Maclachlan of Argyle, Scotland The Maclachlans of Scotland are descended from Aodh Athlaman Ua Neill (O'Neill), the King of Aileach who died in 1033 A.D., ancestor of the O'Neills of Ulster, in later centuries Princes of Tyrone and Lords of Clanaboy. According to legend his younger son, Aodh Anrathan, left Ireland to campaign in Scotland, never to return. Most accounts of the family have this Aodh Anrathan marrying an heiress of the Lamonts, Lords of Cowall, from whom they are said to have inherited the lands of Cowal and Knapdale in Argyle, Scotland. The often quoted Baelic Ms. of 1467, however, refers to this Aodh Anrathan (in the pedigree of the MacEwens of Otter) as the "Lord of Badenoch," a district in Scotland bordering Lochaber, by highland tradition the original territory of the Maclachlans in Scotland. His great-grandson (or great-great- grandson, depending on the source), Giollapadraig, is referred to in the same Ms. of 1467 as "of Atholl," a district bordering Badenoch to the south. In 1230, Walter, the second son of William Cumyn, Earl of Buchan, acquired the Lordship of Badenoch by grant of King Alexander II and in 1291, a John Cumyn is described as "Lord of Badenoch." It therefore appears as though Aodh Anrathan settled first in Badenoch, of which territory he was Lord until control passed into the hands of the Cumyns, originally of Northumberland. Since his great-grandson Giollapadraig is referred to as "of Atholl," it is probable either he or his son, Lachlan Mor, were the first of the family to settle in Argyll; and it was probably Lachlan Mor's son, also named Giollapadraig, who by family tradition is said to have married an heiress of the Lamonts (Elizabeth, the daughter of the Lord of Cowall). Of Lachlan Mor, from whom the Maclachlans took their name, little is known except that he flourished during the 13th century. It is said in the highlands that when King Alexander II entered Argyle in 1249 he ordered the local chiefs to send their tribute "by the fastest messenger." In response Lachlan Mor is said to have tied his moneybags to the horns of a roebuck and sent it to the King accompanied by his fastest runner, a legend which accounts for the supporting roebucks on the Maclachlan chieftain's coats-of-arms. According to local legend, the Lamonts were the first to settle in Argyll, and were later followed by the Maclachlans, MacEwens, Campbells, Stewarts, etc. The Lamonts, Maclachlans, MacEwens of Otter and the MacSweeneys, originally of Castle Swen or Swin in Knapdale but later gallowglasses (merceneries) to the O'Donnell chieftains in Co., all traced their ancestry to Aodh Anrathan, the "Lord of Badenoch." The MacNeills of Barra and Gigha are by some also said to share a common descent from thse families, but as their pedigree is not included in the Ms. of 1467, their inclusion may be due to a misreading of the text, which states: "Dedalainn son of Aodh Anrathan, from whom are descended also the clan Neill." This is actually a refernce to the Clann Niall Naoigiallach of Ireland, not to Clann Neill or MacNeill of Scotland. Skene, in his "Celtic Scotland," renders the phrase correctly: "son of Anrathan, where it converges with Clan Naill Naoi Giallach." The MacEwens of Otter are extinct and their lands were taken over by a branch of the Campbells. No one has been able to identify the MacSorleys of Moneydrain, who also appear in the genealogies in descent with the Lamonts. There is also some uncertainty concerning the descent of the Maclachlans. The Ms. of 1467, which appears in Skene's "Celtic Scotland" as well as in an issue of "De Rebus Albanicis (in more complete form), both trace their descent from Aodh Anrathan through Aodh Alainn to Giollachriost. The O'Clery Book of Genealogies, on the other hand, makes Giollachriost one of three sons of Duinnsleibe, and is probably correct, if unverifiable. A later tradition in Argyle states that the chiefs of Cowal, including the Maclachlans, took part in the Crusades. According to Maclachlan tradition their chief and his neighbor, the Laird of Strachur, when fighting the Saracens during the Crusades, agreed that if one of them was slain the other would see that his body was returned to Scotland for burial. For generations thereafter the head of each clan is said to have attended the fuenral of his neighboring chieftain. In addition to the Maclachlans of Strathlachlan, seated at Castlelachlan on Loch Fynn in Argyle, other branches of the sept have been identified by various writers, including the Maclachlans of Dunad (hereditary seneschals in Argyle); the Maclachlans of Inens in the Kyles of Bute; the Maclachlans of Craigintervi near Kilmartin; the Maclachlans of Inchconnell (the island fortress of the Campbells of Loch Awe); and the Maclachlans of Auchintroig in Sterlingshire. Other branches of the family settled in Kilbride near Oban and the Maclachlans of Coruanan in Lochaber were the hereditary standard bearers to the chieftains of Clan Cameron, other branches of which settled in Morvern and Monteith. Maclachlan of Scotland 87. Niall 'of the Nine Hostages' 88. Eoghan 89. Muireadhac 90. Muirchertach mac Ercae 91. Domnall Illchealgach 92. Aodh Uairiodhnach 93. Maoilfithrich 94. Maolduin 95. Niall Frasach 96. Aodh Oirnidhe 97. Niall Caille 98. Aodh Finnlaith 99. Niall Glundubh 100. Muirchertach 'of the leather cloaks' 101. Domnall 'of Armagh' 102. Muirchertach 'of Meath' 103. Flaithbertach 'of the pilgrim's staff' 104. Aodh Athlaman 105. Aodh Anrathan 106. Aodh Alainn an buirrce 107. Giollachriost 108. Giollapadraig 109. Lachlan Mor 110. Giollapadraig 111. Lachlan oge 112. Eoin 113. Kenneth 114. Domnall Maclachlan of Scotland 99 Aodh Finnlaith = Maolmuire, dau. of Irish High Cinaed mac Alpin, King King of Scotland +876 | | 100 Niall Glundubh High King +919 | | 101 Muirchertach na ccochall croicenn 'of the Leather Cloaks' King of Aileach +943 | | 102 Domnall Ard Macha 'of Armagh' High King +980 | _______________________________________ | | 103 Muirdaigh Muirchertach midigh 'of Meath' +977 (MacLochlainn of | Tirconnell) | 104 Flaithbertach an trostain 'of the Pilgrim's Staff' +1036 | | 105 Aodh Athlaman Ua Neill King of Aileach +1033 | __________________________________________ | | 106 Domnall an trogdam Aodh Anrathan 'the Young Oxe' Lord of Badenoch Scotland (O'Neill of Ulster) | | 107 Aodh Alainn an buirrce 'the clumsy' | | 108 Giollachriost = Ateg or M., dau. of | Lachlan mac Rory | 109 Giollapadraig 'of Atholl' | | 110 Lachlan Mor = dau. of Donald, son | of Eric Mac Kenady _________________________________ | | 111 Gillescop 111 Giollapadraig = Elizabeth, dau. of Lands erected into | the Lord of Cowall the Sheriffdom of | Argyle 1292 112 Lachlan oge = Agnes, dau. of | MacDonald | 113 Eoin = Catherine, dau. of Duncan, | son of Ladman | _________________________|________ | | | 114 Kenneth Patrick Gilespic | | 115 Domnall William Buchanan of Auchmar "Historical and Genealogical Essay upon the Family and Surname of Buchanan. To which is added a brief enquiry into the genealogy and present state of ancient Scottish surnames, and more particularly of the Highland Clans." Glasgow 1723 "An account of the surname of Maclauchlan" "The surname of McLauchlan hath been of a long time reputed one of our ancient clans, being originally descended of the surname of the O Lauchlans of Ireland, the principal person of whom, according to Mr. Walsh, and other Irish historians, was in the second century of the Christian epoch, provincial King of the province of Meath, which dignity his successors enjoyed for many descents, till some little time before the English conquest, the family of O'Rourke obtained that principality. This surname is asserted to be of the Milesian stem, or that of the ancient kings of Ireland, and the progenitor thereof to have come to Scotland with the first who from Ireland planted Argyle-shire. I have heard some of this name affirm, that the Laird of M'Lauchlan had a charter of his estate from King Congallus II, but canot assent too far to any such assertion, there being no evidences of that antiquity as yet found out, at least any mention made of such in any place or record of this kingdom, tho' there may be a traditional account, that the above surname was in possession of their estate in that reign, or before the same, which is no way inconsistent with probability. The Laird of McLauchlan, chief of that surname's estate of Straithlauchan, and principal residence being the large and ancient castle of Castlelachlan, are in the lower part of upper Cowal, near the north side of Lochfine, in the shire of Argyle, in which most of his clan reside. The next to that family is Colin McLauchlan, the present Laird of McLauchlan's uncle. There are also Maclauchlans of Craigintairrow, Inchchonell, and divers other heritors of that surname is said shire; as also Maclauchlan of Auchintroig, in the shire of Stirling, in favour of Celestin McLauchlan, one of whose ancestors, Duncan, Earl of Lennox, confirms a charter greanted by Eugen Mackessan of Garchels to one of the said Celestin's ancestors, which confirmation is dated in the year 1394 and eighth year of the reign of King Robert III. There is another numerous sept of the McLauchlans residing in Morvern and Lochaber, the principal person of these being McLauchlan of Curryuanan in Lochaber. Of this family is McLauchlan of Drumlane in Monteath, with others of that surname there. Those of this sept residing in Lochaber, depend upon the Laird of Locheall [Cameron], as already mentioned. McLauchlan for arms hath four coats quarterly. 1st Or, or as some, Argent, a lyon rampant gules. 2d. Argent, a hand coupee fessways, holding a cross croslet fitchee, gules. 3d. Or, a Galley, her oars in saltyre, sable, placed in a sea, proper. 4th. Argent, in a base undee vert, a salmon naiant, proper. Supporter, two roe-bucks proper. Motto, Fortis et fidus." Gaelic Ms. of 1450 (1467) as printed in the "De Rebus Albanicis" The Genealogy of Lachlan oge Keneth, son of John son of Lachlan son of Gillpadraig son of Lachlan Mor son of Gillapadraig son of Gillachriost son of Dedaalain renabarta buirrce son of Anradan from whom are descended also the clan Neill. Catherine the daughter of Duncan Maclamon was the mother of Keneth, Patrick and Gilespic. Agnes, Macdonald's daughter, was John's mother, and Elizabeth daughter of the Lord of Cowall, was the mother of Lachlan oge; the mother of Patrick was the daughter of Donald son of Eiri son of Keneth Lord of Kerry and the daughter of Lachlan mac Rory was the mother of Patrick 'of Atholl.' Do Genelach ic Lachlan oig Cained ic Eoin mc Lachlain mc Gillapadruic mc Lachlan moir mc Gillapadruig mc Gillcrist mc Dedaalain renabarta buirrce mc Anradan condergaid clanna Niel nai giall. Caitrina ingen Donch mc Lagtmain mr Cainig agus Padruig agus Gilleeasp agus Agais ingen ic Domnaill mr Eoin agus Calusaid in Mormair Comgaill mr Lachlan oig agus mr Gillepadruic in Donaill ic Eiri ic Ceined Tierna Cairge agus in Lachlan ic Ruaidri mr Gillepadruic .i. Athochlach. Gaelic Ms. of 1450 (1467) as printed in Skene's "Celtic Scotland" Dogenelach Mhic Lachlan Og Caineach mac Agais ingen Eoin mic mic Domnaill mathair Lachlan mic Eoin agus Gillapadruig mic Ealusaid ingen Lachlan Mormair Comgaill mathair Gillapadruig mic Lachlain oig agus Gillacrist mic mathair Gillapadruig ingen Aeda Alain Domnall mic renabarta Buirche mic Eiri mic Anradan conderegaided Ceinnedon tigerna Cairge Clanna Neill nai Giallach agus Caitrine ingen Ingen Lachlan mic Donchad mic Ruaidri mathair Ladman mathair Gillapadruig .i. Ateg no M. Cainig agus Padraig agus Gillaespic agus Skene "Celtic Scotland" Genealogy of Maclachlan (translation) Kenneth, son of Agnes the daughter John son of of Macdonald was the Lachlan son of mother of Gillapadrig son of John and Lachlan Mor son of Elizabeth daugher of Gillapadrig son of the Lord of Cowall was Gillachrist son of mother of Lachlan og Aeda Alain and the mother of called Buirche son of Gillapadrig was the Anradan, where it converges with daughter of Donald the Clan Niall Naoi Giallach. son of Eric, mac Catherine the daughter of Kennedy Lord of Carrick Duncan son of and the daughter of Ladmann was mother of Lachlan mac Rory was Kenneth, Patrick and Gillespic the mother of and Gillpadrig, viz., Ateg or M. Genelach Clann Ladmann Genelach Clann Somairle Roibert mac Domnall mac Donchadh mic Gillaespic mic Eoin mic Aengusa mic Giollacoluim mic Domnaill mic Ladmainn mic Somairle mic Giollacoluim mic Ferchair mic Fearchair mic Duinsleibe son of Duinsleibe mic Muirche. Aeda Alain .i. Buirche mic Anradan mic Flaithbertaigh mic Murcertach mic Domnall mic Murcertach mic Neill Glundubh Genelach Mhich Eogain na Hoitreach Annso (MacEwen of Otter) Baltuir mac Eoin mic Eogain mic Gillaspic mic [Ewen] mic [Dubgall] mic Saibairan mic [Suibhne] Duinsleibe mic Aeda Alain renabarta Buirche mic Anradan mic Flathbertaigh Genealogy of MacEwen of Otter as printed in "De Rebus Albanicis" Baltuir ic Eoin ic Eogain ic Gaillasesp ................. ic Sabarain ic Duinsleibe ic Dedaalain renebarta buirrce ic Anradan .i. F. Baedeinac (Walter son of John son of Ewen son of Gillespic ............. son of Savarin son of Dunsleve son of Dedalan called the clumsy son of Henry, Lord of Badenoch. The O'Clery Book of Genealogies Royal Irish Academy MS 23 D 17 (Printed in the Analecta Hibernica, vol. 18 1961) Genelach meic Lochlainn Domhnall m Cainnigh m Eoin m Lochlainn m. Gilla patraicc m Lochlainn m Gioola patraicc m Giolla Christ m Duinn slebe m Aeda alainn. (i. an Buirrce) - Sunn condregait et clann t-Suibhne et clann Ladhmainn, i. Suibne (o tat clann t- Suibne), ocus Ferchair (o tat clann Ladhamainn), ocus Giolla crist (o tat clann Lachlainn oig) - m Anrathain m Aeda Athlamhain m Flaithbertaigh an trosdain m Muircerhtaigh mdigh m Domnaill Arda macha m Muirceartaigh na ccochall croisenn m Neill glundubh m Aedha Finnleith. Genelach meic Ladhmainn Eoin m Donnchadha m Gille epscuip m Roibeird m Donnchadha m Eoin m Giolla colaim m Ladhmainn m Gilla colaim m Ferchair m Duinnslebhe, Sunn condregait et clann t-Suibhne. Genelach meic Suibhne Fhanad Domnall gorm, Maol muire dubh, et Toirrdealbach: Clann Domnaill m Toirrdelbaigh m Ruaidhri m Maoil muire m Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh m Toirrdelbaigh chaoich m Maoil muire m Murchada oig m Murchada Mir m Maoil muire mMurchada m Maoil muire an sparain m Suibhne (o tat clann Suibhne) m Duinn slebhe m Aeda Alainn (i. an Buirrce) m Anrothain m Aedha Athlamhain m Flaithbertaigh an trosdain m Muircertaigh midhigh m Domnaill ard macha m Muircertaigh na ccochall croicenn m Neill Glundubh m Aodha Finnleith. The MacFirbis Genealogies Genelach Mac Lachloinn oige in Alban (Genealogy of Maclachlan oge in Scotland) Cainnigh mc Eoin mc Lochlan mc Giolla padriag mc Giolla chriost .................. [name missing] mc Aodh Alainn buirrce mc An Rathan (translation) Kenneth son of John son of Lochlan son of Gillapatrick son of Gillachriost ................... son of Aodh Alainn the clumsy son of Anrothan Clans and septs of Scotland descended from Aodh Anrathan of the Ui Neill of Ulster Gaelic Ms. 1450 (1467) Aodh Anrathan Lord of Badenoch Scotland | | Aodh Alainn an buirrce 'the clumsy' | __________________|_______________ | | Giollachriost Duinsleibe | | | |______________________________________________ | | | Giollapadraig Fearchar Suibhne (of Castle Swin) 'of Atholl' | | | |____________________ _______|______ | | | | | Lachlan Mor Malcolm Somerled Dugal Maolmuire | | | | | | | | | | Giollapadraig Ladmann Domnall Ewen Moroch Mor (first gallowglass | | | | | in Ireland of this | | | | | sept) Lachlan oge Malcolm Aongus Gillespic Moroch oge | | | | | | | | | | Eoin (John) Eoin Gillespic Ewen Maolmuire | | | | | ________|________ | | | | | | | | | | | Kenneth Patrick Gillespic Duncan Domnall Eoin Torlogh ruadh | | | | | | (Clann Sorley) | | Domnall Robert Walter Maolmuire MacSorley (Clann Lchlan oge) (Clann Ladmann) (MacEwen of (Clann Suibhne) Otter) Maclachlan Lamont MacSweeney O'Clery's Book of Genealogies Gives the following branching of the descendants of Aodh Anrathan: Aodh Anrathan | | Aodh Alainn an buirrce | | Duinnsleibe | ___________________________|_________________________ | | | Suibhne Ferchair Giollachriost Maolmuire Gilla colaim Giolla Padraig Murchadh Ladhman Lachlan Maolmuire Gilla colaim Giolla Padraig Moroch Mor Eoin Lachlan oge Moroch oge Donnchadh Eoin Maolmuire Roibeird Cainnigh Torlogh Gill epscuip Domnall Donnchadh (Clann Suibhne) Eoin (Clann Lachan) MacSweeney (Clann Ladmann) Maclachlan Lamont O'Ferrall's "Linea Antiqua" Aodh Anrathan | Aodh Alainn an buirrce | |_____________________________ | | Duinnsleibe Giollachriost | ______________|_____________ (Maclachlan) | | Suibhne Ferchair (MacSweeney) (Lamont) Maclachlan of Strathlachlan and Dunad (Based on the research of Sir Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyle Invberary Castle, Scotland entitled: "My researches into the pedigrees of: Maclachlan of that Ilk [Strathlachlan] " Dunad " Craigentarve " Captains of Iniischonnell Castle " Dunamuch in Glaisne (cadets of Dunad) " Calzenuchane (cadets of Dunad) " Lepkinmore " Over Innes " Coruanan " Ardnadane " Fassiefern " Kilbride " KilchoanCoulquarralan in Appin " Conchra in Glendaniel Most of the above references in the research of Sir Ian Douglas Campbell, with the exception of the Maclachlans of Strathlachlan (main line) are partial pedigrees only dating largely from an ancestor alive in the 17th century and extending for several generations. I have included in this work only his material relevant the Maclachlans of Strathlachlan and Dunand. Maclachlan of Dunad Maclachlan of Dunamuch in Glasne Maclachlan if Killiemuchanock Maclachlan of Barnegum Probable descent of the Maclachlans of Strathlachlan and Dunad 106 Aodh Anrathan Lord of Badenoch Scotland | 107 Aodh Alainn 'the clumsy' | 108 Duinnsleibe [O'Clery Ms.] | 109 Giollachriost = Ateg or M., dau. of | Lachlan mac Rory | 110 Giollapadraig 'of Atholl' Witnessed a charter of Sir Ladman 1236 | 111 Lachlan Mor = dau. of Donald, son of | Eric mac Kenady, Lord | of Carrick _______________________________________________________________________________________________ | | | 112 Gillescop Giollapadraig = Elizabeth, dau. of Eoghan (Ewen) Lands erected into the | the Lord of Cowal Sheriffdom of Argyle | | 1292 113 Lachlan oge = Agnes, dau. of Iain riabach | McDonald of the Isles | | | 114 Eoin = Catherine, dau. of Alan of Duncan, son of Ladman 1410 (Maclachlan of 1436 Charter to his beloved cousin, Dunad) | Alan, son of Iain riabach. ____________________________________|______________________________ | | | 115 Kenneth Patrick Gillescop (or Celestine | or Archibald - Before 1425, | received a grant to the | lands of Auchintroig, | Sterlingshire) | | | | 116 Domnall [O'Clery Ms.] Eoghan (Ewen) Confirmed a gratn to Marriage contract Paisley Abbey 1456 1461 | (Maclachlan of Auchintroig) | _____________________________ | | 117 Iain Donald Next chief on 1490 record 1490 | |______________________________________________________ | | | 118 Gillescop (Archibald) = dau. of Suibhne Iain Heir to his father Iain Lamont 1536 1509 | | (Maclachlan of Strathlachlan) | | ______________________ | | 119 Lachlan Donald Heir to his father 1529 | _______________________ | | 120 Archibald Lachlan No surviving Son succeeced male heirs as chief | | 121 Lachlan = Isabel Lamont Heir to his father 1589 | |_____________________________________________________ | | | 122 Lachlan = Annette McNeill James Lachlan Anna Donald Maclachlan | of Carmunmnickan | |________________________________________________________________ | | | | 123 Archibald Maclachlan = eldest dau. of Duncan Donald Colin | Campbell of Lochnell | |_________________________________________________________________________ 1 | 2 | | | | 124 Janet Wallace = Lachlan Maclachlan = Florence Campbell Archibald Colin James Duncan | | |_____________________________________________ | | 125 Lachlan Maclachlan = Mary, dau. of Robert Killed at the Robert Stewart of Kilbride battle of Culloden 1745 | | 126 Robert Maclachlan = dau. of Campbell | of Ards | 127 Donald Maclachlan = Sussanah, dau. of d. 1819 Colin Campbell | |_________________________________________ | | | 128 Robert Maclachlan John Maclachlan George Maclachlan = Margaret, dau. of d. 1872 no issue Heir to his John Throw brother, Robert d. 1877 | __________________________________________|____________________________________ | | | | | 129 William Maclachlan John Maclachlan = Frances MacPherson Robert Donald Crawford d. Dec 1881 d. 18 Sept. 1942 unmarried Heir to his brother, William | | 130 Marjorie Maclachlan = George Rome Present Maclachlan (Assumed the surname of Strathlachlan of Maclachlan) Maclachlan of Dunad 113 Iain riabach 'the grizzled' | 114 Alan Maclachlan of Dunad Received a charter from his cousin, Eoin 1436 | ______________________________________|_____________________________________________________________ | | | | 115 Donald Maclachlan Duncan Maclachlan Iain riabach Maclachlan Gillchrist of Dunad 1502 Ancestor of Maclachlan Ancestor of Maclachlan | | of Dunamuch in Glasne of Killiemuchanock | | | | | __________|________________________________ | | | | | | | | | 116 Allan Lachlan Patrick Lachlan Maclachlan Kenneth Maclachlan Iain 1533 | 1533 1533 Maclachlan | | 1570 | 1533 |__________________________________ | | | | | | | 117 Donald = Fingual McKean Allan Iain Donald Maclachlan Kenneth oge Maclachlan 1533 1559 1559 of Barnegum 1580 | 1559 | |__________________________ 1573 | | | | 118 Donald Maclachlan Donald Maclachlan Iain Lachlan 1563 of Killiemuchanock Addenda Sir Ian Campbell sketched in Domnall Maclachlan of 1456 (grant to Paisley Abbey) as a possible brother of Eoghan (Ewen) s. Gillescop s. Eoin: 111 Lachlan Mor | 112 Giollapadraig | 113 Lachlan oge | 114 Eoin | ___________________|________________ | | | 115 Kenneth Patrick Gillespic (or Celestine) | __ __ __ __ __ __ __| | | 116 Domnall Eoghan (Ewen) Grant to Paisley Abbey 1456 (probable descent) | |________________________ | | 117 Iain Domnall Next chief of record 1485 He appears to have been unaware of the O'Clery Ms., which names a Domnall as a son of Kenneth (probably the Domnall of 1456) Other writers give the following descent: 111 Lachlan Mor | 112 Giollapadraig = dau. of James, Steward of | Scotland 113 Lachlan oge | _________________|_____________ | | 114 Domnall Eoin Grant to Paisley Abbey | 1456 |__________________ | | | 115 Kenneth Patrick Gillespic