Book of Leinster           Laud 610                      Rawlinson         Book of Leinster    

O Cananan

Flaitbertach  1000?                                      O Maeldoraidh     O Maeldoraidh
Cuileoin                                                 Maelruanaidh      Maelruanaidh 1012
Loinsigh                                                 Muirchertach      Muirchertach
Mail foithbil                                            Oengusa           Oengusa
Conannan                                                 Mael Bresail      Mael Bresail
Flaithbertach       O Cananan           O Maildoraidh    Maeldoraidh       Maeldoraidh
Donaill 804                                              Oengusa m h-Irchada Oengusa
Aedh muindergh 747  Aedh muindergh      Murchadh         Mael Bresail      Mael Bresail
 |                   |___________________|                |                mc Aeda??           
 |                   |                                    |
Flaithbertach 765   Flaithbertach                        Flaithbertach     Flaithbertach       
Loinsigh 704        Loingsech                            Loingsich
Aenghusa            Oengus                               Oengus
Donaill 642         Domnall                              Domnall                        
Nial N.

 Laud 610

Coic maic Domnaill mic Aeda .i. Conall, Colgu, Fergus, Ailill, Oengus. Oenmac
Oengusa .i. Loingsech. Mac side Flaithbertach. Da mac dano ic Flaithbertach .i. Aed
Muinderg diarbo iarmua Canannan, otat muinter Chanannan. Murchad mac Flaithbertaig
immurro diarbo iarmua Maeldoraid o fuilet muinter Maildoraid.

  Rawlinson B.502

¶977] Máel Ruanaid m. Muirchertaich m. Óengusa m. Máel Bresail m. Máel Doraid 
m. Óengusa m. h-Irchada m. Máel Bresail m. Flaithbertaich m. Loingsich m. Óengusa
 m. Domnaill m. Áeda m. Ainmerech m. Sétnai m. Fergusa m. Conaill Gulban m. 
Néill Noígiallaig.

¶978] Cathbarr m. Gillai Críst m. Cathbairr m. Domnaill m. Éicnich m. Dálaich m. Muirchertaich
 m. Cind Fáelad m. Airnelaich m. Máel Dúin m. Cind Fáelad m. Gairb m. Rónáin m. Lugdach m.
 Sétnai mic Fergus m. Conaill Gulban m. Néill Noígiallaig.

Aed Muinderg, son of Flaithbertach, king of the North, and Sechnusach son of Colgu,
king of Laigin, died.

Death of Flaithbertach son of Loingsech, king of Temair, in religious life.

The killing of Murchad son of Flaithbertach, king of Cenél Conaill.

A hosting by Donnchad into In Fochla, and he took hostages from Domnall son of Aed
Muinderg, king of the North.

A battle won by Donnchad son of Aed Muinderg over the Cenél Bogaine.

Domnall son of Aed Muinderg, king of the North, dies.

A skirmish between the Cenél Eógain and the Cenél Conaill in which Mael Bresail son of
Murchad, king of Cenél Conaill, fell. 

A band of Ua Canannáin's followers were killed by Congalach and Amlaíb Cuaráin in

Ruaidrí ua Canannáin led an army to Sláine, and the foreigners and Irish, i.e. Congalach
son of Mael Mithig and Amlaíb Cuaráin, came upon him, and the foreigners of Áth
Cliath were defeated, and many of them killed and drowned.

Ruaidrí ua Canannáin, i.e. heir designate of Ireland, was killed by the foreigners after he
had beleaguered Mide and Brega for six months and had inflicted a slaughter on the
foreigners, to the number of two thousand or more. Niall ua Canannáin and a few others
were also slain in a counterattack.—The battle of Muine Brócáin.

Flaithbertach ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed by his own people.

Flaithbertach son of Muirchertach, king of Ailech, led an army into Cenél Conaill and
came as far as Mag Cétne, took a great spoil of cows and returned safe. Flaithbertach
again led an army into Cenél Conaill as far as Druim Cliab and Trácht Eóthaile, and they
slew the son of Gilla Pátraic son of Fergal, i.e. Niall, and inflicted a defeat on Mael
Ruanaid ua Maíl Doraid;

  Book of Leinster                     Rawlinson
  (Cenel Lugdach)

O Donnell                             O Donnell

Cathbarr                              Cathbarr 1106
Giollchrist                           Gillai Crist 1038
 |                                    Cathbarr
Domhnall                              Domnall 996?
Eicnich                               Eicnich 963
Dalaigh                               Dalaich  870
Muirchertach                          Muirchertach
Cind Faelad                           Cind Faelad
Airnelach                             etc.
Mael Duin
Cind Faelad
Nial N. 

Dálach son of Muirchertach, chief of Cenél Conaill, was killed by his own people.

  Annals of Ulster

Gilla Críst, son of Cathbarr ua Domnaill, was killed by the son of Conn ua Domnaill.

Cathbarr ua Domnaill, king of Cenél Lugdach, died.

  These two annal entries would tend to show that Rawlinson is correct in the Cenel Lugdach
pedigree (O Donnell).

Éicnech son of Dálach, king of Airgialla, and his son Dub Dara, were killed by his
brother Murchad son of Dálach. That Murchad was promptly killed in the same month.

The son of Éicnech son of Dálach, king of Airgialla, was killed by ua Ruairc.