O Cathain - O Carolan

Clan Conchobhar (Clan Conor) of Magh Ith

  The Clan Conchobair were originally Kings of Magh Ith in Tirconnell,
that territory now mostly comprised by the Barony of Raphoe, but also
extending into Tyrone in earlier times.  According to O'Donovan 
(Ordnance Survey Letters) the lands of Magh Ith were the mensal lands 
of the Kings of Aileach (MacLaughlin and O'Neill).  The Clan Conor Kings 
of Magh Ith were at an early date replaced by the line of the Cenel Moain 
of Cenel Enda (the O'Gormleys and their kinsmen), who were in turn driven 
from Magh Ith into nearby Derry county by the O'Donnells. At about the same 
time the O Cathains of Clan Conor were recognised by the annalists as 
Chiefs of the Cianacht of Glean Geibhin and the Creeve, now 
the barony of Coleraine in Derry County; and their kinsmen the
O Carrollans held the territory of Clandermod in the same county.

  Niall 'of the Nine Hostages'
  Eoghain (a quo Clann Owen)
  Domnall ilcealcaigh
  Aedh Uairiodhnaigh
  Maile Fithrigh
  Maile duin
   |                                          |
  Conor (a quo Clann Conor - had ten sons)   Nial Frasach 'of the showers'
   |                  |                      (McLaughlin and O'Neill)
  Drugain            Diermada
   |                  |
  Cathain            Baighill
  (a quo O Cathain)   |
                     (a quo O Carolan)       

  Surnames associated with the Clan Conchobhar of Magh Ith.

  O Cathain (O'Kane, Kane of Derry)
  hui Loingsicch (O Lynch - probably MacGlinchey of Donegal & Derry)
  O Cinaith (O Kenny of Donegal)
  O Manannan
  O Mothlachhan
  Ui Muroin
  O Gartnen (Mac Gartlan, Mac Gartland)
  O Muididen
  Muinter Cinnedig
  O Chairillan (O Carolan of Derry - also in Donegal)
  O Muiredhaigh (MacMurray - Donegal)
  O Corrain (O Currin - Donegal; possibly O Corran, MacCarron?)
  O Dubda
  O Baighill (O Boyle of Magh Ith)
  O Merrlighi
  O Dublaighi
  O Cathalan (O Cahalane)
  O Mail bresail (O Mulbraisil - Kings of Magh Ith - Donegal)
  O Muircertach (O Moriarty)
  O Duibleachan
  O Thanaighe
  O Flaithri
  O Breislen (O Breslin - of Fanad in Donegal?)
  O Mail finne
  O Dodan
  O Muiredaigh (MacMurray - possibly two septs of the name?)
  O Branagan (O Branagan, O Brangan - Armagh & Monaghan)
  O Mhaelan (O Mallon - in Tryone, O'Mellon's Country, hereditary Keepers
  of the bell of St. Patrick)
  clann foghartaigh (O Flynn, O Cionaith, O Mail mail, O Dubagan,
  O Chuind [O'Quinn] & O'Kenny - Kings of Magh Ith in Donegal.

  Of these families, the following territorial holdings are
well established in Derry and Donegal.

O Cathain : chief of Cianacht of Glean Geibhin (or Keenaght 
of Glengiven). The O'Cahans were also chiefs of the Creeve, now the 
barony of Coleraine; and in later times, possessed the greater part 
of the county of Derry, which was called "O'Cahan's Country"; they also, at 
an early period, possessed part of Antrim, and had their seat at the 
castle of Dunseverick. 

O Chairillan  O'Cearbhallins, chiefs of Clandermod or 
Glendermod, in Derry. Also herenaghs of Clonleigh parish in Rapoe
Barony, Donegal (O'Carolans). 

hui Loingsicch (Mac Loingsich - MacGlinchey) : Mag Loinnseachain,
chieftain of Gleann Finne, in Donegal (Donaghmore Parish).

O Breislen  chief of Fanad on the western shores of Lough Swilly in Donegal.
Other paragraphs in O'Clery indicate the O Breslens of Fanad may have been 
descended from the Cenel Conaill.

    O'Clery's section on the Cenel Conaill

    13. Ciaran et Gillagan, Mail brighde et Diarmat: clann Breislen.

    14. Tri mic Lermhogha, Tonnach et Tanach- (da mac Breislen;
        dorindi fria ingin budein iat a richt mna eile et tria fochuitmid tuctha
        forra na hanmanna sin .i. Tonnach et Tanach ar a ndenamh amlaidh
        sin; as uaidib atait .h. Tonnaigh et .h. Tanaigh)- Conaing uero an      
        tres mac a quo muinter Breislen.

    But there is no O Breislen surname associated with this passage
    on the Cenel Conaill in O'Clery - .h. Tonnaigh or .h. Tanaigh is the
    only surname associated with the Muinter Breislen in O'Clery.  This surname
    is O Tunney, on the borders of Sligo & Donegal.

      The O Breslens later appear as herenaghs of Inishkeel parish in Donegal
    and also appear prominently in the records of nearby Fermanagh County.
    They were dispossesed of their territory of Fanad in Donegal by a branch
    of the O'Donnells headed by the Fer Leginn O'Donnell (1281, 1303), and
    later by the MacSweeneys of Scotland, a gallowglass sept.

O'Boyle, O'Mulbraisil, O'Quinn, O'Kenny, Kings of Magh Ith - Donegal.
O'Mellon, O'Murphy, Chiefs of Sio Aodha-Enaigh in Tryone.


          The O'Clery Book of Genealogies

          Genelach .H. Conchobair Mhuighi H-Ithe

525. Mael ruanaitth m Aedha m Maol ruanaidh m Aedha m
     Ruaidri m Aenghusa m Maile duin m Cairellain m Baighill m Diermada
     m Concobair m Fergail m Maile duin m Maile fithridh.

        Craebh Coibnesa Clainne Concobhair Sunn

542. Tri mic Ferghail m Maile duin amail as-bert file:

               Tri mic Ferghaile na n-arg
               Niall frosach, Aedh allan ard
               Concobar comur ced clann
               taisech oic-thigern Erenn.

543. Conchobar mac Fergail, dano, da mac .x. lais, .i. Cionaeth,
     Diermait, Flaithbertach, Loingsech mor, Loingsech beg, Brogan, Mael 
     finne, et Duibh innrechtach, Furadran, Drugan, Cumuscach, et 
     Connchadh: amil as-beror indso:

                Flaithbertach, Cinaedh, Diarmait
                is da Loingsech bat ciallbhuig
                Brogan, Mael finne fledhach
                Duib indreachtach deghmhedach
                Furadran, Drugan co mblaidh
                Cumuscach, Donnchad dibaidh.

544. (Page 57, col. a) Cionaeth, a quo .h. Cinaith et .h. Manannan
     et .h. Mothlachan et hui Muroin et .h. Gartnen et .h. Muididen.

545. Diermait, a quo muinter Cinneidig et .h. Chairillan et .h.
     Muiredhaigh et .h. Corrain ocus reliqua.

546. Flaithbertach, a quo .h. Dubda et .h. Baighill ocus .h. Merrlighi
     et .h. Dublaighi.

547. Loinccsech, a quo .h. Cathalan et .h. Mail bresail et .h. 

548. Duib indrechtach, a quo .h. Duibleachan et .h. Thanaighe
     et .h. Flaithri.

549. Brogan, a quo .h. Breislen.

550. Mael finne, a quo .h. Mail finne.

551. Drughan, a quo .h. Chathain et hui Loingsicch.

552. Furadran, a quo .h. Dodan et .h. Muiredaigh et Branagan.

553. Loingsech, a quo .h. Mhaelan.

554. Cumuscach, a quo clann Foghartaigh .i. .h. Floinn ocus hui
     Cionaith et .h. Mail maill et .h. Dubagan et .h. Chuind.

555. Donnchadh, sine semine.

     Note: in the paragraphs below, only the first two pertain to
     Clan Conor of Maghh Ith.  The remainder describe the Cenel Moain
     of whom the O'Gormleys were the chief family.

         Miniugadh Senchusa (col. b) Clainne Conchobair Ceneil Moain Innso

556. Mael ruanaidh m Aedha m Mael ruanaidh m Aedha m Ruaidri
     m Aengusa m Maile duin m Cairellain m Baighill m Diarmada m Concobair
     m Ferghail m Maile duin, amail ro scriobamur tuas.

557. Domnall m Concobair m Fogartaigh m Gille ciarain m Floind
     m Duibh darach m Duib sinna m Elgi m Cathusaigh m Fogartaigh
     (col. c) m Cumuscaigh m Concobair m Fergaile m Maile duin.

558. Clann Faelain m Colmain m Moain .i. Edalach m Faelain.
     Da mac la h-Edalach .i. Fianbertach et Tendalach.  As ann-sin
     dedhlais cenel Moain .i. clann Tendalaigh an lucht thuas, ocus cland
     Fianbertaig an lucht this.  It e innso a minigad sin:

559. Ferdalach m Tendalaigh, .iii. mic lais .i. Gairmlegach,
     Catarnach, et Anarcc.

560. Ceithri mic la Gairmlegach .i. Duinechaidh (a quo .h. Duinechaidh),
     Cridhegen (a quo .h. Cridhegen), Luinech (a quo .h. Luinigh),
     Dalbhach (a quo .h. Dalbaigh ocus .h. Gairmleghaigh ocus .h. Tigernaigh
     et .h. Ceallaigh ocus .h. Cernachan).

561. Clann Catharnaigh m Ferdalaigh .i. .h. Faelain ocus .h. Oirc.

562. Clann Anairg .i. .h. Cleirchen ocus .h. Craebidhe et .h. Mail
     fhuadiaigh ocus .h. (col. d) Murghaile.

563. Clann Tendalaigh m Edalaigh indsin.

564. Clann Fianbertaigh m Etalaigh, tra:

565. Tuathal m Fianbertaigh, .iiii. mic lais, .i. Eocho ocus Tairrigh
     ocus Langus ocus Dungal.

566. Eochaidh, tra, o bfuilit .h. Braicle.

567. Tairrigh, o tait .h. Laiginn ocus .h. Mail croin et .h. Fergalan.

568. Langus, o fuilit .h. Letnamod et .h. Bedgaile et .h. Datgu
     ocus .h. Doilge.

569. Dungal, uero, mad Tuathail, .iiii. mic lais .i. Mael michil et
     Ciaragain m Dunghaile (o tat .h. Culrebu), Aduar m Dunghaile (o tait
     muinter Giolla uidir), Gairbeth m Dunghaili (o tiat .h. Gairbheith).

          (Page 63) Genelach .H. Conchobair Muighe H-Ithe Beus

610. Muircertach m Loinccsicch m Flaithbertaigh m Catain m
     Grugain m concobair m Ferghaile m Maile duin m Maile fithrigh.

         (Page 52) Genelach .H. Chathain

487. (col. a) Domnall ballach m Ruaidri m Maghnusa m Donnchada'
     an einigh m Seaain m Aibhne m Diarmada m Con mhuighe m Diarmada
     m Con muighe na nGall m Magnusa chatha duin m Ruaidri m Domhnaill
     m Eachmharcaigh m Raghnaill m Iomhair m Gilla Crist m Con
     cionaedh m Diermada m Cathusaigh m Cathain (a quo .h. Chathain)
     m Drugain m Concobhair m Fergail m Maile duin m Maile fithrigh m
     Aedha uaiiriodhnaigh m Domnaill ilcealccaigh m Muircertaigh m
     Muirethaigh m Eogain m Neill noigiallaigh.

     Donal ballagh was the son of Rory son of Manus son of Donogh
     an einigh (generous) son of John son of Aibhne son of Dermot
     son of Conmuighe son of Dermot son of Conmuighe na nGall son of
     Manus chatha duinn (Battle of Downpatrick - 1260) son of
     Rory son of Donal son of Eachmarcagh son of Ranall son of Iomhair
     (Iver) son of Giolla Christ son of Conchinnaed son of Dermot
     son of Casey son of Cahan (from whom the name) son of
     Drungan son of Conor son of Feargal son of Maeldoon son of
     Mailfithrigh son of Hugh Uairiodhnach son of Donall Ilcealgagh
     son of Muircheartagh son of Muireadaigh son of Owen son of
     Neill 'of the Nine Hostages.'

488. (col. b) Cu maighe m Risdeird m Domnaill m Seaain m Aibne
     m Diermada m Con mhuighe.

     Cumhaighe was the son of Richard son of Donal son of John son of
     Aibhne son of Dermot son of Conmuighe.

489. Maghnuss m Con mhuighe ballaigh m Rudraigi m Briain
     ruaidh m Ruaidhri m Maghnusa (lasa ndernadh an finnchaiscc) m
     Gofrada m Con muicche m Diarmada m Con muige na nGall m Magnusa
     catha duin.

     Manus was the son of Conmuighe ballagh son of Rory son of Brian
     roe son of Rory son of Manus son of Gofray son of Cuwey son of
     Dermot son of Cuwey na nGall son of Manus of the Battle of

490. Seaan m Briain oig m Con muige m Ruaidhri m Seaain m

     John was the son of Brian oge son of Cuwey son of Rory son of
     John son of Aibhne.

491. (col. c) Gofraid m Giolla padraicc m Semais m Giolla patraic
     m Concobair m Diarmada m Enri (o tat clann Enri) m Diarmada m
     Con muige na nGall m Magnusa catha duin.

     Goffray son of Giolla Patrick son of James son of Giolla Patrick
     son of Conor son of Dermot son of Henry (from whom are the Clann
     Henry) son of Dermot son of Cuwey na nGall (of the Foreigners)
     son of Manus of the Battle of Downpatrick.

492. Risderd m Rudhraighe m Briain m Cathaoir m Briain ruaidh
     m Ruaidhri m Maghnasa Iasa ndernadh an fhionnchaisg.

     Richard son of Rory son of Brian son of Cathaoir son of Brian roe
     son of Rory son of Manus.

    The Laud 610 Tribal Histories and Genealogies ca. 1000 A.D.

    Incipit croeb choibniusa Fer Maige Itha.

  Tri mic Fergaile na n-arg: Niall Frossach, Aed Ollan ard, Conchobor co 
mmorchet cland, toisech octhigern Erenn.

  Conchobor mac Fergaile dano, da mac dec lais .i. Cinaed, Diarmait,
Flaithbertach, Longsech Mor, Longsech Bec, Brogan, Maeltinne,
Dubindrecht, Furudran, Drucan, Cummascach, Dondchad.

  I. Cinaeth, a quo Hoi Mamain 7 Hoi Mothlachain 7 Hui Mugron 7 Hui Uittiten.
 II. Diarmait, a quo Muinter Chennetig, Hoi Chairellain 7 Hui Muredaig; 7
Corran, a quo Muinter Chorran.
 III. Flaithbertach, a quo Hui Dubdai 7 Hui Baigill 7 Hoe Merleich 7
Hoi Dulaich.
 IV. Longsech, a quo Hoi Chathalan 7 Hui Mailbresaid 7 Hoi Murchertaig.
  V. Dubindrecht, a quo Hui Doblechan 7 Hoi thanaide 7 Hoi Lathrai.
 VI. Brogan, a quo Hui Breslain.
 VII. Maelfinne, a quo Hui Mailfinne.
 VIII. Drucan, a quo Hui Eochathan  7 Hoi Longsig.
 IX. Furudran, a quo Hoi gottain 7 Hoi Muredaig 7 Hoi Branacan 7 Cumascach,
a quo Hui Chuind 7 Hui Mueregaid.
 X. Longsech, a quo Hui Maelan.  Cumascach, a quo cland Focartaig .i. Hoi
Lainn 7 Hoi Chinaith 7 Hoi Mailmaill 7 Hui Dubucain.  Dondchad, ni fil huad.

   Rawlinson B.502 ca. 1100 A.D.


¶1025] Máel Ruanaid m. Áeda m. Ruaidrí m. Óengusa m. Cairelláin m. 
Baígill m. Diarmata m. Conchobuir m. Fergaile m. Máeli Dúin.