MacLoughlin of Roscommon County

     This sept, related to the O'Connors and the MacDermotts
assumed the surname MacLochlainn from an ancestor named Lochlan in
about the 12th century.  The family descends from Tadhg or Tiege
Oge, a younger brother of Diermod, from whom the MacDermotts took
their name (+1165).
    Both the MacDermotts and the MacLoughlins of Roscommon were a
branch of the O'Connors of Connacht, descended from Brian, the
eldest half-brother of Nial 'of the Nine Hostages' who died in 405
A.D.  Known by the tribal appelation of Connachta, or descendants
of Conn 'of the Hundred Battles,' from which the province of
Connacht took its name, the kings of Connacht were for the most
part excluded from the High Kingship of Ireland, which in theory
alternated between the kings of the northern and southern Ui Neill 
(descendants of Niall 'of the Nine Hostages').  Of this line only
Torlogh O'Connor  (+1156) and his son, Rory (+1198) were powerful
enough to break the monopoly their Ui Neill kinsmen exercised on
the High Kingship of Ireland.
     We have no records of the sept possessions of the MacLoughlins
of Roscommon but the surname appears in the Census of 1659 in the
Barony of Boyle in Roscommon and the Barony of Tyrerell in Sligo,
both territories of the MacDermotts and their subchieftains, the
MacDonoghs.  It is therefor probable their sept holdings lay within
these baronies as well.

     MacDermott:  Chief of Tir Oiliolla  (Barony of Tirerill, 
     Sligo);  Also Princes of Moylurg (Boyle 
     Barony), Roscommon;  Afterwards Princes of 
     Coolavin (Corran Barony), Sligo, as successors 
     to the O'Garas.

     MacDonchadh: (MacDonogh).  A branch of the MacDermotts, 
     afterwards chiefs of Tirerill and Corran, 

     O'Kelly of Ui Maine:  South part of Roscommon  (Baronies 
     of Athlone and Moycarnan);  Baronies of Ballymoe, Tiaquin, 
     Illiam, Killcollan and part of Clonmacnoon in 

     Census of 1659  Roscommon County

          Boyle Barony

              Principle Irish Names:  McLaghlin  08

     Census of 1659  Sligo County     

          Barony of Tyrerell

               Principle Irish Names:  McLoghlin  15

     Pardon List of 1609
     Patent Rolls of King James I

         XXIV-16  "Donnell McLaghlin, yeoman, Co. Sligo"

                    MacLoughlin of Leitrim County
                    Clann Lochlan Ua Ruairc

                           MacLochlainn of Roscommon
                             "Linea Antiqua"
                             Roger O'Ferrall ca. 1709
                    87  Brian, the oldest brother of Niall 'of the Nine
                               Hostages' and the first king of Connacht
                    88  Duach Galach
                    89  Eoghan Sreabh
                    90  Muireadheach Mal
                    91  Fearghus
                    92  Eochaidh Tiormcharna
                    93  Aodh
                    94  Uadha
                    95  Raghalach
                    96  Fearghus
                    97  Muireadach Maoilleathainnn  (a quo Siol Muireadaigh)
                    98  Inreachtach
                    99  Murghal
                    100 Tomaltach
                    101 Muirgheas
                    102 Tadhg Mor
                    103 Conchobar
                    104 Cathal
                    105 Tadhg Mor
                         |                             |
                    106 Conchobar                     Maolruanaidh Mor  (a quo clann Maolruanaidh)
                                                  107 Muirchertach
                 (O'Connor of Connacht)           108 Tadhg
                                                  109 Maolruanaidh
                                                  110 Tadhg Mor
                                                       |____________________ ______________________
                                                       |                    |                     |
                                                  111 Diarmod              Donnchadh             Tadhg oge
                                                      +1165                                       |
                                                                          (MacDonogh)       112  Lochlan   (a quo MacLoughlin)
                                                    (MacDermott)                                  |
                                                                                            113  Amhlaoibh (Awley) McLoughlin
                                                                                            114  Murtach McLoughlin
                                                                                            115  Aodh (High) McLoughlin
                                                                                            116  Lochlan McLoughlin
                                                                                            117  Mathias McLoughlin
                                                                                            118  John McLoughlin
                                                                                            119  John Oge McLoughlin
                                                                                       |                    |
                                                                                      Manus McLoughlin     Roger McLoughlin
                                                                                         (MacLoughlin of Roscommon)

   O'Clery's Book of Genealogies

   Genelach Meic Diermada

1006. Brian occ m Briain m Ruadri m Taidg m Ruaidri oicc
m Ruaidri caoich m Aedha m Concobhair m Tomoltiagh m
Mail ruanaidh m Giolla crist m Concobair m Corbmaic m Tomaltaigh na
cairrge m Cochobhair m Diermada (a quo mac Diermada) m Taidhg
m Mail ruanaidh m Taidhg m Muircertaigh m Mail ruanaidh moir m
Taidhg m Cathail m concobhair m Taidhg moir m Muirghiusa m
Tomaltaigh m Murghaile m Innrecthtaigh m Muiredhaigh muillethain m
Ferghusa m Raghallaigh m Uadach m Aedha m Echach tirmcarna m
Ferghusa m Muiredaigh mail m Eogain srebh m Duach galaigh m Briuin
m Echach mugmedoin.

   Genelach Meic Diermada Ruaidh

1007. Eocchan, Diermait, Maghnus, et Tadhg: clann Mael sechloinn
m Corpmaic m Diermada ruaidh m Concobair m Corbmaic m
Tomaltaigh na cairrge m Conchobair m Diermada m Taidhg m 
Mail ruanaidh.

1008. Aedh, Maghnus, Tomaltach, et Tomas cleirech: clann
Taidhg m Mail sechlainn m Corpmaic m Diermada ruaidh m Conchobair
m Corpmaic.

1009. Conchobar (.i. an duibsliasta) m Giolla crist m
Diermada doill m Corpmaic oig m Tomaltaigh na cairrge.

   Genelach Meic Diermada Gall

1010. Diermait gallda, Cathal, Corpmac, Maghnus, ocus Conchobar:
clann Taidhcc oicc m Taidhg ruaidh m Diermada gall m Concobhair
m Taitligh m Diermada m Concobhair m Diermada (o n-abartar m

1011. Tadhg, Seaan, Mael secloinn, da Brian, ocus Muirghes:
cland Muirghesa caeich m Taidhg ruaidh.

1012. Eogan caoch m Cathail m Taidhg m Diermada m Taidhg
oicc m Taidg ruaidh m Diermada gall.

                                        MacLoughlin of Connacht
                                                              1                      2
                                      Mong Fionn, dau. of the = Eochaid Muighmeadoin = Carina
                                      the King of Connacht    |                      |
                                                              |                      |
                    __________________________________________|                      |
                   |          |          |            |                              |
             87   Brian      Ailill     Fiachu       Fearghus                       Niall 'of the Nine Hostages'
                   |                                                                +405 A.D.
             88   Duach Galach            (Connachta)                             (Ui Neill)
             89   Eoghan Sreabh
             90   Muireadheach Mal
             91   Fearghus
                   |                                                                    |
             92   Eochaidh Tiormcharna                                                 Feargna
                   |                                                                    |
                   |                                                                    |_______________________
                   |                                                                    |                       |
             93   Aodh                                                                 Aodh Fionn              Brennan
             94   Uadha                                                                Scandlan
             95   Raghalach                                                            Cremthainn           (MacKiernan and
             96   Fearghus                                                             Bretha                MacGawley)
             97   Muireadach Maoilleathainn                                            Donchadh
             98   Inreachtach                                                          Dubh Dothra  +743
             99   Murghal                                                              Cernach
                   |                                                                    |
                   |                                                                    |_______________________
                   |                                                                    |                       |
             100  Tomaltach                                                            Ceallachan              Maolmordha
             101  Muirgheas                                                            Tighernan  +892
             102  Tadhg Mor  +810                                                      Ruairc   +898           (O'Reilly)
             103  Conchobar  +882                                                      Art
             104  Cathal    +925                                                       Sean Fergal Ua Ruairc  +966
             105  Tadhg Mor  +956                                                      Aodh   +1015
                   |                                                                    |
                   |____________________________________                                |
                   |                                    |                               |
             106  Conchobar  +973                      Maolruanaidh Mor                Art Uallach  +1046
                   |                                    |                               |
             107  Cathal   +1010                       Muirchertaigh                   Niall   +1047
                   |                                    |                               |
             108  Tadhg 'of the White Steed'           Tadhg                           Ualgarg Ua Ruairc
                  +1030                                 |                               |
                   |                                    |                               |_______________________
                   |                                    |                               |                       |
             109  Aodh an ghai bhearnaigh              Maolruanaidh                    Tighernan Ua Ruairc     Domnall
                   |                                    |                               |
             110  Ruaidri na Soigha buidhe             Tadhg Mor                       Domnall Ua Ruairc  +1101
                   |                                    |                              Lord of Breffny
                   |                                    |________________
                   |                                    |                |             (O'Rourke and
             111  Toirrdhealbach Mor                   Diarmod          Tadhg Oge       MacLoughlin of Connacht)
                  High King  +1156                                       |
                   |                                  (MacDermott)       |
                   |__________________                                   |
                   |                  |                                  |
             112  Ruaidri O'Connor   Cathal Croibhdearg                 Lochlan
                  High King  +1198
                                   (O'Connor Roe and             (MacLoughlin of Connacht)
                                    O'Connor Don)