The Septs of Inishowen & Donegal

   Pre-1200 A.D.

   The Inishowen Peninsula of Co. Donegal was originally part of the Kingdom of
Tirowen (Tyrone) and ruled by Cinel Eoghain septs (descendants of Eoghain, or Owen,
a son of Nial 'of the Nine Hostages.' It was divided into three smaller kingdoms,
Aileach, Carraig Brachaidhe and An Bhreadach.  The O Duibhiorma sept, whose name was
commonly misanglicised to "MacDermott," were Kings of An Bhreadach.  The O Maolfabhails
(MacFall) were Kings of Carraig Brachaidhe (related septs were the O Bruadairs, the
O Coinnes and the O hOgains of Telach oge).  Towering in importance over these two 
smaller kingdoms was the Kingdom of Aileach, held by the descendants of Nial Glundubh,
the MacLochlainns and the Ua Neills, who ruled the North of Ireland.  To the South of 
the Inishowen Peninsula lay the Kingdoms of Tir Eanna and Mag Itha, also held by septs
of the Cinel Eoghain.  The rest of present-day Donegal was held by various septs of the 
Cineal Chonaill, including the O'Donnells, Lords of Tirconnell, the O'Boyles, O'Gallaghers, 
O'Doughertys and the branches of the MacSweeneys.

    Kings of Carraig Brachaidhe

       O Maolfabhail (O'Mullfall, MacFall)
       Clann Fhearghusa (& Cenel Coelbad)
       Seated at Carrickabraghey (on the Isle of Doagh, parish of Clonmany)

    Kings of An Breadhach

       O Duibhiorma (O'Dwyorma, MacDermott)

  The Rights of O'Neill also mention an O Heanna as one of the three
  chieftains of Inishowen.

   The Rights of O'Neill

6. The household of O Neill in Inis Eoghain is made free. And three 
chieftains were left over them: O Heanna, and he was given as estate 
from Tarbh Chinn Chasla to Tumog Eich I Eanna (where she died), a 
horse's run; the estate of O Maolfhabhaill, from Tumog Eich I Eanna 
to Allta Gorma entering the Breadach; the estate of O Duibhdhiorma, 
a horse's run from Allta Gorma to Ard An Chro. 

    Kings of Aileach

       MacLochlainn (McLaughlin)
       Ua Neill (O'Neill)
       Clann Neill   (descendants of Neill Glundubh, s. of Aedh Finnlaith)
       Clann Domnall (descendants of Domnall, s. Aedh Finnlaith)

      Post-1200 A.D.

  By 1241 A.D., the O'Neills had achieved the leadership of the Cinel Eoghainn, having
defeated the MacLochlainns in the Battle of Caim Eirge of that year.  In the late 
13th century, the Normans occupied the Inishowen Peninsula and had completed their 
fortress at Greencastle by 1305.  In 1333, they suddenly withdrew from Inishowen, 
leaving a political vacuum in the area, which was soon filled by the O'Dougherties 
(formerly Lords of Ard Miodhar) as sublords to the O'Donnell kings of Tirconnell, who 
are  first named "lords of Inishowen" in the Annals of Ulster in 1342.  The Peninsula
was thereafter divided into two regions, Sliocht Brian and Sliocht Donnell, named after
different branches of the O'Dougherty sept.

     Lords of Inishowen

        O Dochartaigh (O'Dougherty)
        After the O'Doughertys, four lesser septs are named in the State
        Papers as holding positions of importance in the peninsula. 
        These septs are:        

        The Mac Daibheid and MacAilins (according to the O'Clery genealogies,
        both the MacDavids and the MacAilins were desendents of Eachmarcaigh oig
        son of Eacmharaigh sronmhaoil O Dochartaigh; but their pedigrees are
        not traced in the manuscript; they were probably Scottish gallowlgass
        septs instead.

        Clan Laughlin (MacLochlainn)

        O'Brollaghan (O'Brillaghan - O Brolchain)

The Major Septs of Donegal

Keating's Genealogies
O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees

     Nial of the Nine Hostages
     High King  +405
      |                                                      |
     Eoghan (Owen)                                          Conal Gulban
      |____________________________                          |
      |            |               |                         |
     Muireadhach  Fearghus        Feilim                    Fergus Ceanfada
      |            |               |                         |
      |          O Maolfabhail   O Duibhdhiorma)             |
      |          (O'Mullfall)    MacDermott-O'Diorma         |
      |          Cinel Fearghusa                             |
      |____________________________________                  |
      |                      |             |                 |
     Muircheartach          Maoin         Feradaigh         Seadnach                                                
      |                    (O'Gormley)    (O'Brollaghan)     |________________________________________
      |                    (Cenel Maoin)                     |                                        |
     Domhnall Illchealgach                                  Fergus                                   Ainmireach
      |                                                      |                                        |
      |                                                      |                                        |
     Aodh Uairiodhnach                                      Lughach                                  Aedha
      |                                                      |                                        |_______________
      |                                                      |                                        |               |
     Maoilfithrigh                                          Ronan                                    Maoil cobha     Domnall
      |                                                      |                                        |               |
      |                                                      |                                        |               |
     Maolduin                                               Garbh                                    Ceallaigh       Aengusa  
      |                                                      |                                        |               |
      |                                                      |                                        |               |
     Fearghal                                               Ceannfola                                Domnall         Loinsig
      |                                                      |                                        |               |
      |_______________________                               |________________                        |               |
      |                       |                              |                |                       |               |
     Niall Frasach           Conchubhar                     Maolduin         Fiamahain               Donchadh        Flaithbertach
      |                      O Cathain                       |                |                       |               |
      |                      O'Kane                          |                |                       |               |_________________      
      |                      L'Derry County                  |                |                       |               |                 |
     Aodh Oirndidhe          Clan Conor of                  Arnall           Maenguile               Ruaidhri        Mail bresail      Canannan                                                        |                |                       |               |               (O'Cannanan)
      |                      Magh Ith                        |                |                       |               |                (O'Canannan)
     Niall Caille                                           Ceannfola        Dochartaigh             Ruarcain        Murchadha
      |                                                      |               (O'Dochartaigh)          |               |
      |                                                      |               (MacDavid)               |               | 
      |                                                      |               (MacAilin)               |               |
     Aodh Fionnliath                                        Muircheartach                            Gallcubhair     Maoil doraidh
      |                                                      |___________                           (O'Gallagher)    (O'Muldoraidh)
      |                                                      |           |                                           (MacGilfinen)
     Niall Glundubh                                         Dalach      Bradagain                                    
      |                                                      |           |_______________          
      |                                                      |           |               |
     Muircheartach 'of the Leather Cloaks'                  Eignechan   Baighill        Gillbride
      |_______________________________                       |          (O'Boyle)       (MacGilbridy)
      |                               |                      |
     Domnall 'of Armagh'             Aedh                   Domhnall
      |                        (Clann Aodha Buidhe)         (O'Donnell)
   (MacLochlainn, O'Neill,      (According to Keating)

    The Major Septs of Donegal

   From O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees," quoting O'Dugan's Topographical Poems.

1. O'Maoldoraigh or Muldory, O Canannain, and Clann Dalaigh (O'Donnell).
   The head chiefts of Cenel Conaill

2. O'Boyle, chiefs of Clan Chindfaoladh of Tir Ainmireach, and of
   Tir Boghaine - the presentday baronies of Boylagh and Banagh;
   Crioch Baoighilleach (the country of the Boyles) gave name to the
   barony of Boylagh; Tir Boghaine became Banagh.

3. O'Mulvany, chief of magh Siereadh or Massarey.

4. O'Hugh, chief of Easruadh (Esroe) or Ballyshannon, in the barony
   of Tirhugh.

5. O'Tairceirt or Tarkert, chief of Clan Neachtain and of Clan Snedgaile
   or Snell.

6. Mac Dubhaine or Mac Duane, chiefs of Cinel Enda, a district in Inishowen.

7. MacLoingseachain, (MacLynchy) chiefs of Glean Binne and O'Breslein, chief 
   of Fanad on the western shores of Lough Swilly.

8. O'Dogherty, chief of Ard Miodhair. Later Lords of Inishowen

9. MacGilleseamhais (MacGilljames, James, Fitzjames, chief of Ros-Guill,
   in the barony of Kilmacrenan.

10. O'Kernaghan and O'Dallan, chiefs of the Tuath Bladhaidh.

11. O'Mulligan, chief of Tir Mac Caerthain.

12. O'Donegan, MacGaiblin or MacGiblin, chiefs of Tir Breasail; and
    O'Maolgaoithe, chief of Muintir Maolgaoithe (O'Mulgee, Magee).

13. MacTernan, chief of Clan Fearghoile or Fargal.

    Not mentioned by O'Dugan.

14. MacSweeney - Scottish gallowglasses - three branches in Donegal,
    MacSweeney of Fanad (castle at Rathmullan); MacSweeney Boghainach or
    of Tir Boghaine (Barony of Banagh - castle at Rathain; MacSweeney
    Na d-Tuath - standard bearers and marshalls to the O'Donnells.

15. O'Gallagher - the baronies of Raphoe and Tir Hugh; had a castle
    at Ballyshannon; also possessed the castle of Lifford; commanders
    of O'Donnell's cavalry.

16. O'Furanain (or Foran) chief of Fion Ruis, probably the Rosses,
    in Boylagh barony.  Now Fury.

17. O'Donnelly, chief of Fear Droma, a district in Inishowen.

18. O'Laney or Lane, chief of Cinel Maoin, a district in the barony
    of Raphoe.

19. O''Clery, hereditary historians to the O'Donnells.  They held large
    possessions in the barony of Tirhugh, and had a castle at Kilbarron.

20. MacWard, bards to the O'Donnells.

  A similar list of chiefs appears in the Ceart Ua Neill, or the "Rights
  of O'Neill. This appears to be a slightly later compilation, since
  O'Donnell is named the head of the Cinel Conaill rather than O'Maoldoraigh
  and O'Canannan.

  1. O Baoighill (O'Boyle) from Tir Bhoghaine and Tir nAimhir

  2. O Maolghaoithe (O'Mulgee, Magee) from Tuath I Mhaolghaoithe

  3. Mac Giolla Shamhais (MacGilljames) from Ros Buill

  4. O Breislein from Fanad

  5. O Maoilegain (O'Mulligan) from Magh gCaoraind

  6. O Muireadhaigh and O'Conaill from Tuath Bhladhach

  7. O Toircheart from Cluain Eidheile

  8. Mac Dhubhain from Tir Eanna

  9. Mag Fhionnachtaigh from Ard Mheg Fhionnachtaigh

  10. O Dochartaigh from Ard Miodhair

  11. Mag Fheargail from Tir Bhreasail

  12. Mag Loinnseachain from Gleann Finne.

    The Rights of Ua Neill

  His right from O Domhnaill; that he come with his full muster from
Tarbh Chinn Chasla to Eas Ruaidh without regard to any benefit or 
adversity that might befall them. And these are the chiefs who come 
with O Domhnaill: O Baoighill from Tir Bhoghaine and Tir nAimhir, and 
O Maolghaoithe from Tuath I Mhaolghaoithe, and Mac Giolla Shamhais 
from Ros Buill, and O Breislein from Fanaid, and O Maoilegain from 
Magh gCaoraind, and O Muireadhiagh and O Conaill from Tuath Bhladhach,
and O Toircheart from Cluain Eidheile and Mac Dhubhain from Tir Eanna, 
and Mag Fhionnachtaigh from Ard Mheg Fhionnachtaigh, and O Dochartaigh 
from Ard Miodhair and Mag Fhearghail from Tir Bhreasail, and 
Mag Loinnseachain from Gleann Finne. And if those familiess hould die out, 
the dutry of hosting rests upon the tribes themselves, exxcept the three 
free tribes of Muinter Chanannan in the territory of the Ui Chonaill 

  Annal Entries

   The following entries establish that O Tairchert, Chief of Clann-Snedhgile 
or Clann-Snelly and Clann-Fineen; Mag Fearghal of Tir Breasail, and Mag Duane
from Cenel Eanda were all Cenel Conaill septs.  In all likelihood, the
Muinter h. Mailgaithi from Tuath O Maolgaoithhe were as well.

1098 FM

The battle of Fearsat-Suilighe was gained over the Cinel-Conaill by the 
Cinel-Eoghain, in which Ua Taircheirt, i.e. Eigceartach, was slain, with 
a number of others.

1113 FM

Donnchadh O'Taircheirt, chief of Clan-nSnedhghaile, was killed by Niall 
Ua Lochlainn.

1129 FM

The house of Colum-Cille at Cill-mic-Nenain was forcibly taken, by Ua 
Tairchert, from Aedh, son of Cathbharr Ua Domhnaill, and it was burned over 

1197 FM

Eachmarcach O'Doherty (i.e. Gilla Sron-mael) immediately after assumed
the chieftainship of Kinel-Connell. A fortnight afterwards John De Courcy,
with a numerous army, crossed Toome into Tyrone, thence proceeded to
Ardstraw, and afterwards marched round to Derry-Columbkille, where he and
his troops remained five nights. They then set out for the hill of Cnoc-Nascain,
to be conveyed across it; but the Kinel-Connell, under the conduct
of Eachmarcach O'Doherty, came to oppose them, and a battle was fought
between them, in which many fell on both sides. The Kinel-Conell were much
slaughtered, for two hundred of them were slain, besides Eachmarcach himself
and Donough O'Tairchirt, Chief of Clann-Snedhgile Clann-Snelly, the prop
of the hospitality, valour, wisdom, and counsel of all the Kinel-Conell; and also
Gilla-Brighde O'Doherty, Mag-Duane,Mag-Fergail, the sons of O'Boyle, and
many other nobles. The English then plundered Inishowen, and carried off
a great number of cows from thence, and then returned.


A prey was taken by Gillafiaclagh O'Boyle, accompanied by a party of the 
Kinel-Connell, from some of the Kinel-Owen, who were under the protection 
of O'Taircheirt (Gillareagh), Chief of Clann-Sneidhghile and 
Clann-Fineen. O'Taircheirt overtook them (the plunderers), and gave 
them battle, but was killed while defending his guarantee.


Donnell O'Loughlin, Lord of Tyrone, at the head of an army composed of
the English and Irish, made an incursion into Tirconnell, and did much 
injury in Fanat, and carried away the hostages of Donnell O Boyle and 

1284 FM

Dowell, son of Manus O'Boyle, Chief of Cloch Chinnfaeladh, was slain by
the people of O'Mulgeeha.

1284 AC

Dubgall mac Magnusa h. Baigill taisech Cloichi Cinnfaelad 
18] do marbad la muintir h. Mailgaithi. (Muinter O Mailgaitin)

   Ceart Ui Neill                       O Dubhagain's Poem

Tir Boghaine (O Boyle)                     Tir mBaghuine (O Boyle)
Tir nAinmhire (O Boyle)                    Tir Ainmireach (O Boyle)
Tuath I Mhaolgaoithe (O Mulgeeha)          Muntir Maoil ghaoithe (O Mulgeeha)
Ros Guill (Mac Giolla Shamhais)            Ros nGuill (MacGilleseamhais)
Fanad (O Breslin)                          Fanad (O Breslin)
Magh gCaoroind (O Mulligan)                Tir Mac Caorrthhoinn (O Mulligan)
Tuath Bladhaig (O Murry, O'Conaill)        Tuath mBladhaigh (O Kernagan, Muinter Dolaghan)
Cluain Eideile (O Toircheart)        
Tir Eanna (Mac Duane)                       Cineal nEnna (Mac Duane)
Ard Meg Fionnachtaigh (Mag Fhionnachtaigh)
Ard Miodair (O Dogherty)                    Ard Miodhair (O Dogherty) 
Tir Bhreasail (Mag Fhearghail)              Tir Breasail (O Donagain, O Garvey) 
Gleann Fhinne (Mag Loinnseachain)           Gleann mBinne (MacLynchy)
                                            Clochh Cinn Fhaolad
                                            Magh seireadh (O Mulveney)
                                            Ros Iorguill 
                                            Fionnrus (O Fury)

   Ros Guill - between Sheephaven and Mulroy Bay
   Cluain Eideile (AU, vol. 3, 518.24

   The Divisions of Tirconnell - State Papers
   Ceart Ui Neill  O Doibhlin

   This is the number of Tuaths that are in Tir Conaill:

1. The Tuath of Glen Ela (Elag in Inis Eogain) in whic are 30 quarters
   paying rent, and tirteen free according to te usag of Clann Dalaigh.

2. Tuath Bladhach (now Tuath Doe in the northern part of Kilmacrenan) containing
   the bally of Derryora, the bally of Lough Veagh (in Glenveagh) and
   the bally of Croagh, and the two ballys of the Roses.

3. The Tuath of Tir Enna from the streamlet of Tamhafada unto Beal Atha Trona.

4. The Tuath of the Lagan, (the ancient Maghh Iotha).

5. The Tuath of Ardmire, (extending from Tir Enna westward to Glenfinn and 
   Tir Breasail)

6. The Tuath of Gleann Finne.

7. The tuath of Boylagh (anciently Ainmireach).

8. The half Tuath of Cloganeely

9. the Tuath of Kilmacrenan

10. The three Tuaths in Mac Swine Doe's country

11. Thirty-seven quarters that are in the country of Mac Swine Banagh.

12. A tricha ced that is in O Dogherty's country.

  Mac Giolla Fhinneins

  Another sept not mentioned in any of these lists were the Mac Giolla
Fhinneins, chiefs of Muinter Peodachain on the Donegal - Fermangh border.
This surname is said to be anglicised to MacAlinion, MacAleenen (MacLysaght).
The Mac Giolla Fhinneins were a branch of the Cinel Conaill, related to the 
O'Canannans, rulers of Donegal prior to the emergence of the O'Donnells. 

  O'Hart includes the following families in his section on Tryone; but
some of them more properly belong to modern day Donegal.

4. O'Duibhdiorma or O'Dwyorma, sometimes anglicised O'Dermot or O'Dermody. 
The O'Dwyorma were chiefs of Breadach which comprised the parishes of Upper
 and Lower Moville, in the barony of Inishowen. 5. O'Gormley or Grimley, 
chief of Cineal Moain, now the barony of Raphoe, county Donegal. 
6. Magh Ith and Cineal Enda, Partly in the barony of Raphoe, and partly 
in the barony of Tirkeran in Derry. According to O'Dugan, the following 
were chiefs of Magh Ith: O'Boyle, O'Mulbraisil, O'Quinn, and O'Kenny. 
7. O'Broder, O'Mulhall and O'Hogan, chiefs of Carric Brachaigh, still 
traceable by the name "Carrickbrack, in the barony of Inishowen. 8. 
O'Hagan, chief of Tullaghoge in the parish of Desertcreight, barony 
of Dungannon, and county Tyrone. 9. O'Donegan or Dongan, MacMurchadh 
or MacMorough, O'Farrell or Freel, and MacRory or MacRogers, chiefs 
of Tealach Ainbith and of Muintir Birn, districts in the baronies 
of Dungannon and Strabane. 

    Clan affiliations for some of the above septs

    Clan Conchobar of Magh Ith

    Aedh Uairiodhnaigh
    Maile fithridh
    Maile duin
     |                                       |
    Conchobar [a quo clann Conchobor]       Niall frasach (McLaughlin & O'Neill)

  O'Boyle, O'Mulbraisil, O'Quinn and O'Kenny, of the same stock
  as the O Cathains of Londonderry County, originally chiefs of Magh Ith
  in Donegal. The O'Breslins of Fanad may also be descended from this
  stock; see below, under Cenel Conaill for an alternative descent.
  The Mac Manannains, according to Woulfe, shortened their name to
  M'Mannan, M'Mannian, MacMannon, etc.
     O'Clery lists the following surnames under Clan Conchobor:

     .h. Cinaith and .h. Manannan and .h. Mothlachan and Hui Muroin
     and .h. Gartnen and .h. Muididen

     muinter Cinneidig, .h. Chairillan, .h. Muiredhaigh,
     .h. Corrain 

     .h. Dubda, .h. Baighill, .h. Merrligh, .h. Dublaighi.

     .h. Cathalan, .h. Mail bresail, .h. Muircertaigh.

     .h. Duibleachan, .h. Thanaighe, .h. Flaithri.

     .h. Breislen

     .h. Mail finne

     .h. Chathain, Hui Loingsicch

     .h. Dogan and .h. Muiredaigh and Branagan.

     .h. Mhaelan.

     clann Foghartaigh, i.e., .h. Floinn and hui Cionaith and .h. Mail maill
     and .h. Dubagan and .h. Chuind.

    Cenel Moain 

    Niall 'of the Nine Hostages'
    Moain [a quo cenel Moain]

  O'Gormley, chiefs of Cenel Moain, later of Magh Ith, driven into
  L'Derry county by the O'Donnells in the 12th century.
  O'Luinigh, O Cridhegen (O'Crean); O Gairbheith (O'Garvey). 
    O'Clery lists the following surnames under Cenel Moain:

    .h. Duinechaidh, .h. Cridhegen (O Crean), .h. Luinigh (O Luinigh),
    .h. Dalbaigh, .h. Gairmleghaigh (O Gormley), .h. Tigernaigh,
    .h. Ceallaigh (O Kelly), .h. Cernacan.

    .h. Faelain, .h. Oirc.

    .h. Cleirchen, .h. Craebidhe, .h. Mail thuadaigh, .h. Murghaile

    .h. Braicle

    .h. Laiginn, .h. Mail croin, .h. Fergalan.

    .h. Letnamod, .h. Bedgaile, .h. Datgu, .h. Doilge.

    .h. Culrebu, muinter Giolla uidir, .h. Gairbheith (O Garvey) 

    Cenel Coelbad

    Niall 'of the Nine Hostages'
    Coelbad [a quo Cenel Coelbad]

  O Mael fabaill of Inishowen, O Bruadar, O Hagan of Telach oge
  in Tryone, O Loinccsiuch, O Robhartach & O Ceallaigh;
  O Mail Mocheirghe; O Dhoret of Domnaigh Mor Magh Ith; O Coinde
    O'Clery lists the following surnames under Cenel Coebad:

    .h. Cainnide, .h. Luit, .hy. Cernaigh, .h. Dubhthachain,
    .h. Gaillin, .h. Eimin

    .h. Crebir, .h. Angtaigh, .h. Losccaigh, .h. Luachain,
    .h. Beraigh, .h. Fraecharan, .h. Mail mhocheirghe, .h. Duible,
    .h. Duibh ghiolla, .h. Dinertaigh, .h. Muirecan, .h. Dobran,
    .h. Dubhain.

    .h. Sercachan

    .h. Angaile, .h. Udmallan, .h. Beocraide (extinct)

    cenel Robhartaigh, .h. Ceallaigh, clann Dub loinccsicch or 
    muinter Corcrain, cenel mBruadair

    .h. Mail fhabaill

    .h. Conne, or muinter Conne, .h. Ogain of Telach oge  

    Na Bredcha [the Breadach, in Inishowen] 

    Niall 'of the Nine Hostages'
     |                |                |
    Feidlimthe       Dallain          Corpmac
     |               [Cenel Dallain]  [.h. Corpmaic]

    The O Duibdiormas were the principal family of an Breadach
    in Inishowen. O'Clery gives two other main lines, but neither
    is recogniseable.  

       Cenel Dallain
       .h. Corpmaic (O Cormac)

    Cenel Conaill

  O Breslin (O'Clery, para. 14; Conaing urero an tres mac a quo
  muinter Breislen). Or possibly from O'Clery, para. 549, from
  the Clann Conchobar of Magh Ith.
  O'Donnell; O'Boyle, O'Gallagher, O'Dougherty, Mac Gille Finnein (of
  muinter Feodachain in Fermanagh); O Maoil doraidh; O'Canannan
  MacMeanman (McMenimen - descendants of the Lector O'Donnell).
  MacGiolla Brighde (MacGilbride) - a branch of the O'Boyles

     Clann Neill

  McLaughlin, O'Neill

     Clann Domhnall

  O Flaithbertaigh (from Flaitbertach, son of Domnall son of Aedh Finnleith.
  also O'Laverty (tanist of Tyrone)

  O'Donnelly - Fer Droma Lighen (Rawlinson B.502; O'Clery).
  hereditary marshalls to the O'Neills 

 In addition to the above-named families, many other septs also appear in early
17th century records for the Inishowen Peninsula.

The Surnames of Inishowen

     Hearth Money Rolls 1665             Census of 1659            Pardon List of 1602
     (Inishowen Barony)                  (Inishowen Barony)              

m'Allin-------------------------------------------------------------Clan Ailin (Mac Ailin)
o'Barr (Barr)-----------------------------O Barr(7)----------------- 
o'Barrett (Barrett)-------------------------------------------------
o'Boyle (m'Boyle)-------------------------O Boyle(8)----------------
m'Brehound----------------------------------------------------------M'a Breckinck (M'a Brehink)
o'Brillaghan------------------------------O Brillaghan(23)----------
m'Cae (m'Cay)-----------------------------McKay(6)------------------
o'Cahan (o'Cane)----------------------------------------------------
m'Callin (m'Callyn)-----------------------McCallin(15)--------------clan Alin (MacAilin)
m'Cairn (m'Carran)--------------------------------------------------
m'Callagen--------------------------------O Callaghan(8)------------
m'Calley (m'Cally)------------------------O'Cally(22)---------------
o'Cannan (o'Channon)------------------------------------------------
m'Carran (m'Curran, m'Kerran)-------------O Carran(16) O Currin(3)--                        
O Clathain (1)------------------------------------------------------
m'Clae (m'Clay)-----------------------------------------------------
m'Clean (o'Clenn)---------------------------------------------------
o'Collon (o'Collan, m'Cullin, m'Colan)----O Cullane & Cullane(12)---
m'Conafie (Conewy)------------------------McConway(6)---------------
m'Congill---------------------------------O Conagill(9)-------------
o'Conioghan (o'Connoghan)------------------------------------------- 
o'Crawsy (o'Cramsy)-----------------------O Knawsie(9)--------------
m'Crean (m'Creenan)-------------------------------------------------                
m'Crossan (Macrossan)-----------------------------------------------
m'Cully (m'Cawley, m'Coll)------------------------------------------
m'Davet (m'Davett, m'Devit, m'David)------MacDevet (27)-------------M'Daveyd (Clan Daveyd)
o'Devany (o'Divany)-----------------------O Deveny (9)---------------
o'Diermond (o'Dermond, Diermond) ---------O Dermond (35)-------------O Dughierma (O Doghierma)
---------------------------------------------------------------------O Deire
o'Diver-----------------------------------O Deuer (8)----------------
o'Donnell (Donell)------------------------O Donnell (20)-------------O'Donell
o'Dougherty (o'Dogherty)------------------O Doughertye (203)---------O Doghartie
O'Dowey-----------------------------------O Doy (6)------------------O'Douthie
o'Duffy (Duff)-------------------------------------------------------
o'Dreenan------------------------------------------------------------O Durinn
o'Farran----------------------------------O Farran (14)--------------
o'Gallogher (m'Gallogh)-------------------O Gollogher (12)-----------MacGillachair (M'Gillachir, Macgillacahir)
m'Ghee (m'Gee)-------------------------------------------------------
m'Gilchone (m'Gilcone, o'Gilloune)-----------------------------------Clan M'Gillachomhaill)
m'Gilneece (m'Ilneece)--------------------McGillneske (8)------------M'Glesgie
m'Gilvane (M'Ilvenny)------------------------------------------------
o'Gorman-------------------------------------------------------------O Gorman
m'Granaghan (o'Granny)-----------------------------------------------Magranachan
m'Groerty (m'Groery)-------------------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------------------------------O Gribin
o'Hagerty---------------------------------O Hegerty (23)-------------O Hegertie (O Heagertie)
 --------------------------------------------------------------------O Hangan
o'Harkan (o'Harkin, O'Harken)-------------Harkan (21)----------------O Harkan
o'Harrell (o'Herrill)---------------------O Herrall (8)--------------
o'Hartan (o'Hargan, O'Harkagan)--------------------------------------
m'Jeffrey (m'Jefferey)-----------------------------------------------
o'Kean (m'Kean, o'Kaen, o'Kain)--------------------------------------
m'Keany (m'Kenny)----------------------------------------------------
o'Kearny (o'Kairney, o'Karrney)-----------O Carny (10)---------------O Kernie
o'Kellahan (o'Kellaghan)---------------------------------------------
o'Kelly (m'Kelly)-------------------------O Kelly (11)---------------
m'Kerigan (o'Kerregan)-----------------------------------------------
M'Laughlin (m'Laugh, o'Laughlin)--------McGlaghlin(76) McLaughlin(63)--Clan Laughlin (MacLaughlin)
o'Lawerty (o'Lafferty)-----------------------------------------------O Laffertie
m'Leny (Lening)------------------------------------------------------
o'Louchery (o'Luchary, o'Luckrish)-----------------------------------
o'Lunshagan (o'Linshan, o'Longan)---------O Lunshaghan (22)----------O Lonsegan
o'Luog------------------------------------O Luog (9)-----------------
m'Monagill (o'Monegill)---------------------------------------------- 
o'Morison (Morison, Mreesan, O'Moressan)--O Mrisane (7)--------------O Murghesan (O Murgesan)
o'Morrin----------------------------------O Moran (6)----------------   
o'Moughen (o'Moughan)------------------------------------------------
O'Mouney----------------------------------O Muney (8)----------------
---------------------------------------------------------------------O Mulchieran
o'Mulluog (o'Mullogherry, O'Mulloy)-------O Mulloy (67)--------------O Mulgherick 
------------------------------------------O Muncey (8)---------------
o'Murray (o'Murrey, Murray)---------------MacMurray (8)--------------O Morine   
m'Neely (Neely)------------------------------------------------------
m'Pheally (m'Pheeley, m'Phealy)--------------------------------------
Porter------------------------------------Porter (11)----------------
o'Quigley (o'Quigly, O'Queig)-------------O Quigley (25)-------------
---------------------------------------------------------------------Muinter Raulaghan
o'Roddan----------------------------------O Rodan (13)---------------Crodan   
o'Roddy (o'Rody)-----------------------------------------------------Magrodie     
o'Sharkey (m'Shergie)------------------------------------------------
o'Sheale----------------------------------O Sheale (8)---------------O Siel
o'Toolan----------------------------------O Towlan (14)--------------
m'Waugha----------------------------------McVagh (6)-----------------