The Herenagh Families of Donegal

For further reference see: Inquisition at Liffer, 1609
See Also: Inquisition at Derry, 1609
And: Herenaghs of Armagh
Herenaghs of Fermanagh


Clonca Parish

MacLochlainn (clanlaughlangrilles) Greallagh
herenaghs of Greallagh (Carrowtemple (now Templemoyle),
Drumaville and Drumballycaslin)

OhEarcain (O'Harkan)
O Maolmhocheire (O'Mollinogher)
(herenaghs of the Clonca section)

O Gormain (associated with Tobar Muirdhealiagh at Malin Head)
townland of Ballygorman
Custodians of the Holy Stone (at Malin Well)
Church called the Gorman church


O Muireasain (O'Morrison)


O Dufaigh (O'Duffy)
Lived originally in Dunross
Lived in post-reformation times in Glacknadrummond and were hereditary custodians of the Bell of St. Buadan (9th cent. bronze bell)Last member of family died at the beginning of this century. Bell now in the custody of the parish priest at Bocan, the parochial church of Culdaff.
Church of St. Buadan's at Culdaff


Mac Rodaigh


Mac Colgan


Mac Ceile
O Donaill (two septs)


O Maoleachlainn

Monastic lands at Burt and Kullourt

MacRuairi (Burt)
O Duibhin (Kullourt)

Some had connections with other parts of the country as well:

O Dufaigh (Connacht)
Mac Ceile (Mayo and Leitrim)
Mac Ruairi (Derry)


O Daighre
O Cobhaigh

Other Officials in Inishowen

Keepers of the Saint's Bell at Donagh (O Dufaigh)
Keepers of the Bell of Buadan (O Dufaigh)
Keepers of the Miosach of Colm Cille (O Muireasain of Clonmany)
the "clerk" at Fahan
the "official" at Moville
the collector of the bishop's dues in Inish Eoghain (O Muireasain)

Notes on the Herenagh Families of Inishowen are taken from Brian Bonner's series of books on the Inishowen Peninsula. "Where Aileach Guards," "That Audacious Traitor," and "Our Inis Eoghain Heritage."

Herenagh septs in the
rest of Donegal

source: 1609 Inquisition at Liffer
Irish Patent Rolls of
James I.

Raphoe Barony

Clonleigh parish


O Caireallain - of Clondermot, Co. Derry

Toghernegomerkie Parish

Finin O'Bogan;

O Bogain

Donoghmore Parish

Mointergallon; Mointergarredie;

Muinter Mac Callion - Mac Cailin; a galloglass
family with the O'Donnells; Muinter Mac Geraghty;
a Connacht sept akin to the O'Connors.


Cahanes of Dromheny; sept of Rory Ballagh O'Donell;
the Clannononans; sept of the Dowgans; sept of Veneis;
the sept of the Cormockes; the sept of the Tomies;
the Munterlessets;

O'Cathane - Lords of Keenaght in Derry; O'Donnell;
Clan Nononans - Probably Mac Manannain, a branch of
the Clan Conchobar of magh Ith.
O Dubhagain - O Duggan; the sept of Veneis -
unknown; Cormockes - Mac Cormack; Tomies - O Twomey,
O Toomey; Muinter Lessets - unknown.

Taboihin Parish


O'Roddy - O Rodaigh

Raghmioighie Parish

Mointervegh (herenagh);

Muinter Vegh - Mac Veagh

Lackovenan Parish


Mac Gavaghan; Gavigan, MacGeehan of Donegal

Srahemurlagher Parish

the sept of the Brianns; Ohilly;

sept of the Brians - unknown; O'Hilly - O Fehilly - a
north connacht sept

Kilmacrenan Barony

Clandowaddoge Parish

the sept of Mointerhernes;

Muinter O Herreran - O hEararain

Tullaghfurny Parish


Muinter O'Mulligan - O Maolagain

Aghnis Parish


Clan Mac Gonigal, Magonagle - Mag Congail

Kilmacaenan Parish

the sept of Owen Sallagh O'Donill;


Aghehoushin Parish


Mac Auley - Mac amhlaoibh - a Fermanagh sept

Conwale Parish

the sept of Cormock boy O'Galochor; the sept of the
Muntereis; the Mounterhassidies; the O'Freelies;

O'Gallagher - O Gallchubhair; Muintereis -
unknown; Muinter Cassidy - O Caiside - a Fermanagh
sept; O'Friel - O Firghil or O Frighil - hereditary
inaugurators of the O'Donnells.

Gartan Parish


O'Nawn or O'Nahane - O Nathan

Clandaholka Parish

O'Mulgeegh; the O'Boiles; the McSwynes;

O'Mulgeehy - O Maolghaoithe - according to
McLysaght, now Wynne or Wyndham; O'Boyle - O Baoilaigh;
MacSweeney - Mac Suibhne.

Mevaugh Parish

the sept of the O'Nolans;

O'Nolan - O Nuallain

Raimontredony Parish


Clan Mac Kilbride - Mac Giolla Bhrighde
A branch of the O'Boyles

ulloghbegely Parish


Clan Mac Kiltreddy - Probably Mac Giolla Bhrighde;
O'Roarty - O O Robhartaigh

Torro Parish


O'Roarty - O Robhartaigh

Tirehewe Barony

No Parish named


This appears to be O Cuinn or MacCuinn
of Magh Ith, a branch of the Clan Conchobar
(tribe of the O Cathains of Derry).

Kilbarron Parish

the sept of the Cleries

O'Clery - O Cleirigh - poets and antiquarians

Dromehoonagh Parish


O'Doran - O Deorain

Enivernale Parish

The O'Donnells;

Killaughdie Parish

the sept of Kernose;


Kilbeg Parish

the sept of Clanmagonegill; McGillaspeck;

Clan Mac Gonigal, Magonagle - Mag Congail;
MacGillespie - Mac Giolla easpuig,

Kilcarragh Parish


Clancollumkill Parish

William oge McEneilis; Neile McEnelis;

Mac Nelis or MacNellis - Mac Naillghuis

Eniskeele Parish

O'Breslan, O'Keran, O'Moyny;

O'Breslin - O Breaslain; O'Kerrane -
O Cearain; O'Mooney - O Maonaigh

Templecronan Parish


O'Duffy - O Dubhthaigh