McDermot (O Duibhdiorma) of Donegal

Kings of An Breadhach (Inishowen Peninsula)

O Duibhiorma (O'Dwyorma, MacDermott)

The Rights of O'Neill

6. The household of O Neill in Inis Eoghain is made free. And three
chieftains were left over them: O Heanna, and he was given as estate
from Tarbh Chinn Chasla to Tumog Eich I Eanna (where she died), a
horse's run; the estate of O Maolfhabhaill, from Tumog Eich I Eanna
to Allta Gorma entering the Breadach; the estate of O Duibhdhiorma,
a horse's run from Allta Gorma to Ard An Chro.

The Topographical Poems of John O Dubhagain and Giolla na Naomh

O Duibhiorma of high pride,
Chief of ever noble Bredach,
Well has it found the strength of its ancients,
The noblest sept of the race of Eoghan,
A tribe which has prospered without peace,
Of Bredach is the sept of the chieftancy."

Where Ailech Guards - Bonner

"In connection with this sept the annalists mention a district known as Fardrum - Foir Droma. A branch of the family possessed a district running along the Foyle from Shrove to Greencastle. While the name Fardrum was at first applied to the whole area, it was later confined to the townland now known as Eleven Ballyboes. Foir Droma, 'the edge of the ridge,' was an apt description of this area, which lies at the bottom of a long ridge and runs along the seashore. Later the Normans built a castle and a church here.

Annals of the Four Masters

1043 A.D.

Gillamochonna Ua Duibhdhirma, died.

1122 A.D.

Aedh Ua Duibhdhirma, chief of Breadach, head of the hospitality
of the north of Ireland, and Domhnall, his brother, died.

1167 A.D.

Muircheartach, son of Ladhmann Ua Duibhdhiorma, lord of Fordruim, pillar of the
magnificence of all the north of Ireland, was treacherously slain by Donnchadh Ua
Duibhdhirma, and by all the people of Bredach, in the middle of Magh-bile; and two of his
sons were killed on the following day, and another son blinded.

1178 A.D.

Conor, the son of Conallagh O'Loony, assumed the chieftainship of Kinel-Moen;
and Donnell, the son of Donnell O'Gormly, was banished from Moy Ithe into
Inishowen, to Donough O'Duibhdhiorma.

1198 A.D.

On the same day Hugh and the Kinel-Owen went to the plain of Magh
Ithe, and plundered the Kinel-Connell. From this place they drove off a vast
number of cows, after killing O'Duvdirma in a skirmish between the cavalry.
[according to Bonner, this was Niall O Duibhiorma]

1215 A.D.

Donough O'Duvdirma, Chief of Bredagh, died in the Duvregles of Derry.

1260 A.D.

The battle of Druim-dearg, near Dun-da-leath-ghlas Downpatrick was
fought by Brien O'Neill and Hugh O'Conor, against the English of the North
of Ireland. In this battle many of the Irish chieftains were slain, viz. Brian
O'Neill, the Chief of Ireland; Donnell O'Cairre; Dermot Mac Loughlin; Manus
O'Kane; Kian O'Henery; Donslevy Mac Cann; Conor O'Duvdirma, and his
son Hugh
; Hugh O'Kane; Murtough O'Kane; Auliffe O'Gormly; Cu-Uladh
O'Hanlon; and Niall O'Hanlon. In a word, fifteen of the chiefs of the family
of O'Kane were slain on the field. Some of the chiefs of Connaught also fell
there, namely, Gilchreest, son of Conor, son of Cormac, son of Tomaltagh Mae
Dermot, Lord of Moylurg; Cathal, son of Tiernan O'Conor; Mulrony Mac
Donough; Cathal, son of Donough, the son of Murtough; Hugh son of Murtough
Finn; Teige, son of Cathal, son of Brian O'Mulrony; Dermot, son of
Teige, son of Murray, son of Tomaltagh O'Mulrony; Conor Mac Gilla-Arraith;
Teige, son of Kian O'Gara; Gillabarry O'Quin; Carolus, son of the Bishop
O'Murray; and many others, both of the Irish nobility and the plebeians.

1419 A.D.

O'Duvdirma, and Murtough, son of Cathal, who was son of Hugh Breifneach, died.

1454 A.D.

Donnell, the son of Niall Garv O'Donnell, was installed in the lordship of
Tirconnell, in opposition to the real O'Donnell (Rury, the son of Naghtan).
And not long after this Donnell was treacherously taken prisoner in his own
house by O'Doherty, who sent him to be imprisoned in the castle of Inis. As
soon as Rury had received tidings of this, he mustered an army. O'Kane and
Mac Quillin came without delay to his assistance, bringing all their forces with
them; and they proceeded to demolish the castle in which Donnell was impri-
soned, with a few persons about him to guard the place, among whom was
Cathal O'Duvdirma.

    Na Bredcha [the Breadach, in Inishowen] 

    Niall 'of the Nine Hostages' 505 A.D.
    Eoghan [a quo Cinel Eoghain]
     |                                     |                |
    Feidlimthe                            Dallain          Corpmac
     |                                     |                | 
    Crimtainn                             Laisre           Sarain
     |                                     |                |
    Finain                                Cairill          Dimain
     |                                     |                |
    Fiancraidhe                           Guaire           Gotain
     |                                     |                |
    Doimthigh                             Suibne           Cormaic
     |________________                     |                |
     |                |                    |                |
    Con dalaigh      Senaigh              Oirechtaigh      Maenghaile
     |                |                    |                |
    Finnmaga         Mail doraigh         Murgaile         Mael casair
     |                |                    |                |
    Cuangaili        Oirmedaigh           Snedhgaile       Con ghalann
     |                |                    |                |
    Beccin           Rogan                Gormghusa        Cele
     |                |                    |                |
    Duib dirma       Uaruicht             Corcain          Uathmuran
     |                |                    |                |
    Con dalaigh      Mael odran           Ruarcan          Serraigh   
     |                |                    |                |
    Ruarcan          Beollan              Gerrgind         Donnchadha
     |                |                    |                |
    Cathmoga         Cenn faeladh         Tuathail         Giolla aedha
     |                                     |
    Duib dirma      [Na Bredcha bheus]    Diermada        [.H. Corpmaic na Bredcha bheus]
     |                                     | 
    Cathail                               Raghnaill
     |                                     | 
    Cuinn                                 Eachdhond                
     |           |                       [Clann Dallain na Bredcha] 
    Donal       Hugh O Duibhiorma
    d. 1122     chief of the Bredach
                d. 1122