donoghmore
Allexr Knox & Ralph Mauffield gents Killigadan Donoghmore
Charles Burten & Hugh Barclay gents Lifford corporacion Lifford
Richard Perkins & Gustavus Hamilton Esqrs Croghan Lifford
John Hamilton gent Shanon and Drumleer Lifford

Principall Irish Names
Browne (9), O Boyle (7), McCormick (7), Cunyngham (27), McCallin (7), McClintock (8), McCarter (7), McConnell (11), O Doughertye (16), O Donnell (10), McDevet (8), O Gollogher (19), O Kervallan (10), McKinlay (6), O Kenady (3), O Kelly (12), McKee (10), O Karran (7), O Kenny (6), O Lowry (7), Porter (8), O Pattan (7), Smith (18), White (7)
Barrony of Raphoe: Eng & Scotts, 1825; irish, 1330; 3155 total.

Kill McCrenan Barrony

Tituladoes Townlands Parish
John Fleeming Esqr   Mevagh
David Stewart gent Ravross Mevagh
Gabriell Ultagh gent Magherisosky Mevagh
William Dutton Esqr Drin Mevagh
Michaell Harry Esqr and David Cather gent Finwer & Downemore Mevagh
Alexdr Cuningham, James Cuningham, his sonn, Alexdr Ewing, Levinis Sempill, Gilbert McIlwee, Peter Colhoune, William Jamisone, Walter Buchanan, Will Andersone and John Colhoune, gents Letterkenny towne Conwall
Capt John Kinlar Esqr Ochterlin Killigarvan
Thomas Groves gent Castleshenachan Auchnish
David Dunbare Esqr Kerucastle Auchnish
Thomas Stewart Esqr Ramelton Auchnich
James Delapp gent Croghan Auchnich
Major Knox Esqr Ray Auchnich
James Knox gent Killmore Gartan
Alexdr Stewart Esqr Ballimore Clandehurka
Olphert Wybrune gent Belliconnell & Bellimass Ray
Ambross O Crean gent Ray Ray
Michaell Harrisone gent Carranfanan Ray
John Braedin & John his sonn gents Fergory & Clonkin Tully
Robert Algoe gent Karrowkill & Rany Tully
John Cunynghame gent Karrowkill & Rany Tully
James Erskin Esqr & Henry Wray gent Bogay Aghanunshen
John Campbell gent Runducharich & Mimagh Clandevadocke
Collin Campell gent Bellihirin Clandevadocke
Donell McSwyne gent Leddan & Gortnatra Clandavadocke
Thomas Wallace gent Tullinadale, Kindruin & Fallanes Clandavadocke
Patrick Campbell gent Magherihober Clandavadocke
Henry Paton gent Croghan & Tanugh Clandavadocke
Robert Campbell gent Cranrus & Corin Clandavadocke
David Mortimer gent BelliMcKnocker & Drumeny Clandavadocke
William Vas gent Kill McCrenan Kill McCrenan
Adam McClelland gent Craford Kill McCrennan

Principall Irish Names
McAward (6), O Boyle (15), O Brillaghan (8), O Canan (9), O Cullan (6) & O Cullin (8)(14), O Colhoune (7), O Donnell (27), O Diver (7), O Divet (10), O Dowy (6), O Dogherty (34), O Fary (8), O Ferry (5), O Friell (7), O Ferill (9), McFaden (7), O Gollogher (52), McGinnelly (21), McGee (11), O Harkan (5), McIlbreedy (13), McIlchole (11), McIlbreed (5), McKerran (7), O Mulvog (5), McPadin (13), McSwyne (39), O Sheall (6), Wiltagh (6)
Barrony of KillMcCrennan: Eng & Scotts, 605; Irish, 1551; 2156 totall.

Enishowen Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
George Cary Esqr & George Cary his sonn gent Cloncro Movill
Robert Fleming gent Collidue Movill
Henry Newtowne & James Newtowne gents Green Castle Movill
Hugh Boy O Dougherty & Shane O Dougherty his sonn, gentlemen Crehue qr Movill
Brian Og McGlaghlin, gent. Meaneletterbaille qr. Movill
Donnell McGlaghlin, gent. Massagleen qr. Movill
Rory O Doughertye, gent. Ledereg qr. Desertegine
Phelomy O dougherty, gent. Gortiaragan qr. Desertegine
George Butler, George & William his sonns, Esqrs Bellicarran Culdaffe
Owen McDevet, gent. Bellichan qr. Culdaffe
John Nighton gent Cashell Culdaffe
Donell McAllin gent Carrowmore Culdaffe
Bassill Brooke gent Skeog Templemore
Andrew Stewart gent Morisa & BelliGlacke Templemore
George Swetenham gent Grane Templemore
Archibald Stewart gent Bellinacarnagh Templemore
William Backer Senir gent Drimskellan Templemore
Jerimiah Griffith & William his sonn, gents Ture Templemore
Cahair O Dougherty, gent. Ardmalin qr. Clonca
Thomas O Dougherty, gent. Brigh qr. Clonca
Rory O Dogherty, gent. Conhurt qr. Clonca
Edmond Moder McLaughlin & Hugh, his sonn, gentlemen Tully one trien Clonca
Donnell Ballagh McGlaghlin, gent. Menedaragh 1/3 of a qr. Clonca
Gerauld O Doghertye & Cahair O Doghertye, gents. Carrowmore qr. Donagh
Robert Cary gent Balliblosky Donagh
McArthur Lening & Donnell O Dougherty, gents. Lenan qr. Clonmany
Conn O Dogherty, gent. Rosmach qr. Clonmany
Comon O Sheale & Japhry his sonn, gents. Monywory Fahen
Henry Vaughan Esqr Tuiarvill Fahen
Phillip Hill gent Carrenshewo Fahen

Principall Irish Names
O Barr (7), O Brillaghan (23), O Boyle (8), O Cally (22), McCallin (15), O Callane & O Cullane (12,27), O Conagill (9), O Carran (16), O Currin (3, 19), O Carny (10), McCollgan (30), McConway (6), O Callaghan (8), O Doghertye (203), O Doy (6), O Deuer (8), McDevet (27), O Donell (20), O Dermond (35), O Deveny (9), O Farran (14), McGlaghlin (76), O Granny (6), McGillneske (8), O Gollogher (12), O Herrall (8), O Hegerty (23), O Harkan (21), O Knawsie (9), O Kelly (11), McKay (6), O Lunshaghan (22), McLaughlin (63), O Luog (9), O Mrisane (7), O Moran (6), O Mulloy (7), McMurray (8), O Muncy (8), Porter (11), O Quigley (25), O Rodan (13), O Sheale (8), O Towlan (14), McVagh (6).
Barrony of Enishowen: Eng. & Scots 453; Irish, 2678; 3131 totall.


Barony of Lecale

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Earl of Ardglasse Oliver Cromewell, John Napper Downe towne Downe
Patrick Russell gent. Walthestowne Downe
James Hamiltion gent. Saule and Ballysaugagh Downe
Thomas Lindsay gent. Clogher Downe
Cromwell West gent. Dromyvillans Downe
John Woole gent. Ballyhosett Downe
William Hamilton Esqr. Bright Bright
Michaell Smith gent. Dondrome Killmeagan
John Gibbons gent. Ballykinloe Toreleagh
James Lesley Sheepland begg and Newtowne Dunsford
Daniell Gowne alius Smith Dunsford Dunsford
Nicholas Fitzsymons and Henry his sonn gent. Killcliff towne Killcliff
Bernard Ward & Nicholas Ward Esqrs., Cromwell Ward gent. Castleward Ballyculter
Andrew Grahine, George Hill gent. Strangfoard towne Ballyculter

Principall Irish Names
McBruine, 07; McBryde, 07; McCrerie, 07; Coun, 06; O Killin, 07; O Kelly, 12; O Kenan, 06; O Murphy, 11; Moore, 08; McNuske, 08; McMullan & McMullen, 11; McMellen, 07; McTagart, 06.
County of Downe: Barrony of Lecale: Eng and Scotts, 1071; Irish, 1631; 2702 Tottall.

Upper Iveagh Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Marcus Teruor Exqr., John Raynalds, henry Ovinton gent. Rosse Trevor Kilbrony
Barnard Ward Exqr. Ballynedan Kilbrony
John Smith gent. Loghdein Aghedericke
Barnard Magines, Coun Magines gent. Tollymore Mlaghern
Arthur Lesquire gent. Rathryland Dromgagh
John Campbbell gent. Berecra Donoghmore
Edmond McBryan gent. Ballyharnaty mor Donaghmore
Phellomy McGinis, Phellomy McCartan gent. Collerkill Killingan
Tobias Norrice Esqr. Newcastle Kilcowe
Phellomy Magines, Phellomy McCartan gents. Clarkill Kilemeagn

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Boy & McIleboy, 20; McBryne, 12; McBrin, 10; McConnell, 09; McIlepatricke, 10; O Kelly, 17; O Fegan, 24; O Heire, 21; McMurphy, 31; O Morgan, 23.
Barrony of Upper Iveagh: Eng & Scotts, 448; Ireish, 2149; 2597 Totall.

Lower Iveagh Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Allexr. Waddell gent. Ilandderry Drummore
Francis Hall gent. Ballynoris Drummore
John Verner gent. Drumskea Drummore
Cristopher Marshall gent. Quilly Drummore
Daniell Monro halfe towne of Ballyloch Part of Sea Patrick
John Boide Drumnovoddry Part of Sea Patrick
William Warren Esqr. Anaghnoan Donnaclony
Captn.Barett Esqr. Laughan Tollelistes
John Vance Drumindony Pt. of Drumarah
Arthur Hill Esqr, William and Conway his sonns, Arthur Parsons, gent. Hils borrow town Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
Carroll Bolton Esqr. Mease Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
John Costell gent. Magheregary Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
James Renolls gent. Maghredorun Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
William Burly, Theophilus Burly, gents. Ballymagin Magharalin
James Manson gent. Ballylynny Magharalin
Andrew Wyke gent. Drommor Magharalin
Symond Bateman Magharalinch Magharalin

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McBrinn, 20; McCollogh, 12; McCormack, 10; O Kelly, 08; Martin, 08; Magee, 11; O Neale, 09; O Lawry, 15.
Barrony of Lower Eveagh: Eng & Scotts, 1252; Irish, 1381; 2733 total.

The Barrony of Ye Newry

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Nicholas Bagnall, Richard Rice, Wm. Hatfield, and Robert Fenwicke Esqrs., Ensigne Hyatt gent. The towne of Newry Newry
Michaell Garvy gent. Ballincrag and Crine Newry Lordship
Savadge Leech gent. Mullurtan 1/2 and ye other 1/2 waste Kilkeele
Arthur Monipenny gent. Monydoroghmore & Monydoroghbegg one towne and quarter Kilkeele
Richard Huston gent. Granfield Kilkeele
Patricke Modder O Howen gent. Lisnecree Kilkeele

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
O Doran, 20; O Feggan, 08; Garvy, 07; McIlroy, 08; O Quinne, 10; Slowan, 08; White, 08.
Barrony of Newry: Eng & Scotts, 166; Irish, 785; 0951 total.

Kinalerty and Duffrane Barronies

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Richd. Loughbeen, James Hamiltone, Mr. St. John, James Hamilton. Killeleagh Castle Killeleagh
John Robinsone, Archballd Hamiltone, Dauid Williamsone, Dauid Pollock. Killeleagh Corporacon Killeleagh
James Waile Esqr. Tollechine Killeleagh
Allexr. Sloane gent. Lissnagh Killeleagh
Capt. James Moore Esqr. B: Bregoch Killinchy
John Stewart gent. B: Marran Killinchy
Allexr. Stewart gent. Killinikin Killinchy
Archbald Wardlaw gent. Dromkey towne Dromkayes
James Meslvyne gent. Clareoch Dromkayes
Richard Sauadge gent. Dromrod Dromkayes
Edmond Sauage gent. Murvagh, Cloagagh Lochon Iland
John Sauage gent. Reshoner Lochon Iland
John Rainalds gent. Farnfade Lochon Iland
Edward Mulckamp Esqr. Drumetikelly Lochon Iland
Richd. Meriman gent. Dunenew Lochlan Iland
James Whatope gent. Drummachlist Magherhaulett, Magheredrole, Pt. of Kilmore &Pt. of Anaghellt
Walter Johnstoune gent. Rademane Magherhaulett, Magheredrole, Pt. of Kilmore &Pt. of Anaghellt

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number
O Kelly, 011; Smith, 14; McKee, 12; O Rogan, 011; O Bern, 012; O Lowry, 009.
Barrony of Kinalertye & Duffrane: Eng & Scotts, 693; Irish, 763; 1456 total.

Castellreagh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Monro & James Mongomerre Esqrs., John Griffith gent. Cumber Cumber
Hugh Sauage gent. Ballycattock Cumber
Alexdr. McDowell gent. Ballebeane Cumber
Hugh Dundasse gent. Ballycrelly Cumber
John Keish gent. Tullegarvin Cumber
Fergus Kennedy gent. Ballyloghan Cumber
Hugh Montgomery gent. Ballymalady Cumber
John Ross gent. B: Lishbredan Dindonnall
Joseph Strond Esqr. B: Millton Blaris and Bredaghs
William Beares gent. Bally McConnoghy Blaris and Bredaghs
James Dalyell & James Dalyell gent. Ballyglohorne Tollenekill & Kilmood
James McGill gent. Clogher Drumbo
George Montgomerie Esqr. Bellelessan and Edenderry Drumbo
Ever Oge O Nealle gent. Drumen or the Lower Aghindarragh Killileagh and Killinsy
Wm. Sauadge gent. Killinchy in ye Woods Killileagh and Killinsy
James Hamilton gent. Clowneglare Kilmore
Dauid Kenedy Drumgiven Kilmore
Wm. Fairley Esqr. Ballydeine Kilmore
Neale Roe O Kelly gent. Laggegewan Tawnaghnym
Coline Maxwell Esqr, Gawen Hammilton gent. Lisswyne Tawnaghnym
James Maxwell gent. Drumbegg Drumbegg Pt.

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McDowell, 15; Browne, 15; McCome, 08; McCormick, 07; O Kelly, 15; McKie, 10; McMurry & O Murry, 20; McMullen, 15; Martine, 14; Smith, 11.
Barony of Castlereagh: Eng & Scotts, 1363; Irish, 950; 2313 to:

Ards Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Archibald Moore gent. Porteterry Ballyphillip
Robert Ross gent. Lismore and Ballyspuige Slanes
John Sauadge Esqr, James Sauadge gent. Arkin Arkin
Hugh Coghran Esqr. Kirkestown Arkin
Robert Ward Esqr. Ardwhin Ardwhin
Hugh Sauadge Esqr. Ballymurphy Ardivhin
Robert Maxwell & Coline Maxwell his sonn gents. Ballyquintine & Tollecarnan Woltar
Patrick Sauadge and Patr: Sauadge gents. Ballegalgat Woltar
Hugh Wallace gent. Roddins Ballyhalber
William Hamilton gent. Rowbane Ballyhalber
Thomas Boyde gent. Portevoggy Ballehalbert
James Wallace gent. Ballyobikin Ballywalter
John Moore gent. whyte church Ballywalter
John Hamilton gent. BallyMcGowne Ballywalter
John Bailly Esqr., Alexr. Bailly gent Inshargy and Ballymullen Ballywalter
Edward Bailly gent. Ballygargan & Nuns quarter Ballywalter
William Montgomery Esqr. Gray Abbay Gray Abbay
George Austine gent. Ballymurcock Gray Abbay
John Peacock gent. Tullecavone Gray Abbay
Wm. Buchanan gent. Blackabbay Gray Abbay
Roger Crymble, Robert Brearely, Henry Cresans, Archiblad Mullen & William Browne, gents. Donnadee Village Donnadee
John Cunynghame gent. Drumfad Donnadee
Thomas Nevin gent. Ballycoplan Donnadee
Patrick Montgomery and Hugh Montgomery gent. Ballycreboy Donnadee
Patrick Moore gent. Ballywilliam Donnadee
Robert Ross and James Ross gent. Portavo, Ballyfutherly, and Coplan Iles. Bangor
George Ross gent. Ballow Bangor
William Barclay gent. Rafgill Bangor
Robert Cunynghame gent. Ballysallagh minor Bangor
William Crawfurd gent. Ballemullen Bangor
Robert Hamilton gent. Ballygrott and Ballyskelly Bangor
Hugh Lord Viscount Montgomery of Ards, Hugh Shaw, Hugh Montgomery, charles Campbell & William shaw, gents. Newtowne Corporacon. Newtowne
John Shaw Esqr. Bally witticock Newtowne
Thomas Nevin gent. Drumchay Newtowne
William Montgomery gent. Movilla Newtowne
Hugh McGill gent. Ballyhonney Newtowne
John Moneypeany and Hugh Montgomery gent. Ballyskeagh Newtowne
Dauid Kennedy gent. Killerny Newtowne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number
McCormick, 14; Clerk, 18; McConnell, 09; Browne, 19; Carr & O Carr, 07; McDowell, 15; O Gilmor, 11; Gowne, 07; McKie, 14; McMullen, 15; Moore, 23; Martine, 08.
Barrony of Ards: Eng & Scotts, 1447; Irish, 984; 2431 total.

Farmanagh County

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Con McColl McMahon gent. Killey Clownish
Manus McColleny gentle Clothnemore Clownish
William Davis Esqr., Morgan Davis gent., James Gabbryth Esqr. Knockballymore Clownish
James Wagh gent, Walter Wagh. Uttan Clownish
Thomas Bradshaw gent. Drumcrue Clownish
John Slack gentle Gartmor Clownish
Gilbert Eckles gent. Shannock Clownish
William Ross gentle, Robert Ross gentle Anninare Clownish
Walter Stewart Esqr. Anaghcullan Clownish
James Arnot Esqr. Gartondarragh Clownish
Robert Stokes gent. Tenetigarmon Clownish
James Arnolt gent. Agharnsky Clownish
John Wishert Esqr., Francis Hambleton gentle Clontenorin Clownish
Jobe Atkins gent., Thomas Maines gent. Batedicesmore Clownish
Hugh Rowley Esqr.   Aghaveigh
John Fulton gent. Letra Aghaveigh
Hugh McMahon gent. Aghnecloye Aghaveigh
Cormack Kittagh gent. Cavannegarvan Aghaveigh
John Nesbitt gent. Rathkeylan Aghaveigh
Art McMahon gent. Tullareagh Aghaveigh
Sr. John Hume Kt. & Bart, Dame Mary Hume Dowager Koltos Devonish
Henry Langford gent. Drumbory Devonish
William Hambleton gent. Fanagrain Devonish
Robert Luderdale gentle Ardvenehan Devonish
Patrick Hume gent. Agherim Devonish
Robert Weire gent., John Herbert Herbert gent. Magherynagiran Devonish
David Johnston gent, John Johnston gent. Tullikelher Devonish
John Hambilton Esqr. Tullicrivy Devonish
Gabriell Cathcart gent. Tulliscanlon Devonish
Allexsander Cathcart gent. Agassillis Devonish
Thomas Sumerwell gent., Robert Cathchcart gent. Drumadown Devonish
John Paterson gent. Drumrisk Devonish
John Wilkes gent. Coringreagh Devonish
Adam Cathcart Esqr, Adam Cathcart agent to Lodewick Hamiltion Esqr. Casibcon Devonish
Cohanagh McGuire gent. Aghakiran Devonish
Alexander Weire gent. Ferlagh Devonish
Robert Weire gent. Monahan Devonish
John Cormick gent. Ahaherize Bohue
Pat McDonell oge McGwyre gent. Langanvy Bohue
Tirlagh Merriggh McGuire gent. Clunaly Bohue
Ralph Warick gent. Drummee Rossory
The Right Honble. the Countesse of Huntington for her estate in this p'ish for the mannor of Lisgoole.   Cleenish
Patrick Humes Esqr., Allexander Humes gent. Skeagh and Drunscrull Cleenish
Conla O Cassidy gent, Phillip O Cassydy gent. Corteskin Clenish
Ensigne Robert Johnston gent. Kilordrunly Clenish
Thomas Magwire gent. Cavanreragh Killasher
Sr. William Belfour Kt., Charles Beltour Esqr., Phillipp Browning gent. Lisneskea Aghahurchur.
Bartholomew Belfour gent. Lislost Aghahurchur
Cornett John Leonard gent. Drombrocus Aghahurchur
Robert Hamilton gent. Lister-derry Aghahurchur
Francis Straton gent. Tullagh Aghahurchur
Cahair O Dougherty gent. Tattimorlin Aghahurchur
Andrew Galbreath gent., Robert Galbreath gent. Tulleyvoile Aghahurchur
Henry West gent. Mully Knochow Aghahurchur
Richard Courtes gent. Tempo Aghahurchur
Edmond Mc Connr. Magwyre gent. Letterbelly Aghahurchur
Thomas Picken gent. Cornegrad Aghahurchur
Henry Bleuer Hassett Esqr. Crevenish Magherycoolmony
Richard Notley gent. Cholahcah Magherycoolmony
Phillipp Ozenbrooke gent. Lawrey Magherycoolmony
John Johnston gent. Tullicolerick Magherycoolmony
Henry Robinson gent. Kilterny Magherycoolmony
Thomas Umphrey gent. Tullinigin Magherycoolmony
John Armstrong gent. Coolumphill Magherycoolmony
Roderick Mansell gent, Humphrey Coole, gent.   Drumully
Allexander Lowry gent. Lesaghnegrogh Drumully
Abraham Cereighton gentl. Crum Drumully
Gabriell Goodfellow gent. Carleten Drumully
Bartholemew Drops gent. Manernagart Drumully
Simon Pressly gent. Ballyvoyla Drumully
Nicholas Willoughby Esqr. Carrow Drumully
John Madeslon gent. Clencolugg Drumully
John Andrewes gentle Kinnanebir Drumully
Robert Elliott gent. Targin Drumully
Edward Coates gent. Donagh Drumully
Arthur Graham Esqr. Bullecullan Drumully
Tirlogh McMahon gent. Carrowmore Drumully
John Maguire gent. Kernymore Drumully
Nicholas Mountgomery gent. Derrisbroske Derribruske
Henry Parkins gent. Tullyharne Derribruske
Patt McGuire gent. Ballyreagh Derribruske
Conner Maguire gent. Largie Derribruske
John Corry gent., James Corry, gent. Castlecoole Derrivollan
James King gent. Derryvollan Derrivollan
Cuconagh O Hone gent. Kavan Kilmore Derrivollan
William Archdall Esqr. Mannr. Archdall Derrivollan
Miles Hollowwood gent. Duerogg Derrivollan
Edward Humphery gent. Rossquire Derrivollan
William Irwin gent. Ballenadolagh Derrivollan
Thomas Steevenson gent. Rosclare Derrivollan
Edward Bampton and his sonne gent. Drummauld Derrivollan
James Goodfellow gent. of the Coule Derrivollan
John Symerell gent. Leternemeney Magherycross
George Hulson gent. Tolenedale Magherycross
Capt. William Cosby Esqr., Francis Archdall gent. Drummera Magherycross
William Dunbarr gent. Breagh Magherycross
Edward Bleverhassett Esqr., Gilbert Parker gent., Phillip Husnell gent. Bellecke Templecarne
Phillip Bleverhassett gent. Drummniler Templecarne
Walter Johnston gent. Lawry Templecarne
John Browne gent. Callonhill Kilnawly
William Morton gent. Mullenecogh Kilnawly
Thomas Henlowe gent. Derryvore Kilnawly
Coll Barton Esqr. Gortecorgon Kilnawly
William Rosse gent., Hugh Rosse gent. Derrycannon Kilnawly
John Pagett gent., John Dane gent., Jason Hassart gent., David Rynd gent., William Helyott, gent., Leut Mordykay Abbott gent., Ensigne William Webster gent., Harah Caldwell gent. Enniskillen Enniskillen

Principall Irish Names in the parishes of Clownish Aghaveigh Devonish [and] Their numbers.
O Banan, 3; O Brady, 3; O Bryan & O Brein, 4; McCaffery, 2; McO Cown, 4; McCabe, 6; O Corrony (6) and O corroney (2) 8; O Connelly, 13; O Clerican, 3; O Cashedy, 17; O Cogley, 4; O Corrican, 4; O Clerigan, 2; O Clenican, 2; McCarran, 3; McCaffery, 19; Crery & McCrery, 7; McDonell, 10; O Dyoddan, 5; MacGuire, 50; O Higgan, 4; O Hoen etc, 4; O Hollahan, 7; O Hultigan, 12; Killpatrick, 3; McKilroy, 3; McKilmartin, 6; McKernan, 4; O Murchey, 8; McManus, 17; McMahon, 30; O Mulligan, 18; O Keley, 5.
Principle Names of English & Scotts & their Number.
Armstrong, 4; Cathcartt, 8; Ellyott & Ellot, 12; Johnston, 11.
Principall Irish Names in the Parishes of Bohue Rossory Clenish and Killasher [and] their numbs.
O Brislan, 5; O Cormick, 10; McCormick, 5; O Coshedy, 13; McDonell, 4; O Dolan, 4; O Flannagan, 4; O Fee, 9; McGuire & Maguire, 26; McGee, 4; McGowen, 6; McHugh, 19; McKenny, 6; O Lunnin, 7; McLynnan, 11; McMaryne, 4; McMurchey, 3; McMurphey, 3; MacManus, 30; O Mullican, 5; Moore, 4; McSculloge, 5.
Principall English & Scotts & Numbs.
Armstrong, 9; Johnston, 4; Nixson, 6.
Principall Irish Names in the P'ishes of Aghaharcher Enniskeane and Magherycoolmony [and] their numbs.
McBryan, 15; McCaffery, 35; McCabe, 13; O Cassydy, 11; O Connelly, 5; O Clerikan, 8; O Cormick, 5; O Corrigan, 3; McCallan, 5; McCarvey, 7; McDonell, 8; O Donell, 3; O Dogherty, 7; McGilosker &c., 5; O Gowen, 7; McGee, 8; McGilroy, 16; McGillmartin, 3; Mcgillcuskell, 5; McGragh & McGra, 8; McGuire & Maguire, 46; O Hoone, 8; O Harron, 5; O Kenan, 6; O Kelly, 4; McKelly, 2; O Kenan, 6; McMorchey, 5; McMurphey, 8; McManus, 38; O Muldowne, 8; O Morris, 4; O Managhan, 14; O Reley, 6; McRorkan, 5; O Sheale, 6; O Sheanan, 7; McTeggart, 6; O Torney, 5.
Some Principall Scotts and English and their Numbs.
Armstong, 15; Belfore, 3; Johnston, 16; Ellyott and Ellet, 5; Nixson, 5.
Principall Irish Names in the Parishes of Dummully, Terribruske, Derryvollan, Magherycross, & Ennis McSaint.
Attegartt, 5; O Banan, 7; McCosker, 5; O Clerican & Corrygan, 7; McCabe, 6; McCaffery, 23; McCormick, 5; O Cassady, 10; McCarran, 4; McCanna, 4; McDermott, 9; McDunn, 6; McDonell, 23; McDunagan, 5; McDonaghey, 8; O Durinng, 5; O Flanagan 18; O Fee, 4; Gillgon & Gillgun, 11; McGragh, 5; McGee, 3; McGilroy, 3; McGillmartin, 3; McGuire (12) and Mguire (41) 53; O Gowen, 7; O Howen, 6; O Hone, 12; O Kelly, 9; O Kernan, 5; O Lynnan, 8; McManus, 8; McMurchey, 8; O Mullpatrick, 11; McMahon, 8; O Meehan, 4; Moore, 5; O Morrish, 7; O Monaghen, 3; O Really, 6; McRory, 5; O Sheerin, 6; O Tressy, 7; McWynny, 6.
Some principall English & Scotts Names & their Numb's.
Armstrong, 19; Crozier, 6; Ellyott, 11; Ellot, 4; Graham, 21; Irwin, 8; Johnston, 13; Mountgomery, 4; Nixson, 3; Noble, 6; Scott, 7.
Principall Irish Names in the Parishes of Templecdarne, Kilmawly, and towne of Enniskillen [and] their numb's.
McCaffery, 4; O Cassydy, 10; McCorry, 34; Mc & Ma Cawly, 11; O Drum, 7; McDromma (4) and O Dromma (5) 9; McGuire (8) and Maguire (34) 42; McManus, 13; McMarten, 5; McMorphey, 5; O Really & O Rely, 6; Mc A Vynny, 9.
The Number of People in ye County of Fermannagh
Eng &c. (1800); Irish (5302); totall of Eng & Irish (7102).

Londonderry Citty and County

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Coll George Gorges, Samuell Hill Esqr., Henry Osborne, and John Plunkett gents., John McKenny, John Burnside, and James Lenox, Marchants. Siluer Streete Templemore
James Hobson, John Craig and Thomas Moncreife Marchant. Diamond Street Templemore
Robert Truman, Henry Osborne, John Gifford, Robert Houston and Samuell Norman, gentlemen, Thomas Bourke Esqr., Robert Carter collector of ye Costomehouse. Without Ship Gate Templemore
Thomas Cole Esqr. & Henry Finch Esqr., Geruis Squire gentleman, George Squire & Robert Morison Marchants. Pte of ye Diamond Templemore
John Gamble Marchant Pte of Butchers Streete Templemore
James Fisher & James Wilson Marcht. Pte of ye Diamond Templemore
Symon Pitt Esqr. & William Fowler Mcht. Pte of Ferrygate Streete Templemore
Hugh Thomson gent. Pte of Pump Streete Templemore
John Hanford & Robert Lawson Esqrs., Peter Lawson, and Nathaniell Drew gentlemen, William Rodgers and James Rodgers Merchants. Pte of Ferrygate Streete Templemore
Henry Conway Esqr., Will Gardner and Henry Gardner marchants Without Ferry Gate Templemore
John White and Hugh Edwards marchts. Pte of ye Diamond Templemore
Luje Esqr. Maior of Derry, Sr. Baptist Staples Barronnett, John Reiues gent., John Godbold and William Hepburne Esqrs., Henry Symkins, John Campsie and James Wilkins Marchants, Mathew Draper marcht. Pte of Bishop Gate Streete Templemore
James Nesmith, Henry neile and John Denny, Marchants. Pte of Pomp Streete Templemore
Peter Benson gentl. Elogh qr. land Templemore
Will Latham gent. Ballymagroty qr. Templemore

Principall Irish Names.
O Doghertye, 05; McLaughlin, 04; Whyte, 03.
Londonderry Cittye: Eng and Scotts, 572; Irish, 480; 1052 totall.

Terkerin Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Eluin late maior of Derry, Alexdr. Thomkins gent. 4 townlands of Cloune and Gobmaskeale Clandermont
Thomas Skipton gent. Killamoreeceneclogh Clondermont
Lt. Coll: Alexr. Staples Esqr., Robert Staples gent. Faughanvale Faughanvale
Henry Finch Junr. gent. Lamfied beg & Terebrislan Faughanvale
John Ash gent. Killylanes Faughanvale
John Kilner Esqr., Paul Brasier gent. Moigh Faughanvale
Charles Dauenport gent. Derryarkin Lower and Gortenny Faughanvale
Rory O Haron gent. Ballyrory Cumbe

Principall Irish Names
McConnell, 06; O Cahan, 06; McClosker, 09; O Doghertye, 38; O Donaghy, 07; O Donell, 08; O Dowey, 06; O Gormely, 06; O Heggertye, 12; Henry & O Henry, 10; O Kelly, 07; O Keile, 07; McKnogher, 06; McLaughlin, 19; Mackey, 07; O Mullan, 11; O Mullfoyle, 07; O Quigley, 06.
Barrony: Terkerin: Eng & Scotts, 640; Irish, 979; 1619 tott.

Kenaght Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Nicholas Lane, George Downing and Christopher Freeman gents. Ballykelly Tamlaghfinlagan
Dudly Phillips Esqr. and Thomas Phillips gent. Lematady and Monenglare Tamlaghfinlagan
George Phillips Esqr. and Thomas Campbell gents. Newtowne Lemavady Tamlaghfinlagan
John Paton gent. Ballyriskbeg Tamlaghfinlagan
John Gage gent. Ye six townes of Ballymorgy Taulatard alius Ardmagilligan
George Cooke gent. Ballyscullin and Ballymategert Taulatard alius Ardmagilligan
Thomas Towth Elder gent. Ballymagoland Taulatard alius Ardmagilligan
John Major gent. Duncrun Taulatard alius Ardmagilligan
Sr. Robert Macwell Knt. and James Maxwell, gent. Ballycastle, Lisronan, & Crott Anlow
Donell McManus O Mullan gent. Cloghan Baltragh
Edward Carey Esqr. Ballymulby Dungeavan

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number
McCloskey, 031; O Cahan, 036; McCleland, 018; McConnell, 006; O Doghertye, 034; McDonoghy, 008; O Feeny, 008; O Heany, 007; O Haron, 007; Henry & McHenry, 009; O Hamson, 007; McKnogher, 015; O Kelly, 006; McLaughlin, 36; O Mullan, 034; Moore, 024; Martin, 015; McGwyre, 009; Smith, 010.
Barrony: Kenaght: Eng & Scotts, 1012; Irish, 1215; 2227 tott.

Loghinsholin Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Richard Clutterbooke, Tho: Church and Charles Church gentlemen. Kilrea Kilrea
Bryan Mulholland Esqr. Drumard Tawlat Ichrilly
Alexandr. Blare gent. Bolinhona Maghera & Turminany
John Magomerie Mullagh Maghera & Turminany
Hugh Montgomery Esqr. Knockakeelty Maghera & Turminany
Cormuck O Mulholland Esqr. Bally McPeake Maghera & Turminany
Alexandr. Cornewell Esqr. Ballyscullin Ballyscullin
Hugh Gawen Esqr. and Adam Carie gents. Ballyagheg Ballyscullin
Tho: Windsor Esqr. Ballydrmott Ballyscullin
Thomas Dawson gent. Tamimaran Ballyscullin
Captn. John Hardlye Esqr. Upper Ballyneas Ballyscullin
Captn. Nicholas Barrington Esqr., Francis Rust gent. Souldiers & their Wiues in the towne of Maghrafelt Maghrafelt
Robert Hathorne gent. Lishneise Maghrafelt
Robert Downeing gent. Monymoore Dissert Lyms
John Hatton gent. Annagh and Culcam Dissert Marten
Major James Craford Esqr. & Will Springham gent. 1/2 Moycelan Ballyniskrean

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number
O Corr (6), O Core, (4) 10; O Cahan, 008; McConnell, 011; McCan, 006; McCormuck, 006; McConnor, 006; McDavitt (8), McDewett (4) 12; O Donell, 006; O Dyman, 007; O Doughertye, 010; O Graffan, 006; O Henry, 018; O Hagan, 017; O Kenedy, 006; O Kenan, 006; O Kelly, 006; Mulholland, 018; McMurrey, 008; O Mullan, 014; Moore, 006; O Neale, 30; McPeake, 08; O Quin, 07; O Scullin & O Scullen, 10; Smith, 07; McShane, 06.
Barrony of Loghinsholin: Eng & Scotts, 655; Irish, 1431; 2086 tott:

Colraine Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Symon Hillmon, Stephen Cuppage, icholas Griffin, Samuell Wilkins, William Godfrey, Reinold Berresford, Thomas Lance, Tho: Reynolds gentlement. Wm. Adams & Tristram Beresford Esqr., Richard Brasier and Thomas Hillman Aldermen, Hugh Muller, John Browne, John Thomson, Hugh Craige, William Galt, John Twadell, John Galt, Joshua Brookes & William Moore Shopkeepers. Colraine towne & Libertys Colraine
Captn. Richard Bickerstaffe Esqr. Ballycarne Killoyne
Lieut. Robert Brice gent. Cullerasheskin Killoyne
Cornelius Wall & Edward Canning gents. Macosquy Macasquy
Francis Haward gent. Craghan Macasquy
John Rowley gent. Castleroe Macasquy
James Jackson gent. Ballenteerebeg Macasquy
Paull Canning Esqr. Lihomoore Aughadowey
Robert Blaire and Hugh Rowly gentlemen. Derniecrosse Aughadowey
William Blaire gent. Lisnemuch Aughadowey
George Mines gent. Garvagh Arrygall

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McAllester, 012; Allen, 07; Browne, 08; Black, 07; McConnell, 09; O Cahan, 27; McCormick, 07; Clearke, 07; McCleland, 09; McCooke, 06; O Doughertye, 06; O Demsie, 13; O Henry, 12; Moore, 11; O Mullan, 06; McNeale, 06; O Quig, 14; Reade, 13; Smith, 19; White, 08.
Barrony [of Coleraine]: Eng & Scotts, 1549; Irish, 1201; 2750 tottall.

County of Monaghan

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Richard Blaney Esqr., Thomas Wyatt gent., Nicholas Owen gent., Mathew Boyd gent., John Thomas gent. Monaghan Monaghan
John Forster Esqr. Tulaghan Teedawnett
Patrick Browne gent. Monaghanduff Teedawnett
George Scott gent. Drumslavoge Teedawnett
Richard Caide gent. Ligess Teedawnett
James Wright gent. Gola Teedawnett
John Forster gent. Clomvollye Teedawnett
John Burrowes gent. Aghaboy Teedawnett
Richard Poakrich gent Mullmacross Kilmore
Michaell Peokrich gent. Aghanamalaght Kilmore
Edward Pockrich gent. Druma Connr. Kilmore
Benjamin Rose gent. Anaghcenye Kilmore
John Cole gent. Ballymeaghan Kilmore
Humphrey Sherigley Esqr. Carcavan Kilmore
William Smyth gent. Cloonlagh Kilmore
John Wileman gent. Skeagh Kilmore
James Hamilton gent. Grange Eriglee
Lewis Blaney gent. Aghaliskeevan Eriglee
Olliver Ankettill Esqr., William Johnston gent. Glasslough Donagh
William Norrice gent. Anaray Donagh
David Johnson Esqr. Aghanesklin Donagh
Walter Crimble gent. Imoge Donagh
William Hollande gent. Tiledan Donagh
Nicholas Hollande gent. Drumbanchor Donagh
Thomas Baker gent. Pallis Donagh
John Mulhallam gent. Conaghie Dartre all's Galoone
Patr' Mulhallom gent. Drumgillye Dartre all's Galoone
Thomas Boyle gent. Cornewall Dartre all's Galoone
Rich: Beard gent. Lishtellen Dartre all's Galoone
Rob't Bramston gent. Lisnagorr Dartre all's Galoone
Robert Aldrich gent. Drum Dartre all's Galoone
William Scott gent. Aghanahoula Dartre all's Galoone
Tho: Farmor gent. Any Dartre all's Galoone
Jacob Lerye gent. Clonisten Dartre all's Galoone
John Cossens gent. Carowglass Dartre all's Galoone
Hugh Elott gent. Lislaughill Dartre all's Galoone
Joseph Welch gent. Kileleagh Dartre all's Galoone
Richard Ley gent. Curraghastee Dartre all's Galoone
Richard Barrett Esqr. Clownish Clownish
The Marquess of Hartford and the Viscount his sonn, William Barton Esqr. Macaross Macaross
Arthur Whitehead gent. Ballykelly Eniskeene

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb.
McArdell, 20; O Boyle & Boyle, 9; O Beggan, 12; O Boylan, 13; O Brynan, 9; O Bryn & O Bryn, 11; O Birne & Birne, 15; McClaue, 12; O Coogan, 7; McCarwell, 10; McConoly &c., 9; O Connoly, 56; O Cullin and McCullin, 11; McCallan & O Callan, 32; O Clerian & O Cleregan, 16; McCassye, 7; O Clerkan, 013; McCabe, 40; O Duffie, 69; O Dally, 8; McEntee, 13; Flanagan, 13; O Finagan, 22; McGonnell, 18; McGormon, 15; McGinnis, 10; McGowan, 10; O Gowan, 16; McGough, 10; O Hugh, 22; O Hamell, 9; O Kenan, 9; McKenna &c., 91; O Lowan, 9; O Murrey, 10; Murphy and O Murphy, 38; McMaghone, 112; O Muligan, 9; McNeny, 15; McPhillip, 23; O Quin & Quin, 16; McQuade, 11; McRory, 7; O Sherry &c., 10; McTrenor, 30; McWard, 15; McAward, 15.
The Number of People in the County of Monaghan: Eng;, 0434; Irish, 3649; totall of Eng & Irish, 4083.

Province of Munster

Clare County

Barony of Bunratty

Tituladoes Townlands Parish
Thomas Butler gent. Cloneskerrine Bunratty
Moses Ash gent. Ballylinebeg Killraghtrish
Loghlen O Grady gent. Bearaqfinchyne Killraghtrish
Moylen Bruody gent., Daniell Kenedy gent., Bryan Kenedy gent. Ballyogane Killraghtrish
John McInerhidny gent. Dromkeeny Killraghtrish
David White gent., Thomas White, gent., Peirce White gent., Pierce White Junr. gent., Philip O Towlow gent. Ballymc-Cooney Killraghtrish
Charles Ryane gent. Cappagh Killraghtrish
Thomas Stack gent. Carrowleahanagh Killraghtrish
Anthony Ryane gent. DRomgranagh Killraghtrish
Nicholas Nealan gent. Rosleavane Killraghtrish
Pierce Creagh gent. Dangen Iviggeene Quinhy
Nicholas Strich gent. Ballymarlaghane Quinhy
William Creagh Esqr. Ballyquilty Quinhy
Patrick Meade gent., Robert Meade gent. Gurteen Quinhy
Morrogh O Bryen gent. Ballyroughane and Rathlubby Quinhy
James Sexton & George Sexten his sonn gent. Cullane Quinhy
Garrett Barry gent. Ballymulcaney Quinhy
Morrish Sexten gent. Carhownenuer Quinhy
Donnogh McNemara Cornemalla Quinhy
Mahon McNenda gent., James Houregan gent. Cotteene Quinhy
John Sexten gent., James Nihill gent., Peirce Loftus gent, Daniell Kelloher gent., Thomas Creagh gent., Stephen White gent. Quinhy towne Quinhy
Jeremy Reeues gent. Quiny Towne continued Quinhy
Edward Strich gent. Laccarowbeg Quinhy
Arthur Smyth gent. Knappoge Quinhy
Gibbon Fitzgibbon gent. Knockprichane Cloney
James Butler gent. Maghery West Cloney
John Power gent., John Roch gent., William Power and Edward Power gent., John Condon gent., Marcus McGrath gent. Maghery East Cloney
David Stapleton gent. Cahirloghane Cloney
Teige Ryane, and Daniell Ryane gent., William Ryan and Connr. O glissan gent. Townaghs more and Beg Cloney
Mathew Lawliss gent. Ballyvergin Cloney
Edmond Power and Tho: Power gent. Ballyvroghane Cloney
James Fitzgerald gent. Clony Cloney
George Roch, and James Roch gent. Leassana Cloney
Daniell McMenda gent., Donnogh O Glissan gent. Cahirgeridon Cloney
Nicholas Bellow gent. Cahirshaghnesy and Corroghmoghan Cloney
Doctr. John Nealan Esq. Castletowne Cloney
Thomas Hickman Esq., George Stamers gent. Ballyhinane Dowry
Donnogh McNemara gent. Poulroe Dowry
Mathew McMahon gent. Castletowne Dowry
Edward Cuff gent. Kilbrickanbeg Dowry
Sr. David Bourke Kt. & Bart., David oge Bourke, and James Bourke gent. Moinino Dowry
Teige McNemara gent., Connor McNemara gent. Kilbrickanmore Dowry
Daniell McNemara gent., James McNemara gent. Ballymulcrehy Dowry
Terlagh McMahon gent. Moyreash Dowry
Oliver Bourk gent. Ardkeill Finagh
John Tompkins gent., Edmond Summers gent., John Leo gent., Michaell Fitzgerrald gent. Rosmanagher Finagh
Daniell McNemara gent., John McNemara his sonn gent. Drombine Drombine
Richard Clanchy gent. Tullaverga Drombine
Morrish Hallurane Smythstowne Drombine
John O Rideene gent. Cahirteige Drombine
William Sarsfield gent. Dromgilly Drombine
Robert Roch gent. Ballymally Templemally
David Fitzgibbon gent. Treanaderry Templemally
James England gent. Ballycorey Templemally
Morgan Ryane gent. Drumconra Templemally
Redmond Keating gent., Isreall O Callaghan gent., David Lawlor Esq. Ballyally Templemally
Thomas Foote gent. Bealkellane Killynoane
Edward Gould gent., William Strich gent., Thomas Poore gent. St. Thomas Hand Killynoane
Michaell Arthur gent. Parteen Killenoane
Laurence Comyne gent., Stephen Creagh gent. Glengross Killenoane
Robert Starkie gent., William Starkie and Bryan Starkey gent. Dromolland KillanaSullagh
Mahon McInerny gent. Carrowmore KillanaSullagh
Daniell McNemara gent., Teige McNamara & Donnogh McNemara his sonns gent. Ballynecragg KillanaSullagh
Peter Arthur gent. Ballygerrin KillanaSullagh
Capt. Robert Nightingall gent. East Iny KillanaSullagh
John Papping gent. Carrigdorane KillanaSullagh
Samuell Burdett gent. Killana Sullagh KillanaSullagh
Henry Coulpys Rathfeolane KillanaSullagh
Sr. Henry Ingoldesby Kt., Barrtt. Clenagh Killmaleary
Capt. William Duckett gent. Orlen Killmaleary
John Coupys gent., James Loftus gent. Ballycarr Thomfinlagh
Ferdinando Weedin gent. Moghane Thomfinlagh
Lawrence White gent. Tomfinlagh Thomfinlagh
Roger Hickie gent. Cloneloghane Cloneloghane
Pierce Arthur gent. Tullaverga Cloneloghane
Thomas Cullen Esq. Ballynaclogy Killconnery
Pierce Creagh Esq. Garrynemona Killconnery
Daniell O Bryen gent. Knockbeagh Killconnery
Thomas Harrold gent., William Thompson gent. Erebell Killfentanane
Patrick Brett Esq., Francis Brett his sonne gent. Ballymorriss Killfentanane
Giles Vandelure gent. Moyhill, Knocknabricky, Ballemotie, and Toeowre Killfentanane
Shida McNemara gent. Moyhill Killfentanane
Edward Rice, gent. Knockahelly Killeilly
John Cooper gent., William Nealane gent., Teige O Brien gent. Melicke Killeilly
Leut. Thomas Wyott gent. Crattellaghmoell Killeilly
John McNemara Esq. Downe Imulvihill Inchicronan
Richard Barry gent. Cappanapestie Inchicronan
Thomas Butler gent. Bonahow Inchicronan
Godfry Poore gent. Millicke Inchicronan
Shervington Skinner gent., John Drew gent., Bartlomew Bourke gent. Crusheene Inchicronan
Thomas Butler Sunnogh Inchicronan
Teige O Brien gent. Knocknamucky Inchicronan
James Butler gent., John Butler and Edmond Butler his sonns, gents., William Butler gent. Shraghnagaloone Inchicronan
John Butler gent. Gortaphicky Inchcronan
Leut. Robert Rosdell gent., Bryen Stapleton gent. Cloghogh Inchcronan
William Roch Esq. Beallnafiervarnen Inchcronan
William Denn gent., Robert Denn gent. Drumbaniff Inchronan

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbers.
Arthur, 11; Bryen & Mc and O Bryen, 26; Butler, 13; Bourke, 23; Barry, 06; McConnor, 23; Creagh, 14; Cunigam, 09; Considin, 09; Conellane, 11; Connell, 12; Casey or Cassy, 08; Cusacke, 11; Conny & Cunny, 13; Cuneen &c., 08; Clanchy, 16; Culane (8) and Culinane (5) 13; Cahill and O Cahill, 08; Carmody, 07; McCarthy, 08; McDaniell, 31; Dermody, 08; McDonnogh, 32; O Dwyre, 12; Dally & O Dally, 08; Donoghow, 07; Ferrilla, Ferilly and Ferilry, 11; Flanigane, 15; Grady and O Grady, 19; Gerane or Girane, 12; Fitzgerrold, 10; O Gripha &c., 14; Glissane, 10; O Hehir, 10; O Hallurane, 36; Hogan, 22; O Hashea, 11; Hickie, 23; O Hartigan, 09; O Haneen, 09; McInerhny or McInerny, 29; Fitz James (6) and McJames (5) 11; Kenedy, 14; Kelly, 09; McLoghlin, 19; McMorrogh, 13; Murphy, 11; O Mighane, 09; O Mullowny & Mullony, 47; McMahon, 27; Mahony, 07; Malloone &c., 12; McMortath, 17; McNemara, 52; O Nealane, 08; O Neall, 09; O Nihill, 12; Power, 12; O Quelly, 09; Roch, 07; McRory, 21; Rudane, 09; O Roughane, 12; Ryane & O Ryane, 10; McShane, 34; Slattery, 10; Sexten, 11; Strich, 07; McTeige, 47; McThomas, 10; McWilliam, 08; Welsh, 08; White, 16.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Bunratty: Eng. 144; Irish, 4204; totall Eng & Irish, 4348.

Barony of Tulla

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Faning gent. Killana Teakill
Donnogh O Brien gent, Terlagh O Brien his sonn gent., Owen O Brien gent. Fahi Teakill
Thomas Faning gent. Cahirr Teakill
John McNemara gent., Daniell McNemara gent. Leighgort Teakill
Daniell McNemara gent. Mannaghgullen Teakill
Thomas Thobbin gent. Annagh Teakill
Doctr. Patrick connell gent. Kilbarron Teakill
Mahon Rudan gent. Feakill Teakill
John Butler Esq., William Fitzwalter gent. Laccarrow Teakill
Theobald Butler gent., James Ryan gent. Carocloane Teakill
William Power Esq. Knockbeagha Teakill
Donnogh McNemara gent. Feakill Teakill
William Purfoy Esq. Rosscroe Kilmurry
Peter Purfoy Esq. Kilkisheene Kilmurry
Patrick Lysaght gent. Shandagen Kilmurry
Daniel Connery gent. Ballydonoghane Killnoe
Patrick Creagh gent. Colereaghmore Killnoe
Dermott O Bryen gent. Colereaghbeg Killnoe
Edmond Magrath Esq., Gallatius Dwyer gent. Ballynahenhy Killnoe
Anthony Garvane gent. Clonemogher Killnoe
Geffry Prendergast gent. Cahirhurly Killnoe
Dermott Ryane gent. Dromudd Killnoe
John Bourke gent. West Cahirhurly Killnoe
Phillip Roch and Lawrence his sonn gents. Tyrovanine Killurane
William Bridgeman gent. Duine Killurane
John Ryane gent. Moneogennigh Killurane
Edmond Dwyre gent., William Dwyre gent., John O Dwyre gent. Killurane Killurane
Morrish Fitzgerrold gent. Bally Mcdonnell Killurane
John Hart gent., Richard Hartt gent. Lissofine Tulla
Hugh O Kiefe gent. Lahardane Tulla
Arthur Stapleton gent. Ballymoilen Tulla
Mathew Hally gent., Thomas Woulfe gent. Pulefory & Cragancroyne Tulla
Dermott Carthy gent. Lisscollane Tulla
David Nihill gent. Garrowragh Tulla
Charles Carthy gent., Donnogh Carthy gent. Formerly Tulla
John Fitzgibbon gent. Ballyslatery Tulla
David Sutton gent. Tyredagh Tulla
William Bennis gent. Carrinagnoe Tulla
Teige O Mullowny gent. Killdonelbellagh Tulla
Walter Sherlock gent. Thome Tulla
Thomas Hewett gent., Teige McNemarra gent. Affugg Tulla
Theobald Butler gent. Lismeeghane Tulla
Thomas Magrath gent. Fertanbeg Tulla
Phillipp Kelly gent. Tullagh Tulla
Richard Strange Esq., Paule and James Strange his sonns gents., Rich: Butler gent. Coolecultane Moynoe
Edward FitzEdmond gent., John Leo gent. Minress Moynoe
Oliver Keating gent., Oliver FizArthur Keating gent., Thomas Hennessy gent. Corrowmore Moynoe
The Poore Lord of Killmallock Clonty West Inishgaltragh
George Thorneton Esq. Dromarty Inishgaltragh
George Purdon Esq. Dromarty Tuoguinla
John FitzWilliam gent. Beallkelly Tuoguinla
Thomas Marnell gent. Carrowcore Tuoguinla
Pierce Poore gent., William, and Brice his sonns gents. Raheeny Tuiguinla
George Magee gent. Ballyheiffy Tomgreany
John Magee gent. Ballyvanane Tomgreany
David Magee gent. Scarriff Tomgreany
Edmond Prendergast gent. Fossamore Tomgreany
Edmond Roch gent., John Roch gent. Knockgrady & Agherim Tomgreany
Thoby Butler gent., Thomas Shortall gent. Poligowre Tomgreany
Thomas Butler gent, John Roch gent. Cappaghroe, and Killderry Tomgreany
Andrew Barrett gent., Teige O Crowley gent., David O Crowley and Fineene O Crowle his sons gents., Mathew O Cullane gent. Cappacanon Tomgreany
Miles Hiffernane gent., James Hiffernane, John Hiffernane and Roger Hiffernane his sonns gents. Derrymore Tomgreany
Donnogh O Driscoll Esq. Coologory Tomgreany
Thomas White gent., Nicholas Harrold aopthycary, Edward Gould gent. The Towne of Six Mile Bridge Kilfenaghta
George Bennish gent. Ballymulchassahill Kilfenaghta
Edmond Poore gent., John Poore his sonn. Ballisseenmore Kilfennaghta
Ensigne Mathew Curtis gent. Meohgally Kilfennaghta
Marcus Cransborrow gent. Ballynavan beg, and more Kilfennaghta
James Thobin gent., Richard Thobin his sonne gent., Richard Thobin gent. Clonetrae Killseyly
Francis Sexton gent., James Poore gent. Shanevogh Killseyly
Edmond Power gent. Dromsallagh Killseyly
Patrick Morgan gent. Snatty Killseyly
James Wall Esq., John Butler gent. Ballykelly Killseyly
Donnogh O Callaghane Esq., Teige, Donnogh, and Cahir his sonns gent. Montallone Clonelea
John Stackpoole Esq. Clonebruicke Clonelea
Richard Barry gent., Edmond Fitzgerrald gent. Gortachorky Clonelea
Pierce Bulger gent. Killyvory Clonelea
Therlagh O Bryen gent., Morrogh O Bryen gent., Bryen O Bryen gent. Gortacorky Clonelea
Connor O Callaghane Esq. Ballyquine Killogenedy
James Hackett gent., Andrew Hackett his sonne gent. Agheranabeg Killogenedy
Phillipp Prendergast gent., Richard Butler gent., Thomas Thobbin gent. Farmoyle Killogenedy
Thomas Magrath Cloneconerymore Killogenedy
Allexander Howendon gent. Cloneyrehine Killogenedy
John Butler gent. Barbane Killogenedy
Henry Evers gent., Edmond Mandowell gent., James Evarald gent., Walter Wall gent. Ballymolony Killogenedy
Teige Ryane gent. Hillegy Killogenedy
Ireall Kenedy gent. Kilbane Killogenedy
Phillipp Dwyre gent. Killogennedy Killogenedy
William Gough Esq., William Gough gent. Killogennedy Kiltenanleigh
Elias Prestwitch gent. & his sonn gent. Coolishteig Kiltenanleigh
Richard Vale gent., Edmond Ryance gent., Walter Bourke gent. Enirigh Kiltenanleigh
John Stackpooll gent. Killine Kiltenanleigh
Daniell Barry gent., Connor Clanchy gent. Neadannora Kiltenanleigh
William Bourke gent., Thomas Bourke gent., Edmond Bourke gent. Derry Fady Kiltenanleigh
Nicholas Wall gent. Cappavilly Kiltenanleigh
Thomas Bourke gent., John Bourke his sonn gent. Cragleigh Killalow
Nicholas Starkie gent. Clone Fada Killalow
Henry Ryane gent., Edmond Barry gent., Gerrald Barry gent. Laccarrowreaghmore Killalow
Dermott Ryane gent. Laccaregh-beg Killalow
Teige O Bryen gent., Terlagh O Bryen gent., Connor O Bryen gent. Glan Imulloone Killalow
Dermott O Bryen gent., Marcus Bryen gent. Carrowgare and Carrowkilly Killalow
Morrish Roch gent. Ballycuggerane Killalow
Daniell McCarthy gent., John Barrett gent. Ballyroe, Ballyknavin, and Killeragher Killalow
Edmond Hackett gent. Gortmagee Killalow
Thomas Stritch gent. Glanagallagh Killalow
Connor Ryane gent., John Ryane gent., and Daniell Ryane gent his sonns. Ballygerrane Killalow
John O Mollane gent. Killcridane Killalow
Garrett Barry gent. Balllyn Carrantroome Killalow

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb[er].
Arthur, 07; O Bryen, 37; Bruody, 10; Butler, 25; Bourke, 24; Barry, 18; Carmody, 08; Mc & O Connor, 24; Comane &c., 11; McCussocke, 21; Connell and O Connell, 07; McCarthy, 16; O Cunigane, 08; O Callaghane &c., 19; Callinane, 08; Creagh, 06; Culleen and Calene, 09; Clancy, 08; O Carrull, 11; Coony, 09; McDonnogh, 22; McDermott, 07; O Dwyre, 36; McDaniell &c., 26; Dally, 09; Doogin &c., 09; Fox, 06; Feolane, 08; Fitzgerrald, 10; O Glissane &c., 10; O Grady, 11; Hallurane, 30; O Hea, 20; O Hehir, 07; Harrold, 07; Hart & O Hart &c., 06; Hogane, 25; Henessy, 06; Hicky, 27; Hiffernane, 08; Hally and O Hally, 15; Kelly, 10; Keogh, 12; McLoghlen, 12; Lynchy, 07; O Mullowny, 80; Murphy, 15; McMahon, 12; McNemarra, 38; Mahony, 12; Magragh, 09; Minighane, 10; Meagher, 07; O Nealane, 08; O Neall, 06; Nash, 08; Oge, 09; Prendergast, 17; Power, 11; Stackpool, 07; O Sullevane &c., 21; McShida, 11; Swyny, 11; McShane, 30; McTeige, 32; McWilliam, 14; White, 07; Welsh, 05; Wall, 07.
The number of people in the Barony of Tulla: Eng., 106; Irish, 3903; Totall Eng. & Irish, 4009.
Note: Magragh in the list above is spelled "Magrgh" in the text.

Barony of Inchiquine

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Moregh Ferriss gent. Faukill and Ballydavine Kellneboy
Symon Daniell gent. Caherneheely & Cahirblunick Kellneboy
Loghlin O Hehir Owen Kellneboy
Loghlin Oge O Hehir gent. Cahir McCunna Kellneboy
John Emerson gent. East Carny Kelneboy
Benjamin Lucas gent. Ballyportrea Kelneboy
Donnogh O Bryen gent. Dromfinglass Kelneboy
Garrett Barry gent. Moreely Kelneboy
Redmond Walters gent. Drynagh Kelneboy
Therlagh McOwen gent. of Garranse West Moreely Kelneboy
Owen O Connory gent of West Moreely Garranse Kelneboy
Garrett Fitzmerie Esq. Tir McBran Kelneboy
Hugh McEncroe gent. CarrowKelly Kelneboy
James McEncroe gent. Boghersallagh Kelneboy
John O Hogane Rath Kelneboy
Hugh O Hogane gent. Moyhill Kelneboy
Mortagh O Bryen gent. Moyrhy Kilkeedy
William Power gent. Carrowcrahine Kilkeedy
Dominich Dorcy gent. Cloneloane Kilkeedy
James Lenchy gent., Stephen Lenchy his sonn gent. Clonselkcherny Kilkeedy
Andrew Lenchy gent., William Lenchy gent. Kilquidy Kilkeedy
Richard Butler gent. Templebanagh Kilkeedy
Garrett Nugent gent. Athyslany Kilkeedy
Theobald Butler gent. Derryvaghan Kilkeedy
Derby O Bryen gent. Agherem Kilkeedy
John Power gent., William FitzJohn gent., James FitzNicholas gent. Carrowna, Killy & Carrowshaneduff Kilkeedy
James Rowe gent. Tullydea Kilkeedy
St. Valintin Browne Bart., Thomas Curd Esq. Corrowportlicky Desert
John Welsh gent. Cahir McNea Desert
Pierve Rowe gent. Tullydea Desert
John O Sheaghane gent. Ballyoganebeg Desert
John Fitzgerrald gent. Ranaghane Desert
Gerrald Barry gent., John Barry gent. Ballyheige Desert
Morish Agherin gent. Tullavecken Desert
Mortagh Gripheen gent. Loghanafeleene Desert
Coll. Charles Henessy Esq. Agherem Desert
Dermott O Kerine gent. Owen Desert
John Comyne gent. Dromkerane Desert
Loghlen McInerny gent. Rathrahaneast Desert
William Sinane gent. Beallnalichy Desert
Garrett Prendergast gent. Ballygriffa Desert
Bryen Henessy gent. Drumcurren West Desert
Mahon O Bryen gent. Townagh Desert
Edmond Fitzgerrold gent. Ballybrody Desert
Teige O Kerrin gent. Gleans Desert
Morrish Connell gent., Jeffry Connell gent. Culesegane Desert
Charles Carthy gent. Fermoile Desert
Teige Carthy gent. Clonenaghie and Skeyghvickencrow Desert
Daniell Sulevane gent. West Ballylea Desert
Symon Wrotham gent. Shally Kilnamona
Michaell O Dae gent. Cregloskie Kilnamona
William Henessy gent., Phillipp Henessy his sonn gent. Ballyashea Kilnamona
Patrick Hogane gent. Kilnemona Kilnamona
Manus O Cahane gent. Leckane Kilnamona

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb[er].
Bryen & O Bryen, 23; Bourke, 11; O Culenane, 13; McConnor (11) and O Conor (2) 13; Conellane (6) & O Conellane (8) 14; Carthy & McCarthy, 6; O Donoghow, 6; McDonogh, 9; McDaniell &c., 13; O Dae, 11; McEncroe, 09; Gripha (10) & O Grypha (11) 21; Fitzgerrald &c., 10; Henessy & O Henessy, 08; O Heyne, 07; Hogane and O Hogane, 13; O Hehir, 12; O Huer, 07; Hickie, 7; Fitzmorrish, 9; Nealane &c., 15; McOwen, 10; Quine & O Quine, 10; Ryane, 10; Roch, 06; Rowe, 07; McShane, 07; O Sheghane, 08; McTeige, 13; White, 07.
The Number of People in the Barony of Inchiquine: Eng, 034; Irish, 1961; Totall Eng & Irish, 1995.

Island Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Geoge Huott gent., Samuell Burton Esq., John Capleman gent., Francis Cassy gent. Clare Towne Clareaby
John Huleatt gent. Knocknegamanagh Clareaby
Therlogh O Bryen gent. Bernegehy Clareaby
William Cuff gent. Cloghaneboy Clareaby
Dominick Creagh gent. Manusbeg Clareaby
Stephen Woolfe gent. Tir McLane Killoone
Daniell McConsidin gent., Mortagh Oge gent. Dromdagrehid Killoone
Owen McConsidan gent. Drominaclogh Killoone
Daniell Considin gent. Killmoranbeg Killoone
John Gore gent., John Watts gent. Clonroud Dromcliff
Nichola Bourke gent., William Bourke gent. Kilmally Divission Dromcliff
David White gent. Killmally Dromcliff
Walter Bourke gent. Ballyeyneene Dromcliff
Callaghane O Calaghane gent. Dromanure Dromcliff
Richard Woolfe gent. Gortganiff Dromcliff
Edward Rice gent., Patrick Rice, gent. Killeene Dromcliff
John Bourke gent. Ballydonagh Dromcliff
John Rierdan gent. Killcollum Dromcliff
Mortagh McCae Lisbiggine Dromcliff
Nicholas Fitzgerrald gent., Luke Fitzgerrald & John FitzGerrald his sonns gent. Tullassie Dromcliff
Patrick FitzGerrald gent. Gortmore Dromcliff
Tobias Fitzgerrald gent. Ballylumney Dromcliff
Edmond Forstall gent., Pierce Forstall gent. Killquane Dromcliff
Oliver Walsh gent. Crenagore Dromcliff
Therlagh Magrath gent. Crayleigh Dromcliff
James Butler gent. Knockinynane Dromcliff
John Brickdall gent. Coore againe Dromcliff
Dermot O Meeghane gent., Dermott Mighane gent. Ballylane Dromcliff
Andrew Denn gent. Knockdrumacedle Dromcliff
Daniell O Hehir gent. Dromcarran Dromcliff
Thomas Hewes gent. Lisheen Clonedagad
James Aylmer Esq. Cragbrien Clonedagad
Edward Barry gent., Francis Barry, Phillipp Barry & Anthony Barry his sonns gent. Lanna Clonedagad
Christopher Verdon gent. Clonecollmane Clonedagad
Charles Carthy gent. Gurtaguigheen Clonedagad
John Stockden gent. Ballaghacorig Clonedagad

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb[er].
Beolane, 07; Bourke, 9; Connell, 7; Corbane, 5; Connor Mc & O, 17; Consdin (7) & McConsidn (5) 12; Clanchy, 6; McDaniell &c., 16; O Dally, 14; Gormon, 9; O Grypha, 7; Fitzgerrald, 8; Hea & O Hea, 7; Hallurane, 7; O Hehir &c., 14; O Hally &c., 12; O Hogane &c., 6; McIncargy, 09; McMahon &c., 15; McMahony, 4; O Meolane, 7; O Mullowny, 8; O Mighane, 7; Nealane, 9; Sexten, 8; O Slattery &c., 11; Sulevane, 6; McTeige, 15; Welsh, 10.
The Number of People in Island Barony: Eng 058; Irish, 1593; Totall Eng & Irish, 1651.

Barony of Clandirala

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Leut. George Ross gent., Desimy Norton gent., William Brigdall gent., Hugh Brigdal gent.   Killerisk
Teige McMahon Esq. Glanecanane Killdizart
Mahon McMahon gent. Ballyncargy Killdizart
Teige McMahon gent. Laccana Shanagh Killdizartt
Morrish Fitzgerrald Esq., Garrett Fitzgerrald gent., Creagh Murphy gent. Clonedrinagh Killfadane
John Long gent., John Long his sonn gent., James Long gent. Moyfada Killfadane
Charles Carthy gent. Dishane Killfadane
Francis Meade gent. Allroe Killfadane
Nicholas Fox gent. Erboll Killfadane
Teige Carthy gent. Coolemeene Killfadane
Donnogh Oge gent., Bryen Swyny gent. Moy Killfadane
Henry Lee gent. Clandirala Killmurry
George Roch gent. Laccarrowbane Killmurry
James Stackpoll gent. Killmore Killmurry
Francis Creagh gent. Cashernagh Killmurry
Thomas Gillenane gent. Carrowinsky Killmurry
Pierce Murrony gent.   Killeymur
Patrick Harrold gent. Carrowdoly Killeymur
Walter Hickman gent. Dunegorocke Killeymur
Thomas Clanchy gent. Birrane Killeymur
Dermott Carthy gent., Coll. Donnogh Carthy Esq. Killtuncper Kill Michaell
____ Miller gent., George FitzHarris gent., Lawrence FitzHarris, gent. Cahirmore al's Cahirmurphy Kill Michaell
Dominick Roch gent. Leatrim Kill Michaell
James Fitzgerrald gent. Lissinea Kill Michaell
Dermott Fizpatrick gent. Ballydinine al's Cargraige Kill Michaell
Francis Stritch gent. Colemans towne Killofine
David Barry Esq. Ballymakeary Killofine
George Metham gent. Ballyarme Killofine

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb[er].
Bryen, 07; Bourke, 07; Cullegane, 08; Callaghane, 07; Carthy, 08; McDaniell, 10; McDermott, 06; McEdmond, 06; Fitzgerrald, 16; Grypha, 05; Kelly, 09; McMahon, 17; McMorrogh, 06; Oge, 06; McShane, 12; McSwyny, 5.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Clandirala: Eng, 032; Irish, 1144; Totall Eng & Irish, 1176.

Barony of Corcomroe

Tituladoes Townlands Parish
William Rumsey Esq., William Rumsey Junr., gent. Ballyshany Killenorath
Daniell McDonogh gent. Ballykeill Killenorath
Boetius Clanchy gent. Cahir Inenane Killenorath
Daniell O Leary gent., Dermott McDaniel. Bally McDonellane Killenorath
Moylemury McSwyny gent. Moneene Kiltoroght
Dermott O Mahony gent. Clogher Kiltoroght
Manus McSheehy gent. Carrowreagh Kiltoroght
Pierce Butler gent. Dowgh Killmachreehy
Patricke Comine gent., Patricke Oge Comine gent. Leavally Killmachreehy
Morrogh O Bryen gent. Ballyvrislane Killmachreehy
Edward Fitzgerrald gent. Inishtimane Killmanaghen
Teige Carthy gent., Charles Carthy his sons gent. Leahency Killmanaghen
Thomas Magrath gent., Donogh Magrath gent. Ballingadie Killmanaghen
Daniell Sulevane gent. & Daniell Sulevane gent., Owen O Sulevane gent. Ballynehuane Killeilagh
Dermott Sulevane gent. Carownebleary Killeilagh
Donogh O Bryen gent. Ballinalarme Killeilagh
Teige McCarthy gent., Edmond McSwynie gent. Calluragh Killeilagh
James McClanchie gent. Cahir McCrossin Killeilagh
Sr. Therlagh Magrath a poore decayed Bart. Carrowgare Killeilagh
Daniell McGillireadie gent. Carrowkeill and Tergowneen Killeilagh
Edmond Fitzgerrald gent. Toomulony Killeilagh
Nicholas Canovane gent. Derrymore Cloney
Teige Hurly gent., John Hurly gent. Mognagh Cloney
Donnogh McCarthy gent. Terleagheen Cloney
Teige O Bryen gent. Cnocknegagh Cloney

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb[ers].
O Bryen, 11; Boy, 7; Cahill, 8; Cussocke, 7; O Connor, 24; Carthy, 8; Clanchy, 5; McDonogh, 9; McDaniell, 7; McDermott, 5; Fitzgerrald, 5; Hogane, 9; O Hanraghane, 6; McIncarigie, 6; Lyedie, 6; Mahony, 9; Murphy, 5; Sulevane, 12; McTeige, 13.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Corcomroe: Eng, 005; Irish, 1034; Totall Eng & Irish, 1039.

Barony of Moyferta

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Isaack Granier Esq., John Arthur gent., Peter White gent. Killrushtowne Killrush
Therlagh McMahon gent. Monemore Killrush
Coll. Edmond Fitzmorrice Esq., Thomas Fitzmorrice gent. Ballykitt Killrush
Stephen Stritch gent. Moyadmore Killrush
Peter Granier gent., Henry Hickman gent. Ballynode Killrush
Daid Mahony gent. Girrane Killrush
John Fitzgerrald gent. Moylagh Killrush
Edmond Fitzmorrice gent. Carigaholta Moyferta
Isaack Vanhogarden gent. Querren Moyferta
Leut. Coll. John Wright Esq. Moveene Moyferta
Daniell Cahane gent., John Cahane his sonn gent. Lisheene Moyferta
Florence Carthy gent., William Ronane gent. Killmacduane Killmacduane
Stephen Rice gent., Charles Carthy gent. Dangananelly Killmacduane
Mortagh McMahon gent. and Mortagh Mahon gent., Dermott Considin gent. Ballynagon Killmacduane
Loglen Gormon gent. Dromellighy Killmacduane
Lawrence Rice gent., James Rice gent., William rice gent., Coll. Henry Blackwell Esq. Gore Iland Killmacduane
James Stack gent., James Pierce gent., Garrett Fitzmorrish gent., Thomas Joy gent. Killforagh Killforagh
Francis Ipslie gent. Garrandery Croyne Killforagh
John Stack gent., Stephen Lysaght gent. Moasta Killforagh
John Lysaght gent. Ballyonane Killforagh
Sr. Daniell O Bryen Knt., Connor O Bryen Esq. Killquy Killforagh
John Monarto gent., Dermott Monarto his sonn gent., Teige McNemara gent., Morrish FitzGerrald gent., Walter Browne gent. Killeillagh Kilballyhone
Mar. Nicholas Fitzmorrish Esq., Thomas Fitzmorrish gent., Nicholas Fitzmorrish gent. Kilballyhone Kilballyhone
Richard Creagh gent., John Welsh gent. Tullakelly Kilballyhone
Donogh Croghen gent., Dermott Croghen gent., William Hierly gent., Teige Leary gent. Killclogher Kilballyhone

Principall Irish names [and] their Numb[er].
Cahane, 14; Connor, 14; McDaniell, 6; McDae & O Dae, 7; Fitzgerald &c., 8; Gorman, 6; Hurly &c., 8; Lenchy, 5; Lyne, 7; Mullowny, 6; Mahony, 12; McMahon &c., 9; Fitzmorrice &c., 10; Madigane, 05; Quelly, 12; Sulevane, 7; Scanlane, 11; McShane, 10; McTeige, 06.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Moyferta: Eng, 031; Irish, 993; Totall Eng & Irish, 1024.

Barony of Burren

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Donagh McFineen Esq., Donogh McFineen his sonn gent., Daniell McFineen gent. Thurlagh Oughtmania
Charles McDonogh gent., Dermott McFineen gent. Oughmanea Oughtmania
Daniel Oge gent. Duellen Oughtmania
Teige O Dally gent., Lawrence Bigg gent., Lawrence Marcaghane gent. Finavarra Oughtmania
Teige McFineen gent., Daniell McTeige gent. Aghavoinane Oughtmania
Robert Nugent Esq., Thomas Nugent gent. Newtowne Dromcreehy
John Jully gent., John Oge his son gent. Mucknish Dromcreehy
Oliver Kiervane gent. Ballycahill Dromcreehy
Morta Oge O Davoren gent. Croughsouth Dromcreehy
Patrick Hackett gent. Carrowteige Dromcreehy
Andrew Hallurane gent. Finagh Dromcreehy
Pillipp Coogane gent., Richard Coogane. Ballytohill Dromcreehy
Thomas Blake gent. Ballyalbone Dromcreehy
George Marten gent. Graganes Dromcreehy
Morogh Inderme gent. of Kelly Killy Oughtgellane Dromcreehy
Francis Falloone gent. of Oughtgellane Kellykilly Dromcreehy
Andrew Marten gent., James Bodkin gent. Cappagh Dromcreehy
James O Heine gent., Bryen McGillikelly gent. Glann Dromcreehy
John O Hehir gent. Capagh Kenedy Dromcreehy
Therlaghlen Esq. Creeaguill Carne
M Loghlin O Hehir gent. Fahy Carne
Bryen O Loghlen gent. Coskerine Carne
Donnogh McCarthy gent. Poullvall Carne
Bryen O Loghlen gent. Chair McKnole Carne
Bryen Considin gent. Lismorane Carne
Gillerneaf oge O Davoren gent. Cahir McInaghtie Nohovall
Owen Hallurane gent. Ballyvoragagh Nohovall
Cormucke McCarthy gent. Ballymahona Nohovall
Owen McCarthy gent. Shessimore Nohovall
Teige O Hea gent. Glan Innagh Glan Innagh
Covara McInerny gent. Ballyconna South Killneeny
Connor O Flanigane gent. Knockenard Killneeny
Nicholas Mahony gent. Carrowkerrily Killneeny
Daniell O Bryen gent. Ballydonoghow Killneeny
John Creagh gent. Killmone Killneeny
David Creagh gent. Cahir Clegane Killneeny
James Butler gent. Lisdoone Varnagh Killneeny
Connor O Bryen gent. Formoyle Killneeny
Hugh O Dovoren Lislarhy Killneeny

Principall Irish names [and] their Numb[er].
Bryen, 07; Connor, 05; McCarthy, 5; McDonogh, 16; Dally & O Dally, 10; O Davoren, 13; McDermott, 06; McFineene, 06; O Hea, 06; Hayne & O Hayne, 05; McLoghlen (7) and O Loghlen (06), 13; Oge, 09; McShane, 06; McTeige, 08.
The Number of People in the Barony of Burren: Eng, 007; Irish, 816; Totall Eng & Irish, 823.

Barony of Ibrickane and Burrough of Enish

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Morrish Hicky gent.   Kilferboy
Michaell Creagh gent. Laccamore Kilferboy
Daniell Clanchy gent., Mortagh Mahon gent., Mortagh Clanchy gent., John Clanchy gent., Teige McInerny gent., Daniell Clanchy gent., Moyleene Mulroney gent. Fyntra Kilferboy
Hugh Clanchy gent. Carrowcott Kilferboy
Edmond Bourke gent. Ballyugine Kilferboy
Teige Line gent. Powlemillen Kilferboy
John McNemara gent., James Fitzgerrald gent. Dunmore Killard
James Fox gent., Morrish Roch gent. Dunbeg Killumry
William Hobson gent. Knockenalbone Killumry
Daniell Moriarto gent. Sanevogh Killumry
Edmond Fox gent. Craggycknock Killumry
Nicholas Wolfe gent. Cahirrush Killumry
Richard White gent. Rinroe Killumry
Patrick Pierce gent. Ballymackea Killumry
James McNemara gent., Laurence Creagh gent. Burrough of Inish Killumry

Principall Irish names [and] their Numb[er].
Creagh, 6; Clanchy, 10; Carthy, 9; Connor, 11; Cassy, 5; Clovane, 5; Hiernane, 8; Hicky, 5; Lyne, 7; Mahon & MacMahon, 8; Moriarto, 8; Mullowny, 7; McNemara, 11; Shea, 5; Sulevane, 4; McTeige, 5.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Ibrickane & Borogh of Inish: Eng, 023; Irish, 826; Totall Eng & Irish, 849.

Corke Citty & Libertyes

Tituladoes Quarters Parish
Walter Copper Esq., Robert Fletcher, John Sharpe, Richard Priddin, John Berrett, Thomas Swabby, Charles Dayly, Josias Walker Junior, Edward Webber, George Webber, John Hamlyn, Timothy Tuckey Senior, Thomas Fleetwood, Thomas Price, Richard Lane, Stephen Harris and George Wright, gents. South East Christ Church
Aron Stiffe, William Wrenne, and Symon Morgan gents., Benjamin Crofts Esq., Edmond Crofts, Thomas Fennell, Edward Masters, George Young, Samuel Gravenor, John Terry, John Hawkins, Thomas Swallow, Charles Kinaston, Benjamin Adams, John Berry, Richard Covett, William Dale and Francis Hodder gents. North East Christ Church
Richard Sauage, Thomas Morley, Richard Terry, William Bourke, Timothey Tuckey Junior, George Gamble, Charles Conway, John Gardner and Jonathan Percy gents., Richard Rich Esq. and Robert Chaney gent. South West Christ Church
William Allen, James Vanderlure Alien, Dominick Coppinger, Robert Coppinger, Edward Phillips, Richard Harvey, Richard Bassett, Michaell Webber Senior, Nathaniell Bullocke, Edward Goble, John Quynall, Nicholas King, Richard Carby, Charles Whitwell, Charles Lambert, Samuel Tovey, Barry Snell, John Bayley and Robert Williams gents., Barry Foulke Esq. and Richard Crispe gent. South West St. Peters
Christopher Rye, Christopher Cappacke, Samuel Hayes, Ferdinando Pennigton, John Newenham, William Allen, Mathew Williams, John Blanford, Thomas Bullocke, Richard Brocklesby, Tho: Mitchell, Alexaddr. Atkins, Edward Arberry, Richard Aldwarth, Thomas Bent, Samuell Whislade, Phillipp Diamond, James Coppinger, John Vaughan, John Flinne, John Mosse and Abraham Enocke gents. North West St. Peters
Jonas Morris and James Peercy Exqrs., Nicholas Lee, John Harris gents., Dr. John Messick alien, Esq., William Delahide, Ignatius Goold, Thomas Wills, Francis Rogers gents. and Phillip Mathews Esq., Jonas Morrish Junior, John Craine, Symon Everson alien, Michaell Stanton, Thomas Farren, Dauid Barry, James Skiddy, Richard Goold, James Tomlin, James Finch, Patrick Ronane, William Meagh, George Caple, John Morley & John Skiddy gents.,Noblett Dunscombe Esq., Henry Bennett, John Johnson, Richd. Johnson, James Barry, John Welsh, Thomas Combel, John Verkers, Thomas O Herne, Phillip Ronane, John Guyn, William French, John Steuens, Martin Bookier and Walter Gallwey gentlemen. North Suburbs Shandon
Thomas Mills, Richard Beare, John Sinhouse, Lawrance Harrison, Dauid Goold, Samptson Roberts, George Hopson, John Bayley, Dauid Meskell, Richard Meskell, Thomas Crooke, Christopher Fagan, William Field, Phillip Hayes, William Heydon, Francis Goold, Edmond Roch and Nicholas Skyddy gentlemen. South Suburbs St. Johns
Barthollomew Rice, John Meade, Zachariah Trauers, Walter Trauers, William Wheeler and Will: Holmes gentlemen. South Suburbs St. Finbarry

South Liberties of Corke

Tituladoes Townlands Parish
John Baker Esq., Edward Ingry, John Clements, John Loue and Edward Rubey Senior gents. Carigrohane Carigrohane
Stephen Gillman gent. Curreheene Carigrohane
Edmond French gent. Inchygagine Carigrohane
Daniell Gefferyes and Capt. Thomas Harris gents. Bainaspickmore St. Finbarries
John Tovomy gent. Arderostigge Inskyny
Phillip Parker gent. Rochfordstowne Inskyny
Nicodemus Harding gent. Ballycurreene Inskyny
John Roch gent. Ballywooskey Inskyny
John Gullivant gent. Hospitall land Inskyny
Rickd. Scudamore and Richard Savell gents. Gilaboy Inskyny
William Guppy gent. Dough Cloyne and Garanedarragh Inskyny
John Gallway, Arthur Gallwey and Andrew Gallwey gents. Bally Phehane Inskyny
Thomas Benger gents. Rath McUlicke Killanally
John Coleman gent. Ballyndohigge Caragaline
Thomas Russell and Francis Russell gents. Ballinrea Caragaline
Richard Newman gent. Munsfield towne Caragaline
Thomas Woodliffe and William Hoare Esq. Castle Treasure Caragaline
Richard Busteed gent. Ballinvre Caragaline
John Waters and Peirce Terry gent. & Dominick Waters, gent. Dondainon St. Finbarries
William Tucker gent. Ballylogh St. Finbarries

North Liberties

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Henry Gerrald gent. Killindonell Killcully
James Lanallyn gent. Coole-Owen alias Farrenrostigge White Church
Samuel Corbett gent. Rapeakane White Church
Will: Creagh & Pierce Creagh gent. Lowtagh-begg. Rathcowney
Nicholas Pierce & Christopher Stephens gents. and John Gerrald gent. BallyPhillip Rathcowney
George Evens gent. Gurranboy Rathcowney
Edward Gallwey gent. Ballenvriskigg Temple Mitchell
Daniell Healy gent. Curriemorohow Currikippand
Christopher Oliuer gent. Ballyvollane Shandon
Will: Copinger gent. Ballycollick Shandon
Robert Verdon gent. Verdonsland Shandon

Soldiers in Ye Citty of Corke

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Barry Foulke Lieutent., Walter Croker ensigne. Ld. Broghill's Company  
Peter Courthop Esq. Captn., Robert Russell Lieutent. and Henry Cartwright Ensigne, Pierce Powell Gouernor of Halbolin Forte. Captn. Courthops company  
John Wakeham, Capt. Charles Odell Lieutn.and John Browne ensigne. Capt. Wakehams Company  
John Tench Captn., Thomas Flint Lieutn., and Thomas Bayley Ensigne. Capt. Tenches Company  

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Barry, 29; Browne, 10; Barret, 19; O Bryan, 07; Brenagh & Brennagh, 15; O Boghelly, 09; O Connell, 09; McConnor (6), McCnoghor (9), 15; O Callaghane & O Callahane, 10; McCarthey, 17; Cummane, 10; McDonnogh, 20; O Daly & O Dayly, 07; McDonell & McDaniell, 23; McDauid, 07; McDermod, 13; McEdmond, 09; O Flyne & O Flynne, 21; O Fowlow, 11; Fleming, 07; Gerrald, 11; Goold, 11; Gallwey, 12; Healy & Haly, 12; O Hogane, 07; Neuill, 07; O Neale, 07; O Keeffe, 12; Kelly, 10; Leehy, 07; O Line, 11; O Leaghy, 08; O Leary, 24; Murphy, 45; McMorris and Morris, 17; Meagh, 07; Mahowny, 07; O Murroghow, 08; McOwen, 07; Phillips and McPhillip, 11; Punch, 09; Russell, 10; Roch, 10; Roe, 10; O Riordane, 14; Smith, 18; O Skiddy, 08; O Skannell, 08; O Sulleuane, 19; McShane, 34; McSwyny, 08; O Sheehane & O Sheghane, 11; O Shea, 09; McThomas, 10; Terry, 9; O Twomy, 12; McTeige, 16; White, 7; Welsh, 8; McWilliam 9.
Corke Citty & Lybertyes: Eng. 1607; Irish, 3219; 4826 total.

Cork County

The Towne of Kinsale

Tituladoes Places
Robert Southwell Esq., William Hovell, Richard Pearcell, Geo. Seaward, Jane Courcy, Giles Groves, Wm. Dickinson, Christopher Sugars, Nath. Tilson, Robert Best, Nicholas Bagnall, John Sunbery, Margt. Abraham, Wm. Gribble, Robt. Southwell, Hills Whittingham, Rich: Sturt, Tho. Gookin, Edmd. Yeomans, John Hoveden, John Dorrell, Walter Harbert, 22. High Fisherstreet
Hen. Hitchmongh, Jo. Denn, Sam Smith, Jo. Mountford, Ant. Stawell, Geo. Burcham, Miles Jackson, Frances Whetcomb, Abraham Holcroft, Wm. Breadbeard, Humerston Hurst, Martha Chidleigh, Edmd. Curley, Wm. Hill, Thos. Burroughes, Richd. Burroughes, Cornelius Coveney, Phil. Butler, Jane Brown, John Lugg, Josias Percevall, Jo. Twisden, Geo. Piggott, Jo. Stepney, Jo. Travers, Hugh Hickman, John Willingham, Lancelott Stepney gent. Lowe Fisherstreete
Wm. Milner Esq., Rich: Cozene, Geo. Yardo, Wm. Wilson, Jane Pennington, Kath. Bagley, Wm. Finch, Walt. Young. Samuell Wright, Mary Stepney, John White, Joseph Elwell, Michaell Hea, Rich: Way, Tho. Sanders, John Nicholson. Couke Street
Jonah Parker, Isaack Calfe, Ezek. Preist, Geo. Deys, Nich. Miagh, Ursula Browne, Margt. Browne, Rich: Hodden Esq., Symon Smith, Geo. Nicholson, James Mansery Esq., Richd. Norris, Owen Browne. Fryer Streete

Towne of Bandon Bridge

Tituladoes Places
Clement Wooldroffe, Nathaniell Cleare, Abraham Savage Esq., Joshua Brookin, William Warner, Eliz. Warner, John Poole, Adderly Byrne, John King, Robert Blanchett, Gabriell Miles, John Birne, Margarett Unett, Wm. Wright, Jonathan Bennett, John Landon Esq., Michaell Bull, Nicholas Withers, Wm. Withers, Edw.Turner, Daniell Massey, John Poulden, John Smith, John Roe, John Braily, Tho. Dickinson, Mary Newce, Edw. Newce, John Bird, Cuthery Dowden, Tho. Dowden, John Watkins, John Jackson, Mathias Perceivale, Roger Olliffe, John Remnant, Tho. Walker, Charles Wills, John Browne, Thomas Beamish Esq., Edwd. Cooke, Richard Dashwood, Tho. Frinke. Bandonbridge

Principall Irish Names.
O Rogane, 05; Solovart, 3; Wheite, 3; Martine, 3; Carthy, 3; Browne, 5.


Tituladoes Place
Richd. Earle of Corke & Eliz. his countesse, Charles Vixc. Dongarvan, Richd. Boyle Esq., Lady Elizabeth, Lady Anne, Leonard Corstellowe, Wm. Chettle, Ambrose Willy, Barry Drew, John Langor Alder., Sam Blatchford, John Hancock, Abraham Vaughan, Peirce Meagh, Joseph Morduck Alder., John Fuller, John Farthing Aldern., Lewis Davie, Nicholas Lucas, Thomas Baker, Matt. Spemer, John Luther, Ed. Greene, Peter Goodwin, John Nagle, Andrew Wandwick Alder., John Hazard, Willm. Baker, Richd. Gillett, Jefford Stoute, hen. Davie, Owen Silver & John Deacon, Thos. Blackwell Dr. of Phys., Tho. Warren Esq. Youghall
Thomas Unack Libertyes of Youghal

Principall Irish Names.
Gerrald, 5; McMorris, 4; McWm., 6; McThomas, 4; Field, 4; Barry, 4; Brenagh, 10.

The Towne of Moyalle

Tituladoes Places
Allicia Jephson Widdow of Wm. Jephson Esq., John Jephson, Rich. Kirle Esq., & Mary his wife, Randall Clayton Esq., Thomas Farely, Mrs. Eliz. Bessworth, Jo. Jones, Robt. Williams, Rich. Doave Esq., Teige Hogane, Tho. Waits, Jo. Brookes, Phil Brookes, Jo. Waggoner, Thomas Murrough, Tho. Blakston, Stephen Keene, Tho. Barnard, Wm. Holmes, Francis Bevridge, Sam. Kirby, John Murphy, Tho. Grant, Wm. Chartres, Domjni. Thirry, Rich. Hawkins, Wm. End, Tho. Latsford, Susanna Alder. Moyalle Towne
Rich. Williamson Esq. Curragh In Early
John Fowke Lower Quarter Town
Anthony Stratford, Phil. Harris, Mark Weekes, Mathew Penefather, John Gennery. Gnarrison of Moyello

Principall Irish Names.
O Callaghane, 7; O Callahane, 3; McCnougher, 4; Hickey, 4; Bourke, 4; O Leanaghane, 6; O Morroghow, 5; O Shighane, 9; McTeige, 4.

Barrony of Kinalea

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Thirry, Francis Thirry his sonn. Lissiniskey Knockivilly
Teige Sweeny Ballivorohow Knockivilly
Alex. Pigott Esqr., Rowland field, Richd. Roch, Edward Roch his sonn, Edwd. Adderly, Cnohor O Dyeyneene, Patrick Gould, Robert Chambers, James Galwey, Catterine Galwey. Inishonane Inishonane
Henry Jones Coolemorine Inishonane
John Brooks Esq., Ann his daugh. Skehanas Downdurrow
Edwarde Riggs gent., Daniel Stinchman Esq. Island Effinshy Downdurrow
Jeoffrey Gallwey gent. Ballwin Downdurrow
John Plover Esqr., Robert his son gent., Thomas Fitzgerrald gent. Ballyheedy & Jordanstowne Ballineboy
Francis Gould gent. Ballineboy Ballineboy
Timothy Stephens, John Herrick, gent. Lisheedy Leffony
Thomas Segrave Esq. Tullogebbane Leffony
Wm. Smart gent. Curroury Ballymartell
Wm. Meade Esq., Maurice Roch gent. Ballintubbeoid & Quarter Ballymartell
Edward Kenny gent. Cullin Cullin
Rich. Baroy gent. Ballinperus Cullin
John Godsuffe gent. Glinny Cullin
Giles Bustead gent. Mountlong Killmahonoge
Thomas Knowles gent. Knockcauleamore Killmahonoge
John Morley, Charles James and Thomas James gent., Martha & Wilmoth daughters to John Morley. Ballindriniske Killmahonoge
Swithen Walton gent. Kinure Kinore
Wm. Thirry, Robert his sonn, Edmd. Thirry gent. East Ballygary Bealefiard
Wm Daunt gent. West Ballingary Bealefiard
Teige Carthy gent. Ballinluige Bealefiard
Wm. Dyer gent. Robertstowne Bealefiard
Thomas Daunt Ballyvirane Noghevall
Thomas Daunt Esq., George Daunt gent. Gortigrenane Kilpatrick
Wm. Daunt Senr., Achilles his sonn gent. Tracton Tracton Abby
Wm. Hadder Junr. gent. Ringabelly Tracton Abby

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb[er].
McTeige & Teige oge, 41; Murphy, 46; McOwen, 13; McDaniell, 17; McDesmond, 10; McCnohor and Cnohor oge, 21; Gogan, 14; McShane, 28; O Halihanane, 8; Sullivane, 22; Riergane, 13; McDonagh, 16; McDermod, 14; O Spillane, 10; Sheghane, 10; O Daly, 11; Carthy, 23; O Leaghy, 8; Mahowny, 8; Cullilane, 8; Fowlue, 14; O Cullane, 9; Galwey, 7; McEdmond, 7; Kelly & O Kelly, 7.
Barrony of Kinalea: Eng, 234; Irish, 2460; 2694 total.

Barony of Kierycurrihy

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Francis Visct. Shannon and his Lady Jo: Delacourt Ballinrea Cargaline
William Hodder Esq. & Margery his Wife. Knockmore & Coolemore Cargaline
Katherine Power, Richd. Power Cargaline Cargaline
Peirce Power & Grace his wife. Cuiribiny Cargaline
Anstace Archdeacon, James Archdeacon, Wm. Archdeacon & Jane Archdeacon. Bunnycleagh & Kinnycleary Cargaline
Patrick Roch. French Fiuse & Offahalea Cargaline
Richd. Hayes, Mrs. Gosnold. Bearnhealy Bearnhealy
Sr. Robt. Coppinger Knight & his Lady. Knockaneikirodigge Bearnhealy
John Bustead & his Wife, Thomas bustead & Mary Bustead. Killingly Killinglie
John Mead & his Wife. Killynohone Killinglie
Morris Roch Wid. Ballinrisigge Killinglie
Lady Coppinger Kilcoole Killinglie
Thomas Hayes & Anne his sister. East Kilmighill Killinglie
Geo. Fise & Anne his Wife. Aghamarty Temple Bridge
William Archdeacon & his Wife Kilemoney Kilemoney
John Daly, Wm. Conway Pembrokestown Marmosune

Principall Irish Names.
Murphy, 19; Barry, 16; Cogane, 22; Sullevane, 10; Shehane, 12; McDaniell, 15; Leaghy, 7; Linchy, 7; O Connell, 7; Brenagh, 6; O Daly, 6; McDonogh, 6; O Dorney, 7; McMorris, 7; O Shea, 7; McShane, 7.
Barrony of Keirycurrihy: Eng, 168; Irish, 852; 1020, totall.

Barony of Kinalmeaky

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Francis Barnard, Dan. Darley, Tho. Geogan, John Upcole, Raph. Fuller. East Gully Ballymooden
John Abbott Deresullagh Ballymooden
William Fuller Glancoolebegg Ballymooden
Thomas Hewett Glancoolemore Ballymooden
Jane Howard, Samuell Poole, John Freeke Esq., & Mary his wife Knockuneatneely Ballymooden
John Draper Knockagurane Ballymooden
Gerus Lie, Wm. Oliver, Abiell Nash. Cashilmore Desert
John Vizard, Jeremy Whelply Capacknockane Ballymoodane
John Beamish West Gully & Brittace Ballymoodane
Francis Beamish Currevarehane & Britace Ballymoodane
Wm. Glascott Curriclogh Kilbrogan
Francis Alcock & Francis his sonn. Callitrinn Kilbrogan
James Burwell Esq., John Langton West Mishells Kilbrogan
Thomas Harrison Midde Mishells Kilbrogan
Walter Baldwin, Wm. Bull, Rich: Shute East Mishells Kilbrogan
Rich: Hobbs gent. Coolefadagh Kilbrogan
Zachary Brayley Caharoone Kilbrogan
Masklin Alcock East derregarriffe Killrogane
Tho. French & Tho. his son, George Wright & Tho. Wright. West Derogariffe Killrogane
Moylemorry McSweeny Tulleglass Murragh
John Ware Senior, John Ware Junior. Mumore & Gortegrenane Murragh
Edwd. Newman, Arthur Brabant Island Fenagh Brinny
John Lane Kilmore Brinny
Thomas Elwell Kilpatrick Brinny
Walter Baldwin, James & Richd. his sonnes. Grane Looney Brinny
James Baldwin. Lisnegatt Brinny

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
O Boigd, 8; Conow, 9; Crowly, 9; O Corkerane, 7; McCarthy, 6; O Canniffe, 6; O Finine, 6; ungerdell, 6; Leaue, 6; O Murry, 6; O Mahowne, 8; McOwen, 8; Rierdane, 7; O Realy, 6; Driscoll, 8; McDaniel, 8; O Cullane, 13; Canty, 10; O Leary, 21; Mahowny, 14; O Morohow, 11; Murphy, 25; O Regane, 19; Sullivane, 25; McShane, 12; McTeige, 22; McDermod, 16; O Donovane, 12; McDonogh, 20.
Barrony of Kinalmeaky: Eng, 264; Irish, 1628; 1892, totall.

Barony of Ibawne & Barymore

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Gookin Esq., John Hodges Court McSherry  
Charles Gookin, Eliz. Gookin Lislee Temple  
John Wood Agha  
John Oge O Crowly & Oge his daughter. Curreheene Lislee
Randall Warner gent. Lisnecrimine Lislee
Lady Travers, Richd. Travers Esq. & Sophia his Sister. Ballynemone Lislee
Anthony Hollyday Abbymawne Abbymawne
Teige McShane Crowley Moul McRedmond Tempoe McQuinlane
John Sweete Esq., John & Wm. Sweete his sonnes, Richd. Taylor gent., John O Hea, & John O Hea his sonne, John O Hea McMurtagh, Phillip Bodley. Timoleague Town Timuleague
James Barry Curhow Timuleague
Murtagh McSheehy, Owen McSheehy West Cames Rathbury
Phil Madox South Carow Keilgarruff
Edward Clerke Kilerawnemore Kilkerawnemore
Walter Harris Coorelea Maulbrack Cleanlea & Crearawer Kilerawnemore
Dom. Mc Tho. O Hea Pallice Brittace & Garrymore Ardfield
Mlaghlin O Hart Cahir and Manlinmucky Ardfield
Tho. Bodley & Weldon his sonne. Muckaris Kilerawnemore
Adam Clerke Carrigrow & Killeleine Rathbury
Thomas Hungerford Croanogh & Gortigrenane Rathbury
Mathew Hea, Tho. Hea, James Hea Keilkerawnebeg Rathbury
Thomas Jermin, Mary Jermin Ballyvackimore, Ballyvackbegg & Garrylucky Keilkerawnemore
David Jermin Tullenasky Keilkerawnemore
Martin Galvan Bohonoghen & Aghagnilley Rosse
Daniell McTeige Geachy Kilemine

Principall Irish Names
Barry, 16; O Crowley, 18; McCarthy, 19; O Cullane, 12; O Finn, 10; McFinne, 12; O Hea, 45; Moyrane, 10; Sullevane, 11; McTeige, 32; White, 17; McDaniell, 15; McDermod, 14; O Donovane, 18; McDonogh, 10; McPhillip, 9; O Mongane, 9; McCnohor, 9; O Cullenane, 9; O Hart, 9; O Leary, 8; O Mohir, 8; O Mahowne, 8; O Malowne, 8; O Regane, 8; Dacey & Dacy, 9.
Barrony of Ibawne and Barrymore: Eng, 104; Irish, 1604; 1708, Totall.

Libertyes of Kinsale

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Stephen Towse, Thomas Wetherell Pallice Town Clonteade
John Percivale Knocknaheily Clonteade
Hump: Dudley Knockrobbin Clonteade
Richd. Coursey gent. Lisnacrilly Clonteade
Garrett Plunkett gent. Coolecarren Ballymartell
George Somersett South Waters Land at ye Conesbo Rynycorrane
Dom. Galwey Kilcary Ringcorran
Maurice Roch Esq., John Roch Downderrow Downderrow
John Shipward Bally Thomas Downderrow
Martin Farley Mellefontstown Downderrow
Robt. Miagh Tanaxonmore & Tanaxonbeg Tanaxon
Henry Bathurst Esq. Castleparke Ringrane
Henry Hill Ballinaboley Kilvoheme
Rowland Oakeley Ardkilly Ringroane
Armiger Marsh Ballinidoone Ringroane
Major Rich. Goodwin, Lt. Robt. Smith, Ensigne John Pine. Castle Parke Ringroane
Patrick ld. Coursey Barron of Kinsale, John Coursey Esq., Edm. Coursey, Miles Coursey, Ellis Coursey gent. Ouldhead Ringroane
Amy Thomas, Vincent Marsh gent. Ringroane Ringroane
John Justice gent. Carrigmoilin Ringroane
Wm. Fenton, Ann Fenton gent. Killsarane Ringroane
John Bellowe, Richd. Bellowe Garrilucas Ringroane
Siluester Crosse Dorros Bracke Ringroane
Richd. Billkinton Killnaclonagh Ringroane
Teige McCurtane Curte Partine Pt. of Killroane
John Browne, Domk, his sonn, Walter Tresillean gent. Gortnacrumes North & South Pt. of Templetrine
Wm. Bellue Esq., Lt. John Bellue, Edmond Carny, Mary Bellue gent. Kilmoa Pt. of Templetrine

Principall Irish Names [and their number].
McTeige, 8; McShane, 7; Sulliuane, 6; Regane, 5; O Cullane, 6; O Murry, 4; McDaniell, 4; McDonagh, 4; McCormack, 4; Coursey, 10.
Barrony of Coursies: Eng, 062; Irish, 405; 467, tott.

The Cantred of Kibrittaine

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Wm. Holcombe, Jeane and Mary his daughters. Coolenapishy Ballinader
Dermod Carthy Raharoouemore Ballinader
John Points, Henry Mansfield Kilmc Symon Ballinader
Edmond Rashleigh & John his sonn Cloncouse Ballinader
Tho: Harris Coolemaine Ringroane
Dauid How Coolemaine bane & Ballyvatten Ringroane
John Burrowes, Hester his daughter Ballydownize, Knockananewee Templetrine
John How, Abigaill his daughter Glanavirane, Killeene & Currowrane Ringroane
Ben. Bellew Hackettstowne Templetrine
Geo: Simms Cnockroe Inishonane
Dermod Coughlane & John his sonn. Dromqueene Inishonane
Wm. Cary Knockreagh Ballymoodane
Edward Boyle, Ye lady Hull. Irishtowne Ballymoodane
Tho: Dodgin Lishnapooky Ballymoodane
John Hurly & Florence his sonn gent. Grotnahorna Rathclarine
Isaack Philpott, Isaack & Randall his sonns, Jeane his daughter Clonecallagh Rathclarine
Donogh Carthy Mawlemawne Rathclarine
Rich: Beamish, Geo: Beamish Junr., Elizabeth his daughter. Kilmalody Rathclarine
James Draper, Joseph his sonn, Samuell Kinstone, John Kinstone his sonn. East Skeafe Kilmalody
Tho: Owgan, Charity his daughter Mountaine Kilmalody
Edwd. Scuse Tullemnorihy Desert
John Lute Aghalosky Desert
Tho: Teape Burrane Desert
James Gilman Ringaragine &Garragine Desert
Rich: Townsent Esq., Hen: Copley Kilbrittaine Kilbrittaine

Principall Irish Names.
Hurly, 27; Reagane & O Reagane, 30; Cullane & O Cullane, 24; Cullenane, 10; Mahowny, 10; Carthy, 23; Leary & O Leary, 14; Dunovane & O Dunovane, 17; O Hea & Hea, 10; McTeige, 18; McOwen, 9; Coghlane, 18; Daly & O Daly, 12; McDaniell, 18; Crowly & O Crowly, 29; Murphy, 19; O Scannell, 8.
Barrony of Killbrittaine: Eng, 198; Irish, 1699; 1897 Totall.

The East Divison of Carbery

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Hagnes, James Mullane Morrogh Part of ye Parrish of Morrogh
Richard Scotney Drumouene Part of ye Parrish of Morrogh
Mary Bramble East Derregra Kennegh
Francis Armitage, Robert Gould, George Gould and Peter Gould. Inneskene Kennegh
Anthony Woodly Esq., Ralph Woodly, John Keary gent., Lweis Goddart Tedes Kennegh
Robert Warren Slinoge Kennegh
Robert Ellis Kinneghbegg Kinnegh
Teige Crowly Teenhye Kinnegh
Richard Baker, John Eatton, John Shipton gent. Castletowne Kinnegh
George Woods East and West Dromedycloth Kinnegh
John Brokett Killincrinagh Kinnegh
Lieut. Coll. Manneringe Esq. Drumleagh Kimregh
Bryan Wade Esq. Downe Manway Fanlobus
Morrish Cullnane Jushie Fanlobus
Edward Hoare Esq. Togher Fanlobus
John Roch Aghciry Fanlobus
Timothy Clea Dramcierke Fanlobus
Peeter Taylor, Shedrick his sonne North Gilnory Ballemoy
Humphry Barroe Esq., James Barroe gent., Mary Barroe. Insy fane Ballemony
Samuel Woodruffe Fiall Ballemony
Richard Fepps & John his sonn Shanauogh Ballemony
Richard Bayly Esq., Ellizabeth Baunister Farny Shesiry Desert Surges
James Hauglin Lissincuny Desert Surges
Callahane Carthy Killenne Desert Surges
Daniell McCnoughor Kilrouilegath Desert Surges
Cnougher McDermod Knockecullin Desert Surges
Robert Bramble Ardkitt Desert Surges
Donnogh McCarthy Ballyvoige Desert Surges
Fynyne McDonnogh Cnockauaddera Kilmenne
Wm. Cantie Killae Kilmenne
Francis Burneham Letter Killmene
Abell Gullams, Thomas Mead, John Worrell, Thomas Taylor, Rich: Painter, Patrick Wheite Rosse towne Rosse
John Connard Ballimgoringe & Labertidonnell Rosse
Rich: Lucas Ballringeringh Rosse
Teige Crowly Glaunbracke Rosse
Dermod Crowly Freghane & Meanttroggane Rosse
Ann Browne Bohonagh Rosse
Thomas Burnell Gortagh and South Temple briaal Kilgarruffe
Edward Berry Esq., Wm. his sonn gent., Eliza: his daughter. East Tany Kilgarruffe
Patrick Roch, Leonard Robinson East Tawny Kilgarruffe
Cnohor Oge Crowly, Dauid Crowly Forkill Kilgarruffe
Cnohor Oge Crowly Garnecort Kilgarruffe
Alexander Arundell Lisbarnes Kilgarruffe
Marice Callanane Drumolickey Kilmacabea
Don. Oge, Corm: Carthy, Caulau Owen McCormach vno. Kilmacabea Kilmacabea
Dan: oge Donovane Duneskline Kilmacabea
Teigh Crowly Cashell Kilmacabea
Teigh Carthy Tullagh Pt. of Kilmalody
Samuell Browne Ballenvrogh The broken lands in ye undernamed Pashs. of Timoleg & Temple O Quinlane, Temple O Malis & Kilmalody.
Sanuell Jervois Esq. Aughtobredmore & Aughtobredbegg Kilfaghny begg
Isaack Base Rishane Kilfaghny begg
John Southwell Dromaticklogh Kilfaghny begg
George Stafford Malogowne and Kilbegg Kilfaghny begg
Wm. Morris Esq., Wm. Bowles gent. Kilfinnie Kilfaghny begg
Richd. Cambridge Drombegg Kilfaghny begg
Margt. May Browleagh Creg and Cariglaskie Kilfaghnabegg

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Hurley and Hurley oge, 45; Cullenane & O Cullenane, 18; Sulevane, 27; Crowley Oge & O Crowly, 70; O Carthy, Carthy Oge & Carthy, 26; McDonovane & O Donovane, 49; O Hea & Hea, 24; Regane and Regane Oge, 39; Murphy & Murphy Oge, 37; McDonogh & Donogh Oge, 65; Cullane & O Cullane, 92; McDermod & Dermod oge, 72; Mahowny & Mahowny oge, 26; McTeige & Teige Oge, 99; McShane, 46; Horgan, 12; Leagh, 26; Leary & O Leary, 42; McCnoghor & Cnoghor Oge, 66; McDaniell & Daniell oge, 93; Reagh & Reagh Oge, 14; Roughane, 15; McDauid, 16; McOwen, 31; Murreane, 20; McFynyne & Fynyne oge, 25; McDermody, 18; Daly & O Dally, 16; Coghlane, 18; Buoige (16), Dinane (13), Roe (35), 64; McCormack Oge & O Cormack, 19.
The East Diuision of Carbury: Eng, 442; Irish, 4999; 5421, totall

The West Division of Carbery

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Matthew Sweetman Dromonadna 3 gneeves Dromaleage
Nathaniell Evens Bohir ny Mrydig 9 gneeves Dromaleage
Kedgagh McDaniell Donovane Madorro 3 gneeves Caharagh
Ellinor Carthy West Lishane 1/2 pld. Caharagh
Edwd. Townsend Keamemore 1 pld. Caharagh
Lieut. Lock Lettery Linlish 1 pld. Castlehaven
Amus Bennett, Amus Bennett Junr. Gortard Creegh
Wm. Steyles gent. Dunygaule Creegh
Wm. Prigge, Sam. Hall, Wm. Galway, Adam Gold. Skibberin Town Creegh
Margt. Rienard Creegh Creegh
Lyonell Beecher, John Selby Collectr. Ballymore 3 plds. Tullagh
Frances Bennett Ballylenchihane 3 plds. Tullagh
Lt. Coll. John Read Collumlimge Part of Dunisse Parish
Richd. Earlsman Curcollaght Part of Dunisse Parish
Henry Beecher Esq., Thomas Beecher, Susan Beecher, John Godfrey, Richard Tonson Esq. Affadowne 2 plds. Affadown
John Gifford Esq. Boghlea Kilcoe Parish
Daniell Oge Carthy The West Ploughland of Killoe Kilcoe Parish
Honora Carthy Wid., Daniell Carthy, Ellen Donovane, The East Plowland of Kilcoe Kilcoe Parish
Dermott Donovane, Joano. Donnovane The plowland of Glanny Killynagh Kilcoe
Owen McCarthy Rosmycaharagg Kilerogan
Ellen ny Daniell Carthy gent. Skartinnycullen 3 plds. Scool Parish
Dermod Mahony, Donnogh Mahony Cnolligh 3 plds. Scool Parish
Teige McCnoghor Mahony Gortineykilly Scool Parish
Robert Supple gent. Stenane 3 gneeves Scool Parish
Daniel Carthey Ballycomnnish 1 pld & 1/2 Scool Parish
Capt. Wm. Hull, Boyle Hull Leancon 11 plds. Scool Parish
Adam Roch Cllicroe and Long Island, 3 plds. Scooll
Philip Roch. Areentenane 1/2 pld. Scooll
Connor Mahony, Cormack Oge Carthy Kilmoronoge 1 pld. Scooll
Connor Mahony Dirry Connell 1 pld. 1/2 Scooll
Teige McDonnogh Dunemanus 10 plds. Scooll
Finnine Mahony Ardrivinny 1 pld. Scooll
Donnogh Mahony Cloghan Ikilline 3 plds. Kilmore
David Mahony Callyriss Votrigg 1 pld. Kilmoe

Principall Irish Names [and] thiere Number.
McAulife, 11; O Buoige, 11; Bane, 25; O Buoy, 38; Boughane, 14; Browne, 10; O Cahane, 14; McCnoughor, 66; Crowly, 19; O Cullane, 42; McCormack. 20; Coughlane & Coghlane, 37; McCarthy, 24; McDonnogh, 96; McDermod, 28; Donovane, 29; McDaniell, 88; O Dally, 44; McDermody, 57; O Driscoll, 22; Fowlue, 12; McFinyne, 38; O Hea, 13; O Heagerty, 13; O Harte, 11; Keadagane, 16; Leah and Leagh, 20; O Leary, 11; O Lennane, 11; Munighane, 10; O Mahony & O Mahowny, 38; Munnyhane, 11; Murphy, 32; McMortaugh, 14; McMlaghlen, 13; McOwen, 33; McPhillip, 13; O Regane & O Reagane, 58; Reagh, 16; Ruoe, 43; Roe, 8; Sisnane, 14; Sullivane, 37; McShane, 44; O Shighane, 18; O Spillane & O Spellane, 20; McTeige, 82; McWm., 20.
The West Diuision of Carbery: English, 236; Irish, 4811; 5047 tott:

The Barrony of Beere and Bantry

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Teige O Leary, Dermod his sonn Rinedonogane Kilmacomoge
Owen McDaniell Ballickey Kilmacomoge
Roger McDaniell Ardnegashill Kilmacomoge
Tho: Dunkin Carriganasse Kilmacomoge
Henry Hull Kilmacomoge Kilmacomoge
Dun: Oge Sullivane Breeny Kilmacomoge
James Galwey Inchiclogh Kilmacomoge
George Galwey, George Gould, Mrs. Galwey Wid: Drumbree Kilmacomoge
Teige Oge Lader Cosane Kilmacomoge
Owen McTeige Sullivane, Owen Oge Sullivane Cahirmuckey Kilmacomoge
Richd. Browne, mary Burrage Wid:, James Galwey, Henry Houlden Newtowne Kilmacomoge
George Walter Esq., Ann Harding, Rich: Hutchin Blackrocke Durrus
John Winspeare, Robert his sonn Beach Durrus
Dermod Suliuane, Dan: his sonn, Ellen & Ellane his daughters, Edw. Trennwith West Rouskagh Durrus
Dan: McOwen bwy Dan: his sonn, Honor his daughter, Teige McDaniell, Donogh Sweeney Carraffadagh Kilcascane
Tho. Lewis, Wm. Strong officers. Bantry Forte Kilmacomoge

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McDermod and Dermod oge, 29; McTeige and Teige oge, 33; McOwen and Owen oge, 22; McShane, 30; McDaniell and Daniell oge, 35; Murphy, 17; McDonagh, 12; McCnohor, 12; O Shea & Shea, 11; Sullivane, 9; McCragh, 8; McMrrtagh, 8; Downey, 7.
Barrony of Beere & Bantry: Eng, 233; Irish, 1321; 1554 tott:

The Barrony of Barretts

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Wm. Barrett, Hayward St. Leger Esq. Castlemore Templemihill
James Barrett West Pluckanes Downaghmore
John Coulthurst Coolitubord Kilcrohanebegg
John Ouldis Killigrohanebegg Kilcrohanebegg
Robert Barrett Leyruddane Grennagh
Simon Bowles, Mich: Dawley Mogoalla Inishskarra
John Barrett Faha Inishskarra
Theo: Cary Ballyburdonmore & Bally Burdonbegg Kilnaglory
Mary Cooper, Catherin Heard, Will: Barnes Magulleene St. Bridgetts
Robert Pierce, Christian Gallwey Classhiganiffe Owens
Charles Carthy East Pluckanes Downaghmore
James Ronane East Forgus Aglish
Phillip Crosse Caron Mattehy
Charles McOwen Carthy Lower Aghreenagh Mattehy

Principall Irish Names [and] theire Number.
O Sulevane, 26; Murphy, 45; Rierdane & O Rierdane, 15; McTeige & Teige oge, 34; McDonogh & Donogh oge, 17; McCallaghane, 15; McOwen, 17; Mcshane & Shane oge, 24; McDaniell & Daniell oge, 28; Welsh, 8; McConohor & O Cnohor, 8; McMahonwy, 12; O Brien & MacBrien, 14; O Twomy, 31; O Shea, 9; Brenagh & Brennagh, 20; Carthy, 13.
Barrony of Barretts: Eng, 049; Irish, 1954, 2003 tott:

The Barrony of Kilnatalloone

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Bryan Agharne Glanatore Knockmorue
Francis Rossington Coolidorihy Knockmorue
Richd. Seaward Clashnaganiffe Knockmorue
Edward German Conehy Castle Knockmorue
Tobias Browne Carreeheene Knockmorue
Tho: More; Thomas & George his sonns. Agharen Agharen
Baptist Lawrence Knocknagapull Agharen
John Carew Ballydorehy Ballynoe
Mich: Pine & Henry his sonn Esqrs. Mogeely Mogeely
Boyle Marynard Esq., Wm. Haddone, Francis Cooper Curriglasse Mogeely
John Russell Shanakill Mogeely

Principall Irish Names [and their number]
Brenagh, 18; McDermod, 14; McDaniell, 9; McTeige, 15; McShane, 10; O Gyrie, 9; O Griffen and O Griffin, 10; McWilliam, 13.
Barrony of Killnatalloone: Eng, 063; Irish, 922; [total], 0985

The Barrony of Condon and Clangibbon

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Francis Fleetwood, George Norton Esq., Grace Norton, Ann Norton gent. Cloghlea Killurth
Timothy Rutter Esq. Glanseskin Killurth
Wm. Hutchens, Barth. Rutter Killurth Killurth
George Prater Esq. Ballydiraowne Kilcrumper
Haniball Cone Ballingcarigir Kilcrumper
Robert Boyle Esq., Wm. Babington, Robert White, Hanibal Horsey, Edward Giles, John Kingsmell, John Blake gent. Fermoy Kilcrumper
Luke Gernon Esq., Nich: Brady gent. Bally McPhillip Kilcrumper
Peter Cary Esq., Peter Cary Junr., John Jackson gent. BallyMcPatrick Garmore and Knockdromelohy Clondullane
Edward Beale Esq. Clondullane Clondullane
Edward Ashton, Wm. Ashton Upper Ballinfana Clondullane
Richard Lawrence Lower Ballinfana Clondullane
Dauid Condon Kilbarry Clondullane
Henry Holton Ballydargane Clandullane
John Smyth Curribehy Clandullane
Arthur Hide Esqr., Ellen Hide Cariganeady Cariganeady
Hugh Hide Cahirdriny Cariganeady
Robert Powell, George Powell Kilnadruo Carunotta and Ballykindell Cariganeady
Robert Hide Esq. Ballynaghane Cariganeady
Robert Fennell Manning Cariganeady
Thomas Campion Esq. Letrim Letrim
James Manseryhe Esq. Mucrony Mucrony
John Tethrington Ballinalacconn Mucrony
Maurice Fenton Esq., John Gash Michellstowne Michells town & Brigowne
John Rutter ensigne, Sr. Wm. Fenton, Anthony Raymond, John Lauder, Thomas Cooke Michellstowne & Kilcouglane Michells town & Brigowne

Folios 88-115 inclusive are missing.

Barony of Barymore

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Michaell Webber Kilsaimshans  
Richd. Earle of Barrymore & his countesse ye Countesse Dowager , John Boyle, Esq., John Masie gent., Eliz. Flagettor, Rich. Peard Caslelion Caslelion
Ulick Fitzmorrice Esq. Ballyveorane Caslelion
Francis Geagh Bellick Caslelion
Thomas Mead, Anthony Houeden Esq. Ballydulea Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Anthony Whitcraft gent, Henry Whetcraft Esq. Pt. of Garraeffy Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Richard Escott gent. Cove part of, Ballynilloone Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Thomas Selby, James Hardinge Spike Island Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
John Davy &Wm. Gough Kilgarvane Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Alexander Kenedy Coshkinny Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Wm. Thirry, Patr: Thirry, Rich: Thirry Tinelassie Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Stephen Towse Fotie Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Thomas Cattle Kilhodnett Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Pierce Powell Esq. Passage and Pt. of Ballylearie Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
William Harding Esq., Peter Harding gent. Halbollin Island Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Francis Knowle Ballymore Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Richd. Walkam Corvally Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Richd. Plumer, Ann Monke Kilvokery Clonemell & Temple robin Par.
Solomon Wood Ballyniglassy Lisgole and Ballycrany Par.
James Coppinger Byshopps Island Ardnegihy
Stephen Coppinger Skart Inarune Kilsainaghane
Wm. Power Clonemost Clonemost
John Wakham Capt. Aghada Aghada Par.
Major Farmer Esq. Tenteskine Tenteskine Par.
Oliver Parr, Henry Parr Junior. Knockane Ireaghy Ballynacorra
Edmd. Cotter Ballinsperigge Carigtowill Par.
Richd. Barry gent. Licestowne Carigtowill Par.
Wm. Gould Curry Carigtowell Par.
Stephen Golborne, Wm. Gole, Wm. Rumney Carigtowill Carigtowell Par.
Thomas Deyer Capt., Robt. Smarth Garnecleme Carigtowell Par.
Ellen Parr Ballyshonegaul Carigtowell Par.
St. John Broderick Esq., Wm. Broderick Ballyannin Mugessy Par.
Peter Betsworthy Garryduffe Mugessy Par.
George Dillon, Henry Flagetter, Edwd. Nicholas, Cary Roper Esq. Fosmore Mugessy Par.

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Barry, 123; O Bryen, 16; O Brodir, 13; Brennagh, 10; Bourke, 12; O Couglane, 12; O Cronyne, 12; McCnougher, 34; O Curtaine, 31; O Cotter, 51; Condon, 13; O Cullane, 28; Carthy, 11; O Connell, 21; McDaniell, 45; McDonnogh, 27; McDauid, 20; O Daly, 26; O Donovane, 10; McEdmond, 11; O Fowlowe, 38; O Healy, 14; O Hea, 11; Hogane, 10; O Hagherine, 20; O Hegertie, 10; McJohn, 11; McJames & Fitz James, 12; O Keefe, 46; O Leaghy, 30; Murphy, 44; McMorrish, 18; O Mulcaha, 13; O Mahony, 17; McOwen, 10; McPhillip, 14; McDermod, 19; McDermody, 6; O Flyne, 15; O Rierdane, 18; O Reagane, 10; McRichard, 10; O Sullivane, 19; O Shea, 13; McShane, 36; Welsh & Walsh, 29; McWilliam 27; McTeige, 35; O Kissane, 9; O Donoghow, 9.
Barrony of Barrymore: Eng, 500; Irish, 3953, 4453 tott

Barony of Orrery & Kilmore

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Nicholas, Marcus Weeke Lt. Kilbolane Kilbolane
Stephen Legerstone Coolenegoure Kilbolane
John Rowell Coolycormack Kilbolane
Philip Barry Ballynall Kilbolane
Morrish O Agherns Castle Lishine Kilbolane
John Novis, Robert Magner Cloneliegh Shandron
Edwd. Magner Curraclonbro Shandron
Richd. Gold Winife Shandron
Edwd. Warner Esq. Ballinekilly Shandron
John Barry, Ja. Barry Ballydahin Shandron
Daniell O Bryan Coolerin & Kilbrahir Shandron
John Gibbons Esq. Mitowne Coollyney
Henry Bowreman gent. Cooleyney Coolyney
Wm. Fitzgerald Castledod Coolyney
James Penford gent. Kiltwoge Parte of Ballyhey Parish
Thomas Bowreman Garryvagronoge Raghgogane
Richd. Beare Liscarrolletowne Liscarroll
Daniell Crone West Moige Liscarroll
Richd. Bowles, Francis his sonne, Tho: Denny Ballynalta Liscarroll
Sr. John Percivale, Ellinor Brereton, Peregrine Bradston Bally McCowe Ballintample
Wm. Barry Annagh Ballintample
James Barry Carrigine Ballintample
Edmd. Magner Craganicourty Ballintample
Wm. Davenport, Anne Roberts Bragoge Temple bridge P.
John Groves Lisgriffine Temple bridge P.
John Grigge Ard Pryory Temple bridge P.
Anne Muscham Esqs. wid. Buttevant Temple bridge P.
Edwd. Dowty In Buttevant of Majr. Purdons troope Temple bridge P.
Nicholas Purdon Esq. Balliclogh Ballyclogh
Leonard Purdon Corockstowne Ballyclogh
John Lisaught, Eliz. Beats Ardohoig Ballyclogh
Roger Bretleridge Esq. Castlemagner Castlemagner

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Aulife, 11; Barry, 31; Brennagh, 10; O Brien, 17; O Connor, 24; Carthy, 11; O Connell, 45; O Cronine, 10; McDonnogh, 19; Downegane, 15; McDaniell, 22; O Daly, 26; O Fline, 12; O Hoagne, 10; McDermod, 14; O Leyne, 18; McMahone, 12; Murphy, 18; Magner, 19; Power, 10; Rierdane, 10; McShane, 35; McWm., 9; Callaghane, 18; Fitzgerrald, 9; McTeige, 39; McThomas, 15; Walsh, 14; O Hea, 9; McMorrish, 9; O Shea, 22; O Sullevane, 27; O Sheghane, 23.
Barrony of Kilmore & Orrery: Eng, 338; Irish, 2847; 3185, tott.

County of Kerry

Barrony of Trughanac

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edmond Trant gent.   Ballynahagulsy
John Deatick Listrym Balllynahagulsy
Edward Healy Ballymaceagog Ballynahagulsy
Rowland Bateman Clogherbrien Clogherbrine
Phillip Coinyn East Kyeryes Clogherbrine
Arthur Denny Esq., Mr. Lutius Denny, Symon Rumny Traly Burrough Clogherbrine
Lt. Will. Collis Traly Burrough Traly
James Conway, Edmond Conway, William Finch Traly Burrough Annagh
Peeter White Loghertcannan Annagh
Lt. John Walker   Kilgarrenlander
The. Spring Castlemanig Kiltollogh
Dennish Styles Brackell Killcolman
Robert Hassett Killorglin Killorglin
Capt. Owen Sullivan Ryne Killorglin
Daniell Feris Ardmoniell & Kilcoulaght Killorglin
Lord Herbertt, Thomas Herbert Esq. Island towne Island
Samuell Morris Ballybeggane Rathasse
John Chambers, James Potter Ballingowne Rathasse
John Loue gentleman in England New Manner Rathasse
Richard Chute Esq.   Bally McElligott
John Blener Hassett Senr., John Blenerhassett Junr. Esqrs.   Balthosidy
William Browne Tyrenagouse Disert

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McTeige, 29; McMorrish and Fitz Morrice, 13; O Breene, 10; O Bryen, 8; Barry, 13; Brenagh, 8; O Brenane, 11; O Connell, 15; O Cahane, 13; McCnoghor, 10; O Connor, 25; McCurtaine & O Curtaine, 10; McDaniell, 18; O Daly, 21; McDonnogh, 17; McDermod, 16; McEdmond, 8; O Fowlue, 12; O Flyne, 9; O Griffen, 14; O Howrane, 12; O Lyne, 15; O Lency, 11; O Murphy, 23; McOwen, 14; Roch, 11; McRichard, 8; Ryerdane, 8; Stack, 8; McWilliam, 15; Suvane, 9; McShane, 44; O Shea, 18; O Sullivane, 24; McThomas, 7; O Healy, 7; O Leary, 7; Gallivan, 8; Gerrald, 7; O Riedy, 7; McCormack, 6; McDauid, 6; O Hanafane, 6; Mahony, 6; Welsh, 6.
Barrony of Trughanac: Eng, 215; Irish, 2168; 2383 totall.

The Barrony of Clanmorice

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Patrick Ld. Barron of Kyery, Honora Lady Barroness, Wm. Fizmaurice Esq. Lixnaw Kiltomy
Thomas Crosby, Edward Shewell, Patrick Crosby Ardfertt Towne Ardfertt
Wm. Crosby Killmore Killury
John Heered gent., Henry Kinveton in London gent. Ballinae Killury
Henry Ponsonby Esq. Crottoe Kilfloine

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Stack, 17; FitzMorrice & MacMorrice, 17; McBryen, 6; Cahane, 6; O Connor, 7; Crosby, 6; O Dulinge, 14; McDaniell, 8; McDermod, 6; McEdmond, 10; McWilliam, 6; Lency, 6; Murphy, 8; Mahony, 9; Piers, 8; Roydy, 6; McShane, 23; McTeige, 12.
Barrony of Clanmorrice: Eng, 086; Irish, 1040; 1126 totall

Barrony of Iraght I Connor

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Ralph Conyers Esq. Tarbert Kilnaghtin
Richard McEllygott Killaha and Gort Dromasyllyhy Murhur
Edward Allen Ballyeghna and Ballynonane Killehenny
John Edmond, John Hill Asdy Aghavalin
Francis Hoskins Aghanagraune Aghavalin
Thomas Blener Hassett Lettir Kilconly
Rich: Glanvill Beale Kilconly
Jasp: Morrish Urlee Liseltin
Wm. Justice Moybilly Liseltin
John Fitzgerrald Esq., Thomas Fitzgerrald, John Fitzgerrald, Patrick Fitzgerrald & Edmond Fitzgerrald. Parte of Urlee Liseltin
Ensigne Will: Cony Listowhell Listowhell
Thomas Amery, Robert Ellyott, Thomas Hambery   Galy
Thomas Galleghor Drombegg Galy

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
O Bryen & McBryen, 10; Barry, 6; Brinagh, 6; O Connor, 13; McCnoghor, 7; McDonnogh, 22; McDaniell, 11; McDermod, 10; Fitzgerrald, 8; O Kelly, 8; O Lency, 8; McMorrice & Fitz Morrish, 14; McMahony, 12; O Scanlan, 18; Sulleuan, 9; McShane, 18; Stack. 10; McTeige, 7; McThomas, 7.
Barrony of Iraght Iconnor: Eng, 081; irish, 1139; 1220, totall.

Corcaguiny Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Carrick Esqe.   Kilgobban
Anthony Shortliffe Castlegregory StradBally
James Knight Inch Ballinvohir
Nhillhall Browne Ballynecourty Ballinvohir
John Chappell Esq., William Chappell, Thomas Holland gent. The towne and Burrough of Dingle Kynard
Edward Trant Ballymore Dingle and Kildrum

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McBrien, 6; Bowler, 8; McCnoghor, 8; O Cahane, 10; O Currane, 12; McDonogh, 11; McDermod, 12; McDaniell, 18; O Griffen, 13; O Lyne, 7; Kenedy, 6; O Ketighir, 6; McKeanan, 12; McMorrice & McMorrish, 12; Murphy, 18; McOwen, 19; O Shea, 14; McShane, 13; McThomas, 10; McTeige, 14; Trant, 12; McWilliam, 8.
Barrony of Corcaguiny: Eng, 097; Irish, 1086; 1183, totall

Barrony of Maquinihy

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Daniell Leary Dromdisart Kilcomyn
Anthony Shakelton Fleskebridge Killarny
John Gallway Killarny towne Killahy
Lanceloot Sands Esq. Bealamalis Kilbonane
Arthur Carther Listry Kilbonane
John Plunkett and Thomas Plunkett his sonn gent.   Molahiffe
Ensige Floyd Gortfadda1 Killnanea
Hugh Faluy Rah Killnanea
William Hall Esq. Knockree Killnanea
Teige Faluy Gorteene Ruo Killnanea
Dermod Mahony Pallice Kilnanea
Brien Swyny Leamnaghehy & Kilboune Aglish
John Barrett Ballytrasny Aglish

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McCnoghor, 9; O Connor, 9; O Croneene, 6; O Curnane, 6; O Connell, 9; Cahassy, 9; McDaniell, 15; McDonogh, 13; McDermod, 8; O Daly & Dally, 10; O Collaghane, 7; McEdmond & FitzEdmd, 6; O Fowlue, 8; Faluy, 7; McTeige, 20; Gallway, 7; O Hea, 7; O Lyne, 6; Leaghy, 9; Murphy, 16; Mahony, 7; McOwen, 10; Rierdane, 6; Rourke, 9; O Shea, 12; Sullivane, 8; McShane, 9; Scannell, 6; O Spillane, 6.
Barrony of Maquinihy: Eng, 042; Irish, 1122; 1164 totall.

Glauneoroghty Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
George Parsons gent. allien   Killmackilloge
Ralph Almes Shandrome Killgaruane
Joseph Taylor Killowen Quarter Killmare

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McCnoghor, 12; O Cahesey, 6; McDaniell, 14; McDonogh, 10; Downey, 9; McOwen, 6; Sulliuan, 26; O Shea, 6; McShane, 9; McTeige, 6.
Barrony of Glauneoroghty: Eng, 031; Irish, 505; 536 totall.

Dunkerran Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Doctr. Arnalds Allien gent. Doonekerran Templeno
Charles Sugherne Farrennagat Knockane

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McCnoghor, 8; McOwen, 7; McTeige, 11; Mahowny, 7; McDermod, 7; McDaniell, 6.
Barrony of Dunekerran: Eng, 002; Irish, 355; [total], 357.

Iveragh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Daniell Connell   Dromod
Owen Carthy Cahirbreanagh Dromod
Dermod Connell Arguill Ballenskealigg
Charles Connell   Killimleegh
Martine Hussey Ballinehan Killimleegh

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Faluey, 07; Murphy, 7; O Shea, 13; O Connell, 25; Shagroe, 6; Curran & Curan, 7; McShane, 8; McDaniell, 7.
Barrony of Iveragh: Eng, 012; Irish, 409; totall, 421.

Limericke Citty

South Ward: Number of People, 480; Eng, 255; Irish, 225; Tituladoes Names: Christopher Keyes, Will: Thomlinson, Walter Dauies gent., Coll. ralph Willson, and Major Wade Esqrs., Leut. Jess, and Leut. Dowdas gent., Thomas Lucas Esqr Capt., Leut. Coughlan, gent., John Crabb Sheriff, Patrick White, Will Barkell, James Arthur, Christ: Arthur, & James Ash Marchants.
Midle Ward on ye West Side: Number of People, 357; Eng, 194; Irish, 163; Tituladoes Names: Dr. Whyte Esq., Lt. Heward, William Royall, Capt. Peterson, Mr. Peacock and his two Brothers, Mr. Perry, Hugh Mongomerie, and Ensigne Benden gents; Capt. Humphrey Hartwell Esq., Christopher Holmes, Mr. Cripps, Mr. Hooper, Allderman Bennett, and James Crauen gent., Tho: Poore, Mr. Garnet, Thomas Plellps, Tho: Bennis, Peter Rice, Francis Casy, and Mr. Houlbert Marchants.
Midle Ward on Ye East Side: Number of People, 370; Eng, 183; Irish, 187; Tituladoes names: Thomas Sanders, Thomas Phetiplas, Ensigne Thomas Browne, Teige Bryan, Domminick Meagh, Henry Saltfeeld, Henry Price Junor. and Leut. Will Pope, gentlemen; Thomas Poore, & George Comin Esq., Daniell Hignett Town Clerke, Lt. John Comyn, Tho: Martin, Peter Van Hugarden, Robert Collisson, John Cruce, Alderman Boeman, Richard Lennard, Henry Price Senir., Nathaniell Waples, Sherif Pausy, Alderman Warr, Randall cossens, Robert Shute, Samuell Foxen, James Banting, Antho: Bartless, and Richard Wallis Marchants.
Ye North Ward: Number of People, 160; Eng, 88; Irish, 72; Tituladoes names: John Hoorst gent., Alderman Will Yarwell, & Will. Hartwell Esqrs., George Back, and alderman Miller, Marchants.

The County of Ye Citty of Limericke

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Capt. Bentley Esq. Belanacurry St. Michaels
Donnogh O Mighane gent. Tirvoe Mungrett
Arth: Carter gent. Cloghkeaton Mungrett
Patrick Creagh gent. Caher ivally Caher Ivally
Will. Kenn and Jno. Ouzzell gent. Carnarry Carnarry
Robert Theoballs gent. Ballavellen Kilmurry
John Mathewes gent. Kilonane Kilmurry
Lt. Jno. Carr gent. Spittle St. Laurence
Lt. Henry Lee gent. Lishnegrey and Garrinoe Pt. of Stradbally
Jno. Miller gent.   St. Patricks
William Twayts gent. Singland St. Patricks
Patrick Sarsfield gent. Coonagh North Liberties of Limerick
John Collins gent. Killegly North Liberties of Limerick

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Arthur, 11; O Bryen & O Brian, 27; Bourke, 20; Creagh, 11; McCragh, 06; O Dule, 09; McDoniell, 13; McDonogh, 09; McConnor, 09; O Carroll, 08; O Griphae, 07; Fitzgerald, 08; O Gerrane, 08; O Hally, 06; O Hogan & O Hogane, 19; O Hea, 09; McKelly, 14; McKeogh, 07; Linchy, 07; O Mulclahy, 06; O Mullowny, 10; Mulrian, 12; McNamara (6) and Mnamarow (6), 12; McRory, 6; Roe, 7; Rice, 6; Ryan & Ryane, 17; Smith, 6; McShane, 29; McTeige, 14; Whyte, 12; McWilliam, 13.
Limbrick Cittye with ye North Lybertyes & County of Ye Citty: Eng, 819; Irish, 2286; 3105, totall.

Limerick County

Small County Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Ferinshaugh, Richd. Heyne & John Heyne gents. Rathmore  
Thomas Carpenter Esq. & Wm. Carpenter gent. Balliea  
James Woods & George Woods gents. Feadmor  
John Parker gent.   Pt. of Glinorgy & in Pt. of Tullabracky
Francis Vincent & Edm: Deane gents. Howardstowne Pt. of Glinorgy & in Pt. of Tullabracky
Richd. Thorne & Wm. Payne gent. Fannings Cluone Pt. of Glinorgy & in Pt. of Tullabracky
Thomas Hurly gent. Elton & Briattas Killfrush
James Browne gent. Ballynegalliagh Killfrush
William King & Thomas browne Esqrs., Rich: King gent. Hospitall Killfrush
Arthur Bleverhassett Esq. Ballyneganana Ballenlogh
William Ogle gent. Ballecooleroe Ballenlogh
Owen Grady gent. Gorticline Ballenlogh
John Bagott & William Bagott gent. Kilgobanemore & Ballyvistellibeg Ballenlogh
Henry Tirrell, John Croker and Michaell Croker gents. Scoole and Cloghdullerty Ballenlogh
Henry Verdon gent. Ballycallowe Vregare
Gerrott Fitzgerrald Esq., Thomas Fitzgerrald gent.   Ballinard
William Weeks gent. Pt. of Glinogry & Glinogry Towne Ballinard
Edmund Perry gent. Rathany and Kilgobanbegg Any
Derby Grady & Thomas Grady gents. Harbartstowne & Ballinscooly Kilkellane
Joseph Ormsby gent. Ballynamonymore Kilkellane
John Carew gent. Kilpecanetowne Kilpecane
James Bagott gent. Oldtowne Kilteely
Richard Hart Esqr., John Hart & Percivall Hart his sons gent. Cloghnemanagh Feadamor

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
O Bryen, 13; McBryen, 12; O Bryne, 15; Bourke, 29; McConnor, 14; O Connor, 07; O Connell & McConnell, 08; O Cahane, 15; O Clery, 09; Cullane, 10; McDauid, 12; McDonell, 09; McDaniell, 25; McDonogh, 17; McDermott, 12; McEdmund, 09; O Grady, 26; FitzGerrald, 13; O Glissane & O Glassane, 17; O Heyne, 06; O Hogan & O Hogane, 18; O Hea, 31; Hurly, 10; Hicky, 09; O Keefe, 13; O Meary & O mary, 11; O Mullowny, 21; McMorish, 9; O Mulrian & O Mulriane, 9; Nugent, 8; Ryane & Ryan, 32; O Rerdane, 8; Rawley, 11; McShane, 32; McTeige, 23; O Trassy, 9; Wailsh, 15; McWm., 16; Casy, 8.
Barrony of Small County: Eng, 120; Irish, 2950; 3070, totall.

Costlea Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Gibbon gent. Ballinfuntagh Ballingarvey & Lavaghla P'ishes
Samuell Bennett & Robert Mease gents. Cloghcasty Ballingarvey & Lavaghla P'ishes
Thomas McTeige gent. Ballynegristoonugh Ballingarvey & Lavaghla P'ishes
John Heffernane gent. Killeene and Ballinlondry Ballinlondry
Teige McCraith & Edmond Richard gent. Spittle Ballinlondry
Robert Gease gent. Cullane Ballinlondry
Teige O Liddeene gent. Ballyfaskeene Ballinlondry
Giles Powell gent. Ballyneskaddane Ballyneskaddane
Capt. Lewis Griffith Esq., Humphery Coleman gent. Doone Moone Ballynehensy & Pt. of Ballinbreeny Done & Long
Cornelius Eames & Francis Swayne gents. Knocklonge Done & Long
Cornelius Maddin gent. Cnock Torin Done & Long
Francis Creed gent. Ballyshonedehy Kilquan
Walter Stephens gent. BallyMcShaneboy Kilquan
Garrott Gibbons & Garrott Gibbons gent. Ballyshonikeene Pt. of Effin
William Hughs gent. Galbally Galbally
John Ward gent. Killinane Galbally
John Petford gent. Corbally Galbally
Edward Moore gent. Bohercarrin Galbally
William Barraby gent. Lisardconnell Galbally
Hugh Massy Esqr. & Richd. Huthings gent. Duntreleage Galbally
John McCragh & Phillip McCragh gents. Lakadary Galbally
Robert Cooke & Nicholas Clarke gent. CastleKrea Galbally
Thomas Loyde gent. Corragharosty Galbally
John Condon gent. Kilglesse Galbally
Robert Oliuer Esq. Cloghmotefoy Kilfinane
Dauid Gibbon gent. Morestowne Kilfinane
Donnogh Manyhyne, Teige Manyhyne & John Welsh & John Shyhane. Ballyroskenoge Kilfinane
Dauid Touchstone & Henry Touchstone gent. Ballyna Courty Kilfinane
John Bluett gent. Ballynvoty Kilfinane
Robert Weilsh gent. Tallow Kilfinane
George Vallanne gent. and Thomas Vallanne gent. Dorragh Kilfinane
Richard Grice gent. Tantstowne Kilbridie

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
O Brine & McBrine, 10; Barry, 11; Bourke, 12; Bryen & O Bryen, 17; Browne, 09; O Cormack & McCormack, 09; Casy, 15; O Corbane, 11; O Cahesy, 23; MacCraith, 17; O Cluvane, 11; O Connor & McConnor, 11; Condon, 10; O Currane, 12; McDauid, 20; McDonnogh, 14; McDaniell (17) , Daniell (2); O Daniell (3), 22; McEdmond, 11; Flemming, 12; Gibbon & FitzGibbon, 22; Henesy, 16; Hiffernane, 12; O Hogan, 11; O Hea, 09; O Keilly, 12; O Kelly, 10; O Kenny, 9; O Keife, 8; Langan (6), Lingane (6), 12; Murphy, 13; McShane, 23; McShihy (9), McSheehy (3), 12; Mac Teige, 29; MacWilliam, 18; Walsh & Welsh, 17; McDermod, 8; Meagh, 8; O Sullivane & sullivne, 12; Tobbine & Tobin, 08.
Barrony of Costlea: Eng, 133; Irish, 2775; 2908, Totall.

Clanwilliam Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Andrewes gent. Williamstowne  
Captn. Faithfull Chapman BallyMcGnard  
James Casy gent. Whytstowne  
Wm. Cobb & Thymotie Dickson gent. Kilcooline  
Edmond Bourke & Mortagh O Beara gent. Luddenbeg  
John Hale & Wm. Clearke gents. Sthrahane  
John Friend Esq. & Edward Willy gents. Knockatanacushland  
Donogh O Hea gent. Cahercourceely  
John Loftus gent. Knock Ineagh  
Richard Willy & Nathalian Watts gents. Boherskeaghaganiffe  
John Syms gent. Kishy Quirke  
Thomas Burton gent. Lismollane  
Stephen Towes gent. Caherkinlish  
Humphrey Curteois & Edmond Curteois gent. Boskill and Temple Michell  
Edward Allen gent. Castlevorkine  
Wm. Ingram gent. Ballyvorneene  
Wm. Chapman gent. Killenure and Gortinskeagh  
John Cooke gent. Graingerbegg  
James Collens gent. Graingmore  
Capt. John Mansell Esq. Brytas & Eque  
Theobald Bourke gent. Killinenewearah  
Patricke Whyte gent. Cohirlish  
Arthur Brocke gent. Breaklone  
Robert Thorenborrogh gent. Clashbane  
Wm. Gabberd gent. Ballyvecode  
Ralph Rusell gent. Caherline and Ballyhobine  
Nicholas Hanraghane gent. Rathjordan  
Robert Wilkinson Esq. Cahirelly  
Major George Ingouldesby Esq. Ballybrikine & Ballynebwoly  
Nicholas Jenkins gent. Luddenmore  
Will. Bradford gent. Maddyboy  
Symon Whyte gent. Knockyhursimtah  
Thomas Turner gent. Knockanebane  
Thomas Wilkinson gent. Castle Connell  
William Giles gent. Parke  

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
O Bryne, 08; Bourke, 29; McBryan & O Bryan, 11; McConnor & O Connor, 22; Clancy, 08; Dwyer, 09; McDonnogh, 11; McDaniell, 11; O Heyne, 17; O Hea, 24; Hicky, 08; O Howrogane, O Howrigane & O Howregane, 21; Hogane, 11; Muclahy and Mullclahy, 11; Mullowny, 12; Ryane, 51; McShane, 20; McTeige, 20; Browne, 07; McKeogh, 07.
Barrony of Clanwilliam: Eng, 159; Irish, 1590; 1749, tott.

Connologh Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edmond Southwell & Thomas Southwell Esqrs. Castle Matrickes Rathkeil
John Massy gent. and John Massy his sonn gent. Bally Cyea Rathkeil
Francis Dowdall gent. Dromard Rathkeil
Brooke Bridges Esq. Rathkeiletowne Rathkeil
Eustace Whyte gent. Rathdownane Cloynagh
Lt. Copely gent. RathRonane & Ballyvohane Rath Ronane
Henry Wendle gent. Ridbestowne Downdaniell
Thomas Watson gent. Coolenorane Kilskonnell
John Chesterman gent. & John Jurin Aduenturer 1011. Kilscanell Kilskonnell
Capt. Thomas Walchott gent.   Croagh
George Aylmer gent. Croaghnaburgess Croagh
Thomas Boore Esq. Ballingary towne Ballingary
Nicholas Mouckton gent. Knightstreete Ballingary
Janathan Barron gent. Bally McRogie Clouncha
William Cox gent. Ballynoe Clouncha
Thomas Buttler gent. Kilmacow Clouncha
John Feild gent. KillmacanIrly Clouncha
William Piggott Esq. Illbegg and Lismoatty Clouncha
Charles O Dee gent. Castletowne Pt. of Ballingarry, Brury & Clouncoragh & Corchomohir
Robert Frestone gent. Clounyreigh Pt. of Ballingarry, Brury & Clouncoragh & Corchomohir
Robert Fenell gent. Ballymoryhy Pt. of Ballingarry, Brury & Clouncoragh & Corchomohir
Lt. Charles Williams gent. Moddelly Pt. of Ballingarry, Brury & Clouncoragh & Corchomohir
John Odell gent. Pallice Pt. of Ballingarry, Brury & Clouncoragh & Corchomohir
Campt. Nicholas Brumley, Capt. John Mead and Lt. John Williams gents.   Newcastle
Richard Exham & Phillip Exham his sonn gents. Cahir moihill Ardagh
Richard McGuir, William Fitzgerrald and John Fitzgerrald gent. The Towne Mahownough
Teige O Connell absentee gent. Garryduffe Mahownough
Thomas Bramley gent. Vallynoe Clounelty
Thomas Maguir & Lawrence Maguir gent. Aheliny Clounelty
John Hankswoorth gent. Lissunisky Clounelty
Anthony Shydy gent. Ballynatiborad Monegea
George Bruttnell gent. Ballygeill Monegea
Wm. Threnchard Esq. liuing in England, Francis Paluis gent.   Robertstowne P'ish
Symon Gibbins gent.   Shannagolden
Capt. John Copplen gent. Killcosgrane Killmoclane
Robert Peacocke gent. Doonemoylen Doonmoylen & Killcolmane
Peeter Midleton gent. Lisbane Doonmoylen & Killcolmane
Thomas Chamberline Esq. Curry Loghill
Sr. Nicholas Crosby Knight. Carrubane Loghill
Ensigne Mathew Phillips gent. Ballyhomyne Askeaton
Nicholas Southcott gent. Bally Noert, Ballyne kelly & Gortsheaghane Askeaton
Edward O Dell gent. Grotnatiberad Killaghaliahane
John Congreife gent. Tulloe Killaghaliahane
Capt. George Burges gent. Lismakeery Lismakeery
Lt. Coll. Symon Eaton Esq. Ballyneclohy Lismakeery
John Purdon gent. Tulloe Limakeery
Alderman Burker Esq.   Kilfergus
Alderman Hunt Esq. Killeacalla Kilfergus
Coll. John Bridges Esq. Fineterstowne Adare
Gerrald McWm. gent. Killfeny Ballyfoline

Limbrick County, Barrony of Conologh: Eng, 431; Irish, 7545; 7976, totall.
Limerick County, The Principall Irish Names in the Barrony of Connologh.
Allen, 09; Bane, 09; Barry, 40; Browne, 9; Bourke, 16; O Bryne & McBryne, 39; Brenagh & Brennagh, 9; O Cahell, 11; O Conty, 9; O Comane, 10; Condon, 9; O Croneene & O Cromeene, 15; O Callaghane & O Callahane, 17; McConnor & O Connor, 59; Carty McCarty, 18; O Connell, 41; Casy, 10; O Curtaine & McCurtane, 13; O Cullane & O Collane, 35; O Culleane, 6; O Cahane, 9; O Dillane & O Dillene, 21; O Donaghow, 11; McDermott, 45; McDaniell, 55; O Donnell, 19; O Dally, 14; O Daly, 10; McDauied, 31; McDermody, 16; McDonogh, 43; McEdmond, 36; O Flyne, 13; O Ferally & Farrally, 13; Fitzgerrald, 36; McGibbon, 22; McGarrett, 19; O Grady, 31; Hely & O Healy, 13; O haley & O Hally, 11; O Hea, 25; O Herlyhy & O Helyhy, 20; O Hogane, 21; Herbert, 12; O Hicky, 11; O Howrogane & O Howregane, 11; Heeky, 9; O Hanraghane (19), O Hanrahane (3), 22; Hurly, 12; Halpin, 15; McJohn, 12; O Keife, 11; O Kelly & O Keilly (31), O Kealy (8), 39; O Kally, 6; O Kennedy & McKennedy, 24; O Linchy & O Lenchy, 13; O Lency, 8; O Lacy, 18; O Leyne, 23; O Madigane and O Madagane, 38; McMorrogh, 12; O Mullowny, 16; McMorris, 40; McMurtagh, 21; McMahon, 15; McMahony, 11; Morpheu & Morphy, 30; O Mulriane, 11; O Noane & Nunane, 12; O Nea, 11; Nash & Naish, 21; Nagle, 11; O Neale, 20; McOwen, 15; McPhillip, 19; McRichard, 11; O Riedy, 15; McRory, 15; O Ryane, 8; Rusell, 21; O Regane, 10; O Rierdane, 13; Roch, 20; Sheaghinsy (04), Shaughinsy (05), Shagins (05), 14; O Sheaghane (12), O Sheghane (05), O Shyghane (12), 29; McSheehy (04), McShyhy (06), 10; O Sullevane, 33; O Skanlane, 29; McShane (85), McSheane (06), 91; O Shea, 11; McTeige, 90; McThomas, 39; McTurlagh, 10; Wall, 15; Wilsh (24), Welsh (3), 27; McWilliam, 50; Whyte, 16.

Kenry Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Donden & Dauid Donden gent. Ballysteene Irossa
Phillip Boyles gent. Ballinvohir Irossa
Latimer Sampson gent. Mornane Kilcernane
Phillip Fitzgerrald gent. Teaghneckellie Kilcernane
Garrott McMorris, John & James McMorris gents. Bealane Kildemo
John Barry Aduenturer gent. Drominore, Ballyvadane and Cahir. Kildemo
John McEdd gent. Midle Killashura Ardcaham
Garrett Fitzgerrald and Mrris Fitzgerrald gents. Muckenagh Ardcaham
John McGarrett gent. North Killashura Ardcaham
Garrett McJames Purcell gent. Ren Muleene Ardcaham
Morris Gerrald gent. Ballycharra Ardcaham
Veere Hunt Esq. Currey Pt. of Adare

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McConnor & O Connor, 16; McDonogh, 08; McDaniell (11), O'Donnell (2), 13; O Dillane, 06; McEdmond, 9; Fitzgerald, 7; O Hagane & O Hogan, 9; O Kelly (4), O Kealy (6), 10; Linchy, 09; McMoris, 12; McPhillip, 8; McShane, 22; McTeige, 16; McThomas, 9; McWilliam, 18; Walsh, 7.
Barrony of Kenry: Eng, 035; Irish, 1092; 1127 Totall.

Owhny Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Loyde gent. Tuogh Duogh
Thomas Jacson & William Groves Esqr. & Richard Nay gent., Richd. Ingrame and Robert Kent. Abby Owhny Duogh
William Whittle gent. Cnocknycarrigg Doone
Edmond Dwier gent. Coogy Doone
John Whitchurch gent. Farnane Doone
Thomas Butler & James Butler gent. Ballycausow Doone
Henry Bally & John Bally his sonn gent. Castle ne Gaurde Doone
Giles Harding & William Harding his sonn gents. Castletowne Castletowne P'sh.
Henry Harding & John Harding gent. Cloaghdaulton Ulla
Doonogh McBrien gent. Knock ballyfucon Ulla
Connor Hicky gent. Knock Ullo Ulla
John Gebard gent. Nue towne Clogin
Mallcome Craford gent. & Symon Askin gent. Killduffe Ballynycloghy
Jason Whitere gent. Ballynecloghy Ballynycloghy
Thomas Marshall gent. Ballytorsoy Ballynecloghy
Thomas Lysagert & Garrett Ralagh gent. Grellagh Ballynecloghy
Thomas Absom gent. Gartenaleen Ballyneclochy

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Brian, O Brian & McBrian, 24; O Cato & McCato, 14; O Casy & Cassey, 8; O Connor (4), McConnor (4), 8; O Dyer & O Dwier, 10; McDonogh, 8; McDaniell, 7; O Donevan, 10; O Gleasane, 7; O Hea and Hea, 31; O Hicky, 8; McKenedy, 9; Rayne (10), Reigne (5), 15; McShane, 9; McTeige, 11.
Barrony of Conagh: Eng, 075; Irish, 1034; 1109, totall.

Poble Bryen Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Daniell Clancy and James Clancy gents. Carrigogunill Kilkeedy
Donogh Mahon and Morogh Mahon gent. Knockrumram Kilkeedy
Daniell McTeige and Garrett McMoris gent. Upper & Lower Mildee, Ballineveene, Inchy, Ballyeightea, Cloghanaron, Knockbrack and Cragane. Kilkeedy
Daniell McMahowny gent. Killnykally Kilkeedy
John Gullynane gent. Tyrvoe Kilkeedy
Phillip Fitzgerrald gent. Ballybrowny Kileedy
Robert Wardinge gent. Killboy Kilkeedy
Donogh McTherlagh gent. Cragbegg Kilkeedy
Conor McDermody gent. Kiltemplane Killkeedy
Phillip McSheane gent. Faha Killkeedy
Donogh O Bryne, gent. Ballyancakan Mungrest
Roger Bryne gent. Bearnocoyle Mungrest
William Peacoke gent. Graige Mungrest
Patrick Arthur and Will. Casey gent. Clounanna Clounanna
Richard Newman gent. Dromloghane Killonoghten
Teige O Bryne gent. Ballyvologe Killonoghten
Thomas Blackhall and Thomas Blackhall his sonn gent. Bernageehy Creconry
John Dribson gent. Ballycahane Creconry
Thorloe Oge gent. Knockgranny Creconry
Henry Towner gent. Ballybronoge Creconry
Francis Berkley gent. Killonoghon Killonoghon
Walter Browne gent. Knockdromashell Killonoghon
Edward Lewis gent. Atteflin Killonoghon

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
McBryne and O Bryne, 8; McConnor & O Connor, 7; Casy, 6; McDonogh, 9; O Dea, 7; McDermody, 5; McDaniell, 8; O Hea, 6; Kenedy, 5; McMahon, 6; Mollowny, 6; McShane & McSheane, 14; McTerlagh, 7; McTeige, 17.
Barrony of Poble Bryen: Eng, 24; Irish, 655; 679 tottall.

Cosmay Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Standish, Will Meagh and Nicholas Meagh gents.   Brufe
John Lacye gent.   Tankardstowne P'sh
Will. Blakney gent., Jeffry Owen gent.   Killbreedy Minor
John Carpenter gent.   Killpeackon
Edmund Spranger, Redmund fitzHarris, George Aherly gent.   Pt. of Elfin
Pierce Lane gent., Drurie Wiay Esq., James Fox gent.   Athlaca
John Fitzgergald, Richd. Condon, Donnogh Grady   Pt. of Vregare
John Rogers gent.& Arthur Ormsbey Esq.   Dromin
Richard Betsworth gent. and Joh Neunhan gent.   Monasterneanagh
Henry Supple, Richard Traghne, Robert Ratheram, John Cuthbert, Marcas Harrison and Edy Lacie gents.   Crom

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Bourke, 8; O Brine (6), O Brien (5), 11; O Carrull, 13; Casie, 07; O Connor (4), McConnor (11), 15; Browne, 8; O Connell, 8; O Daly, 9; O Dannell (10), McDaniell (13), 23; McDonnogh, 11; McDauid, 10; McDermott, 8; McEdmond, 7;Fitzgerrald, 9; O Hea, 18; Hickie & O Hickie, 17; O Kelly, 7; O Leyne & O Lein, 7; Lacye, 9; O Linchy, 10; McMurtagh, 7; O Mullowny, 12; Murphy, 8; McMorish, 9; O Neale, 6; McPhillip, 7; O Rierdan, 9; O Rergane & O Regan, 10; Shanoghan and Shannohan, 8; Sullvevan, 6; McShane, 27; McTeige, 14; McWilliam, 11.
Barrony of Cosmay: Eng, 070; Irish, 2121; 2191, totall.

Killmalloch towne & Libertyes

Mathew Griffin Esq., George Gould, George Benson, John Homes, Thomas James, Edward Harris, Jonathan Tilly, Thomas Holmes, Henry Glouer, John Darby, Will. Hill, Beckingham Bentham, Richard Cooke, Thomas Jubbs and William Bound gents.
Principall Irish Names.
O Brine, 6; McConnor, 4; McDonogh, 6; Griffin, 4; Kelly, 6; Meagh, 6; McTeige, 7; McShane, 4; McWilliam, 4.

County of Tipperary

Barony of Sleavordagh

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Barber gent. Lismaly Lismalin
John Kevan gent. Ilands in the said parish Lismalin
George Comerford gent., James Comerford gent. Rosnaharly Pt. Lismalin
Jeffery Fannying Esq., William Fannyng gent. Ballingarry Ballingarry
Leut. Henry Langley Esq. Lisnamcock Ballingarry
George Oliver gent. Killeheene Ballingarry
Rich: Read gent. Modessell towne Modessell parish
William Begett gent. Urard Fenor Parish
Humphg. Minchin gent. Shangarry Mauny Parish
John Pennfather Esq. Clonnilihane Booke like parish
Nicholas Bond gent. Glangole Killcooly Parish
Nicholas Ragatt gent. Graghisey Killcooly Parish
Wm. Lane gent. Caltegans towne Killenule Parish
Thomas Fannynge gent. Killeens Killenule Parish
Edward Pippin gent. Knockanglass Killenall P'ish
Giles Cooke gent. Graistowne Graistowne Parish
Edward Markhame gent. Ballintahir Graistowne Parish
James Tobin gent. Cloongoe Killanunnane Parish
Richard Shea gent. Ballyloingane Killanunnane Parish
Leut. Cleere gent. None Dubred Killanunnane Parish
Mary Cleere gent. Widd. Killaghye Killanunnane Parish
Thomas Sheapherd Esq., in the said Castle John and 27 souldiersd Castle John Newtowne Lannane P'ish.

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbers.
Archdeakin, 6; Butler, 20; Boe, 7; Brenane, 10; Brohy, 6; Bryan & Bryen, 11; Bourke, 11; Comerford, 16; Cormucke, 10; Cantwell, 11; Crooke, 9; Carroll, 14; Dungan, 10; Dwyre, 11; Dugin, 7; Fanninge, 31; Headen, 11; Healy & Haly, 10; Heade, 7; Henessy, 8; Hegan, 9; Hackett, 6; Kenedy, 11; Kelly, 8; Kearney, 11; Lahy, 12; Lonergan, 7; Meagher, 40; Morres, 13; Morissy, 7; Murphy, 8; Mullowney, 7; Purcell, 14; Padle, 9; Phellane, 6; Quiddihy, 6; Quirke, 7; Ryan, 19; Shea, 50; St. John, 9; Tobin, 47; Trassy, 12; White, 8; Welsh, 24; McWilliam (6), & FitzWilliam (4), 10.
The Number of People in the Barony of Slevardagh: Eng, 307; Irish, 2101; Totall Eng & Irish, 2408.

Barony of Lower Ormond

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Stoakes gent., William Moore gent., James Coolman gent. Nenagh towne Nenagh P'ish
Seaser Freeman gent., Dr. Daniell Abott kt., Charles Gilbert gent., Edward Hutchinson gent. Cloune Muckle Nenagh P'ish
Soloman Cambier Esq. Annagh Kilbarrane p'ish
John Brigg Esq., Morish Thomas gent. Castletowne Kilbarrane p'ish
Teige Carroll gent. Killeene Dura Parish
William Ninsfeide gent. Feddane Loghkeene P'ish
Coll. Thomas Sadler Esq. Keillnelahagh Uskeane P'ish
Machaell Corroll gent. Lisshane Uskeane P'ish
Roger Hanely gent. Fyagh Uskeane P'ish
Capt. Parker gent. Drominire Agha Parish
George Desney gent. Ballycomane Agha Parish
Samuell Clarke gent., Paull Grymball gent. Ballycaple Modrenhy Parish
Donough O Dwyre gent. Ballyenavin Modrenhy Parish
John Haryson Esq., Joseph Haryson gent. Clogh Jordane Modrenhy Parish
Thomas Corr gent. MollenKegh Modrenhy Parish
John Jordane Esq., Richard Jordane gent. Behaghmare Modrenhy Parish
Achyball O Dwyre gent. Rorane Tyreglass Parish
Leut. coll. Will. Cunningham Esq., Andrew Stuard gent. Bally McEgane Lorha P'ish
William Hobbs gent. Lehinsy Lorha P'ish
Wiliam Woodward gent., Edmond Card gent. Clogh Pryor Clogh Prior P'ish
Richard Grace gent. Rahone Clogh Prior P'ish
Joseph Walker gent. Ballyhagh Eglish P'ish
Thomas Butler gent. Kilconin more Ballygarry P'ish
Richard Sussers gent. Finogh Village Finogh P'ish
Brashill Kelly gent. Rosine Finogh P'ish
Thomas Meara gent. Rathmore Porrish P'ish
John Dwyre gent. Crotogh Porris P'ish
Daniell Carroll gent. Liscanlane Porrish P'ish
Leut. John Manson gent. Ardownie village Ardowny P'ish

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbers.
Bryen & McBryen, 11; Bane (7), & Banan (4), 13; Butler, 9; Bourke, 10; Conner & McConnr., 7; Cahasy, 8; Cleary & Clery, 38; Carroll, 19; Deane, 18; Doogin & Dowgin, 8; O Dwyre, 10; Daniell (6), & McDaniell, 13; McDonnough, 12; Donoghow, 7; Egane (15), & MacEgane (7), 22; Glisane, 19; Gydagh, 11; Galle, 9; Hany, 8; Hogane, 83; Heavane, 6; Ingowen, 6; Kenedy, 81; kelly, 22; Killfoyle, 12; Meagher, 12; Mara (25), & Meara (30), 55; McMarrowe, 7; McMorrogh, 8; Maddin, 7; Murphy 6; Morane, 9; Martin, 6; Mynoge, 6; Morrish & Morris, 7; Nollane, 15; Quirke, 6; Ryan, 24; Roe, 7; Slattery, 10; Scully, 9; McTeige, 8.
The Number of People in the Barony of Lower Ormond: Eng, 341; Irish, 2731; total, 3072.

Barony of Kilnamanagh

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Francis Boulton Esq. Widd. Conyhorpo P'ish Clogher P'ish
Henry Hebbs gent. Gattaghstowne Pte. of Hollycross Parish
Sampson Toogood Esq. Doundrom Ballintample Parish
Christopher Perkins gent. Callynure Oughterleage
John Cuffe gent. Borres Glanekeene P'ish
Walter Boorke gent. Lisse Glanekeene P'ish
William Harrison gent. Ballynenone Drangan P'ish
Thomas Tobin gent. Prestowne Drangan P'ish
Richard Comyne gent. Rathvih Sullenuer & Corrignin Rathcoole P'ish
Nicholas Sauce gent. Saucestowne Rathcoole P'ish
John Carran gent. Comdonstowne Rathcoole P'ish
Bryan Kearny gent. Culemore Rathcoole P'ish
Robt. Ward gent., Francis Smyth gent. Darryluskine Rathcoole P'ish
William Baccon gent. Ballinard Cloainne P'ish
Edmond Roch gent. Ballyadly Cloainne P'ish
Moris Kerny gent. Sullogh Killtynane Parish
William Tinohit gent. Clare Killtynane Parish
Edward Sooker gent. Killosty Killtynane Parish
Richard Stapers Esq. Kiltynane Killtynane Parish
Michaell Kerny gent. Milltowne St. John Baptist Grange P'ish
James Hackett gent. Gambonstowne St. John Baptist Grange P'ish
Piers Butler gent. Kockgroffon village Knockgraffon P'ish
George James gent. Cloghbridy Knockgraffon P'ish
David Turnball gent. Graignakent Knockgraffon P'ish
John Pylle gent. Woodenstowne Knockgraffon P'ish
Oliver Lathom gent., Anne Salli Widdow gent. Moeldrom St. Patrickes rocke Parish
Giles Gregory Esq. Thurles begg St. Patrickes rocke Parish
Thomas Perkins gent. Roch St. Patrickes rocke Parish
Mathew Penyfether gent. Gort McEllice St. Patrickes rocke Parish
James Kearney gent. Clonebregone Mogorbane P'ish
Derby Dwyer gent. Mogerbane Mogorbane P'ish
Connell Carney gent. Mobernane Mogorbane P'ish
Michaell Kerny gent. Ballydwagh Kilconell P'ish
Edmond Hackett gent. Ballyturny Ballysheehane P'ish
Thomas Conin gent. Kilbally herbery Pte. of Ballysichane P'ish
Edmond Godwine gent. Greagenoe Geall P'ish
George Sloughter gent. Killogh Geall P'ish
Henry Parris Esq. Ardmoyle Ardmoyle P'ish
William Kingsmill Esq. Ballyowen Pte. of Ballyshehane P'ish

Principall Irish names [and] their Number.
Bryen, 12; O Bryen, 11; Brenan, 11; Burren, 6; Bourke, 40; Butler, 56; Boyle, 8; Britt, 17; Brenagh, 07; Brytten & Bryttanie, 10; Cantwell, 14; Coman (18), and Comyne (27), 45: Carroll, 13; Comerford, 6; Carren (8), and Carrane (34), 56; Cahill, 12; Costello & Costelly, 7; Cody & Coddy, 6; McDonogh, 14; Dwyre, 27; O Dwyre, 7; Daniell & McDaniell, 18; Dwaine, 8; Davane or Devane, 15; McDermott, 6; McEdmond, 6; Faninge. 10; Fogurty, 22; Flemyne, 12; Fahy, 11; Glissane, 12; Gredy and Graddy, 10; Heany & Henny, 8; Hally &c., 8; Hiffernane, 24; Hogane, 16; Hiky or Hicky, 9; Hackett, 45; Headen, 8; O Hea, 5; McJohn, 20; St. John, 7; Kelly (10), & Kealy, 25; Kearney, 19; Kenedy, 24; Keatinge, 11; kent, 9; Loghnane, 7; Lahy, 13; Laffane, 9; Lonergane, 13; Mansell, 6; Meagher, 72; Maky, 6; Morphey, 12; Morrish, 10; Meara & O Meara, 8; Meary & O Meary, 13; Morrane & O Morrane, 6; Mulryan, 13; Morissy, 8; Moekler, 6; Neale and O Neale, 12; Phellane, 12; McPhillip (10), & Fitzphillip (3), 13; Quirke, 7; Russell, 7; Roe, 6; Ryen & Ryan, 75; Shea, 33; Sause, 8; McShane, 12; Stapleton,, 20; Smyth, 9; Tobin, 12; McTeige, 11; Walsh & Wailse, 13; White, 12; McWilliam, 18; Walle, 7; Woodlocke, 16.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Middlethird: Eng, 134; Irish, 3778; Total Eng & Irish, 3912.

Barony of Iffay and Offay

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Neale gent. Bealladerry Carrick
John Spillman gent. Ballyneale Killmorry
Joh Hogane gent. Curragh dobbin Ballinurry
John Mandevile gent. Ballydyne Killmurry
James White gent. Ballynerahy Killshelane
John Elmer gent. Pt. of Ballymaul Killshelane
John Ankettle gent. Seskin Killshelane
James comerford gent., Lady Frances Butler, Sr. Edmond Everaid Kt. Killnoressy Killeash
Daniell Gwynn gent. Graigeloghy Templethny
James Butler gent. Ballyline Templethny
Michell Gwynn gent. Ballyboe Templethny
Thomas Tomsson gent. Cahyr Cahyr
James Tompson gent. Cahir Abby Cahyr
Morrish Keatinge gent. Loghlongherry Cahyr
James and John Tobynn gent. Garrn Ivelly Cahyr
Francis Bigg Esq. Keadragh Cahyr
Peirce Keatinge gent. Derrygrapgh or Derrygeath Derrygrath
Paule Keatinge gent. Bally Thomas Derrygrath
Richard Keatinge gent. Nichollestowne Derrygrath
William Keatinge gent. Garryroe Derrygrath
Capt. William Palmer gent. Ardfinane Rochestowne
Wm. Hogane and John Hogane gent. Neddans Neddans
George Mathewes Esq. Reahill Tubrid or Tubbred
Thomas Aylemer gent., Nicholas Ovington gent., Robert Ovington gent., James Glissane gent. Rusrath Tubrid or Tubbred
John Fitzgerrald gent. Shanreheene Shanrehheene
Thomas Downeinge gent. Cloghenmackett Shanreheene
Sr. Redmond Evorard Kt. & Bart. Cospoch Shanreheene
Coll. John Squibb gent., Matthew Bowen, gent. Castlegrace Shanreheene
Anthony Chearneley gent. Gormondstowne Ballybecan
Garrott Prendergast gent., Edmond his sonne. Garryroe Ballybecan
David McCrath and John and Thomas his sonns gent. Curraghetoneen Newcastle
Godfrey Green Esq. Morestowne Abby Inislonnaghty
Thomas Batty Esq. Abby Newtowne Abby Inislonnaghty
Edward Batty gent. Knockenanama Newchapple
Richard Elly gent. Mylodstowne Killgrante
John Shawe gent. Lisronagh Lisronagh

Principall Irish names [and] their Numb[er].
Butler, 42; Bourke, 60; Bryon, 30; O Bryon, 15; Bane, 13; Bouhilly, 21; Brenagh, 12; Cahill, 21; Cleary & Cleare, 25; Carroll, 16; Conner & McConnor, 12; Carrane and O Carrane, 22; Clanhy and Clanchy, 12; Condon, 12; Cahasy, 17; McCrath, 35; Cantwell, 9; Connell and McConnell, 9; Connelly and O Connelly, 9; Donogh and McDonogh, 13; Daton, 9; Dalton, 9; McDaniell, 25; and Daniell, 34; Dwyre and O Dwyre, 10; McDerby, 8; McDavid, 11; Doody & O Doody, 13; Dwayne and O Dwayne, 13; McEdmond, 15; English, 24; Fenosy, 11; Flinge and O Flinge, 10; Gormon, 12; Hogane, 59; Hylane and Healane, 21; Hackett, 11; Hally and Haley, 13; Hickey, 44; McJohn (9), & Fitz John (3), 12; Kelly & Kealy, 32; Keatinge, 48; Looby, 12; Lonergane, 73; McLoghlen & Meloghlen, 10; Morrish and McMorris, 13; Meara and O Meara, 10; Meagher & O Meagher, 26; Morphy, 30; Meaghan & O Meaghan, 21; Morisey, 16; Mahowy and McMahowny, 19; Mullony, 14; Mulryan & Mullrayn, 18; Meogand & Meahohan, 12; Neale & O Neale, 39; McPhillip, 12; Prendergast, 62; Powre, 21; Quin & O Quinne, 19; Ryane, 14; Roe, 14; Reyly, 12; Shea, 14; O Shea, 12; McShane, 28; Slattery, 30; Tobine, 25; McTeige, 27; McThomas, 15; White, 14; Walsh, 51; Whelane, 15; Wale, 26; McWilliam, 23.
The Number of People in ye barronyes of Iffay and Offay: Eng, 223; Irish, 4729; totall Eng & Irish, 4952.

Barony of Eliogurty and Ikerryn

Tituladoes Towland Parish
Eliz: Thurlus Lady Viscountesse Dowager, Theobald Mathewes Esq., James Butler gentle., Roger Sturgis gentle., Thomas Fitzgerrold gentle., Patrick Hackett gentle., Luke Ragett gentle., Phillipp Hackett gentle., Peirce Power gentle., Thomas Aske Esq. Thurlus Thurlus
James Grace gent., Gerrold Grace his sonne gentle. Brittas towne Thurlus
James Shallcross gentle. Ballygalbert Thurlus
Thomas Betts gent. Feartiana Thurlus
Robert Witherill gent. Cabragh Thurlus
Gryffin Howard Esq., Edmond Howard gent., Thomas Comerford gentle. Holly cross Holly cross
George Comerford gntle. Cloghane Hollycross
Patrick Raggett gent. Ballycome. Hollycross
Thomas White gentle., Thomas Roberts gent. Beakestowne Hollycross
James Travers gentle. Mokarky Mokarky
Phillipp Grace gentle. Shanbally Mokarky
Laurence Hammon gent. Corbally Corbally
Edmond Walsh gent. Clonyne Corbally
James Carroll gent. Aghsineare Corbally
Mathew Shanahane gent. Kilffithmone Cullabegg
Hercules Rogers gentle., Joseph Keiche gent., John Smallbone gent., Humphry Lyons gent. Bnolynahon Pte. of Beallacarhill P'ish
Walter Aliner gent. Tulloe Templetowhy
Bartholomew Fowkes Esq., Edward Workeman gentl. Clonmore Killoninoge
Anthony Meagher gent. Parke Killea
John Grace Esq. Rissistowne Rathelty and Shrane
Edmond Morresse gent. Cloagh bennagh Rathelty and Shrane
James Morresse gent. Rathelty Rathelty and Shrane
Thomas Butler gent. Templemore Templemore
Richard Conway gentle. Lisnafeddoge Templemore
Richard Ryan gent. Ballycahell Templemore
John Collins Esq., John Collins his sonne gent. Borrestowne Borresliegh
Owen Swyny gent. Noordtowne Borresliegh
Oliver Blanchfield gent. Laghardan Borresliegh
Capt. Thomas Butler Esq. Ballydavids Borresliegh
Daniell Ryan gent. Rathmanagh Borresliegh
Robert Goff gentle. Killoskeahane Barnane
Joseph Lloyd gentle., Owen Lloyd gentle., William Heather gentle. Barnane Barnane
Charles Minchin gentle. Knockagh Drumspirane
Richard Purcell gent. Rorodstowne Drumspirane
Sr. John Morres Kt. & Bart., John stapleton gent., Edmond Morres gent. Drome Dromspirane
Joseph Prout gent. Ballynakill Rathmovioge
Capt. John Pecke Esq. Castle Iney Templerie
Theobald Stapleton Garranbane Loughmoe
Mathew Boage Esq. Clonkenny Burney al's Burren
Connor Meagher gent. Curtin Burney al's Burren
John Purcell gent. Thenekelly Burney al's Burren
Robert Clapham gent. Glanbehagh Burney al's Burren
John B. Turnebowle gent. Ballyhenty Burney al's Burren
Edmond Trohy gent. Boelabane Burney al's Burren
Donogh Fogurty gent. Gortanny Inshiofogurty
Edmond Fogurty gentle. Upper Donea inshiofogurty

Principall Irish names [and] their No.
Buttler, 43; Bourke, 27; Bryen & McBryen, 10; Bane, 11; Cormocke, 28; Carroll, 55; Cahell and O Cahell, 39; Connell, 12; Cleare and Clearly, 10; Carrane, 11; Cahesy, 8; Cantwell, 8; Cassin, 8; Dwyre and O Dwyre, 25; Dullany, 17; McDonogh, 13; Dermody, 10; Doghon and O Doghon, 20; Dowly and Dooley, 13; Duff, 9; Eagan, 13; Fogurty, 77; Fitzgerrold & Gerrold, 11; Gormocke and Gormoge, 15; Grace, 14; Hackett, 35; Haelly and Halley, 14; Hickey, 13; Heogan & Hogan (6), 17; Headen, 20; McJohn, 9; Kenedy, 28; Kelly, 18; Lahy, 53; Loghlen and McLoghlen, 13; Leany, 8; Meagher, 193; Mullrayn, 11; Morres, 15; Meara, 12; Neale and O Neale, 8; Purcell, 52; Power, 16; Phealan, 12; Fitzpatrick, 8; Quinlin, 15; Ryan, 135; McRory, 7; Rusell, 10; Shea & O Shea, 8; Stapleton, 34; McShane, 13; Shannahane, 14; Swyny, 8; Shallowe, 8; Trassy, 22; McTeige, 18; Tierny, 15; Trohy, 10; Walsh, 16; McWilliam, 9.
The Number of People in ye Baronyes of Eliogurty and Ikerim: Eng, 326; Irish, 4339; totall Eng and Irish, 4665.

Barony of Upper Ormond

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edmond Wall gent. Coole Tome Achnamedill
Thomas Poe gent. Bleane Achnamedill
Jeffry Morrish Ballinveny Achnamedill
William Rumball gent. Coologe Achnamedill
Teige Mara gent. Parke Achnamedill
Walter Cooper gent. Tirmaile Achnamedill
Rubb. Boorke gent. Glamyeile Achnamedill
Jeffry Boorke gent. Cloghensy Templedery
Robert Coole Esq. Ballymacky Ballymacky
Edward Bandy gent. Lislymisky Ballymacky
Stephen Alin gent. Kilbonine Ballymacky
Emmanuell roe gent. Cnocke Ballymacky
Peter Dalton gent. Grenan Kilkerry
John O Howay Esq. Lafferragh Lafferragh
Adonae Morres gent. Raplagh Pte. of Kilroan P'ish
William Ludington gent. Rathnallin Lisbony
Nicholas Tyler gentle. Ballintola Lisbony
Dermott Ryan gent. Ballyneny Bally McCoghny Parish
Bryen Kenedy gent. Ballinormond Bally McCoghny Parish
James Wansburgh gent. Kilbalinaghathyna Bally McCoghny Parish
Alexander Browne gent. Ballynaclogy Bally McCoghny Parish
Hugh Phillipps gentle. Commistowne Kilnamisse
Cornett Reed gent. Killnamiffe Kilnamisse
James Magrath gentle. Kilraflett and Boulmy Dolla
Phillipp Kenedy gent., Teige Kenedy his sonne. Culny Kilmore
Teige Kenedy gent., Mathew Kenedy his sonne. Lissneclenty Kilmore
Henry Corr gent. Ballyhanrahane Kilmore
Edward Godwin gent. Manes Royall Kilmore
Indich Andrews gent. Cappagh Ballymacky

Principall Irish names [and] their Numbs.
Bryen, 17; Boorke, 14; Boy, 8; Cleary, 10; McDonogh, 19; Daniell & McDaniell, 11; Flanury, 8; Glysane, 85; Hogane, 9; Kenedy, 72; Mara, 41; Magrath, 11; McMorough, McMorogh, 13; McPhillipp, 9; Quirke, 8; Ryan, 53; Roe, 14; Tyerny, 11; McTeige, 16; William & McWilliam, 11;
The Number of People in ye Barony of Upper Ormond: Eng, 092; Irish, 1631; Totall Eng & Irish, 1723.

Barony of Owny and Arra

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Humphry Dymnock Esq. Castletowne Castletowne Parish
Francis Strongman gent. Castleloghe Castletowne Parish
John Strongman Esq., Edmond Hogane gent. Cornoido Castletowne Parish
Henry Feltham gent. Liskelly Castletowne Parish
Mortagh Bryen gent. Curragh Castletowne Parish
John Hogane gent. Clonny Bryen Castletowne Parish
James Hutchinson Esq. Monero Youghill
Symon Finch Esq. Killcollman Youghill
John Walker gent. Carighy toagher Burgess
William Fox gent. Revensey Temple hally
Samuell Baukley gent. Bealanaha Temple hally
William Sheldon gent. Cnockane Temple hally
John Stumbles gent. Craigg Killa, Sculla & Committee P'ish
William Straton Esq. Ballanahensy Killa, Sculla & Committee P'ish
Christopher Wiers gent. Shally Killa, Sculla & Committee P'ish
Teige Bryen gent. Curreheene Killa, Sculla & Committee P'ish
Richard Day gent. Downan Killa, Sculla & Committee P'ish
Henry Scrimpton Esq. Tullagh Killneragh
Richard Walkes gent., and Richard Walkers his sonne. Cully Killneragh
Richard Dingle gent. Clantomer Killneragh

Principall Irish names [and] their Numbs.
Bryen, 30; McConnor, 9; McDonogh, 16; Mc & Magrath, 8; Flanora and Flanory &c., 10; Glisane &c., 7; Hogane, 38; Hikye, 8; Kenedy, 9; Mullony, 9; Ryane, 9; Rayne, 13; McShane, 9; Toughie, 9; McTeige, 19; McWilliam, 8.
The Number of People in ye Baronyes of Owny & Arra: Eng, 235; Irish, 989; Totall Eng & Irish, 1224.

Barony of Clanwilliam

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Redmond Fitzgerald gent., Morrish Fitzgerald his sonne. Ballinly Clonpett
Walter Boorke gent. Ballyglassoughterag Clonpett
Peirce Tobyn gent. Ballyglass Ightragh Clonpett
Robert Levitt Esq. Killcornane & Garriniphibbott Killcornone
Wm. Armstronge gent., Patricke Narbett gent. Ballyrebbin Killcornone
Nicholas Evans gent. Clog Ireda Temple Ibridon
Francis Smyth gent. Duneiskeigh Rathlegny
Theobald Boorke gent. Allin Donnoghill
Gyles Ryan gent. Barryderrige Donnoghill
John Courtney gent. Coolargan Pte. of DunIgor and Tramplenoe P'ish
William Stone gent. Ballinconry Seronill
Teige Magrath gent., and James Magreath his sonne. Ballyconry Seronill
Richard Gerrald gent. Killshane Killshane
Walter Baber gentle. Lattin towne Lattin
Gamahrill Walter Esq., George Warter gentle., Gilbert Warter gent., William Tubbs, gent. Cullin Cuinn
Mr. Brookes gent. Shartvahhane Templenyry
Robert Knight Esq. Lish McHugh Templenyry
John Darson Esq. Ballynacourty Clonbeegg
Robert Powell gent., Geyles Powell Morenore Pte. of Galvally Parish
Donnogh O Connor gent. Duncrin Pte. of Galvally Parish
Dermott McRory gent., William McRory gent. Ballyhone Pte. of Galvally Parish
James Grady gent. Ballyvestagh Pte. of Galvally Parish
Donnogh Magrath gent. Ballyvytene Pte. of Galvally Parish
Mathew Yeard gent., James Bouster gent., Robert Slones Tipp'ary Tipp'ary
John Walsh Esq. Laffally etc. Currage
Daniell Ryan gent. GarranIbrearta Currage
Mathew Reede gent. Sollohod Sollohodmore
Nathaniell Lawrence gent. Beallourine Religmory
George Clarke Esq., Gyles Martin gent. Ballygriffen Religmory
Jehhep Jegnys Esq. Bally McKeady Killfeacle

Principall Irish names [and] their Numbs.
Bryen, 30; Boorke, 48; Barry, 11; Butler, 11; Connor, 12; Commyne and Comane, 10; Cleary, 10; Carrane, 8; Daniell, 24; McDaniell, 11; Dwyer and O Dwyer, 24; McDonnogh, 15; English, 13; Fogurty, 7; Fahy, 7; Fitzgerrold, 9; Gerrold, 7; Hiffernane, 28; Hicky, 16; Hogane, 28; Kenedy, 16; Kearney, 8; McLoghlin, 11; Lonnergane, 9; Lynsy, 11; Murphy, 7; Meagher, 14; Magrath & McCrath, 17; Mullony, 9; Morissy, 7; McNemara, 7; Quirke and O Quirke, 19; Ryan, 77; Ryardane, 9; Shea and O Shea, 14; McShane, 15; McTeige, 26; Tobyn, 9; McThomas, 11; McWilliam, 17; Walsh, 19.
The Number of People in the Bary. of Clanwilliam: Eng, 180; Irish, 2713; Totall Eng & Irish, 2893.

Waterford County and Citie

Barony of Deaces

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Russell gent. Aglis Aglis
Phillipp McCragh gent. Higher Dromere Aglis
Daniell McMahony gent. Ballynacourt Aglis
Thomas Walsh Esq. Pilltowne Kinsalebegg
Thomas Roayne gent. Dlaghtome Kinsalebegg
Thomas Tobin gent. Killmaloe Kinsalebegg
Alexander Roch gent. Ballyhenny Kinsalebegg
Nicholas Stoute gent. Grance Lisgenane
Thomas Butler gent. Russins Lisgenane
John Rowe gent. Hackestowne Ardmore
John Mead gent. Crobly Ardmore
Richard Wandrich gent. Duff Carigg Ardmore
Henry Gee gent. Ardoscasty Ardmore
Walter Mansfield gent. Ballynimultinagh Clusmore
Arthur Anthony gent. Ballycurrane Clusmore
John Power gent. Cragges Clusmore
Teige Kelly gent. Knockmirish Clusmore
Giles Russell gent. Coulbagh Clusmore
John Power gent. Andsillage Clusmore
St. Rich: Osberne Bart. Ballin Tayler White Church
Nicholas Osburne Esq. Cappagh Whitechurch
Richard Franklin Esq. Dromanna more Affane
Thomas Farmer gent. Knockelaher, and Clasnedarriff Seskinan
William Osburne gent., John Farneham gent. Knocknescagh Lismolash
William Hibbart Esq., Walter Hibbart his sonn, gent. Clogh, and Tinekilly Lismolash
Pierce Power gent. Grenane Rosmire
Thomas Fitzgerald gent. Karricke Killy Stradbally

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Arlant, 6; Brennagh & Bernagh, 65; Bryne & O Bryne, 27; Browne, 30; Baldon, 8; Butler, 13; Bryan, 7; Curane, Curreene and Currin, 27; Cahane, 15; Cragh & McCragh, 57; Carroll, 18; Christopher, 8; Clansy, 7; Coghan, 25; Corbane, 17; Crotty, 10; Conory and O Connory, 26; Connor, 8; Dower & O Dower, 8; Daniell & McDaniell, 17; McDavid, 9; Daton, 10; McDonnogh, 21; Dally, 9; Donnell & McDonnell, 15; Flyne and O Flyne, 40; O Fling, 31; Fowlow & Follon, 70; Gerrald and Fitzgerald, 49; Hagherin, 25; Hogane, 8; O Hallaghane, 15; O Hea, 9; Hubbard and Hibbard, 9; Hanagan, 7; Hally &c., 8; Hicky, 7; Hallenane, 6; Henessy, 5; Jordan, 8; Keating, 16; Kelly, 67; Kerwicke, 6; Kenedy, 16; Lander, 6; Lendsie, 12; Mollone, 6; Mansfield, 22; Muresie and O Muresie, 62; Moreghy &c., 12; Mulcaghy, 32; Morish & McMorish, 17; Mulryan, 7; Mogher, 5; Mearinge, 13; Power, 90; Phelane, 17; Quine, 10; Ronane, 10; Raine, 6; Ryane &c., 9; Roch, 14; McRichard, 10; McRobert, 8; McShane, 36; Shea & O Shea, 12; McThomas, 23; McTeige, 15; Tobin, 36; Veale, 15; White, 17; Wash, 9; Wade, 7; McWilliam, 22; Whelane, 10.
Barony: Deaces: Eng, 129; Irish, 3574; 3703 Totall.

Barony of Cosmore, and Cosbride

Tituladoes Towland Parish
Capt. John Seargeant gent. Carroughreagh Tallow Bridge Division
John Andrewes gent. Hanboy Tallow Bridge Division
Thomas Jackson gent., William Jackson gent. Ballyduff Tallow Bridge Division
Joshua Boyle Esq. Tercullinbegg Killwatermoy P'ish
Thomas Carter gent. Dunmoone Killwatermoy P'ish
Richard Silver gent. Killmore Tallough
Francis Drew gent. Killwenhy Tallough
Richard Burt gent., Robert Cooke merchant, Edward Rogers gent., William Reiues gent., Richard Guist gent., James Benior gent., Pierce Walsh gent. Barnakelly Tallough
Robert Jones gent., Michaell Willson gent., John Langley gent., Michaell Belleny gent. Tallough Towne Tallough
Thomas Taylor gent. Kill McNicholas Killcokine
Boyle Smith Esqur., Pierce Smyth gent., William Smith gent., John Smith gent. Ballynatra Temple Michaell
John Fitzgerold Esq. Temple Michaell Temple Michaell
Thomas Mansell gent., Thomas Mansell his sonn gent. Macollop Macollop division
William Mills gent. Cappoquen towne Cappoquen Divission
Edward Nicholas gent. Killbree Cappoquen Divission
Valentine Greatrakes Esq., William Greatrakes gent. New Assane Cappoquen Divission
John Nettle gent. Tooreene Cappoquen Divission
Roger Carew gent. Ballyeene Lismore Divission
Richard Browning gent., Richard Browning his son gent., William Browning gent. Glamorishmeeue Lismore Divission
Francis Foulke Esq. Camphyre Lismore Divission
Tobyas Sycamore gent. Ballynaspicke Lismore Divission
Thomas Croker gent. Ballyanker Lismore Divission
Richard Downing gent. Ballysaggard Lismore Divission
Alexaner Deane gent. Lismore Lismore Divission
James Roch gent. Curraheene Lismore Divission

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Brennagh, 17; Bowdran, 10; Barry, 6; Bryne, 11; O Bryen, 13; Browne, 17; Cleary, 04; Corkeran, 8; Corban, 4; Cahane & O Cahane, 8; Carty & McCarty, 7; Connell & O Connell, 27; Connolay, 6; Connohor & O Connohor, 8; Crotty, 10; Coleman, 15; Connory, 7; Condon, 6; Cassey, 7; Deven & Duvin, 8; Daniell & McDaniell, 19; Doggan & Dugan, 10; O Dine, 8; Donorty, 8; McEdmond, 8; fling (13) & Flin (12), 25; O Fowlow, 10; Farrell, 14; Gerald & Fitzgerald, 15; O Guyry &c., 10; Hogan, 7; O Heefie, 12; Kerryn & O Kerryn, 8; Keating &c., 8; Lee &c., 8; Lucas, 6; McMorish, 21; Moore, 7; Morehey, 19; Murfie, 6; O Moroghoe, 15; Mahony, 6; O Nonane, 6; O Neo, 6; McOwen, 8; Oge, 6; Power & Poer, 11; Roch, 24; Ronane, 6; Rourke, 5; Russell, 8; McShane, 38; Sulevane, 5; Smyth, 7; Shanahane, 6; McThomas, 11; McTeige, 25; McWilliam &c., 23; McWalter &c., 6.
Barony: Cosmore and Cosbride: Eng, 355; Irish, 2180; 2535, totall.

Barony of Glanahiry

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Lee gent. Russellstowne Killronan
Francis Vaughan gent., John Dalton gent., Richard Williams gent., Thomas Swann gent., Michaell hore merctt. Dungarvan Towne Dungarvan & halfe Plowland there unto belonging
James Oldfield gent. The Abby Side The eastern Pte. of Dungarvan P'ish

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numb.
McCragh, 5; Carbery, 5; McDonnogh, 5; McDaniell, 5; Offling &c., 6; Fowlow, 12; Fitzgerald &c., 4; Hagherin, 5; Kenedy, 5; Kelly, 10; Moressy, 10; Mullony & Mullany, 5; Nagle, 7; Power, 12; McShane, 8; Shearhy, 5; McThomas, 6; Tobin, 5; White, 8.
Barony: Glanahyry: Eng, 056; Irish, 665; 721, totall.

Barony of Upperthird

Tituladoes Towland Parish
Walter Power gent., John Power gent. Gilcagh and Coolfin  
Robert Power gent. Brenan Ballilanhen
Peter Anthony gent. Ballydoan Ballilanhen
William Power gent. Ballynecurry Mothell
James Power gent. Corduff Mothell
William Power gent. Upperparke Rathgormucke
Robert Davis gent. Rathgormucke Rathgormucke
Sr. Thomas Stanly Knt.. Tykencor Rathgormucke
John Power Lo: Barron, Richard Power Esq., David Power Esq., Piers Power Esq. Curraghmore Clonegann
Robert Wise gent. Cooleeroe Clonegann
Robert Taylor gent. Knockane Clonegann
James Butler gent. Rehannagh and Curraghnegarhy Tenogh
John Butler Balliquine Tenogh

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbs.
Brennagh, 24; Brassell, 13; Buo, 6; Bryen, 11; Baldin, 6; McCragh, 9; Carroll, 10; Carbery, 13; Coman, 10; Connola, 8; Clery, 6; Donoghoe, 8; Drochan, 8; McDavid, 10;McDaniell, 10; Duogin, 8; McDonogh, 6; FitzEdmond &c., 11; Flin, 30; Floyne, 7; Farhan, 8; Flemming, 11; Fowlow, 12; Harny, 10; Hagherin, 11; Hicky, 6; Heany, 6; Hahasie, 13; Heagan, 7; FitzJohn &c., 16; Kelly, 7; Kenedy, 16; Keahane, 10; Kierussy, 5; Kearney, 6; McMorish, 11; FizMorish, 6; Morissy, 5; Murphy, 11; FizNicholas, 7; Neale, 6; Power, 130; Phelan, 49; Quillenane, 18; Roe, 10; Rochwell, 6; Shanehan, 9; McShane, 8; Sea, 8; McThomas, 11; Welsh, 8; McWilliam, 9; FitzWilliam, 10; Wale, 8.
Barony: Upperthird: Eng, 065; Irish, 1901; 1974, Totall.

Barony of Middlethird

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Briver Esq. Castletowne Drumcannon
John Bryner Esq. Montohogy Killbreedy, Kilburren, Killronan, Baleashin & Parte Killoteran
Paul Sherlocke Esq. Loghdyghin Lisnekill

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbers.
ARland, 5; Baldon, 8; Brennagh, 16; McCowman, 5; Corkerin, 6; Cahane, 6; McEdmond (10), FitzEdmond (9), 19; Forane, 5; Flyne & Flyng, 17; Fowlow, 6; Flemyng, 5; O Fea, 9; Gough, 13; Gibbon, 7; Harny, 9; O Hea, 4; Hagherin, 14; Knaven, 6; FitzJohn, 11; Kenedy, 11; Londay, 6; Morphey, 12; Moeny and Meany, 12; Meaghir, 6; Morissy, 15; FitzMorish & McMorish, 7; FitzNicholas & McNicholas, 7; FitzNichas, 6; Power, 138; Phelane, 44; McRichard & FitzRichard, 8; McShane, 12; Spellane, 5; Sulevane, 4; McThomas & FitzThomas, 11; FitzWilliam & McWilliam, 22; Wesh, 17; FitzWalter &c., 8; Whittle, 8; White, 7.
Barony: Middlethird: Eng, 031; Irish, 1484; 1515, totall.

Barony of Galtire

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Coote gent. Williamstowne Ballymakill
Pierce Walsh Esq. Ballygunr. Castle Ballygunr. Temple
Richard Lynn Ballygunr. temple Ballygunr. Temple
Anthony Field gent. Ballymaclode Ballygunr. Temple
William Bolton Esq., Thomas Bolton gent. Tathlegg Tathlegg
Henry Alland Esq. Passadge Tahlegg
Nicholas Aylward gent. Crostowne Tathlegg
Robert Harding gent. Crooke Crooke
Henry Kellsall gent. Woodstowne Killmocum
Abell Hart gent. Ballinloghbegg Kill McLeig
Robert Whittby gent. B'pps Court Kill St. Lawrence

Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbers.
Aylward, 17; Bryen, 6; Butler, 9; Cahan, 5; Droghan, 7; FitzEdmond, 9; Fling & Flyne, 27; Foran, 7; Fowlow, 4; Ferrell, 4; Flemming, 4; O Hea, 15; FitzJames, 7; FitzJohn, 17; Kenedy, 9; Morish & Fitz & McMorish, 18; Morphey, 11; Power, 69; Phelane, 25; FitzRichard, 19; McShane, 6; Shaneghane, 8; Mc & Fitz Thomas, 8; Tubbernd, 9; Welsh, 9; Wise, 9; FitzWilliam (13), McWilliam (7), 20; White, 7.
Barony: Galtire: Eng, 76; Irish, 1115; 1191 totall.

Citie of Waterford and Liberyes thereof.

Westward: Numb of People, 373; Eng, 200; Irish, 173; Tituladoes Names: Thomas Bolton Esq., Peter Rogers Esq., Thomas Grosvenor gent., John Houghton Esq. Mayor, Thomas Watts Esq., Will. Bainlett Esq., John Williams Esq., Samuell Wade Esq., Robert Lambert Esq., John Gregory Esq., John Cooke ensigne, Richard Wilkinson gent., Wm. Leigh Esq., Robert Enith gent., Tho. Hickes gent., Edward Marshall, gent., Charles Treasley gent., Zech: Clayton mcht., Rich: Morrice mcht., Tho: Sparling mcht., Patrick Grant, mcht.
Southward: Numb of People, 246; Eng, 161; Irish, 085; Tituladoes names: Thomas Dancer Esq., William Hallsey Esq., Richard Maddin Doctr., Edward Butler mcht., Lodowicke Butler mcht., Dominich Suniet mcht., Humphry Deare mcht., Thomas Weldon town clarke, John Barr gent., Jn. Lapp gent., Patrick Maddin gent., Richard Strong mcht., Tho: Strong mcht., Tho: Chismas mcht., John White mcht., Nicholas Welch mcht., Samuell Brinsmeade aopthycary.
Northward: Numb of People, 331; Eng, 177; Irish, 154; Tituladoes Names: Richard Barrett gent., John Heavens Ald'man, Thomas Eyres mchant., Edward Beacon gent., William Fryth gent., John Dyins Aldrman, Richard Royston gent., Benedict Claybrooke Aldn., Andrew Lynn Esq., Fradsham Lond gent., Aldrman Jon. Tomlinson, Allexsander Mickle Esq., Thomas Noble Alderman, Capt. Arthur Odway, Capt. Willliam Baltezar, Thomas Exton Aldrman, Henry Seamor gent., Capt. Thomas Wright, William Darwell mcht., Richd. Maylard an apothycary, jn. Lewis shopkeeper, Thomas Newman mcht., Nicholas Lee mcht., Joseph Parsons mcht., William Blanch mcht., John Davis mcht., Robert Tunbridge mcht., Rich: Ritzgerrald mct., William Hurt mcht., Stephen Murphy mcht., Peter Cransborogh mcht., Symon Sall mcerctt., Thomas Butler merct., Cnokor Sall merct., John Walsh merct., Martin Walsh merct., John Davis merct., James Cobleigh merct., William Ale merct., William Brickain mt., Thomas Eyres m'at., Willaim Lone merct., Thomas Lonell merct.
Brickenstowne, Cleboy, Lumbaride, Kings Meadow, Bogg Mill, and the 2 bowling greenes and the way leading to Killbarry: Number of People, 202; Eng, 027; Irish, 175; Tituladoes Names: William White mct., William Aleward Factr. in the Barbadoes, William Cooper mercer, _____ Starkers Esq.
Kilbarry and Ballynemony, Ballio, Kenenard &c.: Number of People, 144; Eng, 011; Irish, 133.
Johnstowne: Number of People, 119; Eng, 014; Irish, 105; Tituladoes Names: Thomas Lincoln mct., Barthlomew Lincoln mct., Overington Blundell gent., Michell Lea mct., Edward Smyth Esq., Gergory Clemets Esq.
Killculleheen, Rathclehene, Nurath and Ballyrobin. Tituladoes Names: Morrish Conway, gent., The Heyre of my Lady Calthorpe Esq.
Principall Irish Names [and] their Numbs.
Ayleward, 6; Butler, 6; Brennagh, 5; Corkeran, 4; Grant, 5; Fitz james, 6; Fitz John, 8; Kelly, 10; Morrice, 13; Murphy, 13; Nugent, 5; Poore, 8; Power, 8; Phelan, 6; Quinn, 10; Ryan, 5; Sulevan, 5; Trapnell, 5; Welsh, 25; Whelann, 10; FitzWilliam, 6.
City of Waterford and the liberties thereof: Eng, 637; Irish, 1010; Totall Numbers of all ye People, 1647.

Province of Leinster

Catherlagh County (Carlow) and Borough

The Borough of Catherlagh

Tituladoes Towneshippes
Catherlagh Borough Henry Pritty Esq., John Smith Protriue, John Masters, gent., Edward Reynolds marchant, George Rideout gent., Henry Seix Apothecary, Robert Browne gent., and Samuell North Ensigne, Hugh Gough gent.

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Browne, 04; O Bryan, 04; Byrne, 08; Murphy, 08; Nolan, 04; Neale, 04; Welsh, 04.

Tituladoes Towne
Robert Mihill Esqr. Vurghlin
John Ashton Esqr. Ballinakill
Richard Andrewes Esqr. and William Tyndall gent. Duganstowne
Thomas Barry gent. Painstowne
Walter Bodely Esqr. Ballicroge
The Lady Juliana Butler Clonemulsker
Garott Wale gent. Gallilow
Henry Ward Esqr. Cloughna
John Carpenter gent. Quinnagh
John Clearke gent. Pollardstowne & Cernanstowne
Mathew Shepherd gent. Killeriske
William Huges, William Byrine, Garott Byrne & Will' Smith gent. Graingefort
Henry Harman gent. Kellestowne
Arthur Harding gent. Bacroge
John Gayson Esqr. Clocristick
Arthur Weldon gent. Parke
James Allen gent. Lincardstowne, Castletowne & Timlyland
Thomas Weathers gent. Lower Mortestowne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Bane, 06; O Brenan & Brenan, 06; Bolger, 06; Byrne, 24; Corren & Curren, 07; Kinselagh, 08; Kelly (11), Kealy (3), 14; O Doyle & Doyle, 07; Doolin, 06; Dufre, 07; Daniell & O Daniell, 07; Dorgan, 06; McEdmond, 07; McMorish, 07; Nolan, 11; Rose, 09; McWilliam, 06; Headon, 08;
Barrony & Borough of Catherlagh: Eng, 395; Irish, 1122; 1517, Totall.

Rathvily Barrony

Tituladoes Townshippes
Richard Burcell, Richd. Motly and Richard Fisher, gents., James Segnock Esqr., Thristram Thorneton, James Segnock Junor., Laudwick Price gent.s Tulloephelim
Hugh Doyne gent. Ballimorphy
James Motly gent. Croscles and Raglass
Mr. Papworth gent. Jancarstowne
Thomas White gent. Copnagh
Will: Hudson gent., & Eliazor Hudson gent. Clonemore
Francis Browne gent. Hacketstowne
John Rusel gent. Kilcarton
Thomas Flenter Esqr. Phillipstowne
John Flenten gent. Richardstowne
Jeffery Paule gent. Rathmore
John Pooer gent. Shrucboe
Mounsieur Seymour gent. Templeowne and Tulloebogg
Walter Murry & George Murry Esqrs. and James Atmoty gent. Rathvilie
Edebbered Sponeowes gent. Walterstowne
Lieut. Ashworth gent. Purtrashin
John Korton gent. Lisnevagh

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Byrne & O Byrne, 025; Conor & McConor, 006; Cullen, 005; Doyle, 1010; Duffe, 007; McHugh & O Hugh, 007; Kauenagh, 005; Lawler, 006; Murphy, 005; Nolan & Noland, 013; Neale, 009; Smith, 005.
Barrony of Rathvily: Eng, 176; Irish, 719; 895, Totall.

Forth Barrony

Tituladoes Townshippes
Luke Byrne gent. Knockbrack
Edmond Noland gent. Aghelare
Hobbard Cooke gent. Kilmalish
Garrott Wale gent. Ballamore
John Warren gent. Laragh
John Picton gent. Balligarrald
James Kauanagh gent. Castlegrace
Richard Banistor gent. Carrignislane
Seymour Wale gent. Kilcoole
George Hartop gent. Ballitrany
John Nolan gent. Ballinoge
Walter Byrne gent. Newtowne
Walter Motley Rahera
Will: Barnett gent., Emitt Barnett & Captn. Graham gents. Newtowne
Charles Kauanagh gent. Carrigduffe, Kilbrany

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Byrne, 017; Bane, 006; Curren, 008; Doyle, 016; Henelan, 011; Kauanagh, 007; Murphy, 013; Nolan & Noland, 033; Neale, 007; Roe, 005;
Barrony of Forth: Eng, 046; Irish, 558; 604, totall.

Idrone & St. Molins Barronies

Tituladoes Townshippes
Redmond Wale gent. Cloughgrenan
Thomas Fitzgerrald gent. Ballinebrana
Edward Harmon Esqr. and Will: Harmon gent. Crane and Tomard
Thomas Boulton gent. Old Laughlin
Ambrose Elton Esqr. Killinene
Charles Brenan gent. Garribritt
Miertagh Mora gent. Lauglinbridg
Thomas Reynolds Tanner & gent. Inch
Richard Norris gent. Oldtowne
Henry Smithwick Esqr. Ballidurtane
Tho: Burdett Esqr. and Abraham Highmore gent. Rathelin
Tirlagh Kavanagh gent. Raduffe
John Corbett Esqr. Dunleckney
Morgan Byrne gent. Kilcarick
John Lacary gent. Labomesrish
James Evers gent. Knockneran
Thomas Freeman gent. Siskinraine
Will: Welsh gent. Kildrina
James Fitzgerrald gent. Ballilaughan
Morgan Byrne gent. Kilmalipoge
John Byrne gent. Balliclontomy
Donagh Doyle gent. Clowater
Clement Ryan gent. Tamdarragh
Bryan Kavanagh Esqr. Burres
Symon Kauanagh gent. Lissalican
Peirce Butler gent. Corenillane
Thomas Ewers gent. Rahindoragh
Thomas Eliott gent. Rosdillicke
Edward Fitzharris gent. Colnemara
Garrott Kinselagh gent. Cariglead
Jonathan Freind gent. Tinehinch
Richard Shiner gent. Polmountie
Richard Kavanagh gent. Ballivan lower
Nicholas Deuerax gent. Kildovan
Christopher Fitzgerrald gent. Clonegan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Bolger, 013; Byrne, 064; Brenan, 016; Bane, 011; Curren, 022; O Clovan, 005; Doyle, 040; Dniell & McDanll., 014; Duffe, 012; Dillan, 006; McEdmond, 006; Foly, 010; Farrell, 007; Gehinn, 006; Hogan, 006; O Headen & Headen, 011; O Hugh & McHugh, 010; Hicky, 003; McJames, 005; Kenselagh, 014; Kauanagh, 039; McKeohe, 005; Kelly, 017; Lenan, 013; Lawler, 011; Murry, 005; Moore, 010; Murphy, 061; Magher, 005; Noalan & Noland, 034; Neale & O Neale, 025; Poore, 007; Pendergras, 018; Roe, 010; Ryan, 031; McShane, 006; Tomin, 011; Walsh, 033.
Barronyes of Idrone & St. Molins: Eng, 136; Irish, 2282; 2418, totall.

Dublin City

Tituladoes Streets and Lanes &c. Parish
Ridyly Hatfield, John Preston, Esqrs., Thomas Kickham, John Pitts, Nicholas Wilcox, Ralph Allen, Francis Harris, James Kelly, gentlemen; Robert Kenedy, Phillipp Harris Esqrs., William Evers, James Steward gent., Sr. Thomas Shurlog Knt., James his sonn gent. Esqr., Theophilus Eton Esqr., Edmond Ramsey, John White, gentlemen; Richard Kenny Esqr., Leut. Henry Wade, Nicholas Knight gent., Thomas Broune, Ralph King, John Pin, Esqrs., Thomas Floyd gent., Roger Bishopp Esqr., Thomas Storton, Alerman Tho: Hookes, Esqr., Thomas Hookes gent., Nathainell Boyle Esqr., James Edkins, Edward Penteny gentle., Silverster Waight, John Bettin, and James Webb, M'chants. Skinner Row St. Nicholas P'ish withing the Walls
John Paine, Capt. Robert Hughs gent., Capt. Claypoole, Christopher Palmer gent. Swanally St. Andrews Parish
John Kithinyman, Robert Candit, Thomas Haydon gent., Mr. Samuell Jones Lodgr., Captn. Burt Lodger, The Lord Rainllow, Captn. John Franklin, John Dodson, Stephen Buston gent., Sr. John Temple Knt., John Temple Esqr., Henry Temple gent., Major John Bligh Esqr., William Bligh gent., Capt. Graves, Samuell Drury, Thomas Pooly, John Walsh, William Wesby gentlemen, St. George Wenwell Knt., Sir Morrish Uustice Knt., Mr. Elward gent., Tho: Buckarton. Damske Street St. Andrews Parish
Peter Synyres, Anthony Roe, Ralph Manney, John Crych, gentlemen, Thomas maule Esqr., Abraham Muckleborne, Cha: Lemond gent. St. Georges Lane St. Andrews Parish
William Jones, Jeremy Watts, Francis Little Esqr., Peirce Hast, Capt., William Jones, John Boudler, Christopher Blackand, Doctr. Robert Mould, Henry Jones, Richard Edwards, Cornett Merricke, Quartermasr. Lloyd, Mr. Cox, Capt. Glover, Edward Gutch, gentlemen. Colledge Greene St. Andrews Parish
Capt. Rich, Capt, John Nichaells gent. Lazy Hill St. Andrews Parish
Thomas Whitegrove Esqr., Robert Arundall gent., William Taylor Esqr., Capt. Phillpot Esqr, Alderman Jon Cranwell Esq., Captn. Derbon. Francis Street St. Patrick P'ish.
Leut. Coll. Warren, Captn. Francis Shane, Thomas Foules Esqrs., Cornett Jefford, Isaack Collier, John Pinson, Mr. Debart gentlemen, Coll. Barrow Esqr., Captn. Thomas Poope, Mr. Richard, John Archer gentlemen, John Growne M'chant, Richard Ward gent., Mr. Dauson Esqr, John his sonn gent., Marshall Peake Esqr., Captn. Early, Capt. Shaw Esqr., Mr. Richt gent., Mr. Markham Esq., Leut. Wm. Dason Inkeeper, Robert Seaman gent, George Maxwell, Josias Debart, Capt. Potter, Walter Potter his sonn gentlemen, James Moroly Esq., Mr. Clarke, Leut. Lecora. St. Brides &c. St. Brides P'ish
Salt' Corey, Captn. Playford, Robert Broune gentlemen, The Lady Phillipps, Robert hir son, Roger Glascord, Gryffen Borden, gentlemen, Henry Sancky Esqr., George King, James Founbaine, Leut. Wright, Arthur Padmore, Silvanus Stryny, Arthur Padmore, John Joakes, gentlemen, Robert Hugs, William Seden, John Staughton, Robert Bealing, gentlemen, Mr. Barnes lodger, The Lord Anger, James Cuff Esqr. Sheeps Strret St. Brides P'ish
Capt.Rob't Newman, Patricke Talant gent., Ralph Coleman Bruer, Cornet Roney, Nicholas Combes, gentlemen; Captn. Able Warren Esqr., Leut. Robert Newman, Phillipp Alding, Mr. Moynes, Captn. Pritchet, & Mr. Benson, gentlemen. Golden Lane St. Brides P'ish
Thomas Ob, Mr. Bridges, Thomas Warren, John Warren his son, Thomas Walton, John Thornton, Edmond Gouge, Mr. Jeffery, John Guiy gentlemen; John Moore, Esqr., John Avery gent., Thomas Tacker Esqr., Leut. Cotton, Richard Bennett gent., Edward Roberts Esqr., Cornett Burton, John Assin gent., Leut. Coll. Arnop Esqr. Stevens Street St. Brides P'sih
Thomas Holford, William Holford, George Dixson, William Dores, Samuell Foxwich, John Harington, John Bryan, John Cliff, Richard Stanton and Robert Hall, gentlemen. Chequer Lane Ringsend and the liberties therefof
Oliver Lord Fitzwilliams, William Fitzwilliams, Esq. Irishtowne Ringsend and the liberties thereof
John Sheapheard gent., James Barlowe M'chant, Richard Blundell gent., Arthur Usher Merchant, Edmond Duff Esqr., Lodger, The Lady Crosby, Alderman Weston. Fishamble Street, parte St. Johns P'ish
Andrew Lord M'chant, Richard Palfery gent., Jeremiah Berstow Merchant, William Taylor Merchant, John Fitzgerald gent., Adam Gould Merchant, James Gould gent., Alderman Daniell Hutchinson, Mathew Farley gent., Leut. Coll. Hookes Esqr., William Harrison gent., Robert Marshall gent., Henry Markam gent., Francis Dudly gent., Joseph Banks gent., Humphry Withams gent., Tobias Bennell gent., a lodger, John Boulton Merchant, Leut. Pontoney a lodger. Wine Taverne Streete St. Johns P'ish
Thomas Summars gent., Thomas Howard Merchant, Nicholas Amansham gent., John Maddin Esqr., William Martin Bruar, William Hill, merchant, Vallentine Cooke gent., Alderman William Smyth, Thomas Poole gent., Thomas Fulton Merchant, John Hanway gent., Thomas Kay gent., Thomas Robotham gent., Robert Wade bruar, Doctr. Dudly Loftus Esqr., Thomas Boyd Merchant, Henry Lewis gent., Jeffery Toulson gent., Samuell Bonole gent., William Harborne gent., Christopher Leuett. Merchant, Joseph Whitchurch Merchant, Einor Tuinon Merchant, Humphry Jervice Merchant, Edward Aghwell gent., John Price Sheryff, Ezekcell Larkan Merchant. Wood Key Ward St. John's P'ish
Alderman Daniell Bellingham, John Fletcher gent., Samuell Doughty gent., William Shelton gent., John North gent., Anthony Derry gent., George Stoughton gent., Richard Harvy Esqr., Edward Wallis Esqr., Christophert Hart gent., George St. George Esqr., William North gent., Rigmould Wamought gent., Gregory Lambart gent., John Tonstall gent., Horatio Bonorly gent., Joseph Stoakes gent., Tobias Wetherall gent., Andrew Moory gent., Samuell Peepes Esq., John Hughs Esq., Edward Swan gent., Sr. James Ware Knt., James Ware Esq., Robert Ware gent., John Brampton gent., Richard Phillipps Esqr., Thomas Caulfied gent., John Broun gent., Nicholas Ware gent., John Bushell gent., Robert Bathripp gent., Richard Martin gent., Esqr Robert Woods gent., Doctr. Gerry Esq., Coll. Long Esq., Doctr. Waterhouse Esq., John Bisse Esqr., William Tichborne Esq., Samuell Bathurst gentle., Even Vaughan gent., Richard Wilson gent., Robert Cooke Esqr., Robert Symons gent., Richard Butler gent., John Pony Esq. Castle Street St. Warbroughs P'ish
Thomas Bale gent., Samuell Kett gent., Richard Picknall gent., John Wallis gent., Charles Wainman Esq., Robert Ekin gent., Charles Butler gent., John Flemming gent., Robert Yates gent. Pte. of Copper Alley St. Warbroughs P'ish
Thomas Sheapherd gent., Thomas Haughton gent., Nicholas Harman gent., Cornet Stanley gent., John Hooker gent., Coll. Knight Esq., Thomas Lewis gent., Mathew Forth gent., John Gay gent., James Polexfield Esq., James Polexfield gent., John Polexfield gent., William Robert gent., James Yates gent., robert Shipcott Esq., Thomas Harnet gent., Henry Herbert Esq., Wadhine Sands gent., Henry Rawlingson gent., Sr. Tho: Herbert Knt., Alexander Junior gent., Chidly Coote Esq., John Harson gent. Part of St. Warbroughs Streete St. Warbroughs P'ish
William Kenedy gent. Lenthrops Ally St. Warbroughs P'ish
Jerome Allexander Esq. St. John Hoys Ally St. Warbroughs P'ish
Mathew Nulty gent., Jn. Barker gent. Fishamble Street Pte. St. Warbroughs P'ish
Quartermastr. Stanly gent., Ralph Whetlock gent., Richard Webb gent., William Lane gent., Edward Burrowes gent., Jonas Lee gent., Richard Crofton gent., Henry Keating gent., William Hill gent., Robert Johnson gent., William Dixson Esq., Doctr. Alwoodhouse Esq., Enoch Rider gent., Pp. Hasselham gent., Corporall Stiles gent., Jn. Norton gent., Sr. Charles Coote Kt. & Bart., William Sherding gent., Hen: Bollard Esq., Roger Bould gent., Rich: Young gent., Tho: Hooke gent., Isaack John gent., Tho: Reynolds gents., Jn. Thornton gent., Sampson Toogood gent., Robert Cadwell gent., Samuel Cotton gent., Nathaniell Fookes gent., Robert Thornton gent., Thomas Parnall gent, Hugh Price Esqr., Robert Theswell gent., John Bush gent., Sr. Oliver St. George Knt., William Hill gent., Cary Dillon Esq., William Bladen Esq., Humphery Poudyhard gent., Hugh Clotworthy Esq., Lewis Fallard Esq., William Stephenson gent., Samuell Nicholas gent., John Branham gent., Richard Haydon gent., Mathew Langdale. St. Warbroughs Street St. Warbroughs P'ish
Edward Wayman gent., Nicholas Fountaine Esqr., Thomas Dent gent., William Diggs gent. Part of Copper Ally St. Warbroughs P'ish
William Butler gent., Dudly Loftus gent., Timothy Grolliax gent., Richard Reeues Esq. Globe Ally St. Warbroughs P'ish
Alderman John Forrest, Patrick Arthur gent., Thomas Springham M'chant, Alderman George Gilbert, Peter Lesaw gent., Francis Standord M'chant, Nathaniell Palmer distiller, Symon Caricke Merchant, James Cleare Merchant, John Cooke Merchant, Peter Travers Merchant, Alderman John Dismineers M'chant Esqr., Thomas Freeman Merchant, William Barrow Merchant, Alderman peter Waybrent Merchant, Lewis Desmineer Merchant, James Ashly Merchant, Sr. Wm. Usher Usher Kt., Mathew Magg gent., David Conly M'chant, Derrick Westinra Marchant, Geo: Dowdall M'chant, Paul Cadmore gent., William Deane gent., Waren Westenra Mct., Robert Goulborne gent., Albertus Crostenton gent., Audly Mervin Esq., Mr. Morgan Lawyer, John Sergeant M'chant, Robert Dee Esqr., Mayor William Summer gent., Allen Jones gent. Bridge St. St. Audians Parish
Nicholas Gorman Merchant, Abraham Clemens Merchant, William Hopkins gent., Robert Ardogh gent., Patrick Mapes gent., James White gent., John Hodges gent., John Cardyff gent., William Bragg gent., William Plunket gent., Valentine Savadge gent. Cooke Street St. Audians Parish
William Plunkett gent., Richard Ward Distiller, James Ustace gent., Edmond Clere Mchant, John Dutton Mercht., William Fulham Mcht., Paul Delasale Mcht., William harvy gent., Dominich White Mct., Samll. Saltinsball Merct., Richard Berford Esq., John Salmon Merct., Jn. Bollard Apothicary. Corn Markett St. Audians Parish
Tho: Johnson Merct., Mr. Browne gent., Doctor Robert Talbot, Rich: Clarke Apothicary. Pte. of High Street St. Audians Parish
Rich: Muncke gent. Back Lane pt. St. Audians Parish
Dot. Morgan Smyth, William Kerke Merchant, John Champines Mchant, Philipp Costleloe Shop Keeper, William Cramby Mct. More of High Street St. Audians Parish
Regnell Ball gent., Ephram Hardy gent. Kysars lane St. Audians Parish
Mynard Christian Mott, William Whitihell Mctt., Doctr. Fennell lodgur, William Brooking Mctt., James Wade Apothicary, John Knot clothier, Samuell cfhandler Mctt., Capt. Robert Locke, Thomas Whitmore gent., Sr. Robert Ford Knt., John Smyth Merchant, Thomas Kenedy gent., Joshua Rawlinson Mctt., Mathew French merchant, Stephen Butler Esq., Alderman Marke Quinn, Geo: Fisher Shopkeeper, Francis Harvy Esq., Alderman Kenedy, Thomas Brett gent., Alderman Cooke, Henry Reynolds gent., Rich: Millinton Merchant, Coll. Owens (more tituladoes names), Judge Whaly, Capt. Chambers, Capt. Chambers, Barnard Wizard, John Foxall Merchant. High Streete St. Michells Parish
Thomas Hutchinson gent., Mr. Mortomer Esq., Henry Martin Attorny. St. Michells lane St. Michells Parish
James Galbelly gent., James Jones gent. Christs Church Lane St. Michells Parish
Thomas Richardson Esq. Scoole house lane St. Michells Parish
Mr. Young gent., William Howard M'chant., Edward Barrytt Grocer, Richard Price gent. Cooke Street St. Michells Parish
John Sergent Merchant. Rose Mary lane St. Michells Parish
John Hankshaw Merchant, Mathew Barry Esq., Gerrald Fay, gent., Daniell Wybrant Merchant, John Beuchamp Merchant, Maior Brighness gent., Mr. Lecch Merchat. Merchants Key St. Michells Parish
Mr. Bruister gent., Timothy Miller gent., John Kelly gent., John Bygins Phis'. Skippers Lane St. Michells Parish
Luke Lowther gent., Richard Heynham gent., Owen Jones gent., Ralph wallis, gent., Tobias Creamer gent., John Fryer gent., Tho: Worship Esq., Tristram Thornton gent., Ralph Rosengrane gent., John Workman gent., Ralph Vizard Esq., Edward Earle of Meath, Richard Green gent., Doctr. Smyth Esq., Peter Lockard gent., Giles Mee gent., John Eastwood gent., Christopher Bennett gent., William Lecchfield gent., Tho: Clarke gent., Jer. Skelton Esqr., Wm. Pillipps gent., Aldermant. Hunt, Robt. Ludlow Esq., Robt. Harding Esq., Edw: Brabzon Esq., Jn. Hughs Secretary, Tho: Dungan Esq., John Cole gent., Tho: Shaw gent, his sonn Henry, his sonn Thomas, Theophilus Sandford Esq., Rich: Tyth Esq., Joshua Allen gent., James Mollenex Esq., Patrick Allen gent., Robert Allen his sonn gent., Thomas Powell gent., Thomas Butler gent., William Goragh gent., Henry Spranger gent., Thomas Quirke gent., James Relick gent., Richard Stiles gent., John Pennington Esq., Marke Cheswright gent., Thomas Cooke gent., Thomas Waterhouse Esq., Hugh Roberts gent., Tho: Hoult gent., Robert Wasbery gent., Robert Archer gent., Tho: Dromgold gent., Edward Chambers gent., Tho: Navill gent., John Kelly gent., Sr. Robt. Newcoment Knt. and Bart., Robert Wade gent., James Browne gent., Joseph dobson gent., Hen: Verscoyle gent., Abram Rigg gent. Skippers Lane St. Kathrines Parish
John Kelly Merchant, Thomas Cole M'chant, Robert Mercer Merchant, Robert Reeues clarke, Ralph Hartney gent., James Stopford Esq., Randall Becket Esq., William Sands Esq., Sr. james Barry Kt.,Rich: Barry Esq., Stephen Butler Esq., Coll. Hen: Flower, Edward Short Esq., William Blackwell Esq., John Southy Esq., William Sands gent. Skippers Lane St. Michans Parish
Maior William Meredeth Esq., John Brookes Vintner, Tho: Orr Shopkeeper, Henry Orson shopkeeper, Edward Michaell Shopkeeper, Tho: Dowding Merchant, William Allen Shopkeeper, Bartholomew Hodser Shop Kr., Robert his sonn, Obediah Bradshaw Shop Keeter, Will' Pechen Merchant, James Boyle Merchant, Rich: Cleabear Merchant, George Clapham gent., Adam Darling, Doctr. Garner, Mr. Francis gent., Geo: Prigget Esq., Capt. Francis Spence gent. Church Street St. Michans Parish
Alderman Will: Cuff, Felix Birne gent., Bartholomew Lynacar Maulster, Daniell Doyle Merchant, Charles Coote Esq., Charles Meredith Esq., Tho: Doude gent., Wm. Thwaits Malster, Wm. Hodgkins gent., Ralph Barker gent., Rich: Barrett Esqr., Richard Owens gent., Sr. Paul Davis Knt., Edward Temple Esq., Sr. Robert Meredith Knt., Geo: Carr Esq., Tho: Carre gent., William Carr gent., Tho: Seagrave Esq., Lawrence Thornton gent. Hangmans Lane St. Michans Parish
Christopher Curren gent., Danll. Hickson gent., James Barnwall gent., Arthur Chichester Esq., Thomas Taylor gent., William Hatter gent., Edmond Tottericke gent., William Lawles Maulstr, John Bridges Esq., Jo: Doughty Esq., Sr. Arthur Morgan Kt., sr. Hen: Tichborne Kt., John Cole Esq., Edmond Lucas gent., Geo: Crosby Esq., Henry Steele Maulster, Markes Mould Edq. The Abby St. Michans Parish
Thomas Mason Esq. The Greene St. Michans Parish
Geo: Charlton Esq., Capt. Edmond Tomlins Esqr. Bull Lane St. Michans Parish
Sr. Jeremiah Sankey Knt., Mr. Herbert Esq. Little Gaberagh St. Michans Parish

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Allen & McAllen, 014; McAdam &c., 006; Boyle, 006; Butler, 010; Birne, 039; Brin, 005; Bryan, 013; Barry, 008; Browne, 019; Bourke, 005; Casy, 006; Cavenagh, 012; Carroll, 005; Connor, 008; Callin & Cullin, 006; Clarke, 011; Davis, 013; Doyle, 020; Doly &c., 008; Duff, 008; McDaniell, 007; Flemming, 008; Farrell, 005; Fullam, 08; Fitzgerald, 04; Garrett, 05; McGloyre, 06; Hughs, 09; Kernan, 06; Kenedy, 09; Kelly, 16; Martin, 08; Mallone, 07; Moore, 09; Murphy, 10; Nowland, 17; Neale, 13; Roe, 07; Reyly, 10; Smyth, 23; Toole, 06; Welsh, 19; White, 15.

The Number of all ye People withing each Parish - VId City of Dublin &c. People Eng. Irish
St. Nicholas 0402 0324 0078
St. Andrewes 0792 0657 0135
St. Patricks 0813 0577 0236
St. Brides 0732 0581 0151
Ringsend &c. 0245 0096 0149
St. Johns 0904 0784 0120
St. Warbroughs 0846 0730 0116
St. Audians 0839 0593 0246
St. Michells 0678 0540 0138
St. Kathrines 1356 0970 0386
St. Michans 1173 0607 0566
Numb. of all 8780 6459 2321

County of Dublin

Baronys of Newcastle and Uppercrosse

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Francis Parsons Esq., Thomas Toye gent. Tallaght Tallaght
Rowland Bulkley gent. Ouldtowne Tallaght
Gabriell Briscoe gent., Charles Cottle, gent. Killeninge or Killenenny Tallaght
Nicholas Kealy gent. Tymen Tallaght
John Denn gent. Corballyes Tallaght
Robert Hawkins gent. Kynemanagh Tallaght
Joseph Avory Esqr. Ballynescorney Tallaght
Robert Pott gent. Ouldcourt Tallaght
Darby Burgoyne gent., Roger Brerton Esq. Templeoge Tallaght
Francis Carbery gent. Killbride Clandalkan
John Foye gent. Clanalkin Clandalkan
William Greene gent. Nangor Clandalkan
Sr. Adam Loftus Knt., Adam Loftus Esq., Robert Loftus gent., Mathew Peoyx gent., George Hopkins Esq. Rathfarnum Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Daniell Readeinge gent. Staughtons fram Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Edward Gryffith gent. Ballytoudine Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Robert Cusack Esq., John Cusack gent. Rathgarr Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Maior Ellott Esq. Tirrenure, Cacnadye and Burchersheas Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Lawrence Hudson gent. Little Newtown Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Samuell Browne gent. Great Newtowne Rathfarnum, Whitechurch and Crevah
Moses Reyly gent., John Robinson gent., James Wilson Portreue Rathcooole Rathcoole
Richard Harvey gent., Symon Harvey is sonn Ratchedan Rathcoole
Hermon Miller gent. a Foreigner Calliaghtowne Rathcooole
John Graydon gent. Barrettstowne Ballymore, Eustace and Tipperkeavin
Richard Buckley Esq. Donlovan Donlovan
Robert Scarborrough gent., Morgan Jones gent. Newcastle Newcastle
John Smyth gnet. Colganstowne Newcastle
William Clinch gent. Loghtowne Newcastle
Arthur Usher Esq., Sr. Theophylus Jones Knt. Lucan Lucan
Edward Harrington gent. Nespelstowne Lucan
Henry Burton Esq. Ballydowde Esker
Francis Peasley Esq., Francis Vaughan gent. Ballyowen Esker
Edward Cooke gnet. Tinstowne Esker
Nathaniell Stoughton gent. Kishocke Esker
Thomas Vincent Esq. Irishtowne Palmerstowne
Huibart Adryan Aldr. Ballyfarmott Ballyfarmott
John Blackwell Esq., Richard Cowse gent., Allexander Usher gent., William Purcell gent., Ignatius his sonn. Cromlyn Cromlyn
Captn. Roger Beame Esq. Newtowne Kilmayneham
Richard Raynor gent. Kilmayneham Kilmayneham
Capt. Richard Newcomen Esq. Dalkey Dalkey

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Birne, 28; Cavenah, 12; Callen and Cullan, 10; Doyle, 29; Farrall, 8; Kelly, 12; Moore, 7; Morphy, 12; Neale, 6; Nowland, 6; Toole, 11; Walsh, 11.
The Number of People in Ye Barony of Rathdowne: Eng, 244; Irish, 908; totall Eng and Irish, 1152.

Barony of Neithercross

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Woods gent., Nicholas Brimingham gent. Luske Luske
Thomas St. Lawrence gent Terrellstowne Luske
John Smyth gent. Collinstowne Luske
Samuell Walshman gent., Richard Triar gent. Ballogh Luske
Thomas Jones gent. Portrarne Portrarne
Oliver Barnewall gent. Wyanstowne Clonmedane
Peter Russell gent. Balhary Swords
Thomas White gent. Skiddowe Swords
John Arthur gent. Lispopell Swords
Walter Plunkett Esq., John Wakefield gent. Rabeale Swords
Andrew Delahoyd gent. Balmadraught Swords
Clement Daniell gent., Robert Haward gent., John Locke gent., William Horish gent., Robert Smyth gent., Thomas Dancer Esq. Swords Swords
James Donnellan Esq., John Forth Esq. Furrowes Swords
Thomas Springham gent., Thomas Taylor gent., Nicholas Luttrell gent., Thomas Richardson Esq. Finglas Finglas
John Sedgaue Esq., Patrick Sedgraue gent. Finglas Wood Finglas

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Birne, 13; Brimingham, 12; Butterly, 8; Connor, 10; Casey, 10; Coleman, 9; Doyle, 8; Daly, 10; Dowdall, 9; Daniell & Donell, 12; Kelly, 36; Lennan, 7; Lynch and Lynchy, 10; Maccan, 10; Murrey, 9; Quinne, 11; Reyly, 9; Ryan, 11; Walsh, 19; White, 12.
The Number of People in the Barony of Neithercross: Eng, 318; Irish, 1473; Totall Eng and Irish, 1791.

Barony of Balrothery

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Caddle gent. Malt Balscaddan
John Coddington gent., Francis Walsh gent. Kinnure East and West Luske Parishes
John Aston gent. Loghshinigh and Thomastowne East and West Luske Parishes
Thomas Clarke gent. Ballykea East and West Luske Parishes
John Flower gent. Haystowne East and West Luske Parishes
Jeffery Russell gent. Rush East and West Luske Parishes
Christopher Barnewall gent. Gracediewe East and West Luske Parishes
Christopher St. Lawrence gent. Whitestowne East and West Luske Parishes
Nicholas Coddington Esq. Holme Patricke Holme Patrick
Francis Travers gent., William Gibson gent. Baldongan Baldongan
Nicholas Lord Viscounty Barnewall, Henry Barnewall Esq., Francis Barnewall Esq., Mthew Barnewall Esq., Lawrence Dowdall gent. Turvey Donebate
Thomas Burton Esq. Corballyes Donebate
George Forster gent. Baltra Donebate
Aldr. John Carbery Esq. Kilcreagh Donebate
John Gyles gent. West Palstowne West Palstowne
James Wickombe gent. Balmadunn Balmadune
Samuell Hall gent. Nottstowne Balmadune
William Talbot gent. Baldwinstowne Garistowne
Richard Talbott gent. Garistowne Garistowne
Robert Whitefield gent., Stephen Scarborough gent. Naall Naall

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Birne, 11; Browne, 10; Brayne, 11; Boylan, 7; Coleman, 7; Callan, 11; Connor, 11; Corbally, 9; Cruise, 10; Dowdall, 12; Dermott, 10; Duff, 9; Donn, 7; English, 15; Fulham, 8; Farrall, 12; Harford, 17; Kelly, 26; Laundry, 8; Loghlin, 9; Lynch, 9; Maccan, 10; Murphy, 7; Murrey, 14; Martyn, 13; Mahowne & Mahon, 9; Quinn, 10; Russell, 15; Realy, 11; Walsh, 14; White, 17; Wade, 10.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Balrothery: Eng, 518; Irish, 1990; Totall Eng and Irish, 2508.

Barony of Cowlocke

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Barnewall gent. Kilossery Kilossery
Nicholas Bolton Esq. Brazeele Kilossery
James Penteny gent. Surgolls towne Kilossery
Luke Dillon gent., Bonaventure Dillon gent., Barthol' Dillon gent. Killeigh Killeigh
Jerome Russell gent. Dryneham Swords
George Lord Barron of Strabane, Christopher Fagon Esq. Festryne Swords
John Hollywood gent. Kinsaley Swords
Thomas Towers gent. Corballis P'ish of Cloghran Swords
Lewit' Coll. George Smyth Esq. Cloghran P'ish of Cloghran Swords
Arthur Smyth gent. Baskine P'ish of Cloghran Swords
Edward Bary gent. Tobberlonny P'ish of Cloghran Swords
Benjamin Bolton gent. Stacoole P'ish of Cloghran Swords
Miles Corbett Esq., Richard Cotton Esq., Miles Corbett Junior gent. Malahide Malahide
Roger Bishopp Esq., George Usher gent. Portmarnocke Pormarnocke
William Lord Barron of Howth, Peter Wynne gent., William FitzWilliams gent. In ye House of Howth Howth
Thomas Lea gent., Richard St. Lawrance gent. The Towne of Howth Howth
Thomas Ownyan gent. The Walls Howth
Michael Jones Esq. Balgriffen Balgriffin
John Barker gent. Dernedall Cowlocke
Richard Browne gent., Michall St. Lawrence gent. Rathenny Rathenny
__Mustian Esq., M' Seward gent. Clantarfe Clantarfe
Charles Earl of Cavan, Oliver Lambert Esq., Walter Lambert Esq., Edward Taylor gent. Tartayne Finglasse
Coll. Chidley Coote Esq. Killester Finglasse
John Baxter Esq., Henry Taylor gent. Mayock Santry
Henry Porter Esq. Sterminstowne Santry
Richard Forster gent., Richard Gibson gent. Gt. Clonshogh Santry
Coll. Francis Willoughby Esq. Denbroe St. Margretts
Robert Chamberlyn gent., Thomas Chamberlyn his sonn. Kilreeske St. Margretts
William Basill Esq., Peter Vaughan gent. Donekernye Clanturke
John Smyth gent. Dromconcagh Clanturke

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Archbould, 12; Bryan, 9; Birne, 26; Cassy, 8; Connor, 10; Doyle, 13; Farrall, 9; Kelly, 23; Lawlis, 9; Murphy, 10; Smyth, 11; Walsh, 8; White, 11.
The Number of People in the Barony of Cowlock: Eng, 419; Irish, 1425; Totall Eng and Irish, 1844.

Barony of Castleknocke

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Mathew Barnewall gent. Castle farme of Castleknocke Castleknocke
Nathaniell Leake gent. Diswillstowne Castleknocke
John Connell gent. Pelletstowne Castleknocke
James Dillon gent., James Barnewall gent. Huntstowne Castleknocke
Henry Rowles Esq., Robert Ball gent., Richard Birford gent., Christopher Plunkett gent., Patricke Plunkett his sonn. Blanchardstowne Castleknocke
Bennet Arthur gent. Great Cabragh Castleknocke
William Warren gent. Cooleduffe Castleknocke
Coll. Richard Lawrence Esq. Porterstowne Castleknocke
James Sweetman gent. Abbottstowne Castleknocke
David Edwards gent., John Mason gent., Rouse Davis gent. Chapple Izod Castleknocke
Thomas Lutterell Esq. Poocestowne Malahiddart
John Jordan gent. Tobrelstowne & Terrelstowne Malahiddart
Nicholas Cart: gent. Damastowne Malahiddart
Gilbert Kerris gent. Pasloestowne Malahiddart
Thomas Bagworth gent. Kilsolachan Kilsolachan
John Gibson gent. Dunmuskye Kilsolachan
Richard Broughall gent. Clonsillagh Clonsillagh
Sr. William Berry Knt. Luttrellstowne Clonsillagh
James Russell gent. Colemyne Clonsillagh

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Birne, 5; Barnewall, 6; Dunne, 6; Kelly, 11; Murphy, 11; Moore, 6; Martyn, 6; Quinn, 7; Ryan, 6.
The Number of People in the Barony of Castleknock: Eng, 189; Irish, 885; Totall Eng & Irish, 1074.

Killdare County

Ophaly Barony

Tituladoes Townland
Nicholas Rutledge, Patrick Hanley, and George Staples gents. Killdare
Robert Braghall gent. Rahangan
Gerrat Fitzgerrald gent. Ficullan
Richard Fitzgerald gent. Dunmorie
Robert Fitzgerald gent. Codlans towne
John Evers Esq. Lackagh
Teige Walsh gent. Kildengan
Sr. John Crosby Knt. Baronet Walters towne
John Anesley Esq. Balisonan
John Sarsfield gent. Martins towne
Maurice Fitzgerrald gent. Iron Hill
Edward Loftus Ld. Viscount of Elye Monestereuen
Francis Peaslie Esq. Rathbride

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Birne, 026; Boghan (3), Boaghan (37), 40; Boorke, 006; Breckan (3), Breackan (9), 12; Boy (6) and McEboy (2), 008; Conolan & Conlan, 018; Connor, 015; Carroll, 013; Dempsey, 020; Doran, 010; Doolin, 020; Duin, 016; Doyle, 007; Enose, 015; Farrell, 016; Fitzgerrald, 014; McHuigh, 006; Heiren, 006; Helan, 006; Hinegan, 009; Kinselagh, 006; Kellie (60), Keely (3), 63; Kegan, 08; Lalor, 21; Mooney, 18; Moran & Morren, 14; Morin, 07; Murphy, 20; Malone, 08; Moore, 11; McMorrish, 10; Lean & Lanan, 07; Nowlan, 08; Roe, 07; Samon, 07; Smith, 06; Toole, 12; Walsh, 09.
Barony: Ophalye; Eng, 051; Irish, 2187; 2238 Totall.

Naase Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Richard Strecklan, Robert Moore, William Foster, Charles Hill, John Birkett, James Sherlocke, Will. Dounebanane, and Tho. Tatte, gents.; Will. Sands Esq., Rowland Horribon gent., The Right Honoble. Earle of Strafford. Naase
James Slose gent. Killen Moore
John Burye Esq. Turnings
Francis Moore gent. Boding towne
Anthony Sherlocke gent. Blackhall
Edward Eustace gent. Sherlocks towne
Isack Sands gent. Westowne Wast
Gerralt Flemminge gent. Cardifs towne
John Smith gent. Cradocks towne
Charles Reenes Esq., Morrish Fitzgerrald, gent. Osbers towne
George Clarke gentleman. Newland and Newtowne
Christopher Doughtie gent. Canne court
Henry Warren Esq., Morrice Warren his sonn gents., Edward Soare and Will. Warren gents. Grangebogg
Sr. John Hoye Knight, William Hoye his sonn Esq. Cottlands towne
Phillip Carpenter & John Browne gents. Siggins towne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Birne, 040; Beaghan, 006; Donnell (7), Dowell (4), 11; Doyle, 011; Dunne, 010; Eustace, 011; Farell, 007; Fitzgerrald, 006; Kauanagh, 006; Kelly, 026; Lalor, 009; Lannon, 006; Moore, 012; Murphy, 015; Murey, 006; Neale, 011; Nowlan, 011; Doyne, 006.
Barrony: Naase: Eng, 110; Irish, 1563; 1673 Totall.

Clane Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Henry Pearce, patrick Fitzgerrald, and John Warren, gents. Clane
Robert Thornton gent. Keppocke
Humpherie Milles gent. Newtown of Slane
John Emerson, Thomas Edgewood, Arthur Sheile, Frederick Sheile, and Hercules Sheile, gents. Beatoghs towne
Nathaniell Staughton gent. Killbeggs
John Deuenishe gent. Curry Hills
George Carter gent. Longe towne
Sr. Andrew Ailmer Knt. & Baronett, James Ailmer his sonn gent., and George Clarke gent. Downings
Edward Plunkett gent. Graggs
Peter Holmes gent. Donore
Oliver Fitzgerrald gent. Ballinefagh
James Fitzgerrald gent. Stables towne
Francis Eustace gent. Blackwood
Walter Fizgerrald gent. Landons towne
Alexandr. Eustace Yeomans towne
Redmond Fitzgerrald gent. Tymochoe
John Dongan gent. Coole Caregine
Morrish Eustace gent. Barrets towne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Birne, 06; Connor, 12; Doyle, 06; Dunn, 09; Eustace, 08; Farrell, 09; Felan alias Holan, 06; Fitzgerrald, 08; Hanlon, 09; Hearin (3), O Hererin (4), 07; Kellie, 07; Murphy, 06; Nowlan, 05.
Barrony: Clane; Eng, 032; Irish, 760; 792 Tott:

Connell Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
John Fitzgerrald gent. Granghiggen
James Duin gent. Rahernin
Gerrald Fitzgerrald gent. Punchards grandy
Geo. Fitzgerrald & Tho: Moore gents. Ladie towne
William Meredith Esq. Greenhill
William Talbott gent. Great Connell
Walter Whyte gent. Peirces towne
Walter Weldon gent. Rosberrie

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Beaghan, 08; Birne, 13; Cullen, 06; Duin, 06; Doolin, 12; Enose, 10; Felan alius Helan, 07; Farrell, 06; Foran alius Horan, 06; Fitzgerrald, 07; Hely, 06; Kelly, 17; Morin (7), Moran (2), 09; Malone, 08; Murphy, 06; Nowlan, 18; Rorque, 10.
Barrony: Conell; Eng, 020; Irish, 912; 932 Tott:

Salt Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Francis Nest, John Nelson, Francis Greene and John Samon, gents. Mynowth
Edward Morgan gent. Laraghbrian
Lawrence Allen gent. Mawes
Thomas Newcomen gent. Cartowne
George Rutlidge gent. Griffinrath
Richard Barry gent. Kellistowne
Henry Markham Esq. and John Darsy gent. Confey
Nicholas White Esq., James Eustace, & Charles Hooker, gents. Leixleipp
Humphrey Jones gent. More towne
William Smith gent. Castle towne
Edward Hollins gent. Rewd and Priors towne
Jossua Shippy gent. Newtowne East
John Gaige gent. Castle Dillon
Sr. Bryan O Neile Knight and Bryan O Neile Esq. St. Wolstans
Edward Jones gent. Stackunny
Thomas Browne gent. Bishopps Court

Principall Irish Names [and their Number].
McAnully, 010; Bryan, 09; Birne, 28; Browne, 07; Connor, 08; Dunn, 07; DOyle, 18; Eustace, 07; Enos, 08; Farrell, 06; Kelly, 28; Kauanagh, 06; Keny and Kenny, 07; Lalor, 07; Malone, 15; Murphy, 11; Nowlan, 12; O Neale, 09; Smith, 09; Toole, 09; Tressy, 07; Walsh, 10.
Barrony: Salt; Eng, 180; Irish, 1772; 1952 tott:

Reban and Narragh Barronies

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Preston Esq. & Souereign Athy St. Johns
Robert Weldon Esq. and Will: Weldon gent. St. Johns in Athy Borrough St. Johns
Daniell Cullen Dr. of Phisick Boligegg St. Johns
Garrett Nugent gent. Skerris St. Johns
Morrish Keating and John Eustace gents. Narraghmore St. Johns
Bartholmew Hussey Esq. Glasellie St. Johns
Thomas Cheeke gent. Blackrath St. Johns
Harmon Wansanton gent. Crooks towne St. Johns
Will: Eustace gent. Ballimount St. Johns
John Clearke gent. Calbins towne St. Johns
Thomas Eustace gent. Clauers towne St. Johns
Edmond Walsh gent. Black halle St. Johns
George Halefeild gent. Reban St. Johns
Joseph Rea gent. Woodestooke Churchtowne
John Jackson gent. Kilberrie Churchtowne
Henry Brynne Esq. Tullogorie Churchtowne
William Sauadge gent. Ardscoll Churchtowne

Principall Irish Names [and their Number].
Burne, 24; Brin & Brinne, 5; Brenan, 17; Carroll, 09; Cullen, 07; Coneran, 05; Dullanie, 05; Dunn, 15; Duffe, 06; Dowling, 14; Doran, 05; McDermot, 05; Daniell, 06; Fitzgerrald, 07; Farrell, 08; Glascock, 05; Goine, 05; Hylan & Helan, 05; Hickie, 06; Kelly, 54; Keating, 05; Keaghoe, 06; Kinselagh, 05; Lalor, 19; Lyon, 05; Moore, 07; Malone, 05; Murphy, 27; Neale, 09; Toole, 05; Walsh, 08.
Barrony: Leban & Narragh: Eng, 1317; Irish, 1516; 1653 tott.

Barrony of Kilkae & Moone

Tituladoes Townland
Wentworth Fitzgerald Earl of Kildare, William Hamond gent. Kilkae
Robert Hodges gent. Becons town
Edward Dauis Esqr., Terrence Fitzpatrick gent. Moone
John Edworth gent. Breagh
John Warren gent. Grany
Raphaell Hunt Edq., Raphaell Hunt his sonn, & Charles Richesies, gents. Dollors towne
Laghlin Leyen gent. Hallaheys
George Blount Esq. & James Blount gent. Boulton
John Hickey gent. Marshals towne
John Westly Esqr. Both ye Bealans
Thomas Harman Esq. Castlerowe
Edward Warren gent. Ballaghmoone
Francis Heling, William Hulme, and John Gater, gentlemen. Castle dermott
John Bennett Esq. Ardrey
Walter Burrows Barronett Grange Mellon
Henry Walsh gent. Ballybrin

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Brenan, 06; Birne, 31; Bane, 11; Bolger, 05; Curren (4), Corren (2), Carron (4), 10; Dunn, 05; McDaniell, 07; Dowling, 11; Doyle, 11; Eustace, 05; Fitzgerrald, 06; Foaly, 08; Hedien, 19; Kelly, 21; Kealy, 05; Keagho, 05; Kauanagh, 07; Lalor, 20; Murphey, 14; Moore, 05; Murrey, 05; Nowland, 32; O Neale, 09; Phelan, 09; Roe, 05; Raghter, 05; Toole, 07; Treuers, 05; Welsh, 12.
Barrony: Kilkea & Moone: Eng, 142; Irish, 1327; 1460 tott:

Ikeathye Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Edward Dodleston, Christopher Tirrell, William Leigh, John Person, William Owtton, George Gouldsmith & Daniell Birne, gentlemen. Kilcock Towne
Robert Aylmer and Christopher Rochfort, gentlemen. Ports
Meyler Hussey gent. Courstowne
William Rochfort, and Thomas Seax, gents. Larghes and Roes towne
Bryen Jones gent. Clonsaste
Austen Rownyn gent. Brangans towne
Coll. Henry Owen Esq. Doneda
Thomas Rowles gent. Cultrime
Charles Wenman Esq. Shurlogs towne
Richard Thomson Esq. and Joseph Thomson gent. Cloancurrye
Walter Whyte Esq. Pitchers towne
John Aylmer gent. Ballesanon
Thomas Aylmer gent. Newton of Kilbride
John Salt Esq. Corckrans towne
John Boorke gent. Fennaghs
Thomas Milborn gent. Killmacgarrocke
Will: Litchfield gent. Rathcoffy
Thomas Brookes gent. Paynestowne
Richared Neuill gent. Maynham

Principall Irish Names [and their Number].
Aylmer, 05; Birne, 10; Brannagh, 06; Boorke, 07; Cartan, 06; Dalie (5), Dalli 09; Doyne, 11; Doyle, 07; Dunn, 12; Farrell, 09; Filan al's Hilan, 09; Kenedy, 05; Kellye, 11; Kenna (5), Kenny (4), 9; Mooney, 08; Malone, 05; Neale, 05; Quynn, 08; Rochfort, 90; Ryan, 06; Scully, 05; Toole, 05; Tagan, 05; Walsh, 07.
Barrony: Ikeathye; Eng, 050; Irish, 1122; 1172 tott:

Carbery Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Dudly Colly Esq. Castle carbery
John Ash gent. Clonkeene
Henry Lyee gent. Teekneuan
Garrot Bermingham gent. Ballinemallagh
Barnaby Kelly gent. Caddames towne
Thomas Lynham and Adam Lynham gents. Clonagh
William Bermingham and Redmond Bermingham gents. Thomas towne
Anthony Sambage Esq. Ballina
Thomas Bermingham gent. Dunfiert
Garett Bermingham and William Bermingham, gents. Mucklon
Bartholmew Aylmer gent. Killian
Donogh Connor gent. Killmurry
John Luby gent. Moyually
John Bermingham and James Bermingham, gents. Garisker
John Kelly gent. Kilglass
Edward Bermingham and Walter Bermingham his sonn, gents. Grange
Edward Waren Esq. and Stephen Waren gent. Raheen and Rusels wood
Thomas Pallis gent. Dirinlugg

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Bermingham, 24; Boylan, 06; O Brine, 07; Birne, 05; Branagh, 07; Cormack, 09; Comman, 07; Calmy, 06; Carbery, 05; Connor. 10; Conelan, 05; Dunn, 07; McDonagh, 06; O Donlen, 05; Duine, 09; Enos, 10; Gaffeny, 10; Giraghty, 08; Healy, 07; Kelly, 29; Keely, 04; Kenedy, 13; Leynagh, 06; Langan, 05; Mooney, 16; Moren, 08; Malone, 17; Maly, 06; Moore, 06; Martin (5), Gillmartin (4), 9; McOwen, 07; Scully, 05; Trody, 05; Wailsh, 10; McWard, 07.
Barrony: Carbery: Eng, 040; Irish, 1503; 1543 tott.

Killcullen 1/2 Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Rowland Owens, Thomas Law, Richard Nicholls, Richd. Haries, Richard Greene, Ralph Greene, Robert Smith and Edward Fotterell, gentlemen; and John Weabb gentleman. Killcullen
Symon Wessbie gent. New Abby and Nichols towne
Lt. William Willisbie gent. Killeneane
Henry Haringtonn & Lodowick Pontin gent. Killgoan
Thomas Bryan gent. Killcullen bridge

Principall Irish Names [and their Number].
Birne, 22; Doran, 06; Kelly, 07; Murphey, 05.
Barony: Killcullen 1/2: Eng, 034; Irish, 367; 0401 tott:

Kilkenny County and Citty

Barony of Galmoy

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Lloyd gent., Thomas Brodston gent. Glashare Glashare
John Warmand gent. Coolenacrutty Glashare
Thomas Sharpe gent. Mullenemucke Fartagh
Abell Warren Esq. Lodge Fartagh
John Bryan gent. Bawnemore Fartagh
John Ryan gent. Rathreagh Fartagh
William Flower Esq., George Blunt gent., Francis Savadge, William Gray, gent. Durrow  
Charles Hawkins gent., Thomas Butler gent. Urlinford  
Peter Purcell gent. Burrismore  
Hugh White gent. Castletowne She  
William Brookes gent. Parkesgrove  
Humphry Hurd gent. Lisdowney  
Lewis Mathews gent. Tefeghiy  
Walter Butler gent. Sheskin  
John Bourden gent of Clone Ballinaslee  
Theobald Butlr gent. of Ballinaslee Clone  
Henry Fleming gent., John Earlsman gent., James Madison gent., John Spoone gent., Edward Butler gent., Henry Baker, gent., Thomas Bedborogh gent., Francis Creskitt gent., Thomas Davis gent., Samuell Price gent., Robert Piggott gent., John spillman gent., Stephen Slaney gent., Gerrard Warren gent. Major Abell Warrens troope  

[Principall Irish Names and their Number].
Boe & O Boe, 009; Birne, 05; Brohy, 017; Butler, 012; Bergin, 019; Currin, 009; Cody, 01; Clony, 006; Caroll, 006; Costigin, 006; Dullard, 010; Dulany, 030; Dowly & Dooly, 007; Hicky, 006; Hologhane, 008; Kelly, 017; Kevanagh, 007; Kenedy, 05; Lawler, 006; Mullany, 05; Mogher, 023; Phelan, 022; Purcell, 011; Fitzpatrick, 006; Quiddihy, 007; Ryan, 010; Shee & Shea, 007; Tenane & Tinane, 012; Welsh & Walsh, 013.
The Number of People in the Barony of Galmoy: Eng, 128; irish, 1446; Totall Eng & Irish, 1574.

Barony of Gowran

Tituladoes Townland Parish
William Cheshire gent. Graige  
Alexander Costle Esq., Silvester Costle gent. Dissertbegg Jerpoynt
Daniell Redman Esq. Ballyinch Jerpoynt
John Johnson gent., George Robbins gent., Francis Lewis gent.,Richard Whaley gent. Inesteoge Jerpoynt
Christopher Render gent. Fedunrahy Jerpoynt
George St. Leger gent. Killfane Jerpoynt
John Purcell gent. Cloghlea Jerpoynt
Edmond Butler gent. Bramblestowne Jerpoynt
Richard Butler gent. Nehum Jerpoynt
Richard Stephens Esq. Low Grange Jerpoynt
Obd. Jones Esq. Ould Abby Jerpoynt
Jeffry Pert gent. Nashtowne Jerpoynt
Edmond Feake Esq. Bishoppslogh Jerpoynt
Dudly Mannaring gent. Kilblayne Jerpoynt
Henry Fogg gent., John Keneslon gent. Bennetts bridge Jerpoynt
Nicholas Baygott gent. Houlingstowne Jerpoynt
Thomas Throgmorton gent., Richard Dobbin Marchant, Simon Smyth gent., Christopher Hewetson gent. Thomastowne Jerpoynt
John Norton gent. Danyin Jerpoynt
Anthony Stampe Esq., John Stampe gent. Grenam Jerpoynt
Edward Chilton gent. Shankhill Jerpoynt
Richard Leigh gent. BallimcLoghlin Jerpoynt
Mr. Samford Esq., John Powell Esq. Cantwells court Jerpoynt
Henry Johnson gent. Upper Claragh Jerpoynt
Jacob Cormicke Esq. Brickin claragh Jerpoynt
Walter Archer gent. Ballyfoyle Jerpoynt
The Right Honble. the Lord Marquess of Ormonde, Thomas Humes Esq., Edmond Ludlo gent., Peter St. John gent., William Legrond gent., William Hacker gent., William Taylor gent., Luke Archer gent., William Whialon gent.   Jerpoynt
Thomas Hossy gent., John Ungly gent., Henry Makepeace. Gowran Jerpoynt
William Hopkins gent. Paulestowne Jerpoynt
Leut. Aggher Honett gent. Ratharmore Jerpoynt
John Collins gent., John Collins his sonn gent., Henry Evans. Blanch Wilds towne Jerpoynt
Thomas Lauson gent. Rathgarvan Jerpoynt

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Archer, 06; Birne, 048; Brohy, 020; Butler, 039; Blanchvill, 014; Bryan, 010; Bolger, 010; Brenan, 046; Bergin, 006; O Boe, 07; Bane, 08; Barron, 09; Bourke, 05; Brodier, 06; Cody, 040; Comerford, 015; Cullen, 010; Coghill, 011; Clone & Clony, 010; Convoy & Coway, 009; Cantwell, 09; Cragh, 06; Clere & Cleary, 07; Carroll, 06; Cnogher, 05; Cormucke, 016; Dulany, 012; McDonogh &c., 012; O Donell &c., 015; Dowling, 016; Dobbin, 010; McDavid, 07; O Drea &c., 08; Dowly &c., 06; Fannig, 010; Farrell &c., 023; Flemming, 07; Fitzgerald, 011; Grace, 020; Heiden, 013; Hologhon (08) & Halighan (05), 013; Healy &c., 011; Heban, 08; Henessy, 08; Joue & Jouie, 010; Keating, 012; Kelly, 043; Kevanagh, 013; Kenedy, 05; Kearny, 06; Keefe, 08; McLoghlin. 011; Lallor, 017; Loghman, 06; Laules, 08; Morphy, 118; Mogher, 015; Mulrony, 08; Marten, 09; Neale, 032; Nolan, 030; Phelan, 025; Purcell, 020; Patrick &c., 010; Prendergst, 024; Power, 08; Quin & Quing, 012; Quiddihy, 09; Ryan, 089; Rock, 012; Roch, 06; Shortall, 016; Shea, 09; Tobin, 015; Tressy, 08; Welsh & Walsh, 095; Wall, 012.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Gowran: Eng, 311; Irish, 3543; totall Eng & Irish, 3854.

Barony of Iverke

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Woodcocke gent. Kilkregan  
William Adhow gent. Barrebehy  
John Mason gent. Poulroan  
William Frispe gent. Craigo Urne  
Robert Hawford gent. Ballynebuohy  
George Cooke gent. Ballinlogh  
Humphrey Bridgin gent., John Bridgin gent. Clomemore  
William Collins gent. Portnescolly  
Edward Jackson Esq., Edward Jackson his sonn gent. Corloddy  
Robert Frispe gent. Fiddowne  
Coll. John Porsonby Esq. Killmodaly  
George Frype gent. Part of Cloinemore  
John Fennell gent. Killonerry  
John Pratt gent. Danngin  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Aildwood, 007; Butler, 014; Browne, 06; Cody, 006; Donell, 009; Daton, 022; Dullard, 05; Dunfy, 05; Fitzgerald, 007; Grant, 033; Haly & Healy, 008; Kenedy, 007; Kelly, 006; Morphey, 006; Mogher, 006; Phelan, 011; Powre & Poore, 008; McPhillipp, 007; Quin, 020; McShane, 009; Welsh & Walsh, 087.
The Number of People in the Bar' of Iverke: Eng, 099; Irish, 1358; Totall Eng & Irish, 1455.

Barony of Ida, Igrin and Ibercon

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Emanuell Palmer Esq. Ballilogh  
James Bolger gent. Rathsnagaden  
David Morey gent. Mungan  
Charles Kavananagh gent. Coole hill  
Solamon Bolger gent. Rosenanowle  
Pierce Cody gent. Carranroe  
Thomas Barnes gent. Grange  
Daniell Borne gent. Intreyme  
Edmond Fitzgerald gent., Richard Fitzgerald gent. Cloyne  
Samuell Scrimshaw gent. Gurtins  
Marcus Bennet gent. Drumdowny  
Theobald Fitzgerald gent., Nicholas Fitzgerald gent. Bally hubocke  
Anthony Denn gent. Rochestowne  
Edward Raggett gent., Morgan Wicken gent.   Rosbercon
Samuell Goodwin gent. Tinyrany Rosbercon
Henry Peter gent. Annagh Shanbogh
James Long gent. Garrandaragh Disertmone
Richard Welsh gent. Ballyready Disertmone
Edmond McShea gent. Ballyknocke Disertmone
Edmond Fitzgerald gent. Glan Ballivale Disertmone
Samuell Bookeley gent. Broundsford Disertmone
Thomas Forstall gent Ballycroney Ballygurrin
Edmond Forstall gent. Flemings towne Kilbride
Walter Forstall gent., Redmond Forstall gent. Killbride Kilbride
James Fanning gent. Alwards towne Kilbride
Stephen Devoroux gent. Carrickclony Kilbride
George Bishopp Esq., Anthony Bishopp gent., Mich: Tempson gent. Gaules Kill & Lickettstowne Kilbride
Boyle Mantell Esq. Gawles towne Kilbride
Anthony Horsey Esq. Killcrony Kilbride
William Dowler gent., John Adderton gent. Dunkitt Kilbride
Francis Jone gent. Mullenbrohe Kilbride

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Aldwood, 008; Bolger, 011; Birne, 014; Brin & Bren, 011; Bryan, 007; Butler, 008; Baron, 010; Cody, 014; Cullen, 008; Carroll, 010; Doyle, 013; Daton, 006; Dalton, 008; Denn, 007; Forstall, 012; Gerald, 011; Fitzgerald, 011; Geraldin, 04; Grace, 011; Grant, 007; Gale (7) & Gawle (010), 017; Kelly, 016; Knock & Knack, 008; Laules, 006; Morphey, 072; Roe, 005; Roch, 009; Welsh & Walsh, 094.
The Number of People in ye Baronyes of Ida, Igrin and Ibercon: Eng, 079; Irish, 1867; Totall Eng and Irish, 1946.

Barony of Knoktopher

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Dennis Correy gent. Garrandarragh and Mullenult  
John Browne gent. Castle Ganing  
Henry Wade Esq., Capt. Tomlins Esq., John Johnson gent. Ballyhoyle  
James Howling gent. Ballyconway  
Thomas Walton gent. Jerpoint  
William Shea gent. Watons groue  
Robert Knorisborogh gent. Cortneboly  
Patrick Purcell gent. Rathtuterny towne  
Mathew Dermody gent. Knockmellan  
James Walsh gent. Corebehy, Balline, Cowly and Ballyhowen  
Francis Robinson gent. Insencarren  
Tobias Boyle gent. Ballyemaboge  
Thomas Inmon gent. Derrilyagh and Croshenoy  
Baldwin Ackland gent. Aghy viller  
George Kempton gent. Knocktopher, Borridstowne and Sheepstowne  
Compton Woogon gent. Mannor of Kocktopher  
All Souldiers Wifes Alt. Ensige Carren  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Bourke, 005; Barron, 09; Butler, 16; Bolger, 05; Brenan, 06; Daton, 06; McDonogh, 07; McEdmond, 06; Forstall, 06; Howling, 14; Kelly, 05; Kenedy, 05; Morphey, 11; Mogher, 07; Neale, 06; Nolan, 05; Power & Poore, 08; Ryan, 022; Rely, 06; Shea, 006; Walsh, 111; White, 015; McWilliam, 005.
The Number of People in the Bar. of Knocktopher: Eng, 061; Irish, 1301; Totall Eng & Irish, 1362.

Barony of Fassagh Deinin

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Todd gent. Nichollstowne  
Nathaniell Williams Esq., Walter Noss gent., Richard Makins gent., Nicholas Shea Merchant, John Roth Merchant, Theobald Purcell gent. Ballyraggett  
William Cleere gent. Donoghmore  
James Bryon gent., William Stringer gent. Christowne  
John Bryan gent., Duglass Bryan Jenkins towne  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Brohy, 10; Butler, 11; Brenan, 116; Birne, 31; Bergin, 08; Blanchvill and Blanchfield, 06; Cleere, 06; Dulany, 23; Duin & Duing, 08; Dowling, 09; Forstall, 07; Ferrell, 06; Horoghon (11) & Hologhon (4), 15; Henessy, 09; Hicky, 09; Kenedy, 13; Kelly, 20; Kevanagh, 10; Kehoe, 05; Kenny, 05; Lallor & Lawlor, 12; Murphy, 16; Mollowny & Muldowny, 09; Mogher, 12; Nolan, 08; Neale, 06; Phelan, 31; Fitzpatrick, 08; Purcell, 35; Ryan, 09; Walsh, 12.
The Number of People in the Barony of Fassagh Deinin: Eng, 053; Irish, 1688; Totall Eng & Irish, 1741.

Barony of Kells

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Jonas Wheeler Esq., John Meagh gent., Robert Shea gent. Towne of Kells  
Beniamin Woodward Esq., John Jones Esq. High Street in Kells  
Morish Morphy Esq. Towne of Kilry  
Richard Comerford gent. Danginmore  
Thomas Shea gent. Rathcubbin & Spruces Hayes  
Elias Pike gent. Castle Hoile  
Andrew Manwaring Rogers towne  
Henry Morris Esq. Killrihill  
Isaack Jackson Esq. Killamerry  
Robert Burchall gent. Botlers wood  
Thomas Butler gent. Killtrassy  
John Jones Esq. Roscon  
William Rooth gent. Aghenur  
Richard Mornell gent. Attetino  
Ralph Hale gent. Bellaghtobin  
John Cussock gent., Robert Shea gent., Michaell Archer gent. Caherlesky  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Brohy, 05; Butler, 23; Connor, 05; Connell, 05; Conway, 07; Carroll, 06; Fitzdavid, 06; Howling, 06; Kelly, 12; Keefe, 22; Millea, 07; Morphey, 09; Mogher, 17; Neile, 08; Purcell, 07; Power, 09; Phelan, 06; Quiddihy and Quiddily, 11; Ryan, 07; Rooth, 05; Shee & Shea, 61; Tobin, 08; Wall, 05; Walsh, 031.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Kells: Eng, 050; Irish, 1150; Totall Eng & Irish, 1200.

Barony of Skillellogher

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Sr. Patricke Weymes Knt., James Weymes Esq., Thomas Weymes gent. Dunfart  
William Wordon Esq., Samuell Booth gent., Henry Wassher gent. Burnt church  
Robert Walsh gent. Cottrells rath  
Mathias Reiligh gent., John Groues gent. Ballymack  
Samuell Sutton gent. Boley  
Henry Baker gent., Henry Baker Esq. Castle Eue  
William Boxter gent. Earlestowne  
William Davis gent. Ovins towne  
John Campbell Esq. Tulloghmaine  
Joseph Cuff Esq. Inchiologhan  
George Barton gent., Giles King gent. Goslings towne  
Richard Tobin gent., James Tobin gent. Killinloe  
Walter Hackett gent. Rossmore  
Edmond Butler gent. Tenegarrane  
Olt. Grace gent. Balliloue  
Atland Tench gent. Wasses hayes and Kilfara  
Bryan Moryergh gent. Ballyburr  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Brenon, 09; Butler, 08; Bane, 07; Donell, 10; Dulany, 06; Fleming, 10; Glison, 05; Hologhon, 05; Kelly, 06; Lorkan, 07; Morphy, 18; Mogher, 17; Morish, 07; Nolan, 11; Phelan, 12; Ryan, 09; McTeige, 07.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Skillellogher: Eng, 075; Irish, 1190; Totall Eng & Irish, 1265.

Barony of Crannagh

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Grace gent. Oldtowne  
George Hunter gent. Rahealy Rath  
Thomas Hunter gent., John Smyth gent. Piratts towne and Rahely Lyshe  
John Grace Esq. Courts towne  
Thomas Greene gent., George Greene gent. Corestowne  
Redmond Boorke gent. Shortals grage  
Thomas Knarisborogh gent. Killmanagh  
John Butler gent. Ballikeise  
John Smyth gent., Luke Smyth gent., Valentine Smyth gent. Damagh  
Nicholas Knarisborough gent. Ballicallan  
George Lodge gent. Bannanogh  
Richard Shea gent. Killary  
John Shea gent. Ballydaniell  
Angelin Grace gent. Darrigine, Boords hayes and Prickes hayes  
Robert Grace gent. Inch & Crow Hill  
John Dobson gent. Tubrid Tubred Parish
John Hugh gent. BallyIorkane Tubred Parish
Willm. Portis gent. Uppercourt Tubred Parish
John Reamon gent. Glaseerowe Tubred Parish
Michaell Knarisborogh gent. Clontubrid Tubred Parish
Walter Harvey gent., Gerald Grace Killaghy Tubred Parish
Edward Butler gent. Killosullan Tubred Parish
Joseph Wheeler gent. Killoushee Tubred Parish
Mathew White gent. Sarte Tubred Parish
Gregory Marshall gent. Trefford Tubred Parish

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Butler, 022; Brenogh, 007; O Boe &c., 005; Brohy, 011; Britt, 006; Brenon, 008; Birne, 013; Brin, 005; Cormucke, 006; Carroll, 007; Coghell, 012; Cantwell, 005; Comerford, 015; Coody, 006; Crooke, 006; Dreiling, 008; Dowling, 011; Duin & Duing, 011; Dulany, 017; Dullahunty, 016; Fanning, 005; Grace, 041; Healy, 006; Hologhon. 010; Hicky, 09; Kelly, 14; Kenedy, 10; Morphy, 12; Mogher, 18; Pheland, 27; Ryane, 10; Shea, 10; Shortall, 08; Tobin, 08; Tinan, 06; Walsh, 31.
The number of People in ye Barony of Crannagh: Eng, 079; Irish, 1778; Totall Eng & Irish, 1857.

Towne and Liberties of Callan

Tituladoes Location
James Morphey gent., Derby Doyle gent., John Balfremon gent., Patrick Voice gent., John Warren gent., Roger Boe gent., ephron Beall gent. Towne of Callan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Butler, 06; Comerford, 04; Lenan, 04; Mogher, 08; Phelan, 04.

City and Liberties of Kilkenny

High towne Ward: Numb of People, 208; eng, 152; Irish, 056; Tituladoes names: Hugh Fox, Thomas Nevill, Richard Baron, Sognez Rigdeway, John Rigdeway, Tho: Taylor, John White, Tho: Tallbott, Bartholowmew Conor gentlemen; Thomas Newman Esq., Henry Baker, William Warring, William Stringer, John Langton, Valentine Reade, Francis Roledge, George Dason, John Browne, Thomas Smyth, Ralph Scanlan, Bulmer Millcod, Parles Bancks, Thomas Chapman, Walter Seix, William Floyd, Thomas Honwer, Conlane Donell, Richard Inwood, Nicholas Richards, Jonas Hadrach gentlemen; William Burges Esq., John Simes, Nicholas Richards, Robert Robins gentlemen; John Jeonor Esq., Robt. Joue, Thomas Weatherby, Peter Goodwin, Ralph St. Lawrence, Jn. Sines, John Ball, Joh. Ball Merchants.
Northward: Numb of People, 227; Eng, 068; Irish, 159; Tituladoes Names: Peter Blacknell gent., William Bond Esq., Thomas Fogg, Rich: Smyth, gentlemen; Thomas Evans, Tho: Wilson Esqrs; William Cuell, Luke Archer, John Bewar, William Wilsby, Samuel Phillipps, John Goge, John Usher, Thady Corkron, Henry Grewall gentle., Andrew Mannoring Esq., Edmond Roth, Edmond Fitzgerald, John Archdekin, M'chants; Charles Empson gent., Thomas Adams gent.
St. Patricks inward: Numb of People, 227; Eng, 042; Irish, 101; Tituladoes names: John Farrer, Thomas Butler, Esqrs.; Edmond Butler, Richard Donell, Richard Delarahe, Tho. Davis, John Penefaither, Charles Duke, Cornelius Wright, Stephen Slaney, Nathainell Cooper, Edmd. Ardwaher, gentlemen; Jonas Ash gent.
Numb of People, 124; Eng, 049; Irish, 175; Tituladoes Names: William Pocher gent., Henry Martin Esq., William Davis gent., Thomas Burrill Esq., Edmond Williams gent., Rice Thomas Esq., Beale Archer gent.

Tituladoes The Severall Wards &c. Parish
Michaell Bodge, Edmond Hicks, John Phillipps gent. St. Johns Inward Belonging to St. Kennis Butts
Phelim Codon gent. St. Kennis Ward "
John Langton gent. St. Kennis Butts "
John Mathewes Esqr. Bonestowne "
James Sinacke Esq., Jonas Sinack his sonn gent. Cloran "
William Jewell gent. New towne "
James Rafter gent. St. Patricks outward "
Robert Tobin gent. Archers towne "
Overington Blunden gent. Clonmorny "
Michaell Raggott & Peter Raggott gent. St. Johns Outward "
Henry Brodridge and Richard Pratt gent. Rodestowne "
Arthur Heilshon Esq. Ligads Rath "

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Archdekin, 06; Archer, 09; Birne & Brin, 10; Broune, 08; Cody, 06; Cantwell, 08; Corckron, 08; Comerford, 07; Conway, 06; Donell, 12; Dowling &c., 17; Daton, 06; Grace, 06; Headen, 08; Hologhon, 10; Kelly, 13; Lalor, 07; Lanegan, 05; Morphey, 12; Mogher, 14; Moore, 09; Purcell, 07; Fitzpatrick, 05; Phelan, 13; Power, 08; Ryan, 16; Shea, 07; Smyth, 09; Shortall, 06; Tobin, 06; Walsh, 05.
The Number of People in ye City & Liberties of Kilkenny: Eng, 421; Irish, 1301; Totall of Eng & Irish, 1722.

Kings County

Barrony of Phillipstowne

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Moore Esq. Castles towne Croghan Croghan
Mr. Thomas Cussacke gent. Kilcorky Croghan
Mr. Adam Cussacke gent. Ballibey Croghan
Richard Loughlin Esq. ClonIrell Kilclonfarte
Garrot Luther gent. O Kilclonfarte Kilclonfarte
Richard Lambert, William Coate gent., Charles Lyons Esq. Phillips towne Killadurhy
Walter Bermingham gent. Bally common Bally common
Mr. Edward Lee gent. Killmurry Bally common
William Tate gent. Raheene Parte of ye P'ish of Ballylean
Richard Hoden Esq., Will. Hoden gent. Ballykean Parte of ye P'ish of Ballylean
John Nelson Esq. Clonagowney Parte of ye P'ish of Ballylean
Laurance Dempsey gent. Inohane Parte of ye P'ish of Ballylean
Robert Masson gnet. Rathestan Part of Gashell Parish
Kedah Dempsy gent. Ballintample Part of Gashell Parish
Humphry Bromfield gent. Portahinch Clonahurke
Rich: Brickelsby gent. Gerrahinch Clonahurke
Georg. Key gent. Killpatrick Bally brack

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Briane, 03; Beagham, 12; Birne, 08; Bracken, 08; Burke, 03; Beolan, 09; Cussack, 03; Clary, 10; Caroll, 13; Duff, 14; Dunn, 15; Dempsey, 31; Flynn, 07; Foran, 10; Gerold, 03; Havaerim, 07; Keely, 22; Moony, 05; Murcan, 05; Molloy, 10; Morrin, 11; Murfay, 07; Malloone, 04; Moor, 03; Neal, 03; McShane, 09; Quinne, 13; Wellahane, 10.
Number of People in the Bary. of Phillipptowne according to the severall pages: Eng, 186; Irish, 1007; totall Eng & Irish, 1193.

Barony of Coolis Towne

Tituladoes Towland Parish
Sr. George Blundell Bartnet., Conley Kegan gent. Edendery Monesteroris
Mr. James Sankey gent. Ballynanny Ballynakill
Mr. Thomas Sankey gent. Leitrim Ballynakill
Mr. Robt. Shallcross gent. Clonbolgue Part of Bally bogan Parish
Charles Conner gent. Ballyraheene Clonsast
Charles Dempsy Cappagh Clonsast

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Beghane, 9; Burke, 7; Bryane, 2; Conner, 19; Cassadie, 6; Farrell, 5; Garre, 5; Havarin, 6; Kyne, 9; Moony, 18; Moran, 6; Moor, 3.
The Number of People in the Barony of Colishtowne &c., Eng, 062; Irish, 428; Totall Eng & Irish, 0490.

Barony of Ballyaboy

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Hollan gent., (Thomas Tyly in ras). Rathrobbin  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Coghlane, 3; Conway, 7; Conner, 4; Carroll, 2; Costigan, 3; Dwigine, 7; Dun, 9; Flanergan, 4; Grogane, 4; Hogan, 6; Keagane, 8; Keely, 8; Kenane, 4; Moloy, 27; Mehane, 9; Mullerane, 5.
The Number of People in the Bary. of Ballaboy &c., Eng, 091; Irish, 484; Totall Eng & Irish, 575.

Barony of Ballycowen

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Sr. George Herbert Kt. & Bart., Edward Herbert Esq.,   Derrone
John Riddinge gent. Rahan Rahan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Beolan, 4; Bryane, 10; Breckan, 8; Bohely, 8; Conway, 5; Carroll, 5; Duigen, 5; Flynne, 6; Keely, 6; Kenedy, 4; Molley, 24; Mury, 10; Trassey, 7; Spollan, 10.
The Number of People in the Barrony of Ballycowen: Eng, 132; Irish, 562; Eng & Irish, 694.

Barony of Geshell

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Bauldwine Esq., Will: Dunne, Mr. Thomas Say, gent. Gashell Gashell
Robert Cusake gent. Ballymooney Gashell
William Fitzgerrald gent. Cappincurre Part of Ballycommon P'ish.
Henry Grenham gent. Clonmore Part of Ballycommon P'ish.
Garret Plunket gentle. Toberliben Gashell
Mr. Rober. Lloyd Esq. Kockballly beg Glashell
Thomas Johnson, Meriell Tartleton gent. Killigh Gashell
William Fitzgerald gent. Killin more Glashell
The Lord Digby of Kildare Grage Gashell

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Broghane, 7; Bryane, 7; Conner, 5; Clary, 3; Conraghy, 4; Dempsey, 10; McDaniell, 5; Doyne, 9; Duigen, 3; Duff, 3; Dun, 3; Flynne, 5; Flarergan, 4; Morrin, 8; Mallone, 8; Quime, 11.

Barony of Warrenstowne

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Wakely Esq. Ballybarly Part of Ye P'ish of Ballybarly
Robert Dillone gent. Clonmore Part of Ye P'ish of Ballybarly
Edward Walker gent. Ballyeshell Ballyn William
George Sankey gent. Ballybrittine Ballyn William

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Brenagh, 6; Brackane, 4; Bryane, 2; Burk, 2; Conallone, 8; Doyne, 11; Ennis, 8; Haverine, 4; Mallone, 6.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Warestowne: Eng, 073; Irish, 357; Totall Eng & Irish, 0430.

Barony of Clonlisk

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Rose Esq. Emell Dunkerine
John Grice gentle. Ballinlough The Part of ye Ardniniadill in the Barony Ronelisk, & Kings County
William Wells gentle. Ballingrottey The Part of ye Ardniniadill in the Barony Ronelisk, & Kings County
John Andrews gent. Raheeney The Part of ye Ardniniadill in the Barony Ronelisk, & Kings County
John Disbrow Esq. Colniwaine The Part of ye Ardniniadill in the Barony Ronelisk, & Kings County
John Holder gentle. Shillrone Shillrone
Anthony Adhbenson gentle. Camgortt Shillrone
Ananias Henley Esq. Bollinure Shillrone
Margre. Arthop, Rose Squibbe Tummangh Kilcommon
Henry Whittell Esq., Richard Baucroft gentle. Corriolontey Kilcommon
William Candler Esq. Balliknocan Emagh
Francis Peasley gent. Knocknamdasd Emagh
Ann Oxbridge Wid. Shanganah Killcollman

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Bannan, 8; Bane, 4; Burke, 7; Bryane, 7; Carroll (36) & Caroll (5), 41; Cahell, 7. Clery, 7; Coregan, 5; Conner, 3; Dwaine, 10; Duley, 5; McDonell, 5; Donelan, 4; Egan, 4; Gillfoyle, 16; Hegan, 12; Hogan, 6; Henan, 5; Keenedy, 16; Kelan, 8; Kelly, 4; Mahur, 26; Mooney, 2; McRedmod, 8; Rean, 11; Regan, 4; Rorey, 2; McShane, 6; McTeige, 8; Trahey, 5; Toher, 6; Walsh, 15.
The Number of people in the Bar. of Clonliske: Eng, 109; Irish, 972; Eng & Irish, 1081.

Barony of Garriecastell

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Henry Lestrange Esq. Moys town Tissarane
Lewis Jones gentle. Lisdaragh Tissarane
William Hamilton gentle.. Lisclonie Tissarane
William Coghlan gentle. Clonona Clomacnall
More Coghlane Widdow Clonfenlogh Clomacnall
James Larkin gentle. Clonlyon Clomacnall
The Lord Weaman, Samuell Rolls Esq., Mary Boorke Corocolane Moylane
___ Paker Esq., Hiber Scot gentle. Carro Moylane
Capt. Segray Esq., Ensigne Hawkins gentle. Ballyard Moylane
___ Darly late of Plattine Esq., Mathew Bellew gentle., Francis Darsy gentle., Mary Plunket Widow Castle towne Moylane
John Coghlan gentle. Sraduffe Moylane
Phillip Bigoe Esq. Glaster Losmagh
Edward Smyth gentle. Gorthnatrynagh Losmagh
Mortagh Bannane Esq., ____ Hensie Esq. Miltowne Losmagh
Edward Armestrong gent. Stones towne Gallen
Francis Page gentle. Cloghan Gallen
Hugh Flattery gent. Streams tonn Rynagh
Captn. John Strongman gentle. Ballycoer Rynagh
Eneas Hensey Esq. Kilorney Rynagh
Robert Harford gentle. Ballysheal Rynagh
Terence Melaghline gentle. Gallen Rynagh
James Shane Esq., James Walnne gentle., Jean Wixstead gent. Kilcobgan Bellegally
Richard Warburton Senior tureres wch pd 02l; John Lennan gentle., John Arthur gentle. Fierbane Ballegally

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Brassell, 4; Bane, 6; Branan, 4; Bocully, 7; Coghlane, 24; Connell, 6; Durly, 8; Dolloghane, 11; Dwire, 9; Doelane, 9; O Dulane, 5; Duff, 7; Dun, 3; Egan, 3; Flattery, 6; Fox, 4; Gennen, 17; Gellegan, 4; Gilleane, 5; Horan, 18; Hegan, 10; Kenny, 7; Keely, 9; Lurken, 8; Madden, 7; Rigny, 10; McRedmond, 3; McShane, 4; Scot, 6; McTeige, 2; Tougher, 4.
The Number of People in ye Barony of Garriecastle: Eng, 158; Irish, 960; Totall Eng & Irish, 1118.

Barony of Kilcourcy

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Swinglehurst gentle., William Corton gentle. Ballyboghlan  
Samuell Strongman gentle. Lynamuck  
Gurtham Gurd gentle. Belabacklan  
William Higgin gentle. Cloragh  
Thomas Lawrence gentle., Edmond Nugent gentle., Thomas Kehan gentle., Thomas Kehan gentle. BallyckMoyler  
John Blake gentle. Ballicknahy  
Teige Lynon gentle. Kilfilan  
Abraham Fuller gentle., Neale McCiltry gentle., James Geoghegan gentle. Lehensey  
Samuell Ruth gentle., Teige Dun gentle., Farrell Flattery gentle., Teige Dugine gentle., Teige Daley gentle., John Dillon gentle., Morrough Banane gentle. Kilcoursey  
Robert Recubie Esq., Thomas Stroaker gentle., Francis Gurkman gentle. Bellanementan  
Henry Fuller gentle., John Brenan gentle. Tobber and Kilcilly  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Doyne, 4; Daley, 11; Dillon, 4; Flattery, 3; Flanagan, 3; Fox, 4; Geoghegan, 8; Higgin, 4; Molloy, 4; Mulclyff, 4; Muney, 4.
The Number of People in the Bar. of Killcourcey: Eng, 040; Irish, 316; Totall Eng & Irish, 0356.

Barony of Eglish

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Busbridge Esq. Knockbarren  
John Dow gentle. Killtobired  
Tho: Mosse Esq., Mr. Grace Smyth Eglish  
Nicholas Herbert gentle. Ballmagully  
John Bery gentle. Clonahane  
Henry Barton gentle., Robert Clerke gentle. Bwellynan-arge  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Beolan, 4; Carroll, 6; Coghlan, 14; Corkerane, 4; Durely, 4; Egane, 3; Flattery, 2; Gillmartine, 3; Gillduff, 3; Horane, 3; Kelly, 6; Kenedy, 3; Molloy, 3.
The Number of People in the Barony of Eglish: Eng, 054; Irish, 376; Totall Eng & Irish, 430.

Barony of Ballybritt

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Lawrence Persons Esq., John Lawten gentle., William Burke gentle., Thomas Langstone gentle., Michaell Cantwell gentle., Duigen Clery gentle. Bir  
Heward Oxbrugh Esq. Crimkill  
James Lander Ghilline Bethan  
John Weaver Esq. Ballininonyn  
Cary Dillon Esq. Brigemoe  
Richard Tyer gentle. Clonber  
William MacEvoy gentle. Cadams towne  
Nathaniell Mulleplate gentle. Ungir  
Jonathen Derby gentle. Leape  
Mortagh MacEvoy gentle. Curagbegg  

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Brenane, 4; Bryane, 11; Bane, 5; Beolane, 6; Carroll, 30; Conran, 6; Cary, 8; Coghlane, 7; Clery, 5; Corkcrane, 11; Dully, 8; Dullchanty, 10; Duff, 7; McDonough, 3; Doyne, 7; Doven, 11; Dun, 2; Dugen, 4; Dowlin, 5; Dellany, 4; Evaster, 4; Evoy, 9; Egane, 5; Flanegane, 5; Fenelly, 8; Horane, 3; Heyns, 5; Kelly, 8; Kenedy, 7; Keneshane, 7; Lurkane, 4; Morish, 4; Mullreane, 5; McMorough, 10; Moor, 7; Megher, 7; Redmond, 5; McShane, 6; Scully, 7; Tougher, 4.
The Number of People in the Barrony of Bally britt: Eng, 181; Irish, 1032; Totall Eng & Irish, 1213.

Longford County

Rathcleene Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Adam Molineux Esq., Nicholas Dowdall gent. Ballimulvee
Thomas Robinson gent. and Griffith Jones gent. Clogh
Edward Clarke gent. Claris
Robert Mills gent. Fermoyle

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
MacBryan, 06; O Connor, 11; O Clonine, 07; Cormick & Cormack, 07; Dowlan, 05; O Donily, 06; Farrell & Farrell, 51; Gill, 12; Hobigan, 07; Kelly, 09; Keegan, 07; Mulvihill & Mulvighill, 05; O Murry, 07; Murtagh, 05; Scally, 09.
Barrony of Rathcleene: Eng, 083; Irish, 849; 0932, totall.

Shrowell Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Mathew Wilders gent. Cliduff
Richard Certaine gent. Cloghanbiddy
Tibbot Dillon gent. Clonkeene
Hubbert Ferrall and Symon Sandys gent. Crevaghmore

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Bardon, 06; McCormick, 15; Cahill, 12; Corrigan, 05; McDowle, 05; Dillon, 05; Daly, 05; Farell & Ferrall, 32; McJeffey, 09; Kene, 07; Knowland & Knowland, 07; Kinan, 09; Keegan, 11; Kenny, 07; Quin, 13; Mulledy, 05.
Barrony of Shrowell: Eng, 042; Irish, 694; 736, totall.

Ardagh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Robert Archbald gent. Glynn
Derby Toole gent. Breana and Lisdrinagh
Capt. John Edgworth Esq. Cranalagh

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Cleene, 05; Cargy, 05; Cormick, 06; Conily, 06; McConnell, 06; Eslenan, 05; Ferrll & Farrell, 29; McGreene, 06; Gwyre, 06; Keernan, 08; Kenny, 11; McLaughlin, 15; Leavy, 07; O Linsy & Lincy, 08; Murtagh, 05; Mullega, 05; Moore, 09; Reily, 29.
Barrony of Ardagh: Eng, 019; Irish, 971; 0990, total.

Longford Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Sr. Arthur Forbess Barronett Castle Forbess
Arthur Aghmooty gent. BallimacBryan
William Pillsworth gent. Muinard
Lt. Thomas Babington gent. Longford
Hannibald Seaton gent. Monilgan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McDaniell & Donnell, 010; Ferrall & Farrell, 017; O Hogan, 006; McIlleavy, 005; Knolan & Knoland, 005; Kenedy, 005; Quin, 004; McRory, 004.
Barrony of Longford: Eng, 067; Irish, 396; 463, Totall.

Granard Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Thomas Flood gent. Newtowne
Richard Kenedy gent. Clonlaughill
William Langford gent. Clocoss

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Biglean, 7; Brady, 23; McBryan, 5; McCabe, 7; McConnell, 6; Cahill, 6; Connillan, 5; Derrmott, 11; Doncho, 18; McDaniell, 8; Duffy, 10; Ferrall, 25; Gaffny, 10; McGwyre, 8; O Hugh, 6; O Hara, 5; Kernan, 34; Kelly, 6; Linsy & Lincy, 10; Mullegan, 16; Monegan, 6; Mahoone, 5; Masterson, 9; O Mulpatrick, 11; Newgent, 8; Reily, 67; Smith, 5; Syridan, 7.,
Barrony of Granard: Eng & Scotts, 066; Irish, 1416; 1482, totall.

Moydowe Barony

Tituladoes Townland
Thomas Newcomen Esq. Belnamore
Walter Tuite gent. Castlereagh

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Casie, 012; Cormick, 019; Duderan, 009; McDonell (4), Donellee (3), 007; Dooner, 005; Duff, 006; McEdmond, 007; Farrell, 023; Kenny, 016; McKwey, 005; Keegan, 007; Poore, 006; McMorogh, 007.
Barrony of Moydowe: Eng, 004; Irish, 785; 789, totall.

Lowth County and City of Drogheda

Barony of Lowth

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Langham Dromiskin Dromiskin
James Smallwood Esq. Miltowne Dromiskin
Richard Bolton gent. Knocke Lowth

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Birne, 27; Callan, 27; Connelan, 11; Carwell, 17; Cawell, 05; McCardell, 08; Casy, 08; Carroll, 09; Cogly, 09; Gernon, 09; McGormon, 08; Hoy, 11; McInrilly, 06; McIlloy, 07; Kelley, 10; O Lennan, 10; McMahon, 20; Murphey, 06; Maguyre, 07; Plunkett, 06; Roney, 06; Rorke, 05; Taaffe, 07.
Barony: Lowth; Eng, 039; Irish, 1019; 1058, Totall.

Barony of Dundalke

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edmond Dalton gent.   The Towne and Liberties of Dundalke
Michell Dey gent., John Wilshier gent., Oates Crocother Esq., Jn. Bulkelh gent., Robert Mason gent., Samuell Ireland Esq., Josias Fogg gent., George Lambert gent., Christopher Ward gent., John McKnabb gent., Arthur Lloyd gent., John Oldfield gent., Francis Pierce gent., Arthur Bukely Esq.   The Mershis of Dundalke
Wallan Dixey Esq., Walter Cox, Esq. Castletown Bellew Castletown Bellew
Henry Townsly gent. Down Maghan Hayns towne Parish
Richard Dawson gent. Balregane Haggards towne Parish
John Daniell Esq. Ballymaskanlan Ballymaskanlan Parish
Thomas Fisher gent. Balleboyes Ballymaskanlan Parish
Thomas Leech gent. Carlinford Towne Carlinford P'ish
Thomas Clarke Esq.. Castleotwne Cooley Carlinford P'ish
Peter Turbridge gent. Mullaghbane Carlinford P'ish
John Slatier gent. Ballugg Carlindord P'ish

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
McArdell, 33; Boyle & O Boyle, 19; McBryan, 05; Birne, 12; Bellew, 10; Brynan, 07; McCourt, 05; Cleryan, 13; Cleary, 11; McCann, 09; Connoly, 15; Connell, 06; Connellan, 11; Cassedy, 06; McCroly, 06; Callan, 22; McCabe, 09; Cawsy, 07; Carwell, 05; McCroley, 07; O Dulleghan, 06; Dowdall, 09; Duffin, 10; Duffie, 04; Dermond, 06; O Donnell &c., 07; McEteggart, 07; Flyn, 07; Fegan, 06; Fenegan, 05; Growder, 06; McGenis &c., 07; Garblany, 06; Gernon, 07; Hanlon, 29; Kelly, 10; Larkan, 10; Lennan, 05; Murphey, 29; Martin, 06; Mathewes, 06; O Mellan &c., 10; Moore, 06; Murtagh, 12; Morgan, 09; McMahon, 10; Mackey, 09; Mulcrevy, 09; O Neile, 08; O Rorke, 08; McShane, 08; Tallon, 05; Taaffe, 05; White, 08.
Barony: Dundalke; Eng, 327; Irish, 2209; 2536, totall.

Barony of Farrard

Tituladoes Townland Parish
William Toxtith Esq. Bully Bully Parish
Leonard Hinks gent. Cares towne Rerfecan
Henry Wethererll gent. Barmeth Dizert
Robert Peirce gent. Dunleere Dunleere
William Hall gent. Aclare Dunleere
Eclston gent. Drumshallon Drumshallon
Tho: Thomlinson gent. Stonhouse Mullary
Edward Blunt gent. Sheep Graunge Tallahallan
Joseph Witter gent., Nichclas Conney gent. Greenhills & Newtowne Staleban Tallahallan
Henry Lo: Viscount Moore, Leut. Coll. Francis Moore, Capt. Will: Constable Esq. Mellefont Callan, and Mellefont

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Brady, 010; Bremegham & Brinegan, 020; Birne, 04; Berrell, 13; Boding, 06; Callan, 18; Carton, 15; Cawell & Carwell, 10; McGann, 17; Duffey, 09; Duffin, 05; McEnolly, 06; Flanegan, 07; Farrell, 13; Finegan, 07; McGenis, 08; McGwyre, 10; Gonell, 06; Heney, 07; Hoy, 11; Halgan, 10; Kelly, 25; Living, 09; Lawles, 09; Murphey, 13; Martin, 08; Morgan, 07; Markey, 09; McMaughon, 05; Moore, 08; Plunkett, 09; Rouney, 08; Reyly, 07; Rorke, 05; Randall, 06; Rauth, 07; McRory, 06; O Sheredon, 05; Smyth, 08; Tracey, 06.
Barony: Farrard; Eng, 115; Irish, 1675; 1790, Totall.

Barony of Atherdee

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Henry Bellingham Esq., Ralph Gibbs gent. Germons towne Kilsauran
Christopher Sibthorpe gent. Boolis Kilsauran
Roger Gregory gent. Mayne Kilsauran
Thomas Moore gent. Willis towne Drumcar
Richard Holt gent. Drumcar Drumcar
James Hopton Esq. Warrens towne Drumcar
Brent Moore Esq., Richard Bolton gent. Tullogh Donell Drumcar
Nicholas Moore Esqr. Ardaghs towne Cappocke
Wiliam Rutter gent. Pains towne Drummin
Robt. Wynne Esq. Rahasker Mostowne
William Edwards gent., Maurice Edwards gent. Phillipps towne Mostowne
Patrick Fagan gent. Hamons towne Mostowne
William Savidige gent. Knocke Mostowne
Bryan Heron gent., Francis Heron gent., William Heron gent. Smyrmar Smyrmar
William Asten Esq. Richards towne Richard towne Parish
John Bernard gent. Haris towne Richards towne Parish
Sr. Robert Sterling Knt., James Dowglas gent., Henry Neile gent., John Ruxton Esq., Joh: Tooke gent., William Armitage Esq., Thomas Winne gent., John Thomas gent. Atherdee Atherdee
James Burnsides gent. Shanlish Atherdee
Peter Ashenhurst gent. Cookes towne Charles towne p'ish
William Pepper gent. Peppers towne Charles towne p'ish
John Chambre Esq. Stermonds towne Clunkeene
Richard Blomfield gent., Richard Blomefield gent. Stone towne Killany P'
George Carfelott Esq. Dowds towne Mapers towne Parish
William Disney Esq. Strabanum Mapers towne Parish
James Gastin Esq. Bragans towne Stabanum
John Peirce Esq. Clintons towne Stabanum

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
O Boyle &c., 13; Byrne, 37; Boylan, 05; Bllew & Bedlow, 06; Barran, 06; Brady, 08; Chamberlin, 05; Callan, 16; Cullen, 04; Clinton, 05; Crolly &c., 08; Carroll, 07; Connolan, 06; Connoly, 10; Cawell, 11; Carwell, 05; Carney, 10; Caran, 06; Cappocke, 07; Dowdall, 10; Dowlin, 07; Duffie, 10; Dermott, 07; Fenegan, 13; Fedegan, 09; Kennon, 06; Kelly, 16; McLoghlin, 11; Lynnan, 06; Mullen, 05; Murphey, 07; McGenis, 08; McGrory, 07; Gernon, 07; McGroyre, 15; Hughes, 11; Hoy & O Hoy, 18; Halfepenny, 09; Mathewes, 11; Murtagh, 05; McMaughon, 16; Meghan, 06; O Mury, 12; Neale, 05; Reyley, 11; Skehan, 06; Smyth, 11; Taaffe, 08; Tath, 07; Terty, 07; White, 12; Wesh, 06.
Barony: Atherdee: Eng, 356; Irish, 2345.

City of Droheda and Liberties Therof.

Quallifications of Persons Their Numb[er]. Tituladoes Eng. Irish
Esqrs. and their wifes &c. 044 Major Edward Martin, John Jeenes Alderman, William Ellwood Alderman, Thomas Stooker Alderman, David Shepheard Alderman, Samuell Osborne Alderman, John Tempest Shierfiff, William FytzHerbert Esqr., Robert Bridges Esqr., Worsley Batten Esq., Anthony Nixon Esq., Alderman Samll. Stanbride, Rowland Troly Alderman, Thomas Dixon Alderman, John Midcalfe Alderman, John Towers Alderman, Jonas Ellwood Alderman, Thomas Leigh Sheriff, Moses Hill Esq., Thomas Cohayne Esq., John Bexwick Esq. 044 000
Gentlemen & their wifes &c. 113 Richard Orson, Joh. Richards, Ignatius Pepper, John Brady, Edmond Graves, Jon. Killogh, Francis Poole, Tho: Field, Barthlomew Doyle, Tho: Peppard, Francis Blcken, Jon Stoker, James Thomas, Richard Lloyd, Gabriell Meade, Jon. Tallbott, William Osborne, Tho: Fitzherbore, Samll. Ward, George Richardson, Jasper Dellahoide, John Bray, Symon Gaskin, David Dorane, Alexander Plunkett, Edward Harington, Chiristopher Cheevers, John Lea, James Challenor, John Hardick, Richard Jackson, Edward Nickolls, Thomas Bullin, Alexander Bodington, Patrick Cheneing, Nicholas Hearne, Nicholas Phillps, Thomas Buliner, gentlemen. 087 026
Captn. Fitzgerald his troope 104 Robert Fitzgerald, Captn. Hercules Langriss Esq., Leut. Donwell Protheroe Cornett, Henry Fletthery Quartrmastr. 094 010
Leut. Coll. Smithwicks company 113 Henry Smithwick Capt. Esq., Henry Buchnan Leutt., John Samming Ensigne. 112 003
Capt. Hoyles Company 113 Edmond Hoyle Capt. Esq., John Goter Leut., Peter Tundall Ensigne, John his sonn gent. 111 002
Maior Pepper his Company. 042 Maior George Pepperd, Thomas Evelin, Leutt. John Head Ensigne. 039 003

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Butler, 04; Bradigan, 05; Chevers, 05; Henry, 06; Jones, 10; Keny, 04; Kelly, 09; Lea, 04; Martin, 09; Moore, 08; Murphy, 05; White, 05.
The Number of People in the City of Droheda acording to their severall quallifications.

  Their Number Eng Irish
Esquires and Esquiresses &c. 044 044 000
Gentlemen and Gentlewomen 113 087 026
Yeomen and their wiues &c. 271 159 112
Labourers, and their wiues Yc. 803 312 491
Souldiers, and their Wiues 374 356 018
The total 1605 958 647


Duleek Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Hatch and his sonn Esqrs., John Taaff gent. Duleeke towne Duleeke
Phillip Peake Esq. and Francis Parker gent. Athcarne Duleeke
Bartholomew Moore and Patrick his sonn gents. Dowans towne Duleeke
Nicholas Darcy Esq. Bellews towne Duleek
Christopher Darcy Esq. Carrins towne Duleek
John Watkins Plattin Duleek
George Pepard Esq. Balligartt Ballygart
Robert Reyner gent. Brownstowne Brownstown
Garet Almer Esq., Dersomy his sonn Esq. & Andrew Plunkett gent. Balrath Ballemagarvy
Robert Netruile Esq. Crusrath Dunowre
Leift. Skevington Esq. & John Williams gent. Pyerc towne Pyerc towne
John Burges gent. Kentstowne Kentstowne
William Gilbert gent. Fleming towne Kentstowne
John Genett gent. Resneree Knockamon
Robert Dillon gent. Cullin Knockamon
Benjamin Perry gent. Ye Naule Clonalvy
John Delafyeld gent. Paynstowne Paynstowne
Math: Aylmer gent. Dolars towne Paynstowne
Edward Keting gent., & Thomas Johnson gent., & his son gent. Balgeeth Ardcath
Thomas Fugill & John Fugill his sonn Esqrs., Josua Fugill liueing in England Esq. Stameen Coulpe
Derby Dorran gent. Donaghcargy Coulpe
Patrick Dracoke, Robert Canon, John Hide, & John Peacock gents. Martinton Coulpe
William Graues gent. Bebegg Coulpe
Thomas Doyle & John Bellen gentlemen Coulpe Coulpe
Robert Preston gent. Rogers towne Julyans towne
Henry Osborne gent. Damans towne Julyans towne
George Pepperd gent. Sarsfyelds town Moorchurch
Nicholas Frost Freehoulder Dardistowne Moorchurch
Edward Sutton Esq. Gormanston Stramullen
Thomas Hill gent. Harberstowne Stramullen

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Allen, 08; Andrew, 13; Brady, 08; Birne, 19; Boylan, 10; McCanan, 12; Coleman, 12; Connell, 16; Clery, 09; Carr (9), Corr (4), 13; Claskey, 08; Collier, 09; Carmick, 09; Doran & Dorran, 08; Donnell (5), Daniell (5), 10; Duffe, 08; Fullam, 11; Flyn, 09; Heily, 08; Henry, 08; Kelly, 33; Kenedy, 08; Linan & Lenan, 09; Magraue, 25; Moore, 11; Murphy, 16; Martin, 12; Morgan, 11; Murry, 09; Pentony, 08; Peppard, 08; Quin, 09; Russell, 22; Realy, 14; roe, 10; Sherlock, 10; Savage, 13; White, 15; Welch, 24; Weldon, 08.
Barrony of Duleek: Eng, 616; Irish, 3303, 3919 total.

Scryne Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
George Barnewall, John & Robert Barnewall his sonns gent. Cooks towne Scyrne
Arthur Parefoy Esq. and Richard Moorehead gent. Scryne Scyrne
Richard Recroft gent. Clowns towne Treuett
Tho: Ld. Barron of Dunsany Killeen Killeen
Luke Hussey gent. and Christ: Barnewall gent. Ashronan Killeen
Edward & Chris: Plunkett gents. Clauans towne Killeen
Henry Packenham Esq. Dunsany Dunsany
Sr. Robert Forth Knt. and Edward Forth gent. Cabragh Taragh
Mathew Penteny gent. Taragh towne Taragh
Bartholemew Plunkett gent. Odder Taragh
Arthur Hetherington Esq. Athlumny Athlumny
Richd. Cusack gent. Alexanderead Athlumny
Richard Young gent. Fohes towne Fohes towne
George Cusack gent. Mooresyd in Ardmulchan Ardmulchan
Patrick White & Patrick White gents. Fillpotts towne Dowes town
Martin Hangly gent. Dowes town Dowes town
Henry Woods Carballies Templekeran
Arthur Dillon Esq. Lismullin Templekeran
Walter Cusack gent. Garros towne Kilcarne
Nicholas Bevans gent. Branans town Kilcarne
Edward Dowdall Esq., Henry & Lancelett Dowdall his sonns, and Richard Ganan gents. Munck towne Muncks towne
Nich: Dowdall gent. Walters town Muncks towne
Edmond Doyle gent. Staffords town Staffords towne
Robert Caddell gent. Tymoole Tymoole
John Woton & Phillip Carbery gents. Rathfeagh Rath Feagh
Peeter Bath gent. Great Watersyd Rath Feagh
George Bath gent. Dixiston Rathfeagh
Hance Graham & his sonn in Law gents. Mace towne Mace towne
Francis Dillon gent. Cussings towne Mace towne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Bryan, 06; Brine, 05; Birne, 06; Cusack, 07; Cargan, 05; Cary, 07; Cormick, 05; Carrell, 05; Clery, 08; Callan & Callin, 06; Connell, 06; Daniell, 07; Duff, 07; Doran, 05; Daly, 05; Doyle, 06; Dowdall, 06; Dillon, 07; Farrell, 12; Geogh, 09; Kennedy, 08; Kelly, 05; Lynchy & Lynshy, 14; Lawles, 05; Lary, 09; Moony, 08; Martin, 05; Muloly, 06; Murphy, 08; Plunkett, 11; Ryan, 05; McRory, 05; Realy, 09; White, 09; Ward, 07; Welch, 05.
Barrony of Scryne: Eng, 127; Irish, 1621; 1748 totall.

Ratouth Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Dillon gent. Wotton Donaghmore
Myles Symner Esq. Arches towne Donaghmore
Richard Aynger gent. Miltown Donaghmore
Edward Bellew gent. Dunreagh Donaghmore
John Cleark gent. Roberts towne Donaghmore
Henry Sorson gent. Rath of Grenock Grenock
Thomas Jones and William Webb gents. Grenock towne Grenock
William Robinson gent. Belgamston Rathregan
Jacob Peartree gent. Crimore Rathregan
Michaell Litterell gent. Poores towne Rathregan
Robert Gorg Esq. Kilbrew Kilbrew
Capt. John Thompson Esq. Cricks town Cruckston
Thomas Cooke, Rowland Cooke, Thomas Barnewall, John and Patrick his sonns, gent. Dunshaughn, Grange Ende and Boyans town. Dunshaughlin
Walter Kingham gent. Porterston Rathbeggan
Departed from thence Growton Rathbeggan
Thomas Plunkett gent. Roes town Rathbeggan
George Owens Esqr. Grange of Trevett Trevett
Roger Streelle, William Barton, John Skoly, Math: Mason gents. Ratouth Ratouth
Thomas Bringhurst Esq. Ballihack Ratouth
Robert Piercefield Esq. Kilrew Ratough
Mr. Barnewell gent. Farlockston Ratouth
Steephen Fletcher gent. Feydalfe-Balfeston Ratouth
Arthur Spensur gent. Grange Ratouth
Thomas White gent. Peackocks towne Ratouth
John Heaster gent. Flemings towne Ratouth
Robt: Sheild Esq. & his brother gent. Wyanston Ballimaglassan
Allexander Warren gent. Bigg Black hale Ballimaglassan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Andrew, 06; Byrne, 13; Bryne, 10; Bryde, 06; Boylan, 07; Barnewell, 07; Connell, 09; Daly, 06; Daniell, 07; Head, 06; Kelly, 16; Moran, 07; Martin, 06; Mouny, 06; Fitzpatrick, 06; Fagan, 06; Welsh, 06; White, 07.
Barrony of Ratouth: Eng, 0128; Irish, 1479; 1607 totall.

Queenes County

Barony of Ossery

Tituladoes Townland
Oliver Wheeler Esq., Jonas Wheeler gentle. Grenan
Robert Reeues gent., Thomas Ougle gentle. Water Castle
Thomas Richards Esq., John Neall Tentore
Edward Burrell gentle. Balligarvin
Morgan Cashin gentle. Palmers-hill
John Fennell gentle., Phebes Paget gentlewoman. Grangebegg
John Dwigin gentle. Downe
Bryan Dwigin gentle. Derrinshennagh
Josias Petditd gentle. Lissmore
John Short gentle. Kildelgie
Gilbert Rawson Esq. Grants towe
Bryan Fitzpatrick gentle. Bordwell
Edmond Fitzpatrick gentle. Rathenrick
Robert Parrott gentle. Coolfinn
John Geale gentle. Coolkerry
Thos. Bedborrough gentle. Monacoghlan
Thomas Evans gentle. Carrick
Terrenc Kelly gentle. Meyn begg and Adrigoole
John Dwigin gentle. Gurtin
Teige Fitzpatrick gentle. Bolydodan
John Tanner gentle. New towne
Robert Gough gentle. Caher
Robert Hedges gentle. Ballinebin
James Purcell gentle., Richard Marshall gentle. Ballirely
Lettice Basket Widow gentle. Archcherstowne and Tinvair
Thomas Lapsty gentle. Sraghnarrow
John Geyles gentle., James Manly gent. Castle Fleming
John Fitzpatrick gentle. Garreduff
John Bryan gentle. Bellaghrahin
Thomas Prior Esq., Richard Mendan gentle. Rathdowny
Thomas Woods gentle. Johns towne
Doctor Conly Cashin gentle. Aghkippo
Charles Watkins gentle. Castle criffin
Abraham May gentle. Sheirk
Peter Buckly gentle. Garranconly

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Burke, 9; Brohy, 36; Butler, 8; Bergin, 32; Byrne, 9; Breen, 13; O Bryan, 3; Bowe, 10; O Bowe, 2; Brenan, 6; Carroll, 5; Cashin, 24; McConner, 7; Cleere, 6; Creory, 6; Costigan, 12; McCoody, 6; Campian, 10; McDaniell, 7; Dullany, 86; Dowley, 17; Dun, 18; Dwigin, 22; Dooling, 8; Dyvoy, 4; McEvoy, 10; Felan, 114; McFyinn, 6; Gormogue, 13; Fitzgerrold, 3; Haraghan, 12; Kelly, 24; Kenedy, 8; Kegin, 6; Kean, 7; Loughman, 19; Lawler, 8; Moore, 6; Meagher, 18; Murfy, 5; Mentan, 5; Meolan, 5; Purcell, 9; FitzPatrick, 99; Phelan, 39; Quiggly, 10; Rafter, 6; Shyrin, 9; Shiell, 8; Tobin, 7; Tynan, 23; McTeigue, 10; Tehan, 8; Wailsh, 10.
The Number of People in the Barrony of Ossory according to their severall Pages: Eng, 350; Irish, 2663; Totall, 3013.

Barony of Uppr. Ossery

Tituladoes Townland
Robert Clerke gentle. Castle towne
Thomas Paul gentle. Rosnadowhy
Thos. Davis Esq. Ballemoy
Francis Lovellis gentle. Derrilehan & Magharibeg

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Bergin, 5; Brohy, 6; Byrne, 3; Costigin, 12; Conner, 4; Carroll, 4; Dullany, 66; Dwigin, 10; Dowley, 9; Dowling, 4; McEvoy, 3; Felan, 26; Kynin, 11; Kelly, 4; Lawler, 5; FitzPatrick, 14.
The Number of the People in the Bar. of Upper Osory: Eng, 092; Irish, 619; Eng & Irish, Totall, 711.

Barony of Maryborrough

Tituladoes Townland
John Partridge gentle., Edward Bolton gentle., Edward Wattkins gentle., William Baker gentle., Edward Nickolls gentle., Bryan Byrne gentle., John Roades gentle. The Towne and liberties of Maryborrough
Thady Dwigin gent. Rathleague
Richard Homan gent. Eyne
Thomas Wade gentle., Elizabeth Whittny gent. Straboes
John Moor gent. Ballidavis
Henry Gilbert Esq. Kilmensy
Richard Crosby gent. Clonreher & Rosslegan
Josuah George gentle. Togher
Thomas Fitzgerrald gentle. Kilcromine
Robert Piggott gent., Charleton Chissell gentle., George Lee gent. Rahinrahan
Phillipp Sergeant gentle., Thomas Peirson gentle. The forge
Daniell Carroll gent., William Lockington gent., Thomas Lowe gent. Mountrath
John Neall gent., James Neall gent. Redcastle
Edward Connyn gentle., Richard Fitzgerrald gent. Cappalaghinne
Marcus Loffan gentle. Cromogue
Charles Cooke gent. Downe
John Fitzpatrick gent. Sroth Rath
Thady Kynin gent. Cappanaclohy
Morgan Cashin gent. Rahincullen
Thomas Beard gent. Clonboyne and Kilmantought

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Byrne, 13; Bergin, 23; McBryan, 3; Bryan, 4; Brenan, 10; Burke, 4; Bryne, 5; Brohy, 8; Bredan, 11; Carroll, 13; Conner, 4; Conrahy, 13; Cashin, 8; Costigin, 10; Carrolan, 6; Cody, 5; Crooke, 6; Divoy, 14; McDaniell, 4; Daniell, 4; Dullany, 46; Dullyne, 8; Dun, 25; Dooling, 8; Dowling, 7; Dowley, 5; Dowgan, 5; McEvoy, 40; Felan, 29; Fyinn, 7; Fitzgerrold, 5; McGilfoyle, 4; Higgin, 4; Keygin, 5; Kelly, 29; Kynyn, 11; Kenedy, 4; Lawler, 57; Larissy, 5; Moore, 11; Mulchaell, 6; Neale, 5; O Neale, 2; Piggott, 5; Fitzpatrick, 12; Roe, 5; McShane, 4; Tynan, 6; Tehan, 4; Tobin, 4; Wailsh, 15.
The Number of the People in the Barony of Maryborrough according to the severall pages: Eng, 231; Irish, 1638; Eng & Irish, 1869.

Barony of Cullenagh

Tituladoes Townland
Sr. Amos Meredith Bart. Ballinakill
Doctr. John Mulhaell gentle. Duary
Francis Barington Esqr., Allelxander Barington gentle. Cullenagh
Francis Cosby Esq. Timohoe
Christopher Barrington gentle. Cremorgan
John Kiffin gent., Thomas Whittle gentle. Ballirone
Adam Lofftus Esq., Thomas Lofftus gentle. Clontiquos

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numbers.
Byrne, 12; Brohy, 7; Brenan, 10; Bergin, 7; Conner, 10; Carroll, 3; Cahell, 7; Conrahy, 4; Dun, 13; Dowling, 5; Dowley, 5; Dullany, 19; Dowran, 5; Daniell, 6; Evoy, 14; Felan, 31; Forestall, 6; Gorinouge, 4; Huraghan, 6; Holaghan, 4; Kelly, 8; Kenna, 6; Lawler, 27; Mulchaell, 6; Murfy, 5; Moore, 11; Muldony, 4; Meagher, 5; Neale, 3; Nowland, 4; Fitzpatrick, 9; O Shee, 8; McTeigue, 5; Wailsh, 10.
The Number of the People in the Barony of Cullenagh: Eng, 164; Irish, 1174; Eng & Irish, 1338.

Barony of Sliemargeagh

Tituladoes Townland
Francis Newbolt gentle. Castletowne-Omoy
Anthony Gayle gentle. Crottentegle
Nathaniell Markes Esq. Srule
Nicholas Evers gentle. farmer Killeny
James Kegan gentle. farmer Ballihormor
John Vivers gentle. Clona
David Lea gentle. farmer Cooletexenry
Stephen Bowen gentle, and Farmer Killishen
William Padgett gent. Oulteaghe
Christopher Tucke gentle., Joseph Kinder gentle. Ballinagawle

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numbs.
Bergin, 4; Byrne, 11; Brenan, 28; Branagh, 5; Beaghan, 4; Conran, 5; Cody, 4; Comin, 5; Dowling, 17; Dowley, 6; dun, 4; McDaniell, 10; Dempsy, 5; Dwigin, 4; Dunchowe, 5; Doyle, 6; Devoy, 6; McEdmond, 6; Flemming, 4; Felan, 4; Kelly, 17; Kingshellogh, 14; Keating, 7; Lawler, 08; Lea, 6; Murry, 13; Meagher, 4; Moore, 11; Nowland, 14; McShane, 4; Wailsh, 4.
The Number of People in the Barony of Sliemargeagh: Eng, 112; Irish, 954; Eng and Irish, 1066.

Barony of Ballyadams

Tituladoes Townland
William Duckingfield Esq. Tully
William Bowen Esq. Ballyadams
Dame Elizabeth Grahams lady, Thomas Grahams Esq., John Grahams gentle, Richard Grahams gent. Ballylynan
The Lady Ellis Bowen, George Bowen gent. Ballintubod
James Dun gent. Kilfeacle
John Bambrick gentle. & farmer Clonpiers
William Scott Esq. Shanganaghbegg and Blllinree
Arthur Bambrick gent. Skehan
William Walker Esq. Tankards towne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numbs.
Brenan, 7; Byrne, 7; Clullen & Cullin, 6; Dun, 14; Dowling, 12; Doyle, 4; Doweran, 5; McEvoy, 5; Felan,4; Grahams, 9; Hirly, 6; Kenedy, 5; Kelly, 10; Lawler, 13; Mulchaell, 7; Murfy, 5; Moore, 9.
The Number of People in the Barony of Ballyadams: Eng, 104; Irish, 592; Eng & Irish, 0696.

Barony of Portnyhinch

Tituladoes Townland
William Cruihly gentle. Lea
John Quinn gentle. Ballicarroll
John Vaghan gent. proprietor Cooletederry
Henry Skibbaulds gentle. Emoe
James McDaniell gentle. Tenekilly
John Fossy gentle. Clonterry

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Beaghan, 11; Byrne, 8; Bergin, 4; Carroll, 10; Conner, 8; Conraghy, 5; Donellan, 5; Dempsy, 9; McDaniell, 10; McEvoy, 5; Foran, 5; Felan, 6; Farrell, 5; Helan, 10; Kelly, 16; Lawler, 7; Murty, 6; Moore, 5; McShane, 6.
Number of People in ye Barony of Portnyhinch: Eng, 101; Irish, 0728; Eng and Irish, 0829.

Barony of Stradbally

Tituladoes Townland
John Dodd gent. Rathinsky
William Cosby gentle. Garimadock
John Poordom gentle. Killeenes
Francis Brereton gentle. Kilmurry
George Williams gent. Bellareader
Vincent Kidder gentle. Kilrory
Oliver Wailsh gentle. Ballikilcovan
Benjamin Worsly Esq., John Rawlins Esq. Tymogue
William Hetherington gent., Richard Hetherington gent., Walter Butler gentl, James Butler gent. Cloghpook
Richard Brereton gent. Loghleage
George Reynolds gent. Muney
John Pigett gentle. Rahinduff

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Bergin, 5; Brenan, 9; Byrne, 9; Brohy, 8; Conrahy, 9; Donell & McDonell, 9; Doyle, 5; Dun, 13; Fyinn, 8; Felan, 10; Kelly, 13; Lawler, 16; Murfy, 7; Moghan, 5; Mulone, 6; Wailsh, 7.
The Number of People in the Barony of Stradbally: Eng, 089; Irish, 709; Eng and Irish, 798.

Barony of Tynahinch

Tituladoes Townland
Barnaby Dun Esq., Darby Whitfield gent. Ballinakell
William Lestrange gentle. Castle Cuffe
Walter Warnford Esq. Mountmellick
Joseph Hamon gent. Kilkeevan
James Barnwall gent. Roskeene
Edmond McShane gentle. Clanchill
Thomas Piggott Esq., Robert Piggott gentle. Clappard & Cloncannon
Godfrey Cantrell gent., William Edmondson gent., William Barcroft gent. Rossen Allis
Mrs. Dorothy Dun gent. Lucan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Numb[er].
Bane, 5; Bryan & McBryan, 5; Carroll, 6; & McCarroll, 4; Conner & McConner, 7; Conraghy, 17; Dun, 18; McDonnogh, 8; Divoy, 5; Daniell & McDaniell, 6; McEdmond, 5; Kenedy, 5; McMortagh, 5; Mallone, 5; Ogue, 7; McRory, 6; McShane, 11; McTeigue, 9.
The Number of People in the Bar. of Tynahinch: Eng, 153; Irish, 642; Eng & Irish, 795.

Westmeath County

Demifoure Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Christopher Fitzsymons gent. Foyran Foyran
Richard Kearnan gent. Ballintullagh Foyran
Nicholas Hoyse gent. Fynah Foyran
Gabriell Begge & Thomas Louton Esq. Tullinally Foyran
John Clerke, Peter Prench, and John Browne gent. Turbotts towne Mayne
Barthollomew Dardis gent. Ballicamcoyle Rathgarrane
Richard Andrewes gent. Bratty Rathgarrane
James Nugent gent. Rannaghan St. Fahins
Robert Nugent gent. Carpinters towne St. Fehin
Robert Nugent gent. Clenegeragh St. Fehin
William Markham Esq. Derengarran Lady Fahaltowne
Richard Nugent gent. Streams towne Lady Fahaltowne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Brady, 007; Browne, 009; O Connor, 009; Donoghow, 011; Fagan, 057; Fay, 007; Fox, 007; Kearnan, 009; Kelly, 009; Lency, 010; Mullgan & Mulligan, 008; Murphy, 009; Murtagh, 012; Newgent, 022; Relye, 013; Fitzsymons, 014; Symons, 007; Terrell, 007.
Barony of Demifoure: Eng, 109; Irish, 1224; 1333, totall.

Moygoishe Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Faustian Collens gent. Emper Killmacknivan
Henry Dalton gent. Contanstons Killmacknivan
Richard Dalton & Christopher Fitzgerrald gent. Bellenlue Killmacknivan
George Fitzgerrald gent. Laragh Killmacknivan
Sr. Henry Piers Knt. Tristernagh Kilbixy
James Fitzgerrald gent. Grange Kilbixy
Walter Tuitte gent. Banans towne Kilbixy
Thomas Hopkins Esq. Ballacorsley Kilbixy
Nicholas Ledwidge & Arthur Nangle gent. Kilbixy Kilbixy
Edward Plunkett, Robert Unill, Marcus Bealing and Walter Bealing his sonn gent. Ballesalagh Kilbixy
Henry Fitzgerrald gent. Johns towne Templeoran
John Duckenfield Esq. Sonnaugh Templeoran
Alexandr. Hope & Richard his sonn gents. Parcellstone Templeoran
John Hawkins gent. Colamber Street
John Widowes gent. Ballegildivin Street
Bryan Reily gent. Fiermore Street
Gerrott Delamare gent. Dunonan Street
Tho: Long & Edward Knight Esqrs. Culoin Street
John Patrickeson and Wlter Delamare gents. Russagh Russagh
John Cormick gent. Corredonellon Russagh
William Christmas, Abraham Geales, Theobald Ledwidge, Edmond Walsh, and Luke Nangle, gents. Cappagh Russagh
Hubert Farrell & Richd. Ferrell gents. Deriduan Rathaspick
Francis Hallingworth gent. Rathowne-Edward Rathaspick
Abraham Michelburn Esqr. Rathaspick Rathaspick

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Casey & Cassey, 10; Conelly & Conally, 07; Cormick, 11; Dalton, 12; Delamre, 06; Farrell & Ferell, 16; Fagan, 06; Fitzgerrald, 07; Kegry, 80; Kenny, 09; Kelly, 06; Laughlin, 07; Mortagh, 14; Moran & Morran, 10; Nangle, 06; Tuitte, 06; Ward, 06; Welsh & Walsh, 08.
Barrony of Moygoishe: Eng, 048; Irish, 1086; 1134, totall.

Corkerie Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Sallisbery gent. Portloman Portloman
John Juyce gent. Loghanstowne Portnesangan
Edward Nugent gent. Ballnegall Portnesangan
Garrett Tuitte & War. Tuitte his sonn gents. Black castle Portnesangan
Coll. John Clarke Esq. & Phillip Teeling gent. Ballenselott Portnesangan
Will: Bangfield gents. Doone Tifurnan
Will: Disney Esq., and Will: Ledwidge gent. Taghmon and Farrenkellyn Taghmon
Thomas Delamare and Richard Tuitte gents. Munck towne Taghmon
Piers Tuitte gent. Tiberquill Taghmon
Rownland Willson Esq. Stonehall Stonehall
Christopher Nugent and Oliuer Nugent his Sonn gents. Killington Stonehall
James Snow, William Snow, Rubyn Leigh, & Robert Massey, gents. Martynstown Stonehall
Phillip Ebzury Esq. and John Ebzury gent. Ballnefedd Leny
James Delamare gent. Kilpatrick Leny
Brian Mungan gent. Ballenalack Leny
Edmond Nugent, Robert Newgent, and Edward Newgent, gents. Knightwood Leny
Walter Ledwidge gent. Lacken Lacken
Jonathan Handy, George Madocks, Zephania Smith, George Harrison, and Mathew Allen, gents. Multifernan Multifarnan
George Talbott Esq. Donoer Multifarnan
Francis Newgent gent. Monintown Multifarnan

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Branan & Brenan, 05; Dalie, 08; Dalton, 06; Delamare, 06; Farrell, 08; Galcor, 05; Hueghs & Hues, 08; Kiraghty, 14; Ledwidge, 14; Martin, 05; Mullican, 05; Newgent, 25; Ward, 10; Tuitte, 07.
Barrony of Corkerie: Eng, 044; Irish, 847; 891, totall.

Majaskell and Magheredernan Barronies

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Leigh gent. Cullenmore, Brocke, and Cullenbegg. Mollingar
Lord Wharton Lord Baron Stratens towne Mollingar
Tho: Norwick Aduentr. Tulchan Mollingar
Richard Sherbroke gent. Cloune Mollingar
Will: Pettitt gent. and Nicholas Darcy gent. Baltrasney Mollingar
Richard Fitzgerrald gent. Kilpatrick Mollingar
Ambrose Newgent and will: Mackanry gent. Welshes towne Mollingar
Lauallin Newgent gent. Slayne town Mollingar
Wm. Dodd gent. Ballinderry Mollingar
Mr. Lucas and Roger Mounrag gents. Disert Disart
Mr. Coue Esq. Loagermore Disart
Sr. John Whitman Knight Killinan Roconnell
Thomas Newgent gent. Clonlostie Roconnell
James Newgent gent. Edmonds towne Roconnell
John Thomson Esq. and Oliuer Newgent gent. Roconnnell Roconnell
Moyses Jenkins Esq. Monylea Roconnell
Capt. Robert Cooke Esq. Moygullin Roconnell
Thomas Swift Esq. and Redmond Pettit gents. Fennor Roconnell
Sr. Nicholas Crispp Knt. & Bartt. Ballinderry Roconnell

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Coffy, 06; Cormick, 13; Daly, 21; Farrell, 07; O Glynn & Glynn, 09; Gaynor & Goynor, 09; Gauan & Gauen, 06; Hope, 07; Hughs & Hues, 11; Le Strange, 06; Leny, 09; Martin, 06; Newgent, 12; Rorke, 05; Skally, 07; Sogh, 05; Tuitte, 11.
Barrony of Majaskell: Eng, 37; Irish, 970; 1007, totall.

Fertullagh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Lt. Dennis Broune gent. Lynn Lynn
John Tyrrell gent. Clonmoyle Lynn
Thomas Griffin & James Griffin his sonn gents. Tyrrells towne Moylesker
Patrick Darcey gent. Paslogstowne Moylesker
John Darcey gent. Raheen & Raduffe Mullingar & Eniscoffy pt.
William Vennor gent., John Humphry Freeholder, & Will his sonn. Brenocks towne Mullingar & Eniscoffy pt.
Henry Jephson gent. Ballymolan Castlelost
Thomas Aggas & George Marley gent. Castlelost Castollost
Conn Geoghegan and Conly Geoghegan gents. Ragarett New towne
Edward Tyrrill, Lauallin Newgent and Dominick Newgent his sonn, gents. Robins towne Eniscofty

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Birne, 07; Brogan, 05; Brynan (5), Brenan (2), 07; Coffy, 07; Cully, 10; Dempsy, 08; Duffy (6), Duff (4), 10; Darcey, 06; Doyne, 05; Daly, 05; Geoghegan, 07; Glanan, 05; Griffin, 05; Keegan, 06; Lenagh, 09; Tyrrell, 16; Whitechan, 10.
Barrony of Fertullagh: Eng, 041; Irish, 678; 0719, totall.

May Cashell Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Richard Harrison and John Nelson gents.   Kilbeggan Burrowh
John Clerke gent. Managhans towne Castle towne
John Roe gent. Killelin Castle towne
Solloman Griffin gent. Balrath Castle towne
Bryan Sheall gent. Ballyconnell Castle towne
Oliuer Brenan gent. Adams towne Castle towne
Edmond Coffy gent. Gary Castle towne
John Lease gent. Rathnewgent Castle towne
John Turbett gent. Kadrishoge Castle towne
George Peyton Esq. Streams towne Ardnoroghir
Richard Patience gent. Creine Ardnoroghir
Will: Ponntney Lt. Moycashell Ardnoroghir
John Johnes Esq. Lismoyne Ardnorcher
Will: Lowe Esq. Newtowne Newtowne
George Lowe gent. Loghanlonagh Newtowne
John Pearson Esq. Comins towne Newtowne
Thomas Whallop gent. Kililoghan Newtowne
James Geoghegan gent. Ballinegreny Killcomrearagh
Thomas Ransom gent. Derryhall Killcomrearagh
Huegh Geoghegan gent. Cappanakirke Killcomrearagh
Huegh Lengly gent. Killekuny Killcomrearagh
Henry Hoskins gent. Ballencrany Killcomrearagh
John Cooke Esq. Cooletore Killcomrearagh
John Sherlock gent. Shehanagh Kilbeggan
Huegh Geoghegan gent. Grynan Kilbeggan
Laurence Sedgraue, gent. Loghanagore Kilbeggan
Thomas Gibbons gent. Shurin Kilbeggan
Thomas Robinson gent. Monrath Rathue
Mr. Edwards proprietor in England, and Thomas Baly gent. Garyduffe Rathue
Thomas Skelson and John Lorde gents. Kiltober Rathue
Edward Loue gent. Lower towne Rathue
Thomas Low gent. Ballybroder Rathue
John Fleetwood gent. Freuanagh Rathue

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Brenan (5), Brynan (5), 10; McCarey & McCarrey, 20; Crevy, 06; Coffy, 06; Duffy, 10; Duffe, 05; Daly, 26; Geoghegan, 43; Gormely, 06; Hackett, 06; Keegan, 13; King, 06; Kelly, 10; Lynan, 06; Sheery, 09; Wyre, 09.
Barrony of Moycashell: Eng, 132; Irish, 1347; 1479, totall.

Rathconrath Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Cortt. John Tibbs gent. Symnegartagh Ballymore
Henrie Arundell Aduentr. Majvaghlye Ballymore
Benjamin Whetcome Adventr. Callaghs towne Ballymore
Francis Actery Aduentr. Cloncullan Ballymore
Lt. Foolk Rokeby gent. Mollimeaghan Ballymore
Joseph Browne Aduentr. Shenlis Ballymore
Boulstered Whitlock Aduentr. Rathskeagh Killare
Roger Nickolds Adventer. Killenagh Killare
John Perry Adventer. Killinbrake Killare
Nicholas Lobb gent. Ballenecarrow Rathcunrath
Daniell Waldo Adventr. Littell Painstone Rathcunrath
Martin Aldersee Adventr. Rathduff Rathcunrath
John Cropley Aduentr. Rowlands towne Rathconrath
Richard Floyd Aduentr. Esq. Castlegadry Rathconrath
Michell Armin Adventr. Newbristie Almoritra
John Gunning Adventr., Esq., John Edmonds, & Will: Richards, gents. Mayvoure Temple patrick
Albert Widmay gent. Dundonell Churchs tone
Theob: Barlowe gent. Ballynefearagh Churchs tone
Oliuer Hope gent. Ould towne Churchs tone
John Sheepherd Adventor., Mortogh Coffy, John Coffey, & Edmond Coffey his sonnes gents. Rogers towne Churchs tone
Richard Sherberne Adventr. Coyne Churchs tone
Miles Corbett Esq., Phillip Pagenham gent. Croghoell Churchs tone
Dr. Worsely Adventr. Ballrath Churchs tone

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Coffy, 029; Conally & Conelly, 013; Connelan & Connalan, 014; Carmick, 017; Dalton, 050; Dunegan & Donegan, 012; Daly, 010; Doyle, 012; Flanagan, 008; Farrell, 010; Geoghegan, 010; Keny & Kenny, 017; Knowlan & Knolan, 013; Knally, 014; Keegan & Kigan, 014; Murrey & Morry, 012; Maghan (6), Magan (6), 12; Skally & Skelly, 012.

Farbill Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Henry Pardon gent. Ballrone Killucquin
John Furlong and Redmond Frayne gents. Rathwyre Killucquin
Nicholas Frayne and Michaell Frayne gents. Killucquinn Killucquin
Andrew Darcy gent. Rathfarne Killucquin
Thomas Fitzgerald gent. Jorgs towne Killucquin
Cort. George Wilton and William Rowles gents. Kinagad Killucquin
Edward Cushin gent. Cassins towne Killucquin
Robert Darcy gent. Greatdowne Killucquin
Edmond Darcy gent. Corbeds towne Killucquin

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Bardon, 05; Brogan, 05; Cormick, 06; Clery, 08; Connor, 05; Daly, 12; Darcy, 11; Duygin, 05; Duff, 05; Glenan, 06; Grogan, 06; Heany, 06; Keegan, 05; Kernan, 05; Malone, 05; Purcell, 08; Slevin, 05; Tyrrell, 06; Ward, 05.
Barrony of Farbill: Eng, 011; Irish, 776; 0787, totall.

Clonlonan Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Lawrence Hyde Esq. and Joseph Smith gent. Ballilaughlowe Ballilaughlowe
Richard Bestwill gent. Laban and Clonmacdude Ballilaughlowe
George Meverell Esq. Twoy Ballilaughlowe
Phillip Branthwaite gent. Donigan Ballilaughlowe
Robert Bromwell Esq. and Anthony Bromwell gent. Carne Ballilaughlowe
John Baal gent. Quolins Ballilaughlowe
Isaac Walsh gent. Tullibane Ballilaughlowe
Richard Jagiues gent. Tully Ballilaughlowe
Gilbert Parker gent. Fassagh Ballilaughlowe
James Riley gent. Williams tone Ballilaughlowe
Thomas Hodges gent. Aghavomine Ballilaughlowe
John Homan gent. Moat: Granoge Ballilaughlowe
John Cliburne gent. Legan and Capiatack Ballilaughlowe
Nicholas Starkey, James Wasley, and William Spike, gents. Balliallroe Ballilaughlowe
Thomas Bradhurst gent. Castle towne Ballilaughlowe
Donnies Sheill gent. Ballinderry Ballilaughlowe
John Quelch Esq. Kilcleagh Ballilaughlowe
Richard Legland gent. Ballamock Feogh Ballilaughlowe
Godfry Keeler gent. Ballenehowne Ballilaughlowe

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Coughlane, 007; Cloffy, 010; Daly, 010; O Dully, 005; Dillon, 005; Fury, 015; Killeen, 005; Kelly, 007; McLaughlin, 010; Moran & Morran, 006; Naughten, 005; Riley, 005.
Barrony of Clonlonan: Eng, 123; Irish, 917; 1040, totall.

Kilkenny Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Pilex Brafield Esq. Killenenen Dromraney
John Rotherham gent. Ballenagleduff Dromraney
Henrie Dillon gent. Ballysallagh Dromraney
Henrie Dillon gent. Doonemony Dromraney
Morish Dillon and Edmund Dillon gents. Drumraney Dromraney
Christopher Webster and James Dillon gents. Lowe Baskin Dromraney
Christopher Dillon gent. Balletrohan Dromraney
Thomas Walding gent. High Baskin Dromraney
James Dillon gent. Ballentrohan Dromraney
Thomas Page gent. Ballineclehy Dromraney
Peter Sterne gent. Wathers towne Dromraney
Gerott Dillon and John McShaen gents. Killinmore Dromraney
Gerott Dalton gent. Koghovall Dromraney
Edmond Dalton gent. Marara Dromraney
Capt. Henry Baker Esq. Conors towne Dromraney
Manus Lenan gent. Donees Dromraney
John Dillon gent. Lisdossan Dromraney
Sr. Robert Goodwin Knt., John Lisle, Elisha Coysh, ____ Shuttleworth, Nathaniell Fines, ____ Crossey, and Thomas Needham, Esqrs. Proprietors of High Baskin and Arnegragh  
Richard Sloy, Richard Smith, John Douglas, William Willson, Christopher Gilbert, and John Lord, gentlemen. Mollingar Burrough  

Principall Irish Names of Kilkenny Barrony & Mollingar Burrough [and Their number].
Birn, 06; Clery, 07; Carne & Kearne, 10; Dillon, 24; O Daly, 08; McDoyle, 07; Duff & Duffie, 11; Dalton, 09; McGanley, 11; Keny & Kenny, 15; Keegan, 12; Kenedie, 06; Moran & Morran, 15; Marten, 09; Sirey, 09; Cormick, 05; Knolan, 05; Killen, 05; Laragh, 05; Murrey, 05.
Barrony of Killkenny: Eng, 75; Irish, 1272; 1347, totall.

Delvyn Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Walter Dowdall gent. Cronis towne Castle towne
John Skeeper gent. Ballevally Castle towne
John Gale Esq. Castle towne Castle towne
George Barnewell gent. New towne & Daruis towne Castle towne
Edward Fay gent. Balrath Castle towne
Henry Whissed gent. Billins towne Castle towne
Walter Cussok gent. Drugans towne Castle towne
Richard Corkdyale gent. Rossmeed and Robins towne Castle towne
Francis Gibbon Esq. Heaths towne Kiltumy
Benjamin Chapman gent. Killuah Rilluak
Henry Spierms Esq. Bracklin Killologh
John Britton gent. Dardis towne Killologh
Nick: Ogle gent. Dissartally Killologh

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Carrell, 06; Duff, 10; Fagan, 15; Farrell, 11; Fay, 11; Glenan & Glinan, 08; McGarr & Garre, 06; Lency, 06; Murrey, 08; Moore, 06; Newman, 07; Newgent, 15; Plunkett, 07.
Barrony of Delvin: Eng, 052; Irish, 1057; 1109, totall.

Wexford County

Wexfford Towne and Liberties

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Low Esq., Mayor of Wexfford, John Cotterell, Paul Wakefield, Robert Phillips, Constantine Neale, William Reynolds, Christopher Dobson, and Anthony Cauldron, gentlemen. East Ward Wexford Towne
Hugh Hobbs, Michaell Lewling, Thomas Pilkington, John Roberts, and Richard Neale, gentlemen. West Ward Wexford Towne
Ambrose Andrews, Valentine Chyttwood, George Linnington, Charles Huddle, and William Backer, gentlemen. South Ward Wexford Towne
James Roe, John Walton, Francis Harvye, Robert Wilkinson, Isaac Freborne, and William Cleburne, gentlemen. North Ward Wexford Towne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Murphy, 14; Synott, 11; Welsh, 07; Codd, 13; Doyle, 06; White, 06; Connors, 05; Furlong, 05; Redmond, 05; Deuereux, 05.
Towne and Liberties [of] Wexford: Eng, 340; Irish, 562; Totall, 902.

The Towne and Liberties of New Rosse

Tituladoes Townland Parish
William Ivery, and John Pinkle, Esqrs., Richard Hunt, Lyonell Woodward, John Winkworth, John Rawkines, and Eusebines Cotton, gentlemen, & Walter Davies.   New Rosse Towne and Liberties

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Murphy, 10; Doyle, 04; Kelly, 06; Browne, 06; Keating, 05.

Eniscorthy Towne & Liberties

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Tymothy Stamp Esq., John Stamp, and Tymothy Clint, gentlemen.   Eniscorthy Towne & Liberties

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.
Redmond, 04; Doyle, 04; Synnott, 03.
Towne and Liberties [of] Ross: Eng, 241; Irish, 377; Totall, 618.
Towne and Liberties [of] Eniscorthy: Eng, 067; Irish, 322; Totall, 387.

Barrony of Forth

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Wythers Esq. Johns towne Rathaspok
Lotus Codd gent. Rathaspok Rathospok
John Arthure Esq., John Arthur gent. Great Haies town Rathaspok
Jonas Chamberlyn gent. Litle Killian Dreynagh
Thomas Hart Esq. Rath mc Knee Rath mc Knee
Thomas Knox Esq. Tagonan Maglas
Richard Orrsley Ballycoghy Maglas
Richard Wilbore Ballybrenan Ballybrenan Parish
William Thresher gent. Lyngs towne Sharmon
Richard Nunn Esq. Hill Kilsceran Peer
Edmond Hyegate & John Hyegate gent. White house Roslare Peer
Osborne Edwards gent. Ballehore Kilran
Nicholas Codd Esq. Castle towne Carne
Edmond Waddey gent. Clogh East Carne
Wm. Jacob gent. Siggins towne Tacumshan

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Browne, 13; Beggan, 11; Bolger, 11; Codd, 32; Conick, 10; Cussin, 11; Cheuers, 07; O Doyle, 16; Deuereux, 27; French, 09; Furlong, 22; Fertern, 08; Hay, 32; Howlin, 11; Kauanagh, 08; Kelly, 11; Keating, 11; O Lary, 18; Lamport, 26; Murphy, 16; Morrogh, 19; Meylor, 11; O Morroe, 27; Neuport, 09; Rossetor, 10; Redmond, 10; Roch, 18; Rowe, 14; Scallan, 10; Stafford, 28; Skallan, 08; Synott, 43; Whitty, 22; Welsh, 12.
Barrony: Forth: Eng, 178; Irish, 1667; 1845, tott:

Barony of Bergie

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Nicholas Deuereux Esq., Richard Deuereux his sonn gent. Balliteige Kilmoore
Richard Row gent. Ballibharty Kilmoore
John Swan gent. Baldens towne Malrankan
William Jauncey gent. & Isaac Gale gent. Ballimagir Duncormuck
Nicholas King gent. Duncormuck Duncormuck
Richd. Wilson gent. Knock town Duncormuck
Gerrald Wallis gent. Cullins towne Bannow
Sollomon Richards Esq., Sollomon Richards Senor. gent. Harpers towne Kilkeanan
Nicholas Gower gent. Tallakena Kilkeauan
John Thompson gent. Kilkeauan Kilkeauan
William Radford gent. Great Gurchins Kilmennan
William Russell gent. New castle Kilmennan

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Byrne, 08; Brodie, 07; Browne, 12; Bryan, 06; Cullen, 11; Deuereux, 18; Doyle, 08; Furlong, 22; Fardye, 07; Farrell, 06; Hay, 16; Hood, 09; Keating, 10; Kauanagh, 06; Lamport, 06; Larcan, 06; O Morrow, 06; & Morrogh, 05; Murphy, 20; Meyler, 14; O Murchoe, 07; Neuill, 07; Prendergass, 07; Power, 07; Pearle, 19; Perce, 06; Pursell, 10; Roch, 15; Redmond, 13; Revell, 08; Synnott, 17; Stafford, 18; Whitty, 15; Welsh, 11; White, 13.
Barrony: Bargie: Eng, 126; Irish, 1353; 1479, tott:

Shelmaleer Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Holmes gent. Bragurteen Carrick
John Morgan gent. Grow towne Carrick
Edward Gratrix gent. Sleuey Carrick
Wm. Skinner gent. Rosgarland Carrick
Thomas Scott Esq. Longraige Carrick
John Tenck Esq. Mellendery Carrick
____ Hutton gent. Bryans towne Carrick
John Graham gent. Kilbreny Carrick
Roger Lenesay gent. Ballitroman Synotts land
Wm. Trevill gent. Curraghtloe Synotts land
Robert Sanders Esq., Joshua Sanders gent. Dipps Roches land
Wm. Frompton gent. Monmore Roches land

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
O Breene, 09; Bane, 07; O Bryan & McBryan, 15; Connor & Connors, 15; O Cullin, O Cullun, and O Cullen, 14; Brennagh, 07; McDonell, 17; Duffe, 12; McDonogh, 07; Doyle, 33; McEdmond, 10; Furlong, 25; Hore, 10; McJohn, 09; Kelly, 18; Lacye, 08; McMurtagh, 06; McMorrogh, 06; O Magher, 06; Murphy, 42; O Neale, 08; Roch, 28; Roe, 15; Redmond, 14; O Ryan, 07; Synnott, 23; White, 06; Welsh, 07; McWilliam, 09.
Barrony: Shelmaleer: Eng, 163; Irish, 1650; 1813, tott.

Shelbyrne Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Sr. Casesr Colclough Barronett of Tinterne, Anthony Flood gent. Tinterne Tinterne
Robert Orphye gent. Church towne Hooke
Nichs. Loftus Senr., and Nicholas Loftus Junr., Esqrs., Henry Loftus, John Loftus, and Thomas Loftus, gents. Fetherd Hooke
John Cliffe Esq. Dungulp Hooke
Michaell Dormer gent. Aclamon Slequilter
Humphry Smyth gent. Balliveroge Slequilter

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Branagh & Brennagh, 13; Byrne, 09; Bane, 09; O Boe, 10; Bryan & McBryan, 08; Browne, 10; Barron, 08; Coluer, 09; Cullin, 14; Chapman, 08; McDonnogh, 07; Deuereux, 11; Doyle, 19;McEdmond, 14; Forstall, 12; Furlong, 08; FitzJames & McJames, 09; Kauanagh, 09; Kenaght, 11; Keating, 13; Kelly, 15; Lacye, 07; Loughnan, 08; Ogan & Owgan, 07; Power, 16; Poore, 09; Roch, 18; McRichard, 07; Redmond, 07; Sutton, 25; McShane, 10; Synnott, 08; McTeige, 08; Walsh, 15; Welsh, 11; Whelan, 12; Murphy, 33.
Barrony: Shelbyrne: Eng, 101; Irish, 1893; 1994, Tott.

Bantrie Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Barrington Esq. Cloghas Clogh
Robert Thornhill Esq. Clogh Clogh
Francis Randell gent. Bree Clogh
John Smyth gent. Edermyne Clogh
Samuell Shepheard Esq. Camlin Ould Rosse
Thomas Bower Killscanlan Ould Rosse
Henry Haughton gent. Ballyane Monks land
Robert Cuppage Esq. Lambs towne Glan
Charles Collins gent. Corleckan Glan

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Birne, 15; Browne, 07; Cogely, 11; Clouny, 08; Doyle, 41; Dorane & Doran, 07; McEdmond, 07; Forestall (6) & Forstall (9), 15; Fouly (6) & Fuoly (4), 10; Kinsalagh, 08; Kelly, 08; Murchoe, 18; Murphy, 31; Power, 11; Roch, 16; Redmond, 14; Welsh, 11; McTeige, 08.
Barrony: Bantry; Eng, 056; Irish, 1347; 1403, tott.

Ballaghkeene Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Edward Chichester Esq. Prospect Kiltennell
Thomas Neile gent. Kildermott Kiltennell
Robert Pue gent. Ballimony Kiltennell
John Tottie Senr. gent., John Tottie Junr. Esq. Kilbride Kiltennell
John Fontaine Esq. Midleton Ardmaine
Daniell Franke gent. Boleny Ardmaine
Pencer Vincent Esq., Thomas Vincent gent. Glascarrig Ardmaine
John Webb, Henry Proud gent. Browns wood Templeshan

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Byrne, 15; Bolger, 15; O Bryan, 13; Connor & Connors, 20; Dempsy & Demsy, 15; Doyle, 21; O Deoran, 08; Kauanagh, 08; Lacye, 12; Lary, 08; Murchoe, 24; Murphy, 60; Roch, 15; Redmond, 44; Synnott, 28.
Barrony: Ballaghkeene: Eng, 122; Irish, 1219; 1341, tott.

Goary Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Abell Ram & Richd. Fitts gents, Samuel Windowes gent. Goary Kiltriske
Captn. John Sands Limbricke Kiltriske
Morgan Kauanagh gent. Tomnahely Kiltriske
Christopher Goffe gent. Correcanane Kiltriske
Henry Maisterson Esq. Clonee Kiltriske
Samuell Sheares gent. Fort Chichester Inch
Coole Toole gent. Lagan Inch
Phillip Drue gent. Cloghnehissy Kilneauor
Miles Kensellagh gent. Balliteig Arklow
Walter Talbott gent. Ballishane Tome
Bryan Doran gent. Ballitrasey Tome
____ Wadkins gent. Balliorlimor Tome

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
Birne, 19; Connor & O Connors, 07; Doyle, 27; Kauanagh, 15; Kensly, 11; Murphy, 25; Redmond, 13; Toole, 09.
Barrony: Goary: Eng, 107; Irish, 687; 0794 tott.

Scarwelsh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Alex: Barrington Esq. Ballearrill  
Thomas Lee gent.   Moynart
John Cotterell gent.   Kilteally
Mathew Stotnard Esq. Moycurry Kiltreally
Wm. Lambe gent. Coolecleere Cromocke
John Denison gent.   The Town and Parrish of Fernes
Captn. Buttler gent. Rahin Kilcome
Anthony Rudd gent. Balleshannoge, Johnstowne and Drumderry Kilcome
Captn. Richard Woodward gent., Coll. Francis Wheeler Esq. Belleneparke Kilcome
Edward Rotheram Esq. Cranecrinagh That part of ye P'ish of Toem yt lies in ye Bar: of Scarwelsh
Walter Lyndan, Roger Lyndon, and John Selling, gents. Camolin That part of ye P'ish of Toem yt lies in ye Bar: of Scarwelsh

Principall Irish Names [and Their Number].
O Bryne, 17; Byrne, 08; O Bryan, 08; Doyle, 25; Doran, 10; Duffe, 08; O Fowly, 09; Jourdon, 07; Murphy, 07; Nowland and Nolan, 10; Neale, 07; Redmond, 12.
Barrony [of Scarwelsh]: Eng, 131; Irish, 971; 1102, tott:

Province of Connacht

Leytrim County

Baronies of Leitrim, Mohill and Carrigallan

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Sr. George St. George Knt., Bryan Cunigane gent. Carrick, Drumrush Killtogher
William St. George Esq., Edward Wood gent, Thomas Barrington Esq., John Ellis Senior gent., John Ellis Junior gent., Hugh Gray gent., Bryan Birne Merctt., Stephen Chamberline Mctt. James towne Killtogher
Owen Ruork gent. Leytrim Killtogher
Humphry Reynolds Esq. Loghscurr Killtibrett
Bar. Carigallin    
Edward Alline Esq., Thomas Alline gent. Towmanaghan Cargallen in ye Barony of Carrigallin
Bryan Brangh O Connor gent. Aghaloy offalan Oughterah
Coll. Laurence Parsons Esq. Bellinamore Oughterah
Henry Baker Esq. Derinahily Oughterah
Henry Reynolds gent. Garvoruss & Bociscile Dromreilly in Carrigallin Barr.
Henry O Neale gent. Leckine Cloone
William Bray gent. Caneaneary Cloone
Phelomy O Neale Drummine Cloone
Henry Crofton Esq.   Mohell
Walter Jones gent. Loghevine Mohell

Principall Irish Names & their Numb[er].
Bryan, 10; Birrin, 5; Brady, 6; Birne (4) & Brine (4), 8; Bohane, 8; Caffery, 6; O Cannon, 5; Currine, 7; Carten, 5; McCaba, 10; O Duigenan, 20; McDermot, 5; O Donelly, 20; Dolan, 9; Farrell, 7; O Flyne, 10; McGwyre, 18; McGrannell, 12; McGarry, 10; McGee, 6; Gowran, 8; Gowan, 13; McGleoine, 14; McGilleroy, 5; McGanna, 2; Gillacynny, 8; McHugh, 12; Kelly, 13; McKeone, 27; Mulloy, 10; Moran &c., 20; McMahon, 7; McManus, 5; Managhan, 5; O Neale, 18; McNemee, 21; Reynolds, 62; Riddaghan (6) & Rodaghan, 9; Reyly, 38; McShanly, 15; Shyrydan, 7; McTernan, 12; Terny, 4; McTeigue, 7.
The Number of the People in the three Baronyes of Leytrim, Mohill and Carrigallan, according to the severall pages: Eng, 0207; Irish, 2139; Totall Eng & Irish, 2346.

Barony of Dromagheire

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Sr. Geo: Villers Bartt. Drumaheire Drumleas
Robert Parker Esq. New towne Drumleas
Hugh O Rourke gent. Killnagarne Inish McRaw

Barony of Rossclogher

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Ebercrumber gent. Tragherighon Killassett
Charles Connor gent. Glassedrumin Killassett
Thomas Abercrumber gent. Larganboy Killassett
John Waldrum gent., Owen Wynn Esq. Manner Hamilton Killassett
Neale O Neale gent. Ballagh O Mehan Rossenver
William McGlanchy gent. Cloone-car Rossenver
Leut. Thomas Ellis gent. Dune Garbry Rossenver

Principall Irish Names and their Numbers.
Armstrong, 7; McBoyheen, 5; O Conan, 6; O Curmine, 6; O Cuillen, 7; Connelly, 6; O Derrogan, 5; McElveaine, 8; McEnaw, 12; O Fline, 15; Fellane, 6; O Fergussa, 13; O Fihily, 5; O Gallagher, 15; McQuan, 40; McGillaholy, 6; McGowren, 7; McGlanchy, 12; McGwyre, 9; Gloghlen, 5; McGlevine, 14; McGilleroy, 5; McHugh, 6; McKenan, 6; Kelly, 28; O Keregan, 6; Kegan, 8; McKilleagher, 6; McKeoine, 7; McLoghlen, 32; McMorrey, 30; McMulloghry, 5; O Myhan, 12; O Mulgohery, 7; Parlone, 25; O Rourke, 24; O Sharry, 17; O Trower, 13; McTiernan, 26.
The Number of the People in the Two Baronyes of Drumaheir, and Roscloger according to the severall pages: Eng, 0112; Irish, 1817; Eng and Irish, 1929.

Roscommon County and Athlone Borrough

Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Farrell gent. Glanbalettony Elphyn
William Malone & Phillip Conner gents. Toberrory Elphyn
Nicholas Doyle Esq. Drenan Elphyn
Richard Nugent gent. Killinecher Elphyn
Francis Nugent gent. Clunmurre Elphyn
Sr. Thomas Nugent Barronett Corthree Elphyn
Robert Newgent Cluniquin Elphyn
Patrick Barnuell gent. Tullintippen Elphyn
Nicholas Mahon Esq. Elphin Elphyn
Peeter Dowell gent. Rathroe Shankill
Allen Dowell gent. Clonnobioge Shankill
Thomas Fitzgerrald and Peter Esmond gents. Killocomsy Killmacumsy
Corporall Erasmus Mathews gent. Lorga Lissanuffoy
Nicholas Sutton gent. Ballyduffey Lissanuffy
Thomas Plunkett gent. Lissanuffey Lissanuffy
Faghny Farrell Esq. Clounikeran Lissanuffy
Robert Leynes and Alexandr. his sonn gents. Trevocerrye Lissanuffy
Walter Dillon gent. Kill Mc Eneny Lissanuffy
Peirs Power & Theo: his sonn gent. Lispopble Lissanuffy
Richard Croffton Esq. Lisedorne Aghrinn
Robert Ervinge gent. Carrikenagh Aghrinn
Edward Croffton gent. Killinierra Aghrinn
Lucas Dillon Esq. Towmore Aghrinn
Robert Redmond gent. Kariskillowe Aghrinn
Robert Purshell gent. Caroreaogh Aghrinn
Robert Plunkett gent. Laskan Aghrinn
George Begg & Mathew Begg Bellragh Aghrinn
Peirse Power & Edmond Power gent. Polemghell Aghrinn
Migheall Scafeeld gent.   Bomlin
Robert Dillon gent. Orny Bomlin
Francis Farsfeeld gent. Furnebege Bomlin
Tho: Pariell gent. Clorebragan Bomlin
Lucas Dillon gent. Balimagenale Bomlin
Lawrence Netervill, Thomas Butler and Edward Nugent, gents. Casselsherwood Clunfinlagh
Patrick Verdon gent. Dughill Clunfinlagh
Cormak Hanly & Richd. Dillon gents. Grahoone in Cloonefey, Lenaghlaa Clunfinlagh
Edward Scurlog gent. Cargintulke Killculey
ye sonn of Mary Fitzgerrald gent. Karker Killculey
Daniel Gilleclin gent. Annaughmore Killculey
Dudly Connor gent. Clouneagh Killculey
John Connor gent. Clounakilly Killculey
John Connor and Gerald Barnawell gents. Clounculan Killculey
William Jussey gent. Corbegg Killculey
Bryan Connor gent. & John Connor gent. Clare Clounfinlagh
Edward Mastron gent. Clouncaugh Clounfinlagh
Patricke Plunkett gent. Coraghnegole Clounfinlagh
Oliuer Ketin gent. Clouneragh Clounfinlagh
Faughna Farrall gent. Killfree Ogula
Turlogh Kelly gent. Lisneneane Ogula
Jenecoe Taaffe & John Taaffe gent. Carveincossan Ogula
Charles _____ gent. Kenard Clancraffe
Patricke Boyton gent. Clunfee Cluncraffe
Nicholas Verdon gent. Clancosker Cluncraffe
Francis Dillon gent. Drummott Cluncraffe
Thomas Dillon gent. Clunglasin Cluncraffe
James Dowell gent. Cnowingallagh Killtrustan
Charles O Donelan gent. Cretagh Killtrustan
Tho: Ledwich gent. Lishengorgy Killtrustan
Walter Laly gent. Kilvevagh Killtrustan
Jno: Bellew Esq. Cloonin Kiltrustan
Turlagh O Wale gent. Creaghagh Kiltrustan
Jno: Conry gent. Rathmore Kiltrustan
James Nugent & Nicholas Nugent his sonn gents. Kildulloge Kiltrustan
Olin Conry gent. Carungary Kiltrustan

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
Brenan & Branan, 7; O Bierne, 24; O Connor, 28; McCarroly, 27; Daly, 6; McDermott, 8; Cahane & Cohane, 9; Cananagh, 6; Conry, 15; McDowell, 13; Dillon, 10; McEgan, 6; Flanagan, 24; Farrell & Ferrall, 16; O Finy, 6; Fitzgerrald, 8; Gormly & Gormely, 6; Hanly, 15; O Higin, & O Higgin, 9; Kerny, 6; Kiernan, 6; McKeny & Kenny, 11; Kelly, 15; Moran, 15; Murtagh, 7; Nugent, 12; Power, 7; Plunkett, 6; Reylie, 8; Smith, 7; Verdon, 6.
Barrony: Roscommon; Eng, 046; Irish, 1974; 2020, tott:

Ballintobber Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Feoghra Flin Esq. Ballinlagh Killalagh
James Lynch gent. Bally garne Killalagh
John Flin gent. Clooneacrew Killalagh
Allexandr. Hope gent. Ballyfiny Killglass
Francis Farrall gent. Bowan Killglass
Roger Gernon gent. Ballengillecline Killglass
Dermot Hanly gent. Archenemurley Killglass
William Dane gent. Killgarue Killglass
Thomas Brinan gent. Machinach & Ratrinach Killglass
Bryan Fox gent. Tower Machinach Killglass
Garrott Dillon gent. Clunicashell Killgeffin
Garrott Dillon gent. Gortelihan Killgeffin
John Hanly gent., Thomas Terrill Esq., and Christopher Terrill gentlemen Clunshee Tuam and Cawawebonine Killgeffin
James Malyan gent. Aghavoryn Killgeffin
James White gent. Tuomranill Killgeffin
Patrick Warren gent. Cloonegeragh Killgeffin
Gillernan Hanly gent. Corry Killgeffin
William Hanly gent. Curraghe Killgeffin
Gerald Leynes gent. Lisbride Ros comon
Allexandr. Irwing gent. Ballebride Ros comon
Symon Bomus Esq. Carrowree Ros comon
Thomas Louelace Esq. Cloonyne Fuerty
Edmond Dillon gent. Ballanagar Killcorrey
Patrick Betagh gent. Maghan Killcorrey
Dudley Colelough gent. Drishican Baslick
Thomas Dillon gent. Lisalwe Baslick
James Hill gent. Casselleene Baslick
Gilternew Flin gent. Clooneraghan Kilkeevin
Dudly Flin gent. Cloonesallagh Killkeevin
Mathew Simpson gent. Lisleady Killkeevin
James King Esq. Charles towne Killmore
Nathaniell Euanson gent. Killmore Killmore
Neile O Melaghlin gent. Cloonsellagh Killmore
Edmond McGenis and Glessny McGenis gents. Cartron Killmore
Thomas Cunegan gent. Mulick Killmore
Daniell McGennis Esq. Killesenoge Killmore
Donnogh Beirn gent. Row Killmore
William O Birne gent. Killbride Killmore
Roger Flin gent. Ballemageher Ballintober
William Delamar gent. Monyne Cluntoskert
James Veldon gent. Gortgulla Cluntoskert
John Farrell gent. Cluntoskert Cluntoskert
Ed: Hanly gent. Gallagh Cluntoskert
Thomas Mapother Esq. & Richard Mapother gent. Kiltiuan Kiltivan
John Guidon gent. Criuiquin Kiltiuan
Mathew Begg gent. Derane Kilbride
William Dennish gent. Cloncorry Kilbride
Teige Donnogher gent. Corresline Kilbride
Marcus Fitzsymonds gent. Cashellmoagh Kilbride
Robert Bradly Esq., & Richd. Dalton gent., Nicholas Fallan & Richard Garaghty, Marchants.   Roscommon Towne
Richard Izod Ensigne   Part of Tho: Cootes Companie & their wiues
Obediah Evanson Leiut.   Capt. Chichesters Troope

Principall Irish Names [and their Number].
O Bierne, 57; Bourke, 6; Colly, 9; Cassy, 6; O Connor, 34; Connelan, 6; McCormack, 9; Croghan, 10; Duffe, 6; McDermott, 14; McDonell, 11; Dane & Dune, 10; O Dillon, 14; Flanigan, 18; Flin, 29; Finan & Finane, 9; Farrell & Ferrall, 20; McGenis, 7; O Hanly, 45; Higin & Higgin, 11; Kelly, 23; Kenedy, 6; O Melaghlin, 11; MacManus, 7; Moore, 9; Murrey, 8; Moran, 7; McTeige, 6; McWard, 7.
Barony: Ballintobber: Eng, 160; Irish, 2593; 2753, tott:

Boyle Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Lambert gent. West Mohiden Killve 1/2
John Coghlan Esq. Lemgare Killve 1/2
Thomas Coghlan gent. Attmongrana Killve 1/2
Bryan Mulconry gent. Cancly Killve 1/2
Robert Druery gent. Callow Killuemanagh
William Molloy gent. Oughterhery Ardearny
Captn. Anthony Turner gent. Ardlarine and Knockelin Ardearny
Sr. Oliuer Tuit Knt. & Barronett, Dominick French & Thomas Bright, gents. Scorrmore Killmakompsy
Will: Tirrell Esq. Bally clanhugh Tuamana
Lt. Robert Folliott and Ensigne Mathew Curtis gents. Kings Foote company Boyle, Captn. Fran. & their wiues in Boyle Towne
Sr. John King Knt., John Yeadon gent. Boyle Towne  
Owen Lloyd Esq. Drome  
Theobald Dillon Esq. Loghlin Tobihin
Walter Dauis gent. Clunesanmoyle Tobihin
Roger McDermott Esq. Sivinane Tobihin

Principall Irish Names [and] their Number.
O Berne & O Birne, 35; O Brenan & Brennan, 30; Bourke, 6; McCallely, 6; O Connor, 11; McCormack, 8; McDermott, 61; McDonnogh, 7; O Flin, 9; O Flanagan, 7; McHugh, 7; O Higgin (5), O Higgan (3), 8; O Kelly, 17; McLoghlin, 8; O Lennaghan, 9; MacManus, 8; O Mulkiran 8; O Mullany, 11; O Moran (5), O Morrane (4), 9; McMorrish, 6; O Regan & O Reigan, 11; O Relly, 6; O Rory, 6; McTeige, 13; McWard, 6.
Barrony: Boyle: Eng, 218; Irish, 2110; 2328, Tott:

Ballymoe 1/2 Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Thomas Tyrrell gent. Ballemakcrally Cloonegormegan
James Barnewell gent. Carrowdriagh Cloonegormegan
Thomas Castello gent. Carrowduffe Cloonegormegan
Patrick Weldon gent. Kiltoltoge Cloonegormegan
Richard Gernon gent. Ballacagher Oran
Antho: Keervan gent. Carstono more Oran
Nicholas Welsh gent. Enlaghglass Ballenekill

Barony: Ballimore 1/2: Eng, 018; Irish, 551; 569, Tott.

Moycarnan 1/2 Barrony

Tituladoes Townland
Daniell Kelly gent. Ardcarne
Jno: Manyne gent. Karine
Owen Kelly gent. Creagh
Robert Mildrum gent. Drumsillagh
Bryan Kelly gent. Atiferaie
James Fitzg'r'ld gent. Killinmulruny
Edward Brabson gent. Attirory
Loglin Kelly gent. Moore
Owen Killy gent. Clunerallagh
Jno: Kelly gent. Felty
William Coghlane gent. Ardighboy

Principall Irish Names in these two 1/2 Barronies [and their Number].
O Cahan, 11; Dillon, 6; Dolane & Dollane, 14; O Higgin & O Higgan, 7; Kelly, 32; McLoughlin, 5; O Teige, 11.
Barrony: Moycarnan 1/2: Eng, 003; Irish, 469; 472, Tott:

Athlone Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Steeven Fallon & his sonn gent. Mill towne Pass Kiltoome
Murtagh Naghten gent.   Kiltoome
Michaell Stanley & Michaell Boyer gents. Athleige Athleig
Terlagh Bryan gent. Keylmore Athleig
Edmond Ormesby Esq. Tobervady Fuerty
Robert Stanley gent. Ballenturlagh Fuerty
Cha: Coote Esq. Castle Coote Fuerty
William Kelly gent. Ardrone Raharrow
Keaghda Kelly gent. Ladkan Raharrow
Edmond Coyle gent. Gortnecasagh Raharrow
John Ferrall gent. Dorttereny Killmyhan
Jno: Talbott Esq & his sonn gent. Corry Killmyhan
Edward Crofton Esq. & Jno. Crofton gent. Moate Killmyhan
James Kelly gent. Glannatobert Killmyhan
Edmond Donelan Esq. Cloghan Teagboy
Edmond Smarte gent. Turrick Teagboy
Roger Fallon gent. Carowntheriffe Teagboy
William Lea gent. Farremore Teagboy
Geo: Plunket gent. Carrowmore Teagboy
Law: Dowdall Esq. Milltowne Fallon Disert
Allin Pouey Esq. St. Johns St. Johns
Jno. Dillon gent. Carowpadin St. Johns
Donogh Kelly gent. Creganclery St. Johns
Hugh Kelly gent. Calldragh St. Johns
Jon: Hinde gent. Killoye Killinvoy
Jno. Glass & Hubert Bryne gent. Bellnerumly St. Peters
William Fallon Esq. Cornlee Caina
Thomas Carr gent. Ardmollen Cama
Antho. Lister gent. Grange Cama
Donnogh Keogh gent. Cornagee Cama
Jno: Osbaldes gent. Corrigarrow Cama
Morish Kavanagh gent. Dundermott Teaghsrara
Sr. harry Talbott Knt. and Theobald Dillon Esq. Cloondaratt Teaghsrara
Peter Keogh & Hugh Keogh gents. Tober McLoghlin Teagh McConell
Marcus Carvile gent. Taunaugh Teagh McConell
Thomas Naghtenn gent. Teag McConell Teagh McConell
Jno: Keogh gent. Knocke Teagh McConell
Hugh Keogh gent. Skeaghbvally Teagh McConell
Christopher Nugent and Oliuer Dalton gents. Killegtan Teacg McConell
Bernard Talbott gent. Clunebigny Teagh McConell
Sr. Robert Talbot Knt. & Baront. Clunbigny Teag McConell
Richard Moore gent. Lisdollor Drum
Farnagh Naghten gent. Gortneclay Drum
Henry Naghten gent. Taghduffe Drum
Edward Read & Xtopher Newton gents. Ardkinan Drum

Principall Irish Names in these two 1/2 Barronies [and their Number]. The Seruants Names in this Barrony are not set down.
Bryan, 11; Birne, 18; Brehan, 9; Coyle, 7; Coffy, 6; Duffe, 16; Dalton, 6; McDowell & McDaniell, 19; Donelan, 6; Dolan, 11; Dunily, 8; Dunegan, 7; Fallon, 40; Flanagan, 6; Ferrall, 6; Finy & Finny, 7; Glenan, 7; Gaffey, 8; McGattely, 8; Galvan, 7; McGraghty & McGiraghty, 10; McGrorke, 12; McGlinn, 7; O Hevin & O Havin, 7; Hanin, 9; Hely, 6; Harny, 9; Killin, 6; Kelly, 72; McKigan, 6; Keny & Kenny, 6; McKeogh, 23; Kerelly, 10; Lynch, 6; O Lyne, 6; O Loghnan, 7; Lenan, 8; McLoghlin, 8; O Morey & Murry, 32; O MOran, 13; Mulry, 9; Naghten, 41; Rory, 6; McShane, 8; McTeige, 7; Tully, 7; McWard, 10; Welsh, 7; McWilliam, 9.
Barrony: Athlone: Eng, 160; Irish, 3466; 3626, tott:

Athlone Borrough

Tituladoes Westmeath County, Athlone Borrough
William Handcocke, Walter Staylehill & Oliuer Jones, Esqrs; Barnaby Madden, William Slade, William Hill, Walter Kelly, Robert Cliffe, John Ellice, Henry Morsh & John Mills, gents. Within ye Borrough of Athlone
Phillip Bronthrop Lt., and George Glouer Ensigne. Captn. Knights company & their Wiues
Henry Cooke Lt., and James Robinson Ensigne. Capt. Longs company and their Wiues
  Athlone Borrough Roscomon County
William Moulton Ensigne Capt. Fenwickes company and their Wiues
Enoch Golborne gent. The East Liberties of Gorry Castle
William Cloppam gent. Kilmcugh and Banovally
John Noble gent. Cornemagh
Richard St. George Esq. Capt., Arthur St. George his sonn Lt., Henry Sr. George his sonn Ensigne. Officers, Souldiers Wiues and seuants belonging to the Castle of Athlone.

Principall Names [and] their Number
Bryen, 8; Coffie, 5; Dillon, 5; Griffith, 5; Kelly, 5; Murrey, 5; Moran, 5; Smith, 10; Toole, 4; O Teige, 4; Ward, 4; Whyte, 4.
Athlone Borrough: Eng, 544; Irish, 531; 1075, tott.

Slegoe County

Barony of Carbry

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Humphry Booth gent, Rowland Thomas gent., Henry Crafford gent. Sligoe Towne  
Thomas Soden gent. Grange Aghamlish
Phillipp Sulevane gent. Inismores Aghamlish
Charles Collis gent. Cloandelrar Drumclyffe
Roger Parke gent. Court and Tinid Drumcliffe
Thomas Gryffith gent. Ballencarthy Drumcliffe
Anthony Ormsby gent. Cargin Drumcliffe
Thomas Osborne gent. Shanoone legher Drumcliffe
William Tod gent., Henry Nicholson gent., Thomas Ormsby gent., Manus Lenaghan gent. Anagh Drumcliffe

Principall Names [and] their Numb[er].
Bryan, 7;O Conor, 17; Canughan, 5; McDonogh, 6; Finy, 11; Gillgam,6; Gillin & Gillan, 9; McGuan, 11; McGwyre, 4; Gillagher, 8; McGara, 4; Gillconnell, 6; O Hart, 34; O Higgin, 5; Kelly, 10; Martin, 7.
Barony: Carbry: Eng, 211; Irish, 1187; 1394, Totall.

Barony of Leynie

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Capt. Edmond Wood gent. Moineagh Aghonry
Edward Pole gent. Magheranoir Aghonry
Thomas Rosevill gent. Tully Hugh Aghonry

Principall Names [and] their Number.
O Brenane, 17; Brenagh, 8; Bourke 6; Conellan, 6; Corkan, 6; Conelly, 6; McDonell, 5; O Duhy, 5; McDonogh, 4; Doherty, 7; McEuchae, 8; O Finegane, 5; O Fahy & Farihy, 6; McGwyre, 6; Gallaghur, 40; Hara & O Hara, 15; O Higgin, 11; McHenry, 5; Kelly, 8; McLenany, 9; O Mullinihilly, 7; McManus, 6; McMurey, 5; Mullarky, 5; Roney & Reyney, 8; McSwyne, 7; McStayne, 8; McTeire, 5.
Barony: Leynie: Eng, 076; Irish, 1105, 1181, Totall.

Barony of Correnn

Tituladoes Townland Parish
William Webb Esq. Ballymote Imlaghfada
Francis King Esq. Rathdowney Imlaghfada
Timothy Howes gent. Bunanadan Clooneoghill
Richard Meredith gent. Ballylonaghan Killoshallny
John Duke gent., John Geale gent. Kinchium Killmurran
Donell Conellane gent. Cnochmonagh Killmurran
John Clifford gent. Cloonelargo Killmurran
Edward Tibb gent. Durly Killmurran
Henry Bierast gent. Ardrea Killmurran
Robert Duke gent. Clunenegallell Killmurran
John Houlder gent. Dunemigin Killmurran
Robert King gent. Cnockloch Tumour

Principall Irish Names & their Number.
Brenane, 12; O Cunane, 5; Conellan, 5; Connor, 5; McDonogh, 30; O Dacy, 5; McDier, 5; O Fluen, 10; Gillelorin, 7; McGilltrich, 8; O Gara, 6; O Heiver, 5; O Horchoy, 9; O Healy, 13; O Kerin, 6; Mullronifin, 16; McSwyne, 6; O Scanlane, 19; Trumble, 8; Tanist, 6.
Barony: Corren: Eng, 076; Irish, 1031; 1107, Totall.

Halfe Bar. of Culavin

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Henry Tifford gent. Killaragh Killfry

Barony of Tireragh

Tituladoes Townland Parish
John Nicholson gent. Castle Connnor and Newtowne Castleconnor
Lewis Wingfield Esq. Scormore Castleconnor
Christopher Armstrong gent. Gariduff Templeboy
Nicholas Rutledge gent. Graingemore Templeboy
Henry Craston gent. Longford Dromard
John Irving gent. Tonregoe Dromard
Edward Erving Lagbane Dromard
Lewis Jones Esq., Jeremy Jones gent. Ardneglass Skreem
Thomas Wood gent. Leackan McHerbisi Killglass
John Moore gent. Polikimy Killglass
John Burke gent. Duncile Kill McSalgan
Robert Hylla gent. Dowmeyckine Kill McSalgan
William Edwards gent. Carowruish Kill McSalgan
John Irwin gent. Carow mabline and Balle McGillchrisi Kill McSalgan
William Ormsby gent. Rachly Eskagh
William Boswell gent. Fynidy Eskagh
James Ormsby gent. Rosly Eskagh
George Ormsby gent. Killyn Eskagh

Principall Irish names & their Numb[er] in this Barony & Halfe Barony of Culavin.
Albonagh, 5; Bourke, 15; Beolan, 14; O Connor, 7; Cassey, 8; Conellan, 13; Clery, 6; Dowde, 17; Dowda, 7; McDonogh, 9; McDermott, 5; Dunegan, 6; McDonell &c., 14; Flanagan, 9; Ferbishy, 10; McGillaghlen, 6; Geraghty, 6; O Gara &c, 14; Helly, 6; Hanraghan, 6; O Hara, 6; O Hart, 9; Kelly, 15; Loghlin, 6; McMurey, 6; Mollany, 6.
Barony: Tyreragh: Eng, 86; Irish, 1409; 1495 Totall.

Barony of Tirerill

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Henry Hughs gent. Belanafad Achanagh
Edward Nicholson gent. Brickliew Drumcolan
William Mortimor gent. Lisconay Kill McCulan
Ralph Carter gent. Cnockanarva Drumcolum & Killmacollane
John Fergusson gent. Cloghfin Drumcolum & Killmacollane
Charles Cartwright gent. Ballyderaowne Drumcolum & Killmacollane
Archy Naper gent. Cnockro Drumcolum & Killmacollane
Richard Coote Esq. Cooloony Castle Ballissadara
Morgan Farrell gent. Carrickbeanaghan Ballissadara
John Perchy gent. Lissrunty Ballissadara
Edward Cooper gent. Marckrea Ballissadara
Henry Ellis gent. Givagh Killmatrahny
Thomas Croston Esq. Castleloghdergan Killrasse

Principall Irish Names & their Number.
McAwly, 10; McBrehuny, 15; O Benaghan, 7; Conillan, 18; Connor, 6; McDermott, 8;cDermott roe, 10; McDonogh, 37; Ferall, 8; O Feeny, 6; Flyn, 10; Gauna, 9; Guan & Gowen, 9; O Higgin &c., 13; O Hely, 14; O Hart, 10; Kelly, 11; O Keoyne &c., 9; O Kerin, 5; McLoghlin, 15; McMulronifin, 5; O Molleany, 12; McMorey, 14; Milegan, 5; O Scanlane, 5; McTeige, 5.
The Number of People in the Barony of Tyrerell: Eng, 089; Irish, 1300; Total: Eng & Irish, 1389.

Population Totals

Province of Ulster

E = English; S= Scotch; Ir = Irish

County Barony Races Total
ANTRIM Antrim 620 E; 841 Ir 1461
  Glenarm 721 E; 743 Ir 1464
  Massereene 1007 E; 1358 Ir 2365
  Toome 730 E; 778 Ir 1508
  Belfast 2027 E; 1825 IR 3852
  Dunluce, Cary & Kilconway 1138 E; 2940 Ir 4078
  Carrickfergus Town 831 E; 480 Ir 1311
Total: 16, 039; Eng, 7074; Irish, 8965
ARMAGH Armagh 450 ES; 891 Ir 1341
  Tiranny 108 ES; 546 Ir 654
  Orior 193 ES; 694 Ir 887
  Fewes, Lower & Upper 373 ES; 858 Ir 1231
  Oneilland 1269 ES; 1366 Ir 2635
Total: 6748; Eng & Scots, 2393; Irish, 4355
DONEGAL Tirhugh 244 ES; 1474 Ir 1718
  Boylagh & Banagh 285 ES: 1556 Ir 1841
  Raphoe 1825 ES: 1330 Ir 3155
  Kilmacrenan 605 ES; 1551 Ir 2156
  Inishowen 453 ES; 2678 Ir 3131
Total: 12,001; Eng & Scots, 3412; Irish, 8589
DOWN Lecale 1071 ES; 1631 Ir 2702
  Upper Iveagh 448 ES; 2149 Ir 2597
  Lower Iveagh 1352 ES; 1381 Ir 2733
  Newry 166 ES; 785 Ir 951
  Kinelarty & Dufferin 693 ES; 763 Ir 1456
  Castlereagh 1363 ES: 950 Ir 2313
  Ards 1447 ES; 984 Ir 2431
Total: 15,183; Eng & Scots, 6540; Irish, 8643
FERMANAGH [Baronies are not given] 1800 ES; 5302 Ir 7102
LONDONDERRY City 572 ES; 480 Ir 1052
  Tirkeeran 640 ES; 979 Ir 1619
  Keenaght 1012 ES; 1215 Ir 2227
  Loughlinsholin 655 ES; 1431 Ir 2086
  Coleraine (Town & Barony) 1549 ES; 1201 Ir 2750
Total: 16,836; Eng & Scots, 6228; Irish, 10,608
MONAGHAN {Baronies are not given) 434 E; 3649 Ir 4083
Totals in Ulster: 77, 992; Eng & Scots, 27,881; Irish, 50, 111

Province of Munster

County Barony Races Total
CLARE Bunratty 144 E; 4204 Ir 4348
  Tulla 106 E; 3903 Ir 4009
  Inchiquin 34 E; 1961 Ir 1995
  Island 58 E; 1593 Ir 1651
  Clonderalaw 32 E; 1144 Ir 1176
  Corcomroe 5 E; 1034 Ir 1039
  Moyarta 31 E: 993 Ir 1024
  Burren 7 E; 816 Ir 823
  Ibrickan 23 E; 826 Ir 849
CORK City and Liberties 1607 E; 3219 Ir 4826
  Kinsale 580 E; 760 Ir 1340
  Bandon 542 E; 304 Ir 846
  Youghal 469 E; 642 Ir 1111
  Mallow 789 E; 234 Ir 555
  Kinalea 234 E; 2460 Ir 2694
  Kerrycurrihy 168 E; 852 Ir 1020
  Kinalleaky 264E; 1628 Ir 1892
  Ibawn & Barrymore 104 E; 1604 Ir 1708
  Liberties of Kinsale 244 E; 613 Ir 857
  Courceys 62 E; 405 Ir 467
  Kilbrittain 198 E: 1699 Ir 1897
  Carbery East 422 E; 4999 Ir 5421
  Carbery West 236 E; 4811 Ir 5047
  Beare & Bantry 233 E: 1321 Ir 1554
  Barretts 49 E: 1954 Ir 2003
  Kinnafalloon [imperfect]    
  Barrymore 500 E: 3953 Ir 4453
  Orrery & Kilmore 338 E; 2847 Ir 3185
KERRY Trughanacmy 215 E; 2168 Ir 2383
  Clanmaurice 86 E; 1040 Ir 1126
  Iraghticonnor 81 E; 1139 Ir 1220
  Corkaguiny 97 E; 1086 Ir 1183
  Magunihy 42 E; 1122 Ir 1164
  Glanarought 31 E; 505 Ir 536
  Dunkerron 2 E; 355 Ir 357
  Iveragh 12 E; 409 Ir 421
LIMERICK City and Liberties 819 E; 2286 Ir 3105
  Small County 120 E; 2950 Ir 3070
  Coshlea 133 E; 2775 Ir 2908
  Clanwilliam 159 E; 1590 Ir 1749
  Connello 431 E; 7545 Ir 7976
  Kenry 35 E; 1092 Ir 1127
  Owney 62 E; 391 Ir 453
  Coonagh 75 E; 1034 Ir 1109
  Pubblebrien 24 E; 655 Ir 679
  Coshma 70 E; 2121 Ir 2191
  Killmallock town & Liberties 610 E; 73 Ir 537
TIPPERARY Slieveardagh 307 E; 2101 Ir 1408
  Lower Ormond 341 ES; 2731 Ir 3072
    [ES in Agha Parish]  
  Kilnamanagh 86 E: 1749 Ir 1835
  Middlethird 134 E; 3778 Ir 3912
  Iffa and Offa 223 E; 4729 Ir 4952
  Eliogarty & Ikerrin 326 E; 4339 Ir 4665
  Upper Ormond 92 E; 1631 Ir 1723
  Oweney & Arra 235 E; 989 Ir 1224
  Clanwilliam 180 E; 2713 Ir 2893
WATERFORD Decies 129 E; 3574 Ir 3703
  Coshmore & Coshbride 355 E; 2180 Ir 2535
  Glenahiry 56 E: 665 Ir 721
  Upperthird 65 E; 1909 Ir 1974
  Middlethird 31 E; 1484 Ir 1515
  Gaultier 76 E: 1115 Ir 1191
  City & Liberties 637 E; 1010 Ir 1647

Province of Leinster

County Barony Races Total
CARLOW Carlow Borough 271 E; 289 Ir 560
  Carlow Barony 124 E; 833 Ir 957
  Rathvilly 176 E; 719 Ir 815
  Forth 46 E; 558 Ir 604
  Idrone & St. Mullin's 136 E; 2282 Ir 2418
DUBLIN City & Liberties 6459 E; 2321 Ir 8780
  Newcastle & Uppercross 1635 E; 3043 Ir 4678
  Rathdown 244 E; 908 Ir 1152
  Nethercross 318 E; 1473 Ir 1791
  Balrothery 518 E; 1990 Ir 2508
  Coolock 419 E; 1425 Ir 1844
  Castleknock 189 E; 885 Ir 1074
KILDARE Offaly 51 E; 2187 Ir 2238
  Naas 110 E; 1563 Ir 1673
  Clane 32 E; 760 Ir 792
  Connell 20 E; 912 Ir 932
  Salt 180 E; 1772 Ir 1952
  Reban & Narragh 1317 E; 1516 Ir 1833
      [text gives 1653]
  Kilkea & Moone 142 E; 1327 Ir 1469
  Ikeathy 50 E; 1122 Ir 1172
  Carbury 40 E; 1503 Ir 1543
  Kilcullen 34 E; 367 Ir 401
KILKENNY Galmoy 128 E: 1446 Ir 1574
  Gowran 311 E; 3543 Ir 3854
  Iverk 99 E; 1358 Ir 1455
  Ida Igrin Ibercon 79 E; 1867 Ir 1946
  Knocktopher 61 E; 1301 Ir 1362
  Fassadinin 53 E; 1688 Ir 1741
  Kells 50 E; 1150 Ir 1200
  Shillelogher 75 E; 1190 Ir 1265
  Crannagh 79 E; 1778 Ir 1857
  Callan Town 83 E; 339 Ir 422
  Callan Liberties 421 E; 1301 Ir 1722
KING'S COUNTY Philipstown 186 E; 1007 Ir 1193
  Coolestown 62 E; 428 Ir 490
  Ballyboy 91 E; 484 Ir 575
  Ballycowan 132 E; 562 Ir 694
  Geashill 139 E; 591 Ir 730
  Warrenstown 73 E; 357 Ir 430
  Clonlisk 109 E; 972 Ir 1081
  Garrycastle 158 E; 960 Ir 1118
  Kilcoursey 40 E; 316 Ir 356
  Eglish 54 E; 376 Ir 430
  Ballybritt 181 E; 1032 Ir 1213
LONGFORD Rathcline 83 E; 849 Ir 932
  Shrule 42 E: 694 Ir 736
  Ardagh 19 E; 971 Ir 990
  Longford 67 E; 396 Ir 463
  Granard 66 ES; 1416 Ir 1482
  Moydow 4 E; 785 Ir 789
LOUTH Louth 39 E; 1019 Ir 1058
  Dundalk 327 E; 2209 Ir 2536
  Ferrard 115 E; 1675 Ir 1790
  Ardee 356 E; 2345 Ir 2701
  Drogheda City & Lib. 958 E; 647 Ir 1605
MEATH Duleek 616 E; 3303 Ir 3919
  Skreen 127 E; 1621 Ir 1748
  Ratoath 128 E; 1479 Ir 1607
QUEEN'S COUNTY Ossory 350 E; 2663 Ir 3013
  Upper Ossory 92 E; 619 Ir 711
  Maryborough 231 E; 1638 Ir 1869
  Cullenagh 164 E; 1174 Ir 1338
  Slievemargy 112 E; 954 Ir 1066
  Ballyadams 104 E; 592 Ir 696
  Portnahinch 101 E; 728 Ir 829
  Stradbally 89 E; 709 Ir 798
  Tinnahinch 153 E; 642 Ir 795
WESTMEATH Demifoure 109 E; 1224 Ir 1333
  Moycoish 48 E; 1086 Ir 1134
  Corkaree 44 E; 847 Ir 891
  Moyashel & Magheradernon 37 E; 970 Ir 1007
  Fartullagh 41 E; 678 Ir 719
  Moycashel 132 E; 1347 Ir 1479
  Rathconrath 75 E; 1751 Ir 1826
  Farbill 11 E; 776 Ir 787
  Clonlonan 123 E; 917 Ir 1040
  Kilkenny 75 E; 1272 Ir 1347
  Delvin 52 E; 1057 Ir 1109
WEXFORD Town & Liberties 340 E; 562 Ir 902
  New Ross Town & Lib. 241 E; 377 Ir 618
  Enniscorthy Town & Lib. 67 E: 322 Ir 389
  Forth 178 E; 1667 Ir 1845
  Bargy 126 E; 1353 Ir 1479
    and Ol