Grianan of Aileach

McLaughlin of Donegal

McLaughlin History
The Ulster Clans (Mullin)
McLaughlin Pedigree
Historical Sources
The Annals of Ulster
Muircheartach's Circuit
The Bell Shrine of St. Patrick
The Site of Caim Eirge
O'Clery's Genealogies
Genealogical Charts
Pronunciation Chart
McLaughlin Arms and Motto
The McLaughlin Kings
A McLaughlin's Tour
The McLaughlin Castles
The McLaughlin Surname
The Book of Rights
The Rights of O'Neill
A Genealogical Map
Abstracted Records
The Milesian Legends
The Grianan of Aileach
Map of Ireland
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Other McLaughlin Septs

 McLoughlin of Leitrim
 Linea Antiqua - O Rourke (1)
 Linea Antiqua - O Rourke (2)
McLoughlin of Roscommon
O'Melaghlin of Meath
MacGillaghlin of Bregia
O'Loughnane of Tipperary
O'Loughlin of Clare
Maclachlan of Scotland
McLaughlin of Cork
McLaughlin of Mayo

Clan Neill Research

 McLaughlin Pedigree Sources
 The Descent of the O'Neills
O'Neill Pedigree - O Ceallaigh
McLaughlin & O'Neill Pedigree
Linea Antiqua (Betham)
The Kings of Aileach in MS.
The Anradan Line (Scottish)
 Gaelic MS. of 1450
 Skene's Books & Pedigrees
 Buchanan of Auchmar

Genealogical Manuscripts

The Laud 610 Genealogies
The Rawlinson B.502 Genealogies
The Book of Leinster-TC
The Book of Lecan-RIA
The Book of Ballymote-RIA
The O'Clery Genealogies
Index to the O'Clery Genealogies
Index to the Linea Antiqua
 Gaelic MS. of 1450
 Skene's Scottish Pedigrees
The Fermanagh Genealogies
Genealogies of the Southern Ui Neill
The O'Brien Genealogies
The Keating Genealogies
Burkes, Butlers & Fitzgeralds
Eoghanacht Genealogies
Tribes & Customs of Hy-Many

Donegal Clans

LDS records - Donegal (New!)
Donegal Records - Lookups
O'Dugan's Topographical Poems
Cinel Eoghan Septs
Septs of Inishowen & Donegal
Cenel Conaill Charts (O'Clery)
Donegal Sources
Donegal Pedigrees (O'Clery)
The Herenaghs of Donegal
The Herenaghs of Armagh
The Herenaghs of Fermanagh
The Bishops of Derry
Septs of the Cenel Coelbad
Septs of the Bredach in Inishowen
Septs of the Cenel Conchobhar
Septs of the Cenel Moain
MacMenamin - MacMeanman
McCarron of Donegal
McDevitt, McAilin, McBride
MacAteer & O Brolchain
Cannon & MacAlinion
O'Gallagher of Donegal
McDermot of Donegal
O'Donnell of Donegal
O'Doherty of Spain
O'Doherty of Inishowen
McNelis of Donegal
O'Clery of Donegal
Mac Colgan of Inisowen
O'Cassidy of Donegal
McHugh, McCue, McGee of Donegal
McGragh of Donegal
O'Friel of Donegal
O'Donnelly of Fear Droma
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