The Herenaghs of Armagh

Patent Rolls of James I
Inquisition at Armagh

XXVI-3. Inquistion taken at Armagh, 12 Aug. 7th, Jas. I.
before the commissioners named in the preceding commission, and the following jury: --

 Whitechurche, esq.,         sir Tirlagh O'Neale, knt.,

 Carberie M'Cann,            Donogh Morchie, 

 Tirlagh McIteggart,         christ. Fleminge, 

 Conn O'Neale,               Hugh McBrian McCann,

 Donell O'Neale McHenrie,    Neale McCoddane, 

 Donell McCann,              Redmond Hanlon, 

 Owen boy McMurcho,          Neale McCalligan, 

 Hugh O'Neale McHenrie,      Patrick oge O'Conrie, 

 Cormock McTirlagh,          Braslowe O'Neale, 

 Bartholomewe Owen,          Hugh McIteggart,

 Tirlagh O'Cassye,           Nice O'Quin, 

                             and Calvagh McDonell; 
that certain septs and famlies of the Irish have possessed, time out
of mind, according to Irish custom, the following parcels of land
within the 20 balliboes aforesaid, paying the following rents to the
archbishop: viz.-

Families named in the text

the sept of Pierce McGillechrany
the sept of David McOwen [Mac Owen, Mac Eoghain]
the septs of the Kennyes [MacKenny, Mac Cionaoith]
the sept of Neale, Patrick and Owen McCoddan
the sept of Neale McCoddan
the ancestors of Shane oge McCoddan
the sept of the Duganes [o Duggan, O Dubhagain]
the sept of Owen Art O'Quinn [O Quinn, O O Cuinn or O Coane, O Coinne]
the sept of Owen oge O'Mellane
the sept of the Moyeres [Mac Moyer, Weir, Mac an Mhaoir]
the sept of McCawan
the sept of Salamon Coffey [O Coffey, O Cobhthaigh]
the sept of Parick McGillwora [MacGillaweer, Mac Giolla uidhir, now MacClure]
the sept of James O'Casydy [O Cassidy, O Caiside]
the sept of Patrick McKenny [MacKenny, Mac Cionaoith]
the sept of James O'Fallagan
the sept of the Rathes [McGrath, Mac Graith, Mag Raith]
the sept of Neale McCoddan
the sept of Patrick McGillewory [MacGillaweer, Mac Giolla uidhir, now MacClure]
the sept of Art O'Donill [O'Donnell, O Domhnaill]
the sept of Slute McLaughlin [McLaughlin, Mac Lochlainn]
the sept of Slute Murtagh [Murtagh, O Muircherataigh]
the sept of Muintercaassy [Mac or O Casey, Mac Cathasaigh]
the sept of Clanmteggart [MacEntaggart, Mac an t-sagairt]
the sept of Clonawe
the sept of Moyntercor [O Corr, O Corra]
the sept of Moyntercassedie [O Cassidy, O Caiside]
the sept of ClanmcRorie [MacRory, Mac Ruaidhri]
the sept of Muntercassely [O Cassily, O Caisile]
the sept of Sheile Connoghor [Mac Connagher, mac Conchobhair]
the sept of Clanshane [MacShane, Mac Seain - a branch of the O'Neills]
Murtagh O'Quinn [O Quinn, O Cuinn or O Coane]
Ohie O'Hanlon [O Hanlon, O hAnluain]
the sept of O'Hanlon [O Hanlon, O hAnluain]
the sept of Clanmccoane [MacQuinn, Mac Cuinn or Mac Coinne]
the sept of Munteraltane
the sept of Muntercallane
the sept of Munterallegane
the sept of Gillemurris [Mac Gilmore, Mac Giolla Mhuire]
the sept of Munterfillan [Phelan, O Fialain]
the sept of the Cullans [MacCollin, Mac Caoileain]

Extracts from the text

the sept of Pierce McGillechrany in the lands of
Gargagh, Imolchraine and Balliheredene, 1/2 townland

the sept of David McOwen, the half townland of Farren
McKegholy-a-downe and Adiosport

the septs of the Kennyes, the lands of Mullaghnecreny,
Tiremorgane and Leggagiolla, 2 sess.

the sept of Neale, Patrick and Owen McCoddan, the lands of
Towassenarowa, Tolynalecky, Farraninegg, Colgan, and Tiremony

the sept of Neale McCoddan, the lands of Dromkarne, Obayarlan,
Cluantypubane and Tireharkie

the ancestors of Shane oge McCoddan and some of the sept of the
Duganes, the lands Tirenesaggart, Tiregarnett, Tirenacoyley,
and Tirenaskeewe, 1 sess. by the Duganes and the McCoddans.

the sept of Owen Art O'Quinn, the lands of Monycoynymore
and Moneyconybegg, 1 sess.

the sept of Owen oge O'Mellane, the lands of Lorga-Iwallane,
1 sess.

the sept of the Moyeres, the lands of Tirahoohill,
Feran O'Cagane, Agholiosheane, Lioscoualta, Ferran-Icayneghan,
Tolliasna, Ferranmcanabb, Letta Anjeighriawry, Aghonaclia, Adelloy and
Moylemolgaddan, 1 town

the sept of McCawan, Cawaneachae, Srian, Dromowoyre,
Srohn-na-potay, Lamickoane, Lareagh, Aghoybby and Garyayntuyrn

The sept of Salamon Coffey, Ballirey, Boharemyne, and
Aghoawillyn, Mollagh, Brolaghane, Cooleomayrie, Tirenaagawan
and Ferran-Icoffey, 1 town

The sept of Patrick McGillwora, Brynanelamackeylye

The sept of James O'Casydy, the lands of Mghairy-Ikerny, Aghohiry,
Sheane, Toligeole, 1/2 sess.

The sept of Patrick McKenny, the lands of Feran-Ocearan, 1/2 sess.

The sept of James O'Fallagan, Balliard-Ifalligan and Tolywory,
one good town

The sept of the Rathes, Ballyra, 1 sess.

The sept of Neale McCoddan and Patrick McGillewory,
Balli-mcgillewora, 1 town

The sept of Art O'Donill, the lands of Feran O'Coynane, 1/2 town

none of these septs could be removed by the archbishop

That long before the time of Con Backaagh O'Neale, the ancestors of sir
Henry McTirlagh McHenry O'Neale, knt., were seised by gift from one of
the archbishop's predeccessors, of the town and lands of Lisdromard,
Ballyhoyed, Bothoran, Twalaghboe, Balliduf, Collintragh, Brachawagh,
Tonnagh, Agherefinn, Tree, Balleaghebeg, Balledeanin, and Balleskan,
in the territory of Irish precint of Toaghaghie, paying thereout a small
rent ot the archbishop, the amount of which is not know, and that sir
Tirlagh McHenry's ancestors have been seised thereof, time out of mind,
and being to bear the bonnaught of some of O'Neale's gallow glasses,
he gave them four of those towns for their bonnaughts -

The septs of Slute McLaughlin and Slute Murtagh were possessed
of the 20 undernamed towns in the Irish precint of Coswoy, from a
predecessor of the archbishop, who held them in right of the see, by
gift from David Derrig O'Hanlon...

The sept of Muintercaassy are the archbishop's tenants, time out of
mind, of the five towns of Ballycloyd, Ballycloyntycarty, Ballynavreagh,
Mullaghard and Lymmenogore in the Irish precinct of Teynan in Toaghbrany

The sept of Clanmteggart have been and are the tenans and freeholders
in Tynou territory, in Toaghrany barony, rent 5s 6d, and not to be
dispossessed at pleasure

The sept of Clonawe have been, time out of mind, possessed of the
16 towns in Dirrynous precinct

The sept of Moyntercor has been seised, in like manner, of Keppagh
and Mollagh-Itine in Clannaul

The sept of Moyntercassedie, in like manner, of Shanemullaghy
Tauraddowne and Garavagh

The sept of ClanmcRorie, in like manner, of Clonecarran and Aghmoyrattie in Clanawlye

The sept of Muntercassely, in like manner, of Turly and
Eanagh-Muntercasselye in Clanawle

The sept of Sheile Connoghor, in like manner, of the 4 sess. of Annaghmoy in Clanawle

The sept of Clanshane, of the 4 sess. of Cabarry in Clanawle

that the 2 sess. of Anaghaclare are in the possession of Murtagh O'Quinne, as the King's tenant, since the earl of Tyrone's departure

these tenants could not be removed at will

That the abbot of St. Peter and Pual was seised in his demsne as of fee,
of the grange of Orhman in Tynon, and of the 2 sess. of Tullyosarane in
Clannaull territory and Toaghraine barony, since fallen into the King's
hands - but the archbishop is seised in his demesne as of fee, in right
of his see, of the 7 towns of Tirehowgane, Aghloyse, Mynclamt,
Droomnargill, Lessenegloise and Tawnagh McEdmond in Orier barony; which lands are now leased to sir Ohie O'Hanlon, but the Munterheny
were the ancient tenants.

The sept of O'Hanlon was possessed of the 6 towns following for
350 years, Tawnaghkeagh, Mulloglasse, Carriginotragh, Carriginieitragh,
Lisboane, the half towns of Kiltowe and of Dromlege in Oeier barony

The sept of Clanmccoane was possessed time out of mind of the 8 towns
of Lisnedull, Lisleagh, Tollenegynn, Corran, Tullibroane, Toynregy, Corran,
Fernagheshalge and Armaghbregagh in Fuighes barony

That the archbishop did anciently set tht towns of Killefad, Ballyeyr,
the 2 towns of Killiogh, Broghane, Dromconwayll, Inisholayre,
Ballymcheawenduffe, and Ballydaran in Clancoughye in the Fuighes barony,
to the ancestors of Owen Enallye O'Neile and Donell McHenrie O'Neile

That the following septs were seised time out of mind as follows:

The sept of Munteraltane of the 4 towns of Ballilargane, Balitregeth,
Ballikoghane and Mullaghnemillewe, in the Irish precent of Kilmore in Onylane barony

The sept of Muntercallane of the 4 towns of Ballyhegane, Killmakayhtie,
Killmaylranye and Ballynemony in Kilmore precent

The sept of Munterallegane, of the towns of Ballymilly and Tiregardiane
in Kilmore precinct

the ancestors of Art McBaron O'Neile, of the town of Ballybronane in
O'Nellane barony

The sept of Gillemurris, of the town of BallymcgillmurriItragh, in the
said barony, held by them from the archbishop

the sept of Munterfillan, of the 5 towns of Mullaghnekilly, Cloyntycleagh,
Cloynemore, Derrylaghye and Derryharye in the Irish precinct of Derrybrachinshe in O'Nealane barony

The sept of the Cullans have been ancient tenants, of the 8 towns of
Maghemyfurt, Shaanmullagh, Lesoofine, Drommashe, Kilmore, Mullaghy-Iragh, Dromcullen and Mullilegan in the Irish preceint of Clonfeacle

That Hugh O'Neale and his sons, ancestors of sir Tirlagh McHenrie O'Neale, knt., and in possession of Toaghie, and other lands near the Blackwater,

That all the lands in Armagh co. are in the possession of the Crown, by the attainder of the late earl of Tryone and otherwise, escept the demesne lands of the archbishop above mentioned, the inheritance of the heirs of Sir Nicholas Bagnell, knt., deceased, in Orier and O'Neylane baronies, the inheritance of sir Tirlagh McHenrie o'Neale, knt, in Fues barony, the inheritance of the heirs of sir Henry oge O'neale, kint.l, in Toaghray barony, the land of the dean, and of the prior and vicars choral of Armagh cathedreal, and of the abbey os St. peter and St. Paul, and the inheritances of Marmaduke White-church and Pat. McPhelemy O'Hanlon in Orier barony.