Note:  I have recently been informed by an expert on Maguire genealogy
   that most if not all of the descendants of this branch of the Maguires
   actually took the surname Maguire rather than MacLochlainn.
       Source:  "An Early History of Fermanagh"
                by An tAth. P. O Maolagain
                Clogher Records, 1957 vol. II, no. 1

       "Donn the son of Daniel, who was the first titled Maguire
        in Fermanagh, had two other brothers, to name Gafry and Loughlin,
        from whom were sprung the progeny of Loughlin in Fermanagh; and
        the first branch that sprung from the tree of Maguire under the
        surname Maguire."

        Under a section entitled, "Sliocht Lochlainn," the writer then
        mentions a member of this family named Seamus og mac Thomais,
        or James og Maguire."  

    Original Text

     I will probably eventually delete this reference since
     it doesn't appear as if any MacLochlainn septs sprang
     from the Maguires, based on the above information.  But in
     order to avoid confusion, I'll leave it posted as is for a

    There also appears to have been a minor McLaughlin sept from
county Fermanagh related to the Maguire chieftains of that district.
The surname does not appear in the Census of 1659 as a principal surname
for that county, but 12 McLoughlin births are recorded by Matheson in
1880.  Their pedigree is listed in the "Geneology Fermanagh" as "Gionladh
Shliocht Lachluinn," or the genealogy of the seed of Lochlan.  The primary
reference to the family appears to be Rooney's book on the Maguires.
    The following is an excerpt from the preface to the "Geinealaighe
Fearmanach" as it appeared in the Analecta Hibernica:

   "The Fermanagh pedigrees belong to two groups: the dynastic kindred
and its collateral branches, and the other kindreds in general, the
forsloinnte as they are called in the older writings.  They dynastic 
kindred belongs to a branch of the Airgialla named Cremthainne or
Ui Cremthainn from a fifth-century ancestor.  This sept held rule
in two petty kingdoms, Fir Manach and Fernmag, corresponding , but
not exactly, to the counties of Fermanagh and Monaghan.  In the 13th
century, the Monaghan line, in the family of MacMathghamhna "MacMahon,"
held the superior authority with the title of king of Oirghialla "Oriel";
and its pedigree, though external to Fermanagh, finds a place in this
   In the beginning of the 14th century, the headship of Fermanagh passes
from other branches of their kin to the family of Mag Uidhir "Maguire."
the numerous pedigrees into which this family ramified accupy about half 
of the present tract.  Certain branches of this family adopted new
surnames, MacMaghnusa "MacManus," Mac Gafraidh "MacCaffrey," 
Mac Gothraidh ("Corry?"), MacAmhlaimh "MacAuley" (hence "Clanawley"
    Collateral families of the Cremthainne sept are MacDomhnaill
"MacDonnell" of Clann Cheallaigh (hence "Clankelly" barony) distinct
from the Hebridean Mac Domhnaill family; Mac a'Mhaighisitir "MacMaster,
Masterson," of the sept of Fergus Cennfhota (hence Tirkennedy" barony);
MacAodha (Megaoth in this MS) "Magee, MacHugh, Hughes"; Mac Giolla Fhinnein
(Mac a Linnein in this MS>), chiefs of Muintir Pheodachain and for a time
holding the kingship of Fir Manach."

    Geinealaighe Fearmanach

  Gionladh Shliocht Lachluinn

354. Pilip .i. an brathair mc Corbmaic mc Seahain mc Piaruis
mc Eamuinn mc Labhras moir .i. an tEasbog mc Muigis mac Tomais
mc Lachluinn a quo shliocht Lachluinn mc Domhnuill mc Giolla Iosa
mhic Duinn mhoir mc Raghnuill mc Uidhir mhic Searaigh mc
Oighiallaigh mhic Guidhir, etc.

355.  Brian mc Reamuinn mc Conchonacht mhic Seamuis mc Piarruis.

356.  Clan Phroinnsias mc Seamuis mhic Conchonacht mc Seamus
mac Piarruis i.i Tomas mc Toirdheallthaigh mc Giolla Padruig ghruma
mac Seamuis mac Piarruis.

357.  Mac ago Tomais mc Toirdhealbhuig mc Giolla Padruig ghruama
.i. Seamus.

358.  Mac ag Seamus .i. Aodh

359.  Padruig, Tomas, Seaghan agus Aodh clann Toirdhealghaigh
mc Giolla Padruig ghruama.

360.  Seaghan agaus Giolla Padruig clann Ghiolla Padruig mc Seain oig
mc Seain mc Paruis.

361.  Tomas mc Seadhuin mc Piaruis.

362.  Eoghan Ruaidh mc Toirdhealbhaigh mhic Fedhlime mc
Seahain mc Piaruis.

363.  Giolla Padruig agus Piaras clann Aodh Ghruama mc
Toirdhealbhaigh mc Feidhlime mhic seaghain mhic Piaruis.

     Pedigree of the Maguires - O'Hart

81.  Art Eanfhear
82.  Cormac Ulfhada
83.  Cairbre Lifeachar
84.  Eochaidh Dubhlen
85.  Colla da Chrioch (One of the three Collas)
               The pedigree branches here from that
               of the Northern Ui Neill
86.  Rochadh
87.  Deach Dorn
88.  Fiach
89.  Criomhthan Liath (a quo Ui Cremthaine)
             King of Oriel
90.  Eochaidh
91.  Cairbre an Daimh Airgid
92.  Cormac
93.  Aodh
94.  Fergus
95.  Cormac
96.  Egneach
97.  Iargallach
98.  Luan
99.  Cearnach
100. Odhar
101. Orgiall
102. Searrach
103. Odhar (a quo Mac Uidhir or "Maguire")
104. Orgiall
105. Searrach
106. Odhar Oge
107. Randal
108. Donn Mor
109. Giolla Iosa
110. Donall
      |                                              |
111. Donn Oge (1st prince of Fermanagh d. 1315)     Lochlan
112. Flaithearthach                                 Tomais
113. Hugh Ruadh                                     Muirgis
114. Philip                                         Labhras Mor
     d. 1375                                        "an tEasbog"
      |                                              |
115. Thomas Mor d. 1430                             Eamuinn
116. Thomas Oge d. 1480                             Piaruis
117. Philip                                         Seadhain
118. Brian                                          Corbmaic
119. Cu-Chonacht                                    Philip
120. Cuchonacht d. 1538                             "an brathair"
121. Cuchonacht d. 1589
122. Hugh (slain at Kinsale, 1602)
123. Brian
124. Cuchonacht                                    (MacLaughlin
125. Brian Maguire                                  of Fermanagh)                 


Note:  Both "an tEasbog" and "an brathair" in the pedigree of the
       McLaughlins of Fermanagh were descriptive terms used to 
       identify the individual in the pedigree.
         I'm fairly sure "an tEasbog" means "the Bishop," and that
       "an brathair" means "the brother (as in a religious order),
       but I'm not sure this is translated correctly so I used the
       original gaelic in the above pedigrees.
          If this translation is correct, it appears this branch
       of the Maguires held some connection with the church, or were
       possibly an herenagh family.

111  Lochlan
     Labhras Mor (the bishop)
      |                                 |                                              |
     Seadhain                          Seamuis                                        Sean
      |________________                 |______________________                        |
      |         |      |                |                      |                       |
     Corbmaic  Tomas  Felime           Conchonacht            Giolla Padraig          Seain Oge
      |                |                |_________            gruamna                  |
      |                |                |         |            |                       |
     Philip           Torlogh          Reamuinn  Seamuis      Torlogh                 Giiolla Padraig
     'the brother'    Owen Roe          |         |            |                       |
                  _____|_______         |         |            |______________         |________
                 |             |        |         |            |      |       |        |        |
              Giolla Padraig  Piaruis  Brian     Phroinnsias  Tomas  Padruig Seaghan  Seaghan  Giolla Padraig