Pedigrees of the Scottish Clans

From Irish and Scottish Ms.

       Senchus Fer nAlban
       History of the Men of Alba (Scotland)
       10th century
  A statement of the history of the men of Scotland begins here.
  Two sons of Eochaid Munremar i. Erc and Olchu.  Erc, moreover,
had twelve sons i. six of them took possession of Scotland i. two
Loarnds i. Loarnd Bec and Loarnd Mor, two Mac Nisses i. Mac Nisse
Becc and Mac Nisse Mor, two Ferguses i. Fergus Bec and Fergus Mor.
Six others in Ireland i. Mac Decill, Oengus, whose seed, however,
is in Scotland, Enna, Bresal, Fiachra, Dubhthach.  Others say that
this Erc had another son who was called Muredoch.
  Olchu, son of Eochaid Munremar, had, moreover, eleven sons who
live in Murbolc in Dal Riata, Muredach bolc, Aed, Dare, Oengus,
Tuathal, Anblomaid, Eochaid, Setna, Brian, Oinu, Cormac.
  Fergus Mor, son of Erc, another name for Mac Nisse Mor, had one
son i. Domangart.  Domangart, moreover, had two sons i. Gabran and
Comgell, two sons of Fedelm, daughter of Brion, son of Eocho
Mugmedon.  Comgell had one son i. Conall.  Conall, moreover, had
seven sons, i. Loingsech, Nechtan, Artan, Tuatan, Tutio, Corpri.
Gabran, moreover, had five sons i. Aedan, Eoganan, Cuildach,
Domnall, Domangart.  Aedan had seven sons i. two Eochaids i. Eocho
Bude and Eochaid Find, Tuathal, Bran, Baithine, Conaing, Gartnait.
Eocho bude, son of Aedan, had, moreover, eight sons i. Domnall brecc
and Domnall Dond, Conall Crandomna, Conall Becc, Connad Cerr, Failbe,
Domangart, Cu-cen-mathair.  Eochaid Find, moreover, had eight sons, i.
Baetan, Predan, Pledan, Cormac, Cronan, Feradach, Fedlimid, Capleni.
These are the sons of Conaing, son of Aedan i. Rigallan, Ferchar,
Artan, Artur, Dondchad, Domungart, Nechtan, Nem, Crumine.
Four sons of Gartnait, son of Aedan, i........ two sons of Tuathal,
son of Morgand, son of Eochaid Find, son of Aedan, son of Gabran.
  Fergus Bec, moreover, son of Erc;  his brother killed him.  He had one
son i. Setna, from whom are the Cenel Conchride in Islay i. Conchriath
son of Bolc, son of Setna, son of Fergus Bec, son of Erc, son of
Eochaid Munremar.
  Oengus Mar and Loarnd and MacNisse Mar, these are the three sons
of Erc.
  Oengus Mar, son of Erc, had two sons, i. Nadsluaig and Fergna.
Fergna had seven sons i. Thathal, Aed, Letho, Rigan, Fiacha, Guaire,
Cantand, Eochu.  Nadsluaig, moreover, had two sons i. Barrfhind and
Caplene.  Two sons of Barrfhind i. Nem and Tulchan.  Tulchan had
four sons i. Cronan, Breccan, Daman, Conmend.  Others say that this
same Barrfhind son of Nadsluaig had four sons, i. Aedan, Luagaid,
Crumine, Gentene, who is also called Nem.  Barrfhind, son of Nadsluaig,
had three sons, Lugiad, Conall, Galan, a Cruthnech his mother.  It is
they who divided land in Islay.
  Oengus Becc, moreover, son of Erc, had one son i. Muridach.
  A cet treb in Islay, twenty houses, Freg a hundred and twenty houses,
Rois sixty houses, ros Deorand thirty houses, Ard hEs thirty houses, Loch
Rois thirty houses, Ath Cassil thirty there, Cenel nOengusa thirty
houses, Callann.... But small are the feranna of the houses of the Cenel
nOengusa i. thirty-one feranna.  The expeditionary force, moreover, for
sea-voyaging, two seven-benchers from them in an expedition.
   They are the three thirds of Dal Riata i. Cenel nGabrain, Cenel
nOengusa, Cenel Loairnd Moir.
  These are the sons of Loarnd Mor i. Eochaid, Cathbad, Muredach,
Fuindenam, Fergus Salach, Dau, Maine.  Others say that Loarnd had only
three sons i. Fergus Salach, Muredach, Maine.  They are the three thirds
of the Cenel Loairnd i. Cenel Shalaig, Cenel Cathbath, Cenel nEchdach,
Cenel Murerdaig.  Cenel Fergusa Shalaig has sixty houses.  The expeditionary
force of the Cenel Loairnd, seven hundred men, but the seventh hundred is
from the Airgialla.  If it be an expeditionary force, moreover, for
sea-voyaging, two seven-benchers from every twenty houses of them.  Five
sons of Fergus Salach i. Coildub has thirty houses, Eogan Garb has
thirty houses, his wife is Crodu, daughter of Dallan, son of Eogan, son
of Niall, Fergna has fifteen houses, Eogan has five houses, Baitan has
five houses.  Muredach, son of Loarnd, had two sons, i. Cathdub and
eochaid.  Eochaid, son of Muredach, moreover, had five sons, i. Ferdalach
hs twenty houses, Baotan has twenty houses, cormac has twenty houses,
Bledan and Cronan twenty houses between them.  Three sons of Cathbad, moreover,
i. Brenaind, Ainmire, Cronan.
  A hundred and fifty men, the ship expedition, went forth with the
sons of erc, the third fifty was Corpri with his people.
  This is the Cenel nGabrain, five hundred and sixty houses, Kintyre and
Crich Chomgaill with its islands, two seven-benchers every twenty houses
in a sea expedition.
  Cenel nOengusa has four hundred and thirty houses, two seven-benchers
every twenty houses in a sea expedition.
  Cenel Loairnd has four hundred and twenty houses, two seven-benchers
every twenty houses in a sea expedition.
  It is thus throughout the three thirds of the Dal Raidda.
       Genelaig Albanensium
       (Pedigree of the Kings of Scotland)
   mc culiuin
   mc ilduib
   mc ehausantin
   mc aeda mc chinaeda
   mc alpin m echach
   mc aeda fhind
   mc echach
   mc domangairt
   mc domnaill bricc
   mc echach buide
   mc aedain
   mc gabrain
   mc domangairt
   mc fhergusa
   mc eirc
   mc Eochach Munremair mc Oengusa
   mc fhergusa ulaig
   mc fhiachach
   mc thathmail
   mc fhedlimid lamdoit
   mc chingi
   mc guaire
   mc chindtai
   mc chorpri rigfhotai
   mc chonaire choem
   mc moga lama
   mc chorpri chrom chind
   mc daire dorndmair
   mc chorpri fhind moir
   mc chonaire moir
   mc etersceoil
   mc eogain
   mc ailella
   mc iairm
   mc dedad
   mc shin m roshin
   mc thrir
   mc rothrir
   mc airndil
   mc mane
   mc fhorgo
   mc fheradaig
   mc ailella eraind
   mc fhiachach fhir mara
   mc oengusa thurbig
   mc themrach
   Mael coluim
   mc cinaeda
   mc mael cholum
   mc domnaill
   mc chusantin
   mc chinaeda  (Cinaeda Mac Alpin, first King of the Scots)
   mc alpin
  Pedigree of the Cenel Gabrain
  mc consamla
  mc chanai gairb
  mc gartnait
  mc aedain
  mc gabrain
  Pedigree of Cenel Loairnd moir
  mc fherchair fhotai
  mc fheradaig
  mc fhergusa
  mc cholman
  mc boetain
  mc echdach
  mc muredaig
  mc loairnd mair
  mc eirc
  mc echach munremair
  Pedigree of the Cenel Comgaill
  mc domnaill
  mc chathmai
  mc ruadrach
  mc fherchair
  mc muredaig
  mc boetain
   mc nechtain
   mc fherchair
   mc fhingin
   mc echdach
   mc loingsig
   mc chomgaill
   mc domangairt
   mc m nisse mair
   mc eirc
   mc echach munremair
   Pedigree of the Cenel nOengusa
   mc boidb
   mc ronain
   mc aedain
   mc chableni
   mc nadsluaig
   mc ronain
   mc oengusa
   mc eirc
     II.  Clans said to be descended from Colla Uais, son of
           Eochaid Doimlein, King of Ireland
     Of the three Collas
     The Book of Rights
   The chronicle says that the three Collas fought seven battles during
seven days, one after another, to the Ulidians, and that the king of Ulad, i.e., Fergus Fogha, was slain in the last battle of them, viz., the battle
of Achadh-derg.  On this side of Glen-Righe the boundary of Glen-Righe from
the Ibar down (from Newry northwards) was made beetween them and the Clan
Rughraidhe (Clanna Rory), and the Clan Rughraidhe did not return across from
that to this.  The king of Erin, viz., Muredach Tireach, invited the sons
of Eochaidh Duiblen, viz., the three Collas;  and they were brought to Tara;
and he gave freedom and emoluments to themselves and their heirs after them
for ever.  And he forgave them the killing on condition that they would aid
him from henceforth.  And he gave them this much of possessions beyond their
acquisitions in Ulad (Ulster), viz., a Triocha ced in every other province
of Erin, and a bally in every Triocha ced, and a house and garden in every
bally.  This is another part of the privileges, viz., that the men of Erin,
excepting the king alone, should rise up before them in fair and assembly,
and that they should rise up before none.  They should have a third of the
profits of ship-harbours; precedence of drink, bed, and ablutions before the
knights of Erin, in banquet-halls.  Coingy for their people whilst they might
be without getting Bonaght.  That they should not lose blood-eric;  should
have the guarding of the hostages of Erin;  that whoever sought their guarantee
should have protection for a year;  that they should have every weapon
unsheathed in fair or assembly.  The king of Erin had from them only pledge for
pledge.  The king of the race of the Collas should have the half-shoulder
of the king of Erin (the right to sit or stand beside him), and the length of
his hand and spear should be vacant between him and all others.  They should
have maintenance for horse and hound throughout Erin from Allhallowtide ot
May.  If a prey were taken from them in their rear, when on the hosting of the
king of Erin, they should have six cows from him for every cow.  They pay of
each of their goodmen from the king of Erin, on a hosting, was 21 cows.  The
king of the race of the Collas should get from the king of Erin, after
returning from his hosting, 30 swords, 30 silver belts, 30 spears, 30 garments,
and if the king of Erin had any hostages from them, there was no manacle on them
save a gold chain, or they would be under control in the suite of the king
of Erin;  for the reason they are called Oirgialla is that gold (or) is the
lock (glas) for their hostages (gialla).  These are their privileges,
together with other privileges not enumerated here.  The four noblest rivers
in Ulad are the boundaries of the lands of the Clan Colla, viz., the Boyne,
the Bann, the Erne, and the Finn.  As regards Colla Uais, he did not think it
worth while remaining with his share of the country, or of those privileges
we have mentioned, for he himself had Erin and the kingship ere then.  He
left the land and those privileges to his brothers.  With regard (further)
to Colla Uais, he remained in the foundation of his own acquisitions in
Alban and Finnlochlann (Innsigall) from that time to this, and all who
descend from him, except those that returned to Erin or the foundation
of their inheritance.  These are the branches of the race of the king of
Erin, viz., Colla Uais, viz., the Clan Donald of Erin and Alban, and those
who descend from them, as are the Clan Ranald of the north, the Clan
Ian Ardnamurchan and MacDoughall of Lorn, and the Clan Alaster of Erin and
Alban, and the Clan Sheehy of Munster, and many other good men not enumerated
  Genealogy of the MacDonalds of Alban                Genealach Mic Domhnall na Halban
  From the Books of Ballymote and
 John (Lord of the Isles, died 1830), son of          Eoin mac
 Angus og (Lord of the Isles) son of                  Aengusa oig mac
 Angus mor (Lord of the Isles) son of                 Aengusa moir mic
 Donald (Lord of the Isles) son of                    Domhnall mic
 Reginald, King of the Isles, son of                  Raghanill mic
 Somerled (Kinglet of Argyll), son of                 Somairli mic
 Gillebride, son of                                   Gillebrigde mic
 Gilladomnan, son of                                  Gilleadamnain mic
 Solomaon, son of                                     Solaimh mmic
 Jehmarc (did homage to Canute in 1029), son of       Imergi mic
 Suibhne, son of                                      Suibhne mic
 Niallgusa son of                                     Niallgusa mic
 Maine son of                                         Amaini mic
 Godfrey son of                                       Gofraidh mic
 Fergus son of                                        Fergusa mic
 Erc, son of                                          Eirc mic
 Echach son of                                        Echach mic
 Colla Uais.                                          Collas Uais
    The Branches of the Clan-Donald           Craebsgaieled Clann Domnall Anso
    here, viz., the children of John,         i. Clann Eoin a hile Eoin agus
    (lord of the Isles), Reginald and         Ragnall agus Gofraig, tri mic E.
    Godfrey, the three sons of Amie mac       mhic Ruaidri;  Domnall og agus
    Rory;  Donald og and John and Angus       Eoin agus Aengus agus Alexandair
    and Alexander, four sons of the           IIII.  mhic inghen Galtin i.
    daughter of Galtur (Robert), king         rig Alban.
    of Alban.
     The Clan Donald, Clan Ranald, and        Ag Eoin a hile condregaid Clann
    Clan Godfrey meet at John, Lord of        Domnall agus Clann Ragnall agus
    the Isles.                                Clann gofruig.
     The children of Reginald were             Clann Ragnall Ailin agus Eoin
    Allan and John, who was blind from        dobi dall fadeoig agus Domnall 
    youth, and Donald and Angus Rabhach       agus Aengusa Riabhach agus Dubgaill
    and Dugald;  and these are the            agus ag so clann a sin i. Clann
    children of Allan, viz., Roderic          Ailin Ruaidri agus Uisdinn agus
    and Huistein and John.                    Eoin.
     The children of Donald son of             Clann Domnall mhic Ragnall Eoin
    Reginald were John, whose mother was      dar mathair Laiblib inghen Cimair
    Laiblib daughter of Cimair, and           agus Alexandair na caille agus
    Alexander of the woods, and Angus og,     Aengus oig Clann inghean mhic
    children of the daughter of Macimie.      Cimisin.
     Blind John had but one son, viz.,         Eoin dall acu mac les i. Eoin.
     Angus Riach had one good son, viz.,      Aengus Riabhach aen mac mait
    Angus og, and had in him a bald-headed    aige i. Aengus oig aig airobusa
    youth.                                    fein amaelanac oig.
     The children of Dugald son of             Clann Dubgaill mhic Ragnall
    Reginald are... and Angus the red.        agus Aengus Ruadh.
    The children of Godfrey were Angus and     Clann Gofruig Aengus agus Eoin
    John and somerled and Reginald.           agus Somairli agus Ragnaill.
     Angus dying early did not leave           Aengus trath nir fagail clann
    any male children who had offspring.      mae agb ata sil.
    Genealogy of Clan Donald here:-             Genelach Clann Domnaill anso:-
    John son of Alaster son of Donald          Eoin mc Alx mc Domnaill mc Eoin
    son of John son of Angus og son of         mc Aengusa oig mc Aengua moir
    Angus mor son of Donald son of             mc Domnaill mc Ragnaill mc
    Ranald son of Somerled son of              somairle mc Gillebridge mc
    Gillbride son of Gilleagmain               Gilleagmain mc Solaim mc Meargad
    son of Solaim son of Meargad son           mc Suibne mc Niallgusa mc Maine
    of Suibhne son of Niallgusa son            mc Gofrig mc Fergusa mc Eirc mc
    of Maine son of Gofrig son of              Cartain mc Eathach feighlioch mc
    Fergus son of Erc son of Cartain           mc Collad uais mc Eothach doimlein
    son of Eathach feighlioch son of           mc Cairpre liffechar mc Cormac
    Colla Uais son of Eathach doimlein         Uilfata mc Airt ainfir faulcha
    son of Cairpre liffechar son of            mc Cuin cead fcaig.
    Cormac Uilfata son of Airt ainfir
    faulcha son of Cuin cead fcaig.
  The Clan Alastair
  Marcus son of                         Marcus mac
  Somerled son of                       Somairlig mc
  Alexander son of                      Alaxandair mic
  Angus mor, Lord of the Isles.         Aengusa mor
  John son of                           Eoin mac
  Reginald son of                       Raghnaill mic
  Alexander son of                      Alexandair mic
  Angus mor.                            Aengusa moir
   Angus og son of                      Aengus og mac
  Angus son of Alexander                Aengusa mic
  son of Angus mor.                     Alaxandair mic
   John son of                          Aengusa moir.
  Somerled son of                       Somairli mic
  Black John son of                     Eoin dubh mic
  Alexander son of                      Alaxandair mic
  Angus mor (Lord of the Isles)         Angus mor
   Godfrey son of                       Godfrey mac
  Angus son of                          Angus mhic
  Alexander oig.                        Alexander oig
   Angus the pale son of                Angus odhar mac
  Tearlach son of                       Toirdealbach mhic
  Alexander oig.                        Alexander oig
   Somerled son of                      Somairli mac
  Gillbride son of                      Gillabrigdi mic
  Godfrey son of                        Gofraig mic
  Alexander oig.                        Alexandair oig.
 The Clan Ian of Ardnamurchan         
 Donald son of                         Domnall mac
 Angus son of                          Aengus mic
 John the bold son of                  Eoin sprangaig mic
 Angus mor (Lord of the Isles)         Aengusa mor
   Donald son of                              Domnall mac
   Alexander son of                           Alaxandair mic
   Donald (Lord of the Isles) son of          Domnaill mic
   Reginald (Lord of the Isles) son of        Raghanill mic
   Somerled.                                  Somairli
    Duncan and Eocha two sons of              Dondchad agus Eachond da mhic
   Alexander son of                           Alaxandair mic
   Donald son of                              Domnall mic
   Reginald.                                  Raghanill
    John and Gillespie two sons of            Eoin agus Gillasespic da mhic
   Duncan son of                              Donnchaid mic
   Alexander son of                           Alaxandair mic
   Donald son of                              Domnaill mic
   Reginald.                                  Raghanill
    Tearlach and Lochlan two sons of          Toirdealbach agus Lochlan da mhic
   Eocha son of                               Eachduind mic
   Alexander son of                           Alaxandair mic
   Donald son of                              Domnaill mic
   Reginald.                                  Raghanill.
  Genealogy of MacDougall               Genealach Mac Dubhgaill
  John son of                           Eoin mac
  Allan son of                          Ailin mic
  John son of                           Eoin mic
  Alexander son of                      Alaxandair mic
  Ewen mor son of                       Eogan moir mic
  Duncan son of                         Donchadh mic
  Dougall son of                        Dubhgaill mic
  Somerled                              Somairli
  where the three tribes of the         gu concraigid na tri
  Clan Donald, Clan Dubgall, and        cineduigh i. Clann Domnaill
  MacRory converge.                     agus Clann Dubgaill agus Clann MacRuaidri
   John son of                          Eoin mac
  John son of                           Eoin mic
  Alexander.                            Alaxandair
  Alexander og son of                   Alaxandair og mac
  John son of                           Eoin mic
  Alexander.                            Alaxandair
   John and somerled and Allan          Eoin agus Somairli agus Ailin
  and Alexander og were the             agus Alaxandair og
  four sons of John son of              Ceithri mhic Eoin mic
  Alexander son of                      Alaxandair mic
  Duncan.                               Donnchaidh
  Clan of John the Lame           Clann Eoin Bogaig
  John son of                     Eoin mac
  Lochlan son of                  Lochland mic
  Somerled son of                 Somairli mic
  Duncan son of                   Donnchadh mic
  Dougall.                        Dubhgail
  Duncan son of                   Dondchad mac
  Alexander son of                Alaxandair mic
  John son of                     Eoin mic
  Duncan.                         Donchaid
  Malcolm son of                  Malcolaim mac
  Lochlan son of                  Lochland mic
  John son of                     Eoin mic
  Duncan.                         Donchad
  Ferchard and Lochlan and        Fearchar agus Lochland agus
  Ivor three sons of              Imar tri mhic
  Malcolm son of                  Gillacolum mic
  Ivor son of                     Imair ic
  Dougall son of                  Dubhgaill mic
  Lochlan son of                  Lochland mic
  Duncan son of                   Donchad mic
  Dougall.                        Dubgaill
  Alexander and Somerled two      Alaxandair agus Somairli 
  sons of                         da mhic
  John son of                     Eoin mic
  Alexander son of                Alaxandair mic
  Duncan son of                   Donnchiadh mic
  Dougall.                        Dubhgaill
  Genealogy of MacRory                 Genealach mhic Ruaidri
  Thomas son of                        Tomas mac
  Ranald the white, son of             Ragnall finn mic
  Lochlan son of                       Lochloind mic
  Allan son of                         Ailin mic
  Rory son of                          Ruaidri mic
  Reginald (Lord of the Isles)         Ragnaill
  Another Ranald the white, son of     Ragnall finn eile mac
  Rory son of                          Ruaidri mic
  Allan son of                         Ailin mic
  Rory son of                          Ruaidri mic
  Reginald (Lord of the Isles)         Ragnaill
  Ferchard and Duncan two sons of      Fearchar agus Donnchad da mhic
  Duncan son of                        Dondchaid mic
  Dougall son of                       Dubgaill mic
  Rory son of                          Ruaidri mic
  Reginald (Lord of the Isles)         Raghnaill
  At this Reginald meet the            Do Raghnall sin Comraig
  Clan Donald and Clan Rory,           Clann Domnall agus Clann Ruaidri
  for Rory and Donald were the         i. Ruaddri agus Domnall da mhic
  two sons of Reginald.  His           Raghnall.  Dearbrathair
  brother-german was Dougall,          do Raghnall sin Dubgall
  from whom were descended             a quo Clann Dubgaill.
  the Clan Dougall.
           III. Clans supposed to be descended from the Ui Neill or race
                of Naill Naoi Giallach (Niall of the nine hostages), king
                of Ireland, through Niall Glundubh, head of the northern
                Ui Neill and king of Ireland, slain by the Danes in 917,
                ancestor of the O'Neills of Ulster and the MacLochlainns
                of Tirconnell.
  Genealogy of the Clan Ladmann
  or Lamonts
  Robert son of                       Roibert mac
  Duncan son of                       Donchadh mic
  John son of                         Eoin mic
  Malcolm son of                      Giollacolium mic
  Ladmann son of                      Ladmainn mic
  Malcolm son of                      Giollacolium mic
  Ferchard son of                     Fearchair mic
  Duinsleibhe son of                  Duinsleibe mic
  Aeda Alain the Buriche, son of      Aeda Alain i. Buirche mic
  Andradan son of                     Anradan mic (had a brother from whom descend the O'Neills)
  Flaherty son of                     Flaithbertaigh (An Trostan) mic
  Murcertach son of                   Murcertach mic
  Donald son of                       Domnall (of Armagh) mic
  Murcertach son of                   Murcertach (of the leather cloaks) mic
  Niall Glundubh (Black-knee)         Niall Glundub
   Genealogy of MacLachlan            Dogenelach mhic Lachlan og
  Kenneth son of                       Caineach mac
  John son of                          Eoin mic
  Lachlan son of                       Lachlan mic
  Gillapadrig son of                   Gillapadruig mic
  Lachlan Mor son of                   Lachlan moir mic
  Gillapadrig son of                   Gillapadruig mic
  Gillacrist son of                    Gillacrist mic
  Aeda Alain called Buirche son of     Aeda Alain renabarta Buirche mic
  Anradan, where it converges with     Anradan condregaided
  the Clan Niall Naoi Giallach         Clanna Neill Nai Giallach
  Catherine the daughter of            Caitrina ingen
  Duncan son of                        Donchadh mic
  Ladmann was mother of                Ladmann mathair
  Kenneth, Patrick, and Gilespic,      Cainig agus Padraig agus Gillaespic 
  and Agnes the daughter               agus Agais ingen
  of MacDonald was the                 mic Domnaill mathair
  mother of                            Eoin agus
  John  and                            Ealusaid ingen
  Elizabeth daughter of                Mormair Comgaill mathair
  the Lord of Cowall was               Lachlain oig agus
  mother of Lachaln og and             mathair Gillapadruig ingen
  the mother of Gillapadrig            Domnall mic
  was the daughter of Donald           Eiri mic 
  son of Eric mac Kennedy Lord         Ceinnedon tigerna Cairge agus
  of Carrick and the daughter of       ingen Lachlan mic
  Lachaln mac Rory was the             Ruaidri mathair
  mother of Gillapadric(1), viz.,      Gillapadruig i. Ateg no M.
  Ateg or M.
     1.  Described as i. Athochlach or "of Atholl" in the
            Ms. of 1467.
       William Buchanan of Auchmar
      "Historical and Genealogical Essay upon the Family
      and Surname of Buchanan.  To which is added a brief 
      enquiry into the genealogy and present state of
      ancient Scottish surnames, and more particularly
      of the Highland Clans."
            Glasgow  1723
     "An account of the surname of Maclauchlan"
    "The surname of McLauchlan hath been of a long time reputed 
one of our ancient clans, being originally descended of the 
surname of the O Lauchlans of Ireland, the principal person of 
whom, according to Mr. Walsh, and other Irish historians, was in 
the second century of the Christian epoch, provincial King of the 
province of Meath, which dignity his successors enjoyed for many 
descents, till some little time before the English conquest, the 
family of O'Rourke obtained that principality.  This surname is 
asserted to be of the Milesian stem, or that of the ancient kings 
of Ireland, and the progenitor thereof to have come to Scotland 
with the first who from Ireland planted Argyle-shire.  I have 
heard some of this name affirm, that the Laird of M'Lauchlan had 
a charter of his estate from King Congallus II, but canot assent 
too far to any such assertion, there being no evidences of that 
antiquity as yet found out, at least any mention made of such in 
any place or record of this kingdom, tho' there may be a
traditional account, that the above surname was in possession of 
their estate in that reign, or before the same, which is no way 
inconsistent with probability.
     The Laird of McLauchlan, chief of that surname's estate of 
Straithlauchan, and principal residence being the large and 
ancient castle of Castlelachlan, are in the lower part of upper 
Cowal, near the north side of Lochfine, in the shire of Argyle,  in
which most of his clan reside.  The next to that family is  Colin
McLauchlan, the present Laird of McLauchlan's uncle.  There  are
also Maclauchlans of Craigintairrow, Inchchonell, and divers  other
heritors of that surname is said shire;  as also Maclauchlan of
Auchintroig, in the shire of Stirling, in favour  of Celestin
McLauchlan, one of whose ancestors, Duncan, Earl of  Lennox,
confirms a charter greanted by Eugen Mackessan of Garchels to one
of the said Celestin's ancestors, which confirmation is dated in
the year 1394 and eighth year of the  reign of King Robert III. 
There is another numerous sept of the  McLauchlans residing in
Morvern and Lochaber, the principal  person of these being
McLauchlan of Curryuanan in Lochaber.  Of  this family is
McLauchlan of Drumlane in Monteath, with others of  that surname
there.  Those of this sept residing in Lochaber,  depend upon the
Laird of Locheall [Cameron], as already mentioned.
     McLauchlan for arms hath four coats quarterly.  1st Or, or  as
some, Argent, a lyon rampant gules.  2d.  Argent, a hand  coupee
fessways, holding a cross croslet fitchee, gules.  3d.   Or, a
Galley, her oars in saltyre, sable, placed in a sea,  proper.  4th. 
Argent, in a base undee vert, a salmon naiant,  proper.  Supporter,
two roe-bucks proper.  Motto, Fortis et  fidus."
 Genealogy of the Clan Sorley     Genealach Clann Somairle
 Donald son of                    Domnall mac
 Gillespic son of                 Gillaespic mic
 Angus son of                     Aengusa  mic
 Donald son of                    Domnaill mic
 Somerled son of                  Somairle mic
 Ferchard son of                  Ferchair mic
 Dunslebhe son of                 Duinsleibe mic
 Buirche.                         Buirche
 Genealogy of MacEwen of Otter here   Genelach mhic Eogain na Hoitreac annso
 Walter son of                        Baltluir mac
 John son of                          Eoin mic
 Ewen son of                          Eogain mic
 Gillespic son of                     Gillaespic mic
            son of                                mic
            son of                                mic
 Saveran son of                       Saibairan mic
 Dunslebhe son of                     Duinsleibe mic
 Aeda Alain called                    Aeda Alain renabarta
 buirche (clumsy) son of              buirche mic
 Anradan(1) son of                    Anradan mic
 Flaherty                             Flathbertaigh
   1.  Described as I. f. Baedeinac or the Lord of Badenoch in
       the Ms. of 1467.
   Note:  Although most colletions of Scottish pedigrees do not include
             the MacSweeney's of Donegal as kinsmen of the Maclachlans
             and the Lamonts, the Irish manuscripts invariably do so.
            The following pedigree of MacSweeney Fanad is from
            O'Clery's Book of Genealogies
     Genelach meic Suibhne Fhanad
     Domnall gorm, Maol muire dubh, et Toirrdealbach:  Clann     
     Domnaill m Toirrdelbaigh m Ruaidhri m Maoil muire m    
     Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh m Toirrdelbaigh chaoich m Maoil muire m 
     Murchada oig m Murchada Mir m Maoil muire mMurchada m Maoil  
     muire an sparain m Suibhne (o tat clann Suibhne) m Duinn     
     slebhe m Aeda Alainn (i. an Buirrce) m Anrothain m Aedha     
     Athlamhain m Flaithbertaigh an trosdain m Muircertaigh     
     midhigh m Domnaill ard macha m Muircertaigh na ccochall     
     croicenn m Neill Glundubh.
     Genealogy of MacSweeney Fanad
     Donnell gorm, Maolmuire dubh and Torlough:  children of
     Donnell son of Torlough son of Rory son of Maoilmuire son of
     Torlough Roe son of Torlough caeach son of Maoilmuire son of
     Murchad oge son of Murchadh Mor son of Maoilmuire son of Murchadh
     son of Maoilmuire an sparain son of Suibhne (a quo clan Sweeney)
     son of Duinsleibhe son of Aedh Alainn the clumsy son of Anradan
     son of Aedh Athlamhan son of Flaithbertach of the pilgrims Staff
     son of Muirchertach of Meath son of Domnall of Armagh son of
     Muirchertach of the leather cloacks son of Niall Glundubh.
                    IV.  Clans supposed to be descended from Corc,
                         son of Lugaidh, King of Munster, of the line
                       of Heber.
  Genealogy of the Mormaers         Genealach Mormaor Leamna Anso Sios
  of Lennox down here
  Duncan (eighth earl of Lennox)    Donnchach mac
  son of
  Walter (de Fasselane) son of      Baltair mic
  Awley son of                      Amlaimh mic
  Duncan son of                     Donnchach mic
  Awley the young, son of           Amlaoimh og mic
  Awley Mor, son of                 Amlaoimh mor mic
  Ailin (second earl of Lennox)     Ailin mic
  son of
  Muredach son of                   Muireadhaigh mic
  Maeldovnaigh son of               Maoldomhnaigh mic
  Maine Leamna son of               Maine Leamna mic
  Corc son of                       Cuirc mic
  Lughaidh.                         Lughaidh
                   V.  Clans supposed to be descended from
                       the Kings of Dal Riada in Scotlad
  Genealogy of the Clan Duff                      Genealach Clann dubh
  Maelsnectain (king of Moray d. 1085)            Maelsnechta mac
  son of                                          
  Lulach (king of Scotland, d. 1058)              Lulaig mic
  son of
  Gillcomgan (Mormaer of Moray, d. 1032)          Gillicomgan mic
  son of
  Maelbrigda son of                               Maelbrigde mic
  Ruadri son of                                   Ruadri mic
  Donald son of                                   Domnall mic
  Morgan son of                                   Morgaind mic
  Donald son of                                   Domnall mic
  Cathmail son of                                 Cathmail mic
  Ruadri son of                                   Ruadri mic
  Aircellach son of                               Aircellach mic
  Ferchar fada son of                             Ferchair fhoda mic
  Feradach son of                                 Fearadaig mic
  Fergus son of                                   Fergusa mic
  Sneachtain son of                               Sneachtain mic
  Colman son of                                   Colmain mic
  Buadan son of                                   Buadan mic
  Ethach son of                                   Eathaig mic
  Muredaig son of                                 Muredaig mic
  Loard Mor son of                                Loarn Moir mic
  Erc son of                                      Eirc mic
  Ethach Munreamhar.                              Ethach munreamhar
  Macbeth (king of Scotland, d. 1058)             MacBiad mac
  son of Findlaech (Mormaer of Moray, d. 1020)    Finnlaeic mic
  son of
  Ruadri son of                                   Ruadri mic
  Donald son of                                   Domnall mic
  Morgan                                          Morgainn
  Genealogy of MacNachtan             Genelach mic Neachtain
  Maurice son of                      Muiris mac
  Malcolm son of                      Malcolum mic
  Maurice son of                      Muiris mic
  Malcolm son of                      Maelcoluim mic
  Gilbert son of                      Gibuin mic
  Ferchard son of                     Ferchaer mic
  Gilchrist son of                    Gillchrist mic
  Donald son of                       Domnaill mic
  Nachtan son of                      Neachtain mic
  Arthur son of                       Artuir mic
  Gilbert son of                      Gibuin mic
  Nachtan son of                      Neachtain mic
  Isaac son of                        Isog mic
  Gillamartan son of                  Gillamartain mic
  Angus son of                        Aengusa mic
  Ivor son of                         Imhair mic
  Nachton the young, son of           Neachtain og mic
  Nachtan of the wounds, son of       Neachtain nisin mic
  Nachtan mor son of                  Neachtan moir mic
  Donald donn (the brown) son of      Domnaill duinn mic
  Ferchar fada son of                 Ferchair fada mic
  Feradach son of                     Feradaigh mic
  Fergus son of                       Fergusa mic
  Neachtan son of                     Neachtan mic
  Colman son of                       Colmain mic
  Buadan son of                       Buadan mic
  Eathach son of                      Eathach mic
  Muredach son of                     Muiredaig mic
  Loard mor son of                    Loarn moir mic
  Erc son of                          Eirc mic
  Ethach munreamhar.                  Echach muinreamhair
  Genealogy of the Clan an                Do Genelach Clann an Toisigh annso,
  Toshach here, viz., the                 i. Clann Gillacatan.
  Clan Gillachattan
  William and donald two sons of          William agus Domnall da mhic
  William son of                          William mic
  Ferchard (1383) son of                  Ferchair mic
  William son of                          William mic
  Gillamichael son of                     Gillamichol mic
  Ferchard son of                         Ferchair mic
  Shaw son of                             Disiab mic
  Gilchrist son of                        Gillcrist mic
  Aigeol son of                           Aigcol mic
  Ewen son of                             Eogain mic
       son of the son of                         mic mic
  Neill.                                  Neill.
  Lochlan son of                          Lochlaine mac
  Suibhne son of                          Suibne mic
  Shaw son of                             Disiab mic
  Leod son of                             Leoid mic
  Scayth (1338)                           Tsead mic
  Ferchard son of                         Ferchar mic
  Gilchrist son of                        Gillcrist mic
  Malcolm son of                          Maelcolaim mic
  Donald, called the Caimgilla, son of    Domnaill renabarta in Caimgilla mic
  Mureach son of                          Mureach mic
  Suibhne son of                          Suibne mic
  Tead son of                             Teadh mic
  Nachtain son of                         Neachtain mic
  Gillachattan, from whom descended       Gillachtain o fuiled 
  the Clann Gillachatttan, son of         Clann Gillacatan mic
  Galbrait son of                         Gallbrait mic
  Diarmad called the lector, son of       Diarmada renabarta an Fear Leighinn mic
  Erc son of                              Erc mic
  Conlaith son of                         Conlait mic
  Ferchar fada son of                     Fearchair fota mic
  Feradach.                               Fearadaigh.
  Genealogy of the Clan Millony or    Genelach Clann Maelanfhaigh (Clann
  Clan Cameron                        GillaCamsroin)
  Ewen son of                         Eoghan mac
  Donald dubh son of                  Domnall duibh mic
  Allan Millony son of                Ailin maelanfaid mic
  Paul son of                         Poil mic
  Gillapatrick son of                 Gillpadruig mic
  Gillamartan son of                  Gillamartain mic
  Paul son of                         Poil mic
  Millony son of                      Mailanfaid mic
  Gilleroth, from whom descend        Gillroid a quo Gillacamsroin
  the Clan Cameron and Clan           agus Clann Maelanfaigh
  Millrony, son of                    o fuilid mic
  Gillamartain og son of              Gillamartain og mic
  Gillaniorgan son of                 Gillaganiorgan mic
  Gillamartan mor son of              Gillamartan moir mic
  Gilleewen son of                    Gilleogain mic
  Gillapaul son of                    Gillapaill mic
  Eacada son of                       Eacada mic
  Gartnaid son of                     Gartnaid mic
  Digail son of                       Digail mic
  Pouilacin son of                    Pouilacin mic
  Art son of                          Airt mic
  Angus mor son of                    Aengusa moir mic
  Erc son of                          Erc mic
  Telt.                               Telt.
  Genealogy of the MacLeans           Genealach Mhic Gilleoin
  Lachaln son of                      Lochloinn mac
  Eachduinn son of                    Eachduinn mic
  Lachlan son of                      Lochlaoinn mic
  John son of                         Eoin mic
  Malcolm son of                      Giollacolum mic
  Maoiliosa son of                    Maoiliosa mic
  Gilleeoin son of                    Gilleeoin mic
  MacRath son of                      Mecraith mic
  Maolsruthain son of                 Maoilsruthain mic
  Neill son of                        Neill mic
  Cuduilig, Abbot of Lismore,         Conduilig i. Ab Leasamoir 
  son of                              mic
  Raingee son of                      Raingee mic
  Old Dougall of Scone, son of        Sean Dubhgaill Sgoinne mic
  Ferchar abraruadih son of           Fearchar abradruaidh mic
  Feradach, above mentioned, son of   Fearadhaigh reambraidhte mic
  Finn son of                         Finn mic
  Fergusa as above son of             Fergusa, ut supra, mic
  Neachtan, etc.                      Neachtain, etc.
  Raingee had three sons, viz.,       Tri meic Raingee i.
  Cueatha from whom the Clan          Cueatha a quo Clann
  Conchatha, in the district of       Chonchatha iccric 
  Lennox, and                         Leamhna agus
  Cusidhe, from whom the Clan         Cusidhe a quo clann
  consithe in Fife and                Consithe a Bhib agus
  Cuduilig, from whom the Clan        Cuduiligh a quo clann
  MacLean in the island of Mull.      Conduiligh i. Clann mec Giile-Eoin
  Gilleeoin son of MacRath had        in oilenaibh Muile  Gilleeoin mac 
  three sons, Bristi, Gillebride,     tri meic les i. Bristi, Giollabhrighde
  and Maoliosa.                       agus Maoliosa
  Malcolm son of Maoliosa had         Giollacolum mac Maoilosa
  three sons, viz.,                   tri meic les i.
  Donald, Niall, and John.            Domhnall Niall agus Eoin
  Rignach, daughter of Gamail,        Rioghanch inghean Gamhail
  lord of Carrick, was the            Mormair Cairrige
  mother of these three sons.         mathair an trir sin
  Maoliosa and John were the two      Maoliosa agus Eoin da mac an
  sons of the above Donald,           Domhnaill sin.  Beatog agus
  Beatrice and Aithbric his two       Aithbric a dha ingen
  Niall morever had two sons,         Niall umorro da mhac les i.
  Diarmad and Malcolm.                Diarmuid agus Giollacoluim
  John had lone before two good       Eoin din da mhac maithe les
  sons, viz., Lachlan and             i. Lochloinn agus Eachdhonn
  Lachlan had five sons, viz.,        Lachluinn cuig mec les i.
  John, Hector, Lachaln,              Eoin, Eachdhonn, Lochlainn
  Niall, and Somerled.                Niall agus Somhairle
  Finnguala and Maria were his        Fionnghuala agus Maria a dha
  two daughers.                       ingen
  Hector, son of John, had these      Eachdonn mac Eoin clann
  sons, viz., Murdoch, Donald,        lais i. Murchadh, Donnall,
  Charles, Ewen, Thomas and Malcolm.  Toirrdhealbach, Eoghan, Tamas agus
  They were the sons of Cristina,     Gillecaluim.  Clann Crisitiona ingene
  daughter of MacLeod, viz., of       Macleoid i. Murcadh mac
  Murdoch, son of                     
  Tormoid son of                      Tormoid mic
  Leod son of                         Leoid mic
  Gillemuire son of                   Gillemuire mic
  Raice son of                        Raice mic
  Olbair snoice son of                Olbair snoice mic
  Gillemuire.  Ealgo of the           Gillemuire.  Ealga fholtalainn
  beautiful locks daughter of         ingean Arailt mic Semmair
  Harald son of Semmair, king of      rig Lochlan mathair an
  Lochlan (Norway), was the           Gillemuire sin.
  mother of that Gilemure.
  Genealogy of the Clan         Genealoach Clann Labhran Anso
  Lawren here                   
  John and Donald and           Eain agus Domnall agus
  Anichol the young, sons of    Anilgolg oig mic
  Malcolm son of                Colim mic
  Donald son of                 Domnaill mic
  Ewen son of                   Eogain mic
  Walter son of                 Barthur mic
  The Abbot of Achtus son of    Ab Achtus mic
  Aedh son of                   Aeid mic
  Ewen son of                   Eogain mic
  Iaig son of                   Iaig mic
  Shaw son of                   Disiab mic
  Gilchrist son of              Gillacrist mic
  Gillamichael son of           Gillamicol mic
  Philip son of                 Pilip mic
  Finlaech og son of            Finlaeic oig mic
  Finlaech mor son of           Finlaeic Moir mic
  Dougall son of                Dubgaill mic
  Walter son of                 Baltuir mic
  Carlusa son of                Carlusa micDomnaill
  Donald og son of              Domnail oig mic
  Donald donn son of            Domnail duinn mic
  Feredach Finn                 Fearadhach Finn
  Genealogy of the Clan Ay      Genealoach Clann Aid Anso
  Ferchard son of               Fearchair mac
  Ivor son of                   Imair mic
  Gilchrist son of              Gillacrist mic
  Gilespic son of               Gillaespic mic
  Gillananaemh son of           Gillananaemh mic
  Gilchrist son of              Gillacrist mic
  Cormac son of                 Cormac mic
  Gillamichael son of           Gillamitel mic
  Aidh son of                   Aid mic
  Gallbuirt son of              Gallbuit mic
  Gillacatan son of             Gillacatan mic
  Donald son of                 Domnaill mic
  Ewen son of                   Eogain mic
  Philip son of                 Pilip mic
  Saw son of                    Disiab mic
  Erdi son of                   Eirdi mic
  Angus son of                  Aengusa mic
  Finlaech son of               Finlaeic mic
  Carla son of                  Carla mic
  Donald og son of              Domnaill oig mic
  Donald donn son of            Domnaill duinn mic
  Feradach                      Feradhach
  Genealogy of the Clan           Genealach Clann Ainnrias                
  Paul son of                     Pal mac
  Tire son of                     Tire mic
  Ewen son of                     Eogain mic
  Muredach son of                 Muredaig mic
  Paul son of                     Poil mic
  Gillandres son of               Gilleainnrias mic
  Martin son of                   Martain mic
  Paul son of                     Poil mic
  Kenneth son of                  Cainnig mic
  Cristin son of                  Cristin mic
  Ewen son of                     Eogain mic      
  Kenneth son of                  Cainnig mic
  Cristin son of                  Cristin mic
  Gillacoin of the Aird, son of   Gillaeoin na hairde mic
  Erc son of                      Eirc mic
  Lorn son of                     Loairn mic
  Ferchard son of                 Ferchair mic
  Cormac son of                   Cormac mic
  Airbertach son of               Airbertaigh mic
  Feradach                        Fearadhach
  Genealogy of the Clan         Genealach Ceann Cainnig
  Murdoch son of                Murchaid mac
  Kenneth son of                Cainning mic
  John son of                   Eoin mic
  Kenneth son of                Cainning mic
  Angus son of                  Aongusa mic
  Cristin son of                Cristin mic
  Kenneth son of                Cainnig mic
  Gilleeoin og son of           Gillaeoin oig mic
  Gilleeoin of the Ard          Gillaeoin na hairde
  Genealogy of the Mathesons            Genealach mhic Matgamna
  down here
  Murdoch son of                        Murechach mac
  Duncan son of                         Donncaig mic
  Murdoch son of                        Murechach mic
  Duncan son of                         Donnchach mic
  Murdoch son of                        Murechach mic
  Kenneth son of                        Cainnig mic
  Matgamna (Mahon) son of               Matgamna mic
  Kenneth son of                        Cainnig mic
  Cristin                               Cristin
  Genealogy of MacDuffy here            Genealach mhic Duibsithi Anso
  Donald and Niall and                  Domnall agus Niall agus
  Malcolm the three sons of             Gillacolaim tri mic
  Gillespic son of                      Gillaespic mic
  Gillchrist son of                     Gillacrist mic
  Malcolm son of                        Gillacoluim mic
  Dougall mor son of                    Dubgaill more mic
  Dubshithe (Duffy) son of              Duibsith mic
  Murdoch son of                        Murechach mic
  Finlaech cas son of                   Finlaeic cais mic
  Murdoch son of                        Murechach mic
  Ferchard son of                       Ferchair mic
  Cormac son of                         Cormac mic
  Airbertach son of                     Airbeartaigh mic
  Feradach                              Fearadaigh
  The Genealogy of the          Do Genealach Mhic an Aba Egne
  Gillamure son of              Gillamure mac
  ewen son of                   Eogain mic
  angus son of                  Aengusa mic
  Macbeth son of                Macbethad mic
  Angus son of                  Aengusa mic
  Gillemure Loganaig son of     Gillamure loganaig mic
  Ferchard son of               Ferchair mic
  Finnlaech son of              Finnlaeic mic
  Duncan son of                 Donnchaich mic
  Firtired son of               Firtired mic
  Gillafaelan son of            Gillafaelan mic
  Gillamartan son of            Gillamartan mic
  Firtired son of               Firtiread mic
  Lord son of                   Loairn mic
  Ferchard son of               Fearchar mic
  cormac son of                 Cormac mic
  Airbertach son of             Airbeartaigh mic
  Erc son of                    Erc mic
  donald donn son of            Domnaill duinn mic
  Ferchar Abraruadh son of      Ferchar abraruadh mic
  Fereadach                     Feradach
  Genealogy of the Clan Gregor  Genealach Clann Grigair                      
  Malcolm son of                Malcolaim mac
  Patrick son of                Padruic mic
  John son of                   Eoin mic
  Gregor son of                 Gregair mic
  Duncan son of                 Donnchaich mic
  Malcolm son of                Maeilcolaim mic
  Gillchrist son of             Gillacrist mic
  Ferchard son of               Ferchair mic
  Murdoch son of                Muredaigh mic
  Annrias (Andrew) son of       Ainnrias mic
  Cormac son of                 Cormac mic
  Airbertach son of             Airbertaigh mic
  Ferchar og son of             Fearchar oig mic
  Ferchar fada son of           Fearchair fada mic
  Feradach finn.                Fearadach finn
  Genealogy of the Clan Quarry          Do Genealach Clann Guaire
  Cellach son of                        Ceallach mac
  Paul son of                           Poil mic
  Cellach, the liberal, son of          Cellach in enig mic
  Torquill son of                       Turcaill mic
  Celllach son of                       Ceallaig mic
  Gauire (Quarry) son of                Guaire mic
  Cormac son of                         Cormaic mic
  Airbertach son of                     Arbertaig mic
  Murechach son of                      Murechach mic
  Ferchach og son of                    Fearchair oig mic
  Macbeth son of                        Mic Beathaidh mic
  Finnlaech son of                      Finlaeic mic
  Ferchar fada son of                   Fearchar fada mic
  Feradach son of                       Fearadaig mic
  Fergus.                               Fergusa
  Torquill, Guaire, and Cormac,         Turcuill, Guaire agus Cormac
  three other sons of Paul, son         tri meic eile Poil mhic 
  of Cellach, the liberal               Ceallaig an oinigh.
  The Genealogy of the                  Do Genealach Mhic Fingaine
  Niall son of                          Niall mac
  Gillebride son of                     Gillabrigde mic
  Ewen son of                           Eogain mic
  Gillebride son of                     Gillabrigde mic
  Old Ewen son of                       Sean Eogain mic
  Finlaech son of                       Finlaeic mic
  Fingaine, from whom came the          Fingainne o fuiled Clann
  Clan Fingaine (MacKinnons) son of     Fingaine mic
  Cormac son of                         Cormac mic
  Airbertach son of                     Airbeartaigh mic
  Muirchertach son of                   Murchertaigh mic
  Ferchar og, etc.                      Fearchair oig etc.
  Finaine Abbot of Iona was             Fionnguine Ab Hi dearbhrathair
  brother-german of Niall son           do Niall mhic Gillebrigde
  of Gillebride.
  Genealogy of the MacMillans           Genealach Mhic Gilla Maoil
  Malcolm the young, son of             Gillacoluim og mac
  Malcolm mor son of                    Gillacoluim moir mic
  Maolmure son of                       Maolmuire mic
  Cainn son of                          Cainn mic
  Dougall son of                        Dubgaill mic
  Malcolm son of                        Gillacoluim mic
  Gillchrist, called an Gillamaol       Gillacrist dar comhaimn an
  (or the tonsured servant) from        Gillamaol agus Clann an
  whom are the Caln an Mail             Mail mhic
  (MacMillans) son of
  Cormac son of                         Cormaic mic
  Airbertach aforesaid.                 Airbeartaigh reamraieth
  This Airbertach had twelve tribes     a se an tairbertach sin
  inhabing the Norwegian territory,     do aitreabh da threibh deg
  viz., Greagraid of the Champions,     i. Fionnlochlannach i.
  commonly called Mull and              Greagraidh na ngaisgeathach
  Tiroda (Tiree) and Cruibhinis or      das comainim Muile
  Craobhinis (or island of bushes, an   agus Tir no Tire aodha agus
  old name for Iona).                   Cribhinis, no Craobhinis
  Genealogy of the MacLennans            Genealach Mhic Gillaagamnan
  Murdoch son of                         Amuredhach mhic
  .........                                .......... mhic
  .........                                .......... mhic
  Murdoch son of                         Murechach mhic
  ........ son of                        .......... mhic
  Duncan son of                          Donnchach mhic
  Nicail son of                          Nicail mhic
  Gillaagamnan, from whom came           Gillaagamnan, o fuil an fine mhic
  the clan, son of
  Cormac son of                          Cormac mhic
  Airbertach                             Airbertaigh.
                       Clans whose pedigrees appear to derive from the
                       Norsemen. (although the pedigress provide a
                       common descent with the Britons or Welsh).
  Genealogy of MacLeod here               Genelach mic Leod Annso
  Alexander Macleod son of                Alasdran mic
  William Macleod son of                  mic
  John Macleod son of                     mic
  William Macleod son of                  mic
  Malcolm Macleod son of                  Giollacolum mic
  Tormode Macleod son of                  Tarmoid mic
  Leod, from whim the clan                Leod on raithir mic
  is named, son of
  Oil the young, son of                   Oloig mic
  Oib son of                              Oib mic
  Oib the great, son of                   Oilmoir mic
  Ivor the young, son of                  Iamhar oig mic
  Old Ivor son of                         Sin Iamhar mic
  Sgandlan of Scone, son of               Sgoinne Sgandlan mic
  Ivor of Dublin, son of                  Iamhar Athacliath mic
  Connal son of                           Connla mic
  Connall of the red sword, son of        Connaill cl. derg mic
  Ceallach son of                         Ceallach mic
  Mardoid son of                          Mardoid mic
  Ceallach Cutluanid son of               Cealach Catluanid mic
  Cuilinnan son of                        Cuilinnan mic
  Connal son of                           Connla mic
  Dergdian Sgotheg, son of                Dergdian Sgotheg mic
  Manus the young, son of                 Manuis oig mic
  Magnus of the swift ship, son of        Magnus na luingi luaithe mic
  Magnus of Orkney, son of                Magnus Aircin mic
  Ivor the skilful, son of                Iamhar uallach mic
  Dergi son of                            Dergi mic
  Harald son of                           Arailt mic
  Ivor of the judgments, son of           Iamhar nam Breat mic
  Ubhaidh son of                          Ubhaidh mic
  Harald son of                           Arailt mic
  Aspac son of                            Aspuig mic
  Ceallach son of                         Ceallach mic
  Connal son of                           Connla mic
  Lamus son of                            Lamus mic
  Longobard son of                        Lungbard mic
  Lamus son of                            Lamus mic
  Lochlan son of                          Lochlan mic
  Harald son of                           Arailt mic
  Laigh the strong, from whom             Laigh laidere o.r. clann
  called Clan Laigh, son of               Laigh mic
  Fergus of the red side.                 Fergus Leighderg
  Genealogy of the Nicolsons         Genelach mic Nicail
  John son of                        Eoin mic
  Ewen son of                        Eogain mic
  John son of                        Eoin mic
  Nicail son of                      Nicail mic
  Aigi son of                        Aigi mic
  Neailb son of                      Neailb mic
  Nicail son of                      Nicail mic
  Gregill son of                     Gregill son of
  Gillemure son of                   Gillemure mic
  Sealbar son of                     Sealbar mic
  Toircinn son of                    Toircinn mic
  Tottha son of                      Tottha mic
  Trostain son of                    Trostain mic (a Pictish name)
  Sdacaill son of                    Sdacaill mic
  Erble, from whom Mac Erble,        Erble o fuiled ic Erble
  son of                             mic
  Harald son of                      Arailt
  Murechach son of                   Murechaich mic
  Fogacail son of                    Fogacail mic
  Paul son of                        Poil mic
  Allan son of                       Ailin mic
  Airfin son of                      Airfin mic
  Teague son of                      Taidg mic
  Amlaimh son of                     Amlaim mic
  Turcinn of Dublin, son of          Turcinn Atacliath mic
  Harald son of                      Arailt mic
  Asmainn son of                     Asmainn mic
  Airdil.                            Airdil.
   The genealogy of the Clan Cailin  Genelach Clann Cailin anso
   Colin og son of                   Cailin og mic
   Gillespic son of                  Gillaesp mic
   Colin son of                      Cailin mic
   Colin son of                      Ailin mic
   Niell son of                      Neill mic
   colin mor son of                  Ailin moir mic
   Gillespic son of                  Gilleesp mic
   Dugald son of                     Dubgall mic
   Duncan son of                     Donchadh mic
   Gillespic son of                  Gilleeasp mic
   Malcolm called "Macduino"         Gillecolm renabarta mic Duibne
   son of                            mic
   Duino son of                      Duibne mic
   Erenad son of                     Eirenaid mic
   Merve son of                      Meirbe mic
   Arthur son of                     Artuir mic
   Uther Pendragon.                  Uibar i. rig in dom aingarusam.