Wh Redcastle and Whitecastle

"Next to that, within four miles is
a small castle, called Caire MacEwlyn.
Here dwells Hugh Carrogh McLaughlyn,
 chief of his sept. A small brook.

Two miles above that is another small
castle, called Garnagall. Here dwells
Brian Oge McLaughlyn. A small stream."

Calendar of State Papers
1601 A.D.
A dispatch from Sir Robert
Cecil to Sir George Carey

The first castle in the text above, Caire MacEwlyn, was also known as Redcastle. The second, Garnagall, was also known as Whitecastle. These two villages can still be seen on modern maps of Ireland as well as on this 1661 A.D. map. This map contains the only known drawings of the McLaughlin castles as they appeared in the 17th century.

Neither castle is still standing; both were torn down and their materials probably were used to constuct buildings currently standing on the site. However, several of the O'Dougherty castles are still standing, and they are probably very similar to the old McLaughlin castles. You may click on the thumbnails below to view the O'Dougherty castles. Or click on the map of Inishowen above for an alternate view of the map.

The O'Dougherty Castles
Burt Buncrana Culmore