The Ban-Shenchus

Gilla Mo Dutu ua Casaide 1147
Book of Leinster ca. 1170
translation: Margaret C. Dobbs, Revue Celtica


The mother of Aed Findleith was fair Gormlaith of
the dazzling white complexion; daughter of Dondchadh.
Embroideries were no difficulty for her.

Good Mael Muire was daughter of Cinaed son of Alpin,
a Scotch noble, and mother of Domnall son of daring
Fland and of white-toothed active Nialll Glundubh.

The daughter of Muredach son of Eochu, sole king of
Ulster, was harsh Gormlaith. I do not conceal her
child, Cumascach, son of tall Ailill, [the noble
prior of Armagh was generous. There never was a
condemation of pets] and Domnall son of generous
Aed Findleith. His rank did not give a king's

Derbail, the good grand-daughter of Aed Ordnidi, was
the youthful wife of placid Lannacan. she was certainly
daughter of Mael Dun who ruled servile Cul Dremni of the
multitudes. Her children were Cellach and Mael Findna.
It was a family of adventurous lads. The husbands of
Eithne daughter of Aed Findleith were Flannacan and Fland.
Her sons were Mael Mithig of the mead-feasts and Mael
Ruanaid of yon assembly.

The mother of warlike Domnall U Neill was shining Gormlaith
of affectionate ways, the progeny of Culenan son of Mael
Brigte, (till then the most certain stream of all) child
of the king of the Conaille of embroideries. Their anger
and their contests are terrible.

Echrad, daughter of Matudan son of Aed, had a lovely colour.
She bore Murchertach the impetuous son of Domnall Ua Neill,
the fighter in the battle.

Cres, handmaid of the good (?) Ui Maine was mother of
Flathbertach of the thighs, [son of] Murchertach ua Neill
of the hostages who are seen in his fetters.

Murgel was mother of the king of Ailech named Glunralar,
(he was a hero) and of Murchad Ua Lathbertaig who was full
of ale, strongly fortified, wealthy and powerful. She was
child of Tadg son of Concobar a plundering overbearing
dictatorial and crafty man.

...The child of Tadg, son of Cathal of the beautiful poem,
was little Derbail of the delicious drinks, mother of Aed
Ua Neill the raven. Fair were his hostages in grey fetters.


Book of Lecan ca. 1400
translation: Margaret C. Dobbs, Revue Celtica

Indiu igen Luigdeach, bean Neill Nai-giallaig, (ob. 405)
mathair da Conall 7 Eogain. No comad hi

Indorb Fhind, ingen rig Saxain, bean Eogain (ob. 465)
m. Neill, mathair Muiredaig m. Eogain.

Erc ingen Loairn rig Albain mathair Muirchertaig (ob. 533)
m. Muiredaig m. Eogain.

Ingen Earnaine do chenel Chonaill, bean Fheargaili (ob. 721)
m. Maili Duin, mathair Aeda Ollain (ob. 742)

Aitheachda ingen Chein, mathair Neill Fhrasaig (ob. 777)
m. Fheargaili.

Dunlaith (ob. 798) ingen Flaithbertaig m. Loingsich, bean
Neill Fhrasaig, mathair Aeda Oirnidi (ob. 818)

Meadb ingen Indrechtaig (ob. 751) m. Muireadaig ri Durlais,
mathair Domnaill ri Ailig.

Ingean Neill chailli (ob. 845) mathair Fhloind m. Conaing
rig Bred.

Gormlaith (ob. 859) ingen Dondchaid m. Domnaill, mathair
Aeda Findleith (ob. 879)

Mael Muru (ob. 913) ingen Chinaetha m. Ailpin rig Alban,
bean Aeda Findleith (ob. 879) mathair Neill
Glunduib (ob. 919) 7 Domnaill hUi Mail Eachlaind.

Gormlaith Rapach ingen Muireadaig m. Echach rig Ulad
(ob. 838), mathair Domnaill (ob. 915) m. Aeda Findleith 7
Cumascaig (ob. 904) m. Aililla seacnob Arda Macha.

Dirbail ingen Mail Duin (ob. 866) m. Aeda Oirnidi, bean
Fhlandacain (ob. 896) m. Cellaig ri Bread, mathair a
da mac .i. Mael Finda (ob. 902) 7 Cellach.

Eithni (ob. 916) ingen Aeda Findleith, mathair Mail Mithig
(ob. 919) m. Fhlandacain 7 Mail Ruanaid hUi Mail

Dirbail (ob. 1009) ingen Taidc in Eich Gil (ob. 1030)
Ui Conchobair ri Conacht, mathair Aeda hUi Neill ri

Gormlaith ingen Chuileandain (ob. 912) m. Mail Brigde ri
Conailli Muirthemne, mathair Domnaill m. Aeda hUi Neill.

Land ingen Eachach do Dal Riada, bean Neill Glundub
(ob. 919), mathair Muirchertaig na cochall craiceand (ob. 942).

Muirgeal ingen Taidc m. Cathail ri Conacht, mathair Gluinrelar
ri Ailig (ob. 972).

Echrad ingen Madadain m. Cellaig rig Osraidi, mathair
Dondchada m. Aeda; 7 mathair Muirchertaig (ob. 976)
m. Domnaill hUi Neill.

Cres Cumal de Uib Maine, mathair Flaithbertaig (ob. 1036)
m. Muircheartaig hUi Neill.

[Bean Midi] ingen hI Choncobair; 7 mathair Neill (0b. 1061)
m. Mael Eachlaind mic-meic Lochlaind.

Dirborgaill (ob. 1151) ingen Domnaill m. Lochlaind, mathair
Domnaill 7 Aeda 7 Cathail (ob. 1224) tri meic
Thairrdelbaig (ob. 1156) hUi Chonchobair.

Caillech Crion ingen hUi Chuilen, mathair Muircheartaig
(ob. 1166) m. Lochlaind ri Erend.

Orlaith ingen hUi Maeil Chaindig, mathair Domnaill (ob. 1121)
m. Mael Echlaind ri Ailig.


D.2.1. (Royal Irish Academy)
translation: Margaret C. Dobbs, Revue Celtica

Ingen Neill Caille (ob. 845) mathair Flaind m. Conaing m.
Congaile m. Aeda Slaine.

Gormlaith (ob. 860) ingen Doncada m. Domnaill, mathair
Aeda Findleith (ob. 878)

Mael Muire (ob. 912) ingen Cinaetham. Ailpin rig Blban,
mathair Neill Glundubh (ob. 918) 7 Domnaill m.
Flaind, m. Mail Sechlaind m. Mail Ruanaig m. Mael [Se]cland.

Gormlaith Reabach ingen Muireadaig (ob. 838) m. Eathach
rig Ulad, mathair Domnaill (ob. 914) m. Aeda
Findleith, 7 Cumascaig (ob. 904) m. Oiilla (m.
Cumascaig m. Cernaig m. Suibne m. ......
m. Colgon m. Suibne m. crundmail m. Ronain
m. Baedain m. Muircertaig m. Eogain m. Niallain m.
Feig m. Feidlimte m. Fiacrach Casain); seag-nab-
oid Arda Macha eisen.

Eithne (ob. 916) ingen Aeda Findleith mathair Mail Mithig
m. (ob. 918) Flandagain rig Breag, 7 Mail Ruadnaig [nUi]
Mail Eaclaind. (ob. 975)

Gormlaith ingen Cuileandain (ob. 908) m. Mael Bride (m.
Peallaig m. Sluagadaig m. Fuargalaig m. Uachth...
m. Braein m. Uachrige m. Dicolla m. Colla m. Oisine m.
Ronain m. Dunlainge m. Connd-Maig m. Duncada m. Dinfeartaig m.
Dungaile m. Colmain m. Cairill m. Conaill otait hUi
Conaill Muirrtemne) mathair Domnaill (ob. 978)
Arda Macha hUi Neill.

In gean Madadain (ob. 949) m. Aeda .i. Eachrad, mathair
Muircertaig (ob. 976) m. Domnaill Arda Macha,
athair Flaitbertaig in Trostan (ob. 1036)

Dearbail (ob. 1009) ingen Taidg m. Cathail rig Conndacht,
mathair Aeda m. Donaill.

Barrfind ingen Uadlusain a Maig Leamna, mathair Neill
(ob. 1061) m. Eachluind, rig Ailig.

Dunlait ingen Muircertaig m. Neill Glunduib, mathair
Mael Eaclind (ob. 1022) m. Domnaill rig Teamrach 7
Gluin Iarinnd (ob. 988) m. Amlaim rig Gall.

Be Bind ingen indtleachtach Briain, bean Flaithbertaig
(ob. 1036) m. Muircertaig, mathair a da mac .i.
Aed 7 Domnaill .i. Goll Teamrach.

Dearbail ingen Mael tEachlaind hUi Ogain, bean Gilla coluim
(ob. 1110 or 1175?) hUi Muil Muad, mathair Feargaile hUi Neill.

                                                         Niall Caille = Gormlaith, dau. of Dondchadh
                                                   Maoilmuire, dau. of = Aedh Finnleith = Gormlaith, dau. of Muredach
                                                   Cinaed Mac Alpin   |                         |  son of Eochu, King of Ulster
                                                       _____________ |                         |________
                                                      |                                                                       |
                                                  Neill Glundubh  =  Land, dau. of Eachach          Domhnalll
                                                      |                        of the Dal Riata
                                                  Muirchertach = Gormlaith, dau. of Culenan m. Mael Brigte,
                                                  of the leather cloaks           King of Conaille
                                                 Domhnall of Armagh