The Bishops of Derry

           Derry/Doire Chalgaigh (Monastic Bishops)

     Finnachta, son of Ceallach.  Bishop, comharba of Doire; d. 937

     Cathasach, son of Ailche.  Bishop of Cenel Eogain; d. 947

     Caencomhre, son of Maeluidhir.  Abbot and bishop of Doire
     Chalgaigh, d. 948

     Maelfinnen, Bishop of Doire Chalgaigh, d. 948

           Bishops of Ardstraw

1107-1122      1107                 1122               Maol Coluim O Brolchain
    -1139                           1139               Maol Bride O Brolchain

           Post 12th Century Reform Bishops of Derry

 Years           Begin               End             Name

1152-1173       Before March 1152    d. 10 Feb. 1173    Muriach O Coffey
1173-1184       1173                 d. 1185            Awley O Murray
1185-1230       1185                 d. 1230            Florentius O Carolan
1230-1279       c. 1230              d. 1279            Germanus O Carolan
1280-1293       c. 1280              d. 1293            Florentius O Carolan
1294            Never consecrated                       Michael
1294-1297       1294                 d. 1297            Henry MacGarrity of Ardagh
1297-1315       26 June 1297         d. 1315            Geoffrey MacLochlainn
1316-1319       1319                 d. 1319            Odo O'Neill (Hugh O'Neill)
1319-1349       19 Aug. 1319         d. 1349            Micheal MacLochlainn
1330-1350                                               Mauritius [may be the same as
                                                        Micheal MacLochlainn]
1349-1380       18 Dec. 1349         d. after 1380      Simon
1391-1394       1391                 translated to      John Dongan
                                     Down, 1394
1394            Never took possession                   Eoin O Mohan
1397            [Vacant during Colton's visitation in Oct. 1397]
1398            Before 1398          resigned before    Hugo (Aodh)
                                     Aug. 1401
1401-1415       19 Aug. 1401         Before 1415        Sean O Flannery
1415-           Never consecrated                       Domhnall Mac Cathmaoil
1419-1429       16 Oct. 1419         translated to      Domhnall O Meraigh
                                     Connor, 9 Dec. 1429
1429-1433       Translated to        d. before 1433     Eoghan O Domhnaill 
                Derry, 9 Dec. 1429
1433-1455       18 Sept. 1433        d. or resigned     Sean O Gubuin
                                     before 1455
1458-1464       27 May 1458          resigned 1463      Bartholomew O Flanagain
1464-1466       c. 1464              d. or resigned     John
                                     before Apr. 1466
1466-1484       21 Feb. 1466         d. Dec. 1484       Nicolas Weston
1487-1500       after Jul. 1487      d. 1500            Domhnall o Fallon
1503-1519       1503                 resigned before    James Mac Mahon
                                     1519; d. 1519
1520-1550       11 Jan. 1520         d. 8 Oct. 1550     Rory O Domhnaill
1554-1569       25 Jun. 1554         d. or resigned     Owen O Dochartaigh
                                     1569               (brother of Sir John)
1659-1601       translated to        d. 15 Mar. 1601    Reamonn O Gallachair
                Derry, 22 Jun. 1659

            Vicars Apostolic of Derry 1622-1720

         [From 1601 to 1720, no bishop or vicar apostolic resided
          within the diocese of Derry. From 1601 to 1780, no bishop 
          resided within the City of Derry. From 1601 to 1720, the 
          see was vacant and ruled by vicars apostolic.  See the
          following names below for the vicars apostolic:]

1622-1623       Mar. 1622            Aug. 1623           Luke Rochford
1626-1629       Sept. 1626           Sept. 1629          Eugene Sweeney
                                     Bishop of Kilmore,
1629-1670       1629                 d. before 1670      Terence O'Kelly
1671-1672       1671                 1672; d. 1673       Eugene Conwell
1672-1678       1672                 arrested 1678       Luke Plunkett
1681-1682       1681                 1682                Brian MacGurk
1684-1711       1684                 d. 1711             Bernard O'Cahan
1694-1697       8 Feb. 1694          d. 19 Jan. 1697     Fergus Laurence Lea    
        [never took possession of the see; Bernard O'Cahan
         remained in possession until his death.]

         Later Bishops of Derry

1720-1727       27 Mar. 1720         d. or resigned      Terence O'Donnelly
                                     before 1727
1727-1738       7 Apr. 1727          d. 6 Jan. 1738      Neal Conway
1739-1749       24 Apr. 1739         Archbishop of       Michael O'Reilly
                                     Armagh, 1749-1758
1749            not consecrated                          John O'Brolchain
1751-1752       29 Jan. 1751         resignation         Patrick O'Brolchain
                                     accepted Mar. 1752
1752-1765       4 May 1752           d. 21 Dec. 1765     John McColgan
1766-1797       14 Jan. 1766         d. 24 Nov. 1797     Philip McDevitt
1798-1823       9 Feb. 1798          d. 19 Jul. 1823     Charles O'Donnell
1824-1840       4 Apr. 1824          d. 18 Aug. 1840     Peter McLaughlin
                Bishop of Raphoe,
1837-1840       16 Jul. 1847         retired 1845        John McLaughlin
                                                         (nephew of Peter McLaughlin)
1845-1849       8 Sept. 1845         d. 17 Jan. 1849     Edward Maginn
1849-1889       3 Aug. 1849          d. 1 Sept. 1889     Francis Kelly
1890-1907       1890                 d. 25 Feb. 1907     John Keys O'Doherty
1907-1926       14 Jun. 1907         d. 12 Feb. 1926     Charles McHugh
1926-1939       21 Jun. 1926         d. 5 Jan. 1939      Bernard O'Kane
1939-1973       5 Aug. 1939          d. 7 May 1980       Neil Farren
1974-1993       31 Mar. 1974         retired 1993        Edward Daly
1988-           20 Mar. 1988                             Francis Lagan

              Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers
               relating to Great Britain and Ireland

             6 Kal. Sept.

             "to John [Taaffe].  Appointment to the archbishopric of
              Armagh void by the death of Nicolas, the election of Michael
              Maglachlyn, of the order of Friars Minors by the chapter not
              having been admitted by Benedict XI. and Denys, appointed
              by that pontiff, having resigned.
                Concurrent leters to the dean and chapter of Armagh, to
              the clergy of the diocese, to the suffragans and to the King."
                                                       [Theiner, 174]

             13 Kal. Sept.

             "To Michael Maclachoyim, of the order of Friars Minors, of the
              diocese of Armagh, the son of a nun.  Dispensation to accept
              offices in his order and any dignity, even that of archbishop."

             8 Kal. Mar.

             To the archbishop of Armagh.  Mandate to decide the matter between 
             the bishop and chapter of Derry and the heirs of Richard de
             Burgo, earl of Ulster.  As appears by the petition of bishop
             Michael, his predecessor, Geoffrey, and the chapter had a dispute
             with Richard touching the right of patronage of certain churches
             and lands and rights belonging to the bishopric, and the earl relying
             on his temporal power got the better of the bishop and chapter, who
             suffered heavily, but verbally agreed that the earl and his heirs
             should hold the portion and temporal jurisdiction which they had
             in the city of Derry, and also the advowson in certain places, and 
             divers tenements belonging to the church of Derry, paying a very
             small yearly pension to the bishop.  The said earl has held
             these for twenty years, to the great injury of the see, and as he
             is now dead, bishop Michael has petitioned the pope to compel the
             earl's heirs to make restitution.  Witnesses are to be summoned 
             and necessary orders made and enforced."   [Theiner, 237]

             6 Id. March
             St. Peter's, Rome

             "To the bishop of Volterra, the archdeacon of Raphoe and the
              official of Derry.  Mandate to collate and assign to Robert
              Makellais, clerk, of the diocese of Derry, who has lately had
              papal dispensation, as the son of an unmarried man and an
              unmarried woman, to be etc. as in the preceeding, the rectory,
              of the patronage of laymen, value not exceeding 10 marks, of
              Magerbili alias Norraborg in the said diocese, so long void by
              the death of Donald Macglalacind that etc., as ibid.  Vite
              ac Morum.  (Pro dec.)

              3 Kal. Feb.
              SS. Apostoli, Rome

              "To the abbot of Cella Niara, Magonius Odroibelaig, canon of
               Raphoe, and the official of Derry.  Mandate to collate and
               assign to Patrick Lochnonnach, priest, of the diocese
               of Derry, the perpetual vicarage, value not exceeding 8 marks,
               of Culdabtha in the said diocese, void by the death of Nemias
               Odufaghy, although ARhalt Odufaghy, priest, of the same diocese,
               who is to be removed, hassd detained possession for more than
               ten years; whether it be voic as stated, or by the death of
               Sitrag Obrolchan, or in any other way, notwithstanding that the
               pope has recently ordered provision to be made to him
               of the perpetual vicarage of Grelleach in the same diocese, value
               not exceeding 2 marks.  He is hereby dispensed to hold both together
               for life.  

               Non. Sept.
               (f. 120d)

               "To the dean of Derry.  Mandate to collate and assign to
               Henry Omuirgissan, clerk, of the diocese of Derry, who is of
               noble race, the perpetual vicarage, value not exceeding 6 mark,
               of Culldavcha in the same diocese, void and therefore reserved
               by the death at the apostolic see of Patrick Lochlannach; 
               notwithstanding that the pope has lately ordered provision
               to be made to him of a canonry of Derry, with reservation of a prebend
               thereof and of a benefice with or without cure in the common
               or several gift of the bishop and the [dean and] chapter etc. of
               Derry, which latter mandate shall, upon his obtaining the said
               vicarage, be null so far as regards such benefice with cure only.

              1971/72 CLOGHER RECORD, in an article entitled "The Register of 
              Clogher" by K.W. Nicholls:

              "....Then the church of Clogher was ruled by Nicholas MacCathassayth, 
              archdeacon of Clogher, who was elected in the monastery of SS. Peter 
              and Paul at Clones on the vigil of St. Matthew the Apostle 1319 
              [February 24, 1320, NS] and consecreted in the  monastery of  Lisgoole 
              by the venerable Fathers Michael [MacLachlainn], bishop of Derry, 
              Thomas, bishop of Raphoe, and Patrick, bishop of Tir Briun. ...."
              (The Register was compiled between 1520 and 1525, and then updated 
              sporadically until about 1575.  It disappeared in the 17th Century, 
              but numerous extracts of it survive, and Nicholls was able to 
              reconstruct most of it.)