McFall-O Roarty-O Kelly

The Cenel Coelbad of Donegal

   The Inishowen peninsula was divided into two sub-kingdoms, Carraig
Brachaidhe to the west and An Bredach in the east.  The Kings of
Carriagh Brachaidh were the O Mailfabhails (angliced McFall, Mulfall,
and according to McLysaght, Lavelle and Melville).  The surname is
now virtually unknown in Donegal.
  The O Maolfabhail Kings of Carriag Brachaidhe were seated at
Carrickabraghey on the Isle of Doagh in the parish of Clonmany. They
were a branch of the Cinel Eoghain known both as the Clann Fhearghusa
and the Cenel Coelbad.  Their original territory as descendants of
Owen was in the western part of the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal, but
following the generally westward movement of the Kings of Aileach in the
11th century, some of the Cenel Coelbad settled in Tryone, most notably
the O Hogans of Telach Oge (Tullahoge), the well-known inaugurators of
the O'Neill Kings of Tyrone at Tullahoge.
  O'Clery gives a long list of surnames associated with the Cenel
Coelbad, most of which are no longer recogniseable today. 

   O Mael fahaill (MacFall, Mulfall of Donegal)
   O Bruadar (O'Broder)
   O Hagan  (O'Hagan of Tullahoge - Tyrone)
   O Ceallaigh (O'Kelly of Donegal)
   O Robhartach (O'Roarty of Donegal)
   O Mail Mocheirghe 
   O Dhoret (O Derry of Donegal)
   O Conne  (O Cuinn of Tyrone)
   O Cearnaigh (Mac Kearney of Donegal)
   O Dubhaine (Dwayne, Devanny of Donegal)
  Of these surnames, O Hogan and O Cuinn are now associated with
Co. Tyrone.  O Robhartach (O'Roarty) is a well-known Donegal name,
co-arbs of St. Columcille on Tory Island.  O'Kelly (O Ceallaigh) is
a very numerous name in Donegal.  O Mail Mocheirghe appears in the
Pardon List of 1602 as O Mulchieran. The family were herenaghs of 
Clonca parish in the Inishowen Peninsula.  O Dhoret is probably now 
O Derry (O Doirighe), an herenagh family in Raphoe Diocese. 
They appear in the Inquisition at Liffer as herenaghs of Drumhome parish
(O 'Dorrianuns).  In O'Clery's Book of Genealogies they are named
O Dhoret of Domnaigh Mor Magh Ith, a district in Raphoe Parish in Donegal,
now the parish of Donoghmore.
   O Dubhain (MacDwayne) is probably now Devanny in Donegal (According to
McLysaght, the names are often confused). The Mac Dubhaines were chiefs
of Cinel Enda, a district in Donegal to the south of the Inishowen

    Topographical Poems
    O Dugan

  Over the lasting Carraig Brachai
  Over the red-armed Clann Feaghasa
  On each side they extended to the wave,
  The O Bruadairs, the O Mailfabhails,
  The O Coinnes, the O hOgains here
  Elevation of human people.


    Cenel Coelbad

    Niall 'of the Nine Hostages'
    Ferghusa [a quo Clann Fhearghusa]
    Coelbad [a quo Cenel Coelbad]
     |                                                                      | 
    Coirpre                                                                Cairill
     |                                                                      |
    Feidhimthe                                                             Trempan
     |                                                                      |
    Diarmad                                                                Faelchon
     |                                                                      |  
    Brachaide [a quo Carrig Brachaidhe]                                    Conaill clogigh
     |                                                                      |
    Conaill                                                                Mail mocheirghe
     |                                                                      | 
    Cuanach                                                                Ruarcam
     |                                                                      |
    Donngaile                                                              Daithghil
     |                                                                      |
    Cumuscaith                                                             Anluain
     |________________________________                                      |
     |                                |                                    Furudrain
    Loinsigh                         Oilella                                |
     |                                |                                    Ruarcan
    Mail fabhaill 878                Mail gairh                             | 
     |                                |_________________________            |
     |                                |                         |           |
    Cathalan                         Cinaetha                  Colgusa     Mail mhocheirghe
     |                                |                         |           |
    Con gartan                       Ogain [ a quo O Hogan     Cosgraigh   Dubhrodan
     |                                |     of Telach occ]      |           |
    Fogartaigh                       Eogain                    Crunmail    Cernaigh
     |                                |                         |           |
    Mail fhabhaill                   Gille epscuip             Conaill     Diermada
     |                                |                         |           |
    Flaithbertach O Mail fhabhaill   Floind                    Colaim      Aedh O Mail Mocheirghe
    1053                              |                         |
                                     Gille aeda                Mail brighde
                                      |                         |
                                     Raghnall O Hogan          Mael muire
                                     of Telach occ              |
                                                               O Cuinn of Tyrone


       O'Clery Book of Genealogies

        [Cenel Coelbad]

691. Fearghus m Eoghain, tra, da mac lais .i. Aedh (a quo cenel
      nAedha mic Ferghusa) et Caelbhadh (dia ta cenel Caelbadh).

692. Da mhac la Caelbadh .i. Coireall et Coirpre.  Aenmac la
     Coirpre .i. Feidlimid.

693. Da mac la Feidlimid .i. da Diarmait .i. Diarmait mongach
     et Diarmait ri carrge Brachaide.  O Diarmait ri cairrcce Brachaidhe
     ata cenel mBaetalaigh et .h. Cainnide et .h. Luit et .h. Cernaigh et .h.
     Dubhthachain et .h. Gaillin et .h. Eimin dibaid acht beg; et as on
     Diarmait cetna atait clann Cuanach atuaidh et andes.

694. Tri mic la Coircall .i. Logan, ocus Termpan et Ainnind.  O Logan
     atait .h. Crebit et .h. Antaigh .i. mic Congal gamin et .h. Losccraigh
     et .h. Luachain et .h. Beraigh et .h. Fraecharan.  Tremparan, uero,
     aenmac aicce .i. Faelcu: as uadha .h. Mail mhocheirghe et .h. Duible
     et .h. Duibh ghiolla et .h. Dinertaigh, .h. Muirecan, .h. Dobarn, .h.
     Dubhain.  As e an Faelcu sin do-ricchne an curach do Colaim cille.
     .i. an  [blank space] et do-rad Colum cille bennachtain fair.  Et as da chinedh
     Conall clogach an righ-oinmhit.  Inonn mathair dano dho-saidhe, ocus
     do Domnall mac Aedha mic Ainmirech .i. Lend ingen Aedha guaire a
     mathair a ndis.  As do cenel Faelchon Dubh duin comarba Colaim cille.

695. Ainninn, as uadha ata .h. Sercachan.

696. Do chenel Caelbhadh, .h. angaile, .h. Udmallan et .h.
    Beocraide dibaid.

697. Cuanach mac Conmail ceithri mic lais .i. Robhartach (o tait
     cenel Robhartaigh .i. .h. Ceallaigh) et Dubh loinccsiuch
     (a quo clan Dub loinccsicch .i. muinter Corcrain) et Cu cathrach (a
     quo cenel Con cathrach).  Donngal, uero, an cethramadh mac, o fuilit
     na taisigh thuaid et tes for cenel Fergusa.  Da mac lais .i. Bruadar
     (a quo cenel mBruadair), et Cumuscach.

698. Cumuscach, dano, da mac lais .i. Loinnccsiuch diaruo mac
     Mael fabaill (o tait .h. Mail fhabaill i ttaisighecht tuaidh) et Oilill.

699. Oilill, dano, da mac lais .i. Conne (a quo muinter Conne), ocus
     Mael garb athair Cinaetha diaruo mac Ogan (a bfuilit .h. Ogain i
     taisigecht tes).

        Genelach Cenel Ferghusa

700. Flaithbertach m Mail fhabhaill m Fogartaigh m Con
     gartan m Cathalan m Mail fabhaill m Loingsigh m Cumuscaigh m
     Donngaile m Cuanach m Conaill m Brachaide m Diarmada m Feidhlimthe
     m Coirpre m Caelbad m Ferghusa m Eogain m Neill noigiallaigh.

701. Raghnall m Gille aeda m Floind m Gille epscuip
     Eogain m Ogain (a quo .h. Ogain o Thealaigh occ) m Cenaetha m
     Mail garibh m Oilella m Cumuscaigh m Donngaile m Cuanach m Conaill
     m Brachaide m Diermada m Feidlimthe m Coirpre m Caelbad m Fergusa
     m Eoghain.

702. Mathghamain m Ceallaigh m Colgan m Mael comghaill m
     Ceallaigh m Mail padraicc m Branagan (no Braccain) m Mail caich
     m Cinaetha m Ferghusa m Con lenai m Fidgaile m Forandain m
     Laeguire m Aedha m Fergusa m Eogain m Neill m Echach muigmedoin.

703. Domnall, ocus Mael muire da m Gille luaithrinde
     m Conraith m Mael muire m Cathaln m Mail fabhaill m Loinccsigh.

        Do Genelach .H. Coinde

704. Muiredhach m Dunchada m Mael muire m Mail brighde m
     Colaim m Conaill m Crunnmail m Cosgraigh m Colgusa m Gairbh.

     Genelach Clainne .H. Mail Mocheirghe

705. Aedh m Diermada m Cernaigh m Dubhrodan m Mail mhocheirghe
     m Ruaran m Furudrain m Anluain m Daithghil m Ruarcan m
     Mail mocheirghe m Conaill clogigh m Faelchon m Trempan
     m Cairill m Caelbadh m Ferghusa m Eoghain.

        Genelach Muintire Dooireit Dhomnaigh Moir Mhaighi h-Ithe

712. Flaithbertach, et Saeirbreathach, et Eoghan, tri mic Echach
     m Corbmiac m Cathusaigh m Scannail m Doireth m Congail m Toilg
     (.i. tolcc ruc-som aa mbroinn a mhathar) m Con lerga m Snedhusa
     deirg m Conghail m Conaill (sunn condregait .h. Dhoret et .h. Ogan
     tulcha og) m Bracaide (dia ta carrac Bracaide uel Bresnaide) m
     Diermada m Feidlimthe m Coirpre m Caelbaidh m Ferghusa m Eoghain.

     Laud 610 Tribal Histories and Genealogies

     Cenel Coelbad corice so.  Cenel immorru Aeda asso sis.

  Aed mac Fergusa, secht maic lais .i. Loegaire, Tautan, Uanaind, Coman, 
Breccan, Lannan, Ubban. O Loegaire tellach Cinaeda .i. Oe Branacain, Oe Gan, Oe
Mailmaige, Oe Cathalan 7 tellach Muredaig .i. Oe Loingsechain, Oe Enaisc, Oe
Berecdai, Oe Scurri, Oe Mailfinn, Hoe Lannacain, Oe Firaiste.  Oe Thuatain .i.
Oe Bruatair, Oe Murchadha, Oe Beoailb.  Oe Uanainn .i. munter Mellain.  Oe Commain .i.
Oe Dibnaid.  O Brecan .i. O Airisnig.  O Hubban .i. cland Duban Hi Connachtaibh.
O Loegaire .i. Oe Chollai.

    Rawlinson B.502


¶1022] Ragnall mc Gillai Áeda m. Flaind m. Gillai Epscoip Éogain m. Ócáin m. 
Cináeda m. Máelgairb m. Ailella m. Cummascaich m. Donngaile m. Cuanach m. 
Conaill m. Brachaidi m. Diarmata m. Feideilmid m. Cairpre m. Cóelbad m. 
Fergusa m. Éogain m. Néill.

     Where Aileac Guards
     Brian Bonner

     O Maolfabhail

   "In the days when the O Neill dynasty ruled supreme in the north
one of the important families of Inis Eogain was the O Maolfabail sept.
Te name is recorded in two ways, "O Maolfabail" and "O Maolfabail", and
has been anglicised in various forms, e.g., "O Mulfall" and "MacFall."
  This family was of Cineal Fhearghasa, a branch of Cineal Eogain.  The
territory ruled by the sept was Carraig Bhracai on the western side of the
peninsula. The seat of rule was in the townland of Carrickabraghey, situated
in the Isle of doagh, parish of Clonmany.
  The Isle of Doag is a peninsula connected by a narrow strip of land to
the mainland. The site was well-chosen as a place of security.  Today
tere are the ruins of an ancient castle.  Whhile the remains probably
mark the site of an older fortress, te present pile was built at a much later
period tan te days of the O Maolfabail lordship.
  This ancient family is first noted in Irish records in thhe year 834.  It
occurs on a number of occasions up to 1215, after wichh it is no longer mentioned.
Surprsingly, it occurs very rarely as a family surname in Inis Eogain.  In the
General Pardon Lists issued by the englis for those natives of Inis Eoghain
who engaged in rebellion against te Crown in the early seventeenth century,
the name occurs but rarely.  It does not occur at all in te Hearth Tax
records for 1665.

  Annal Entries

834 FM

Fearghus son of Badhbhchadh, lord of Carraig Brach Aidhe, was slain by
the Munstermen.

857 FM

Seghonnan, son of Conang, lord of Carraig Brachaidhe, died.

878 FM

Maelfabhaill, son of Loingseach, lord of Carraig Brachaighe;

907 FM

Ruarc, son of Maelfabhaill, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe, died.

915 FM

Another slaughter was made of the foreigners by the Eoghanachta, 
and by the Ciarraighi. The army of the Ui-Neill of the South and 
North was led by Niall, son of Aedh, King of Ireland, to the men 
of Munster, to wage war with the foreigners. He pitched his camp at
Tobar-Glethrach, in Magh-Feimhin, on the 22nd of August. The 
foreigners went into the territory on the same day.

The Irish attacked them the third hour before mid-day, so that one 
thousand one hundred men were slain between them; but more of the 
foreigners fell, and they were defeated. There fell here in the heat 
of the conflict the chief of Carraig-Brachaidhe, and Maelfinnen, son of
Donnagan, chief of Ui-Cearnaigh; Fearghal, son of Muirigen, chief of 
Ui-Creamhthainn; and others besides them. 

965 Fm

Tighearnach, son of Ruarc, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe, died. 

1014 FM

Cudubh, son of Maelfabhaill, chief of Carraig-Brachaidhe, 
was slain by the race of Tadhg in Breagha.

1053 FM

Flaithbheartach Ua Maelfabhaill, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe,

1065 FM

Domhnall Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, and Muircheartach 
Ua Maelfabhaill, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe, were slain by the 

1082 FM

Gillachrist Ua Maelfabhaill, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe; Finnchadh 
Mac Amhalghadha, chief of Clann-Breasail; Flaithbheartach Ua Maelduin, 
lord of Lurg; Uidhrin Ua Maelmuire, chief of Cinel-Fearadhaigh, died.

1102 FM

An army was led by the Cinel-Eoghain to Magh-Cobha. The Ulidians 
entered their camp at night, and killed Sitrick Ua Maelfabhaill, 
lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe, and Sitric, son of Curoi, son of Eoghan.

1166 FM

Aedh Ua Maelfabhaill, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe, was slain by the 
son of Niall Ua Lochlainn.

1198 FM

Cathalan O'Mulfavil, Lord of Carrick-Braghy, was slain by O'Dearan, 
who was himself slain immediately afterwards in revenge of him.

1215 FM

Trad O'Mulfavill, Chief of Kinel-Fergusa, with his brothers, and a great
number of people who were with them, were slain by Murray, the son of the
Great Steward of Lennox.