Some Donegal Sources

Record Description
1558The Reign of Queen Elizabeth begins
1588The Surrender of the Gaelic Lords in Donegal (Lands re-granted)
1600 The English began establishing a military base in Derry
1601 State Papers of Ireland The names of all the chief places of strength in O'Dogherty's country called Ennisowen, as well castles as forts; also of those in McSwyne Fanat's country."
1601 State Papers of Ireland Handwritten Notes by Sir Henry Dockwra on the septs of Inishowen (Not published in the standard edition of the State Papers)
1602 Pardon List (Inishowen) (The standing army of Sir Cahir O'Dogherty) Fiant 6655 - Queen Elizabeth
1603 The Reign of James I begins
1603 Failed Uprising of Hugh O'Neill
1607 The Flight of the Earls
April 1608 The Revolt of Sir Cahir O'Dougherty
1608The Plantation of Ulster begins
1608-1618 Land Grants in Donegal Land Grants (1608) - Pynnar's Survey (1618)
1609 Pardon List (Donegal) Pat. 6 James I (Primarily Inishowen but also General Donegal Names)
1609 Inquisition at Liffer Pat. 16 James I (The Herenagh septs of Donegal)
1609 Inquisition at Derry Pat. 16 James I (The Church Lands of Derry)
1622 Chichester Leases (Inishowen) Leases by Chichester in Inishowen
1628 Rent Roll of Derry Heads of Household in Derry
1630 Muster Rolls Muster Rolls of Donegal (Settler Population)
1641 Irish Rebellion
1641 Cromwell Invades Ireland
1654 Civil Survey (Donegal) Holders of land and leases in Donegal in 1654
1654 Index to the Civil Survey Names Appearing in the Civil Survey of 1654
1659 Census of Ireland Principle Irish names and Tituladoes
1665 Hearth Money Rolls (Donegal) Heads of Households in Donegal
1690 The Battle of the Boyne (James II)
1704 The Penal Code enacted against Catholics
Act of 1778 Catholics permitted to take leases contingent on an oath of allegience
1778-1790 Catholic Qualification Rolls Names of Persons taking an oath of allegience to the Crown
[Undated] Townlands of Donegal The Towns and Townlands of Donegal
[Undated] Townlands of Londonderry The Towns and Townlands of Londonderry