Branches of the McLaughlin of
Tirconnell Sept which Migrated

    McLaughlin of Cork

   According to Pat O'Dougherty, the Clan Herald of the Clan O'Dougherty Society, a
   branch of the McLaughlins of Tirconnell went to Cork and took part in the battle
   of Kinsale in 1601.  Afterwards, they settled in Cork and were the progenitors of
   the Mclaughlin surname in that county.

   McLaughlin of Mayo

   According to O'Donovan, a branch of the McLaughlins of Tirconnell, along with some
   of the O'Donnells, removed to County Mayo in about 1670, where they settled and to
   this day "still retain the rank of gentlemen."

   We have no further documentation of either of the above-described migrations of
   members of the McLaughlin of Tirconnell (Donegal) sept into other counties in
   Ireland.  If anyone has any more information on either of these migrations, please
   send an email to